3/27-29/02 We are playing to win , I'm guessing Lotto is much more in depth than we perceive it to be in a lot of respects. It finally made sense to me one of the biggest and obviously most important factors in Lotto is generating revenue , being profitable and above all fair. Peace Dudley Moore and Mr. Television.

Certain things about Lotto Drawings are destined to skew the revenues statistics from the start as far as generating additional revenue or causing Lotto's to lose revenue because of Lucky or unlucky Number picking Psychology. Example Lucky Number 7 or Unlucky 13. When people pick numbers by far the most popular number to pick is 7. 7 is the bread and butter and veritable gold mine for the Lotto folks. On the otherside think of the potential thorn in the side for the bean counters if # 7 was truly completely randomly uncontrollable and hit 5 times in a row. I thought well may be the lotto is completely random , possibly with the earlier drawings it was but with the new Lotto technology anything is possible and that is where the concept of a fun game with in a game exists.

When I started integrating the actual winning number and revenue statistics into the Great Clown Decoder as in who won what , where and how .... 5 number winners, 4 number with power ball , 4 number, 3 with 1 powerball on down the line payout trends develop. I'm guessing target ranges are set for payout amounts in each winning category and I'm positive 7 makes a difference in each drawing and that certain revenue from each drawing is probably set aside in the 7 pool like the main mast of a ship .

When 7 hits the Achilles heel hits ,7 probably has to be strategically planned to minimize loss of revenue damage or to correlate with a marketing plan , so in any given draw I'm deducing that they possibly have drawing scenarios set up based on actual sales correlated with the numbers picked. The sales are broken down into quick picks which obviously can be completely planned and managed and people that pick there own numbers. 7 as the powerball is currently out or has not hit in over 170 games for example .

Here is where is gets real interesting for the Lotto powers that be, when we philosophically pick our own numbers ,examples Birthday, Anniversaries numbers 1 through 12 obvious for month , Day obvious 1 through 31 to people using Astrology , Astrophysics , the Force, Patterns on the actual bid slip, IE Diagonal , Lucky Numbers and Stats this all is counterbalanced and factored in in advance.

I'm thinking that what exists at the core or heart of the Lotto Offices for each drawing must be similar to a Master numerical crossword like grid or matrix. The theorized Lotto template contains a database of all probable and possible outcomes for each and every drawing as they have sales statistics for all centers well into the future.

As each ticket is purchased , the grid fills up, like putting together a jigsaw puzzle . I'm thinking that when they have the big picture compiled shortly before the drawing of how many actual winners in each category will happen in advance with any given combination of numbers that they can map out a strategy to cover each states financial interest , where the revenue goes to as well as earn a fair business profit for the Lotto and make sure that their are enough winners statistically in each area to continue , maintain and possibly stimulate an increase in demand for tickets by Lotto players. Also when drawings reach a certain level it is in their best interest's to have a winner obviously because of logistics , traffic jams , crowd control and fun.

It is an intricate and delicate statistical balance as each number must hit with in a certain time frame to satisfy the auditors but I'm fairly sure that this is where the real fun potentially comes into play for our very bored Lotto guides and statisticians. Think about the Wizard in the Wizard of OZ and going from B&W to Technicolor , the same boring thing until someone stumbles up on it.

If it isn't present Lotto officials controlling the outcomes of drawings and they say it isn't then who?

Science Fiction or Fact possibly theories.

A few possibilities to consider an omni present higher intelligence , possibilities would include God, Angels, Time Travelers, Aliens or the Wizard of Lotto.....

Spiritual , may be the good souls of our loved departed ones life essence lives on or exists in a magic dimension and ionizes much like television waves waiting for someone to discover how to tune it in and invent a new form of communication for all to see , the sixth sense that would be cool .

Present the Lotto officials are bored and wanted to invent a really cool way to make this practically impossible treasure hunt solvable for someone.

Future, here is what I am thinking technology is continually advancing and improving in the last 100 years , TV , Telephone , Radio, outer space travel , this web gig and computers, we all know this is cool and has changed global communication but where does it go from here?

I'm placing my bet on the future that 100 Years from now give or take a few years something has been invented that bends the space time communication continuum. My best guess is that science and human intelligence with additional assistance provided the ultimate goal of this whole story to save the planet and make it habitable for our future generations to happen in reality.

Who knows may be even me and you the reader are able to read this 100 years from now and say no problem makes perfect sense and we have the technology to do it.

Do what? Send a signal back through time, they have already shown through experimentation that this is possible.

What I'm wondering if someone were traveling faster than the speed of a signal obvious example is sound sonic boom, what is the ripple effect. What happens if you are approaching an object like Earth moving faster than the signals coming towards you are you in effect ahead of the communication curve of what actually has happened relevant to Earth Space Time or is going to happen according to the Space travelers space time.

Here is the scenario for my SCI fi or fact gig. The future scientists have the grid of all possible outcomes in each and every lotto drawing , They also have the sales statistics and where actual winners were sold. The easiest way to collect when you time travel is purchase a ticket you know will win, however the economic skew , aha , the loophole many winners go unclaimed and locating an unclaimed and forgotten ticket before its redemption date would be the key.

As time goes by the unclaimed Lotto money is moved to special accounts and each state designates if the unclaimed winnings are to be returned to the Lotto Game or used for what ever like saving Ocean Journey. Our time travelers now have a way of locating unclaimed winnings and it doesn't skew anything until the money is spent . Imagine traveling through the time grid and someone like me has practically perfect present stats on all the present games , it would be a pain to try to manipulate the past outcomes.

As I say it seems like the outcomes of some Lotto games have magically or mysteriously changed through transcription errors or mistakes in recording all actual drawing outcomes or for the SCI fi thought because of time travel manipulation.

The lotto folks cringe as at some point 30%+- of us that pick our own numbers will at some point choose 7 and I've compared drawings where 7 hit and even thought they sold several million fewer tickets, they paid out almost twice as much as when 7 didn't hit and a number like 13 did. I'm venturing to guess this is a fact globally.

13 is the number 1 number in our Cash 5 drawing for example.

.I also found it interesting that 7 has been unique as a low winning double in other words 7 hit in the low five numbers and again as the powerball , even more interesting it is also the lowest sum total of all the drawings to date 1,3,7,8,26,7 at 52 and it was for only $5M and the lady that picked the numbers received them over a period of 6 weeks.

So what does this mean , I'm thinking that the new lotto machine correlates with the actual sales drawings statistics and potentially even correlates the demographics and projects several potential winning draw candidates that will fit the balance for each drawing , I'm really on to something , elasticity of demand, rollovers, lotto fatigue and 1,2,3,4,5,6 the most popular combination, we all add, 4/1/02.

I'm experimenting with new integrating new Max hit Lotto software into my growing mix of Lotto Software it is by far the best software to date that I've seen or used . Combining it with the clowndecoder should be fun as it is what I have been hoping to be able to do for some time now excellent work Joe Taylor! Funny how page 10 seemed right .... picture says a 1000 words , using this with all the other software and the ever present clown variable ought to be fun. It was a 4 of 5 numbers board I =9 winner with the 5th number 10 directly above and below!

How Television works! I'm guessing that with my statistical grid (Excellent research), I should be able to scan the stats once complete in the correct order

and tune in lots of different encoded message stuff , I've had it spell out loop top row so I'm guessing I'm onto something like decoding the Beale Treasure.

4/4/02 A thoughtful resolution , the concept of this solution echo's through the ages , today, when we hear that a few hundred run for shelter and wind up reportedly holed up in the Church of Nativity believed to be the actual location of the manger where Christ was born because their place of worship across the street was blown up, what the heck is going on here?

I don't claim to know everything , in fact I'm not even close but I think that most conscious living people on this planet would concur regardless of belief that certain areas of historical significance deserve eternal respect and I would venture to guess that this particular location obviously is one of them in the cosmic universal alignment of philosophy with respect to all religion.

You know what the solution is let every single person that is in that Church walk away peacefully and free under one condition leave their weapons at the front door ; if they have any and give up fighting with other people permanently over differences in philosophy.

Who knows may be a huge Pyramid mountain size pile of arms thrown away at this location will develop of people laying down their arms on the site voluntarily and choosing peace. So all those weapons destroyed, abandon the tanks, heck park them right their and disable them permanently, who knows may be it would catch on that would be some good news and the super natural powers that be that guide our direction in life would sincerely appreciate such a giving sacrifice.

It would make a statement to history that we were mature enough to get through this situation. Peaceful people in all of us, can't we all just get along some would say we the people of Earth have a dream to quote a few and deserve to have control over the destiny of our own direction in life.

Why wouldn't we all agree that peace makes good common sense and when battles like this impending one at the actual location of a miracle birth according to a really good moral legend if you think about it for kids to believe in no matter how old, listen to the sound of peace, let freedom ring true. The clown on a roll , open up that gate over there the one that has been sealed for 800 years as the headline reads miracle Peace on Earth born again year 1. Yeah start the year thing over again with year 1. I'm thinking that way if it is truly close to armagedon or the judgement day and the superior being GOD arrives on scene, it may buy us a whole bunch of extra time to make it all right. Kind of like a heard of road runners!

5/1/2002 Cool more incredible customers! Stanford University and Nasa are using NeXTSTEP to test Einstein's Gravity B experiment, David Letterman should help fund this one!

5/31/2002 It's been a while since I've written a lot has happened The lotto theory and on to page 11. ! Comments and questions: email sales@blackholeinc.com

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