Hello World: Iím guessing that this just possibly may be the funniest story ever as I think I have located the women I am and have been searching and searching for my soul mate apparently she is into flowers so to speak and has been muckity mucking with the whoís who , excellent job honestly I am impressed as I know that is what she wants to do. It is cool for sure and she must be doing very well at that J.E. I appreciate your lifestyle and am sincerely impressed with you, I do not know if our pathís will ever cross again , I donít know why I am thinking so much about you lately but Iím guessing you must be as well I hope it is true as sometimes with certain people you know it is a connection from next door to around the world and I feel that with you. I really do want and long to see you again , hopefully sooner than later and that is a clue that even if I donít ever actually stumble across you or like wise but I feel we will only a matter of when and how. I will always think kindly of you and wish you the best of success in whatever you do. I want to write you poetry, treat you kindly and know that I have many flowers awaiting you as I would never want or expect anything less than the very best for you. If you would like to call me 303-741-9998 or email sales@blackholeinc.com , I would love to hear from you. All other customers , friends and everyone else I would like to hear from you as well but am just a little sidetracked, I almost expect a long string of beads to arrive. To let you knowLisa has been staying with me temporarily and has a new place she is moving into funny as I guess you, Jen and herall went to the V monologísandI met you all afterward downtownto funny as Iím not sure but my understanding is it was a play that described just about everything from compassion to heartache to well without seeing guys only speculate and I appreciate what it probably was , Iím basically losing it with out you Jesse. Are you in New York as Iím not sure what the heck to do at any rate , the remodel project is progressing , my golf game is improving , my attitude and life is honestly improving, sales are good and I donít know why I am thinking of you more and more it has not happened very often in life and when it has never like this Iím ready to figure out the direction for the rest of my life marriage , kids and all that where are you ? I wonít stock you , Iím hoping this one lonely web page will be enough to have you realize that something as simple as this may be all you and I ever need to know love , true love and soul mates are real and I think you are mine from the first time I met you and even now when I havenít seen you for awhile, I sense you may have looked for me as well please let me know. Love Rob Blessin†††