The NeXT Library Project:

We the NeXT Community need a central repository for NeXT information. We then will be able to use the NeXT propaganda to fight the Evil Empire Microsoft. Here is the Beginning of a beautiful thing:

Original NeXT Brochures:


NeXT World Magazines:

Not Yet Not Yet NOT YET NeXTWorld April/May 1993 Not Yet NeXTWorld August 1993 NeXTWorld January 1994 NeXTWorld September 1993 NeXTWorld June/July 1993 NeXTWorld December 1993 Not Yet NeXTWorld November 1993 NeXTWorld October 1993 NeXT World February March 1993

We are offering this information free for the enjoyment of the NeXT Community , just click on the NeXTWorld Cover image to launch transcriptions of articles.

All original authors are embellished, as we currently have the old NeXT World Equipment and know most of the original authors of many of the various NeXT Publications as customers , friends and well if you are one of them , we respectfully seek your permission to continue to display the cool NeXT stories for the good of all. It is not our intention to plagarise or infringe on any copywrights.

We figured somebody has to do it might at well be us. We do not wish to tread on anyones toes monetarily by making it free for viewing!

If anyone is interested in helping transcribe issues we don't already have up please let me know as we would offer trade of old NeXT Equipment in return thus building Karma also purchasing stuff from us helps to keep the dream alive as well.

I just started this project on 7/23/2001 so it is under construction but more stuff is working all the time. We also have original some Original Collectable NeXT World Magazines for sale starting at $25 per issue because they are hard to find. Premier Issue $299. Best regards Rob Blessin

Thank you Elisa Foster for your help in transcribing all of the NeXT World articles.

We will be scanning stuff , taking photos and above all using as a soapbox to generally thrash and eventually eventually squash Microsoft or atleast have fun trying sort of like the NeXT Animal house Website. Who's with me?

Best Regards Rob Blessin


NeXT Brochures