4/19/2006 Black Hole, Incorporated. We offer NeXT Computers at affordable prices. Everyone that has an interest in a story that is about

Life calls it 6 billion years of nothing but a series of events taking place in the universe around well me. Iím only here for a small time in the great span of it all and I am trying to make a positive difference. I donít know where all this is going to as the next few billion years may be better or worse over all , I know I have helped and at times made mistakes but I have also had successalthough not the greatest of success. Iím apparently now being completely should I say focused on in terms of just about everything that a person would possibly have an interest in taking a look at and apparently making a judgment call. I am planning on filling any orders for computers, software and the products that I sell in the future until my departurefrom this great place we all know as home planet Earth. I have not tried to create any problems however controversial situations have developed as to who, what, where, when and why obviously how I reached this point in life according to some folks with out being completely scrutinized. Iím not trying to loose anyone although apparently previous things I have written have been completely misinterpreted in terms of translation and well at times my writing just is not the greatest, Iím trying.At any rate I would appreciate if the people currently viewing this without my permission well because they are obviously on my home network illegally or however they are doing this please let me write in peace. Thank you, at any rate I am going to continue to write stories that are at times worth reading and other times probably not the greatest read but I am making an effort to write what is good to me. I apologize if I ever have offended anyone and donít need to go into details but if you had to read something out of the many billions of web pages this is probably not the only choice I honestly am not trying to cause any problems Iím guessingthat somewhere out there for whatever reason my personal character Rob Blessin is being slandered by the very fact that I donít want it to be, then I realized I did the same stupid thing to people I do care about and so I guess I must be an idiot for thinking that this wouldnít be some sort of retribution. I with drew a lot of stupid things and said well all in all the whole story was at times brilliant and at other times causing problems for people potentially so I chose to remove the whole thing.as stories go the whole thing has led to a lot of trouble apparently. I did make some changes to it for the better and at times thought who in the heck would ever find the story in the first place including now as it also is gone from my drive which kind of makes me think at times I would have like to have gone back edited it , made some changes for the better , taking out any statements that looking back well were obviously not well thought out. Also made sure that a lot of the things I said about people were taken out of context and actually sought out permission from them getting approval of what was really said and in fact allowing them room on the site to make a statement back. The best thought would have been putting everyone on it that I included in the best possible light. At any rate I am trying to find the right girl or should I say women to settle down with and raise a family , my lifestyle is most of the time Iím thinkingit is fair to say without problems. Here is what has happened I have been the target of these people that have been basically focusing on completely destroying everything possible about me , I think that they have honestly been going to every single extreme to make sure that everything is constantly being messed with to make me look like a complete idiot. I admit at times I do not need assistance in this respect at other times it makes it practically impossible to accomplish anything in fact I would say ever thing I have been trying to do is constantly being scrutinized or affected be these people. I am trying to keep it together and admit I have a lifestyle do make mistakes and only ask for them to please take all of the things that they are using to basically continually monitor and I suspect broadcast off the air now immediately please. I donít need to go into details but I have been the brunt of this sick joke for long enough and only ask for it to be discontinued forever. Iím now taking a break and would appreciate the privacy to do so permanently in fact anyone that has witnessed this would . Why would anyone want this to happen to them after seeing what they are doing to me , my reputation as I say I honestly do apologize to all concerned? At any rate if the story about water has a happy ending it would be everyone putting to gether a string of believe it or not beads stretching from here to well believe it or not Manhattan to a girl she knows who she is everyone winds up with a GPS photo and we basically make friendship bracelets she picks one out of a huge bin and they choose how to manage the next years spectacular mission sounds fair to me, If a miracle does happen I have a fairly good size selection of marbles waiting here for her to choose from a game of marbles will determine who picks out this lucky friendship bracelet as to what happens to all of the other beads , I do not want to know but Iím sure chaos ,comedy ,fun consensual passion and friendship are no doubt options the most direct route from there to here would be fun and where the trail leads afterward perhaps around the world would make it all the more fun limit of 1 mile of beads with additional miles for those well that need to have a little funÖ.. to be continued provided I stay out of trouble and a serious miracle happens Iím going to need one. At any rate a clue believe it or not you may just want to call me as I would drive back with youÖ. But I wrote something for you in this directory, your name leads you to a story Iíll think youíll like! At any rate any of the other folks that have names attached to photos in this directory a clue it is not you but I feel the love. At any rate she knows she is , she is hot and well heck if Iím required to move there I would consider it however I have a lot of stuff and currently turning this place like my last into a well castle as one thing Fort Collins needs is well a fort , this will be fort Fun as I already have a pool, pool table, hot tub, foosball , pinball , darts, beer a museum of NeXT stuff that will be eventually set building mini golf and skateboard half pipe and serpentine run golf putting green probably a tire swing and tree house but Iím not sure if I can pull permits for the last two so may have to wing it as we have the most skilled ninja carpenters on deck also a wet bar, barbeque pit and plans for a friggin luau with well a stage for additional fun. The band may get back together man , at any rateI know your muckity mucking as usual with the whoís who in the industry and will probably break some famous rock stars heart that is if I am lucky and well I feel lucky also to let you know Iím honest as there appears to be sharkettes aplenty schooling about but honestly my goal is to swim with you as you are the prettiest lady Iíve ever met in terms of intelligence, personality and likeability J.E. and well I know I screwed up , I searched for you after you left in Denver was bummed thought I saw your auto left a note probably the wind as I say , it is a long shot I know but so is powerball. As usual off on a tangent at any rate you had a photo of you and Froto to make things clearÖ

I will update the clownoramus deal soon as well fixing anything that may be screwed up and look out you powerball game gods the army of clownoramus is in pursuit, in fact we want you to make it really friggin hard because these guys and gals are good the best you have ever seen. As far as the water fight I guess it started yesterday when I sprayed my new kitten Bella Donna with a water bottle as she was on the kitchen counter trying to eat chili on the stove bolted out the door and I suspect she may have made contact , she also fetches and let me tell you she is my secret weapon. As the black hole turnsÖ.super kitten photo of her as she actually beat a squirrel up the tree a few days after she made the journey out by car from North Carolina and well lets just say that definitely started something laughter from everyone concerned! We need a Jimmy Buffett concert in Colorado Iím thinking a photo of 10,000 coconuts might do it , heck Iíd where em if Jimmy showed up bring back College days for the love of god! Thanks for helping today Lee LeeÖ