rob&catRob Blessin (me on right)

3007 Conestoga Ct..
Ft. Collins, CO 80526 #1 place to live in the USA money magazine 2006 (see what happens when I move back!)
Phone (970) 223-9976 Cell (303) 741-9998

December 1992: B.S. Business Administration , Marketing Colorado State University , Currently working on Masters Science  Computer Information Systems

Additional studies: Customers at 250+ Universities,

{much like being in extended final exams 10 years}

January 1993- January 1997

Alembic Systems , Object Technologies, Optimal Object Technologies , #1 Salesman, Marketing NeXTSTEP, Openstep, Windows , Linux , 3rd Party products and engineered the hardware to make it work. IE Integrated Systems used for Space Jam by Warner Brothers, other customers include Dream Works, Disney Animation, NSA, NASA & Tim Berners Lee {Inventor of the World Wide WEB now at MIT, I repaired his computer}.


January 1997 to present:

Black Hole, Incorporated , took over above business, wear many hats including President, successful and profitable , 2500 customers and growing $1,000,000 in Sales.


Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity Lifetime Member

Golf, Soccer, Football, 12 String Guitar , Juggling , Boomerang, Dale Carnegie grad, still play

practically any sport halfway decent for an old dude.

Proficient at seriously 100's of Software applications , Reverse engineered Crashed Human Genome DNA Computer for NIH , it is now working again; Kenyon & Kenyon an example you all will appreciate ; the entire state of NY was not able to produce license plates or road signs for about 2 month’s because the NeXT computer running templates that interfaced with the cad cam production machine crashed  and no one had a clue how to fix it . Even though I had no experience with the software on this crashed system , I fortunately was able to repair it for the Auburn Correctional Facility , thank God!

Enjoy social and globally friendly lifestyle.

References available upon request