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12/7/99 Update.

10/21/99 I thought now that page 1 is out of the way , it is time to move on to page 2.

Every dog has his day, I guess yesterday was one of those for me. We take you now to the life of Catherine, she was having lunch downtown , yesterday working on all of her organizational stuff for Victoria Secret. A man walks up with 2 body guards and said to her you art the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She responded that she was having a really bad day, then noticed people flocking to him for autographs. She said who are you? Reggie , he responded ....Cat said Reggie White? No Reggie Jackson... Cat wondered for a moment oh...Reggie bought her lunch and said he would like to take her out to dinner as it was his last night in town.

Reggie called her a Victoria Secret , we won't start any ugly Internet rumors here folks with Mr. October and his sudden appearance in this story. At any rate Cat went out to dinner with me and we went and met my sister and sisters in-laws for festivities at an Irish pub in LoDo next to Coors field. We thought about calling Reggie as it would have been fun to hang out with him , but Cat said that has to make you feel good that I wanted to be with you rather than Reggie.

Yes, indeed, now remember Cat is engaged to Mark and I respect that Mark is on outward bound climbing the highest mountains , being washed downstream by falling out of the raft, rescuing lost hikers and basically gone until November 29, 1999. So in the interim Cat and I are well running a muck having fun, life is funny. Baseball been very , very good to me, soon I will make the pilgrimage to Victoria Secret to see exactly what is going on down there go Reggie, go Reggie!

Zman went to court today and he is truly free from the system having met all of the requirements.

10/23/99 Phil Lesh show was excellent , wait it is a news flash from the star ship BHI, it appears to be a distress signal from the Intel contingent , pleading for improvement to the worthy Openstep ship.....

Engine room to bri88ddggee Steeeeve Joooobs, bridge, Steve ay another keynote "yes we currently have eliminated the shortage of G4's and are assembling the I Mac and Book fleet for delivery." Heeeello bridge to Dr. Avie , bridge to Steeeeeve, anyone at Apple , Chiat Day even something has gone terribly wrong with the new Openstep Y2K patch kernel for our trusty old Openstep. The old school loyal following Jedi contingent is requesting help, SOS , May day, please Steve you are our only hope, The new Openstep Kernel Y2K Patch is reportedly panicking our Intel systems and it is causing real problems as it does not come with instructions chaos is ensuing. When we try to use one partition for the new EIDE or SCSI large hard drives problems have developed and our limit is only 2gb. Our drivers are tired and in need of repair, please can you spare a few good men and worst of all there is a rumor, rumor has it even a Giant Pumpkinhead Deathstar 666 Thing is approaching with a hoard of the most humorous followers the likes of which you wouldn't believe .

What are we to do? Don't worry we have a plan , a sound alone in the night in this great big universe calls out .

Who's that little guy with the pen, why it is Rob Blessin, uh well yes that would be me , the great clown is speaking through me. Are we all going to just sit here and let the Pumpkinhead man and the indescribable blue screen meanies and the fatal error legions rule the world and move on to rule the known universe. What happened to democracy , justice all that , I know there is Linux, but what in the world are we doing without Openstep on Intel for 2000 . Look as we see the Pumpkin Man move on into threaten our beautiful Castle in the Sky, I say heck no, who's with me, revolution, all I ask is please you can help save my castle of life, even if you have to buy Microsoft things at the store, it will help me eat.

I have no where else to go , my commissions from the sales here are small but may be you can tell people and they tell people and so forth and so on.

Yes that's it that is the ticket, may be many people will shop at the castle in the sky formerly and still known as Black Hole and help save a good man, me and also hopefully , feel good about helping themselves to cool new stuff even NeXT stuff at the old trusty store and in some small way save the world and known universe from this beast , we can't let him have all of the money and own the world the net and the known universe and our budget is small but our hearts are big.

If possible we will make an effort to make the situation right to the best of our ability and resurrect Openstep, but that takes time and money, if you deem me worthy of it , I accept your challenge , thank you in advance for your support. Remember Goliath.

Stay tuned for the next episode of as the Black Hole turns, this message brought to you by the forces of good bringing to you the stealth word of mouth marketing campaign for fun to eventually destroy the evil empire or at least have fun trying, someone has to do it might as well be me.....

Click to launch the Black Hole Castle in the Sky Store 55,000 Products!

10/24/99We could battle them with modern weapons like spam blasts and promises of false profits through forwarded Emails, nah . I've enlisted the help of the French and Antoine Valot , he has pointed me towards flash technology and now things will get fun. Millennium Day , hmmm Catherine , Max and many I others are laughing . Instead I have a plan, animation the Space Harley will be rideable , I just need to learn the Flash software and of course my goal is to have you ride it and a use the force Luke.

I'm still working on the books and am through to May....as for the Broncos . I suspect they should have gone for 2 to be with in 3 points and the field goal against the Patriots would have tied the game, overall a great and valiant effort . Stay tuned , I'm slammed but having fun . I feel compelled to find a Pumpkin with Catherine that will be the mascot for Black Hole during Halloween, hmm Kim is coming too may be. Your current mission is to find one as well , think about the computer crash you enjoyed the most NOT and let your inner creative talents go as you invent a special Pumpkin and remember , think safety first.

Halloween is among my favorite holidays, they used to have the Boulder Mall crawl , 30,000 people would go to the Pearl street mall and well it became out of control in a few short years, people would swing from the light posts, vandalize, cause problems towards the end of it , I remember one guy dressed as Super Dave in a helmet leaped from a light pole with his helmet on and landed on his head on the cement, gets up and cruises. We were like now that is nuts , this whole situation is nuts and finally they put an end to what was a really fun event because a few people in the crowd were out of control and ruined it.

It is a shame that so many events that are fun are eventually screwed up by usually a small majority of the people, yes , I like to celebrate but I also use common sense and try to enjoy participating in the event and above all respect other people and property. So have fun , celebrate when appropriate but try to use common sense in doing so and we all will appreciate it.

10/25/98 Payne Stewart, peace, we all enjoyed your Golfing through the years and thank you. As far as what would cause the cabin to loose pressure at altitude a failed seal , window or improperly secured door in light of this tragic accident. Once the cause of the engineering failure is identified probably all lear jets and commercial airplanes should go through a comprehensive seal inspection and verification check up. As this Jet only had 10,000 hours which is minimal , it is probably even more important.

As far as the Oxygen mask concept for commercial Jet Airplanes, at what altitude have they been verified to work during a cabin depressurization situation for all of us that travel . In looking at the actual statistics the survivable response time rapidly and dramatically diminishes with an increase in altitude, if you are ever in a situation on an airplane and the oxygen masks drop, put them on immediately without delay as you may only have 10 seconds to respond before losing consciousness at an altitude of 35,000 feet .

I'm going to focus on reconciling the books , I'm now through August 98 to the penny. It is one of the most difficult things I have ever done but everything balances and I'm actually enjoying the challenge. I'm playing golf every day around sunset and my game is improving , I planning on taking and need some time off when I complete the books and take care of the customers. Also www.litestep.net with the help of some very talented developers , we are going to offer a cooler front end for Windows called Blackstep,I find is a lot easier to use than the Windows interface and you still have the choice to use the Windows Explorer interface as well. My development on the game will be done during stress relief time , so stay tuned as 16 to 18 hour days will end as soon as I'm caught up and my day to day schedule will be back to a normal 8 to 10 hour days.

Stay tuned as the Black Hole, bores most of the population...not very much fun or humor with Taxes and Accounting for sure, except that the first Abraham Lincoln 1% Income Tax , I spoke of earlier for those that earn more than $800 per year, it sure as heck became complicated after that didn't it. I'll be happy and rest a lot easier when I'm finally caught up and Uncle Sam is paid , I'm trying as hard as I can think. One Example of what I am going through, I had 2 products the first one failed with manufacturer defect but was under warranty and the second was the wrong product. The replacement product differed in price and Credit of $111 for Old from 5/29/98 and size and the second was an incorrect scsi III to 50 pin Centronics cable on 6/26/98 for $18 , it should have been scsi II to 50 pin , this replacement was paid for on another check, the new hard drive purchased on 7/16/98 ( a 2gb harddrive for $149 Debit) , so they had issued 2 credits known as RMA's to my account. I purchased the replacement drive and a Printer Cartridge that was delivered on 7/9/98 with a separate order on credit for $7

So to get this all to balance , piece of cake as I also had a check that cleared for $27 and on 7/17/98

Debits $149 + $7 = $156 = Credits $111 + $18 = $129 and the check for $27 = $156 and this is what really happened for just one transaction. I have been going through 1000's on these and some of them are harder others easier, I align the easy ones first. Now when I use a credit card or process a customers credit card the fees make it even more complicated , but I'm on it to the penny. A classic was tracing a bounced check through 3 different incarnations of deposits , spanning over a month, all I can say is I'm on it, I haven't had anything I'm baffled on yet for more than an hour or 2 yet. Peace to the full time accountants, I have a whole new respect for them, my CPA will go over everything to double check my work upon completion and I'm positive he will be impressed. Economies of Scale relates to efficiency of operations and I'm managing that as well through the help of Steve, Max ,Cat on 1099's, beer, food and entertainment and others have been helping me out when they have time, I appreciate it.

10/26/99 I thought it would be fun for Catherine to put some words on the Internet since she has never even sent an e-mail....

Hello, how is everybody feeling? good I hope. It is my first time on the world wide webb. Colorado is awesome.

So I'll go ahead and send this out there so Catherine can see how it works....

Rob and Cat

Juliet and Cootie,Images created using Intel Video Phone Snapshot feature on a Top Shelf Black Hole workstation computer.

Cast of Characters warping in....:

Larry "The Mad Scientist"

Rob and "Wavy Gravy" Dave Green

10-29-99 I played golf yesterday at Kennedy at sundown and on hole number 7 , 1000's of geese had landed in the fairway. They sometimes will land there and then fly around at night or just hang out , I always try to avoid hitting them as they are cool. It is a 600 yard par five, I tee off and the ball never gets more than a few feet off the ground, I usually hit great drives but this one was awful for me and it pegs a poor goose in the head 225 yards down there. The poor goose was out cold, I was like oh no, then he began flopping around and I rushed up hoping I hadn't hurt the poor thing to badly. as I walked up and the other geese were honking at me and I was saying to the poor goose are you OK? He seemed to acknowledge it was an accident, I yelled "four" but geese don't understand that yet, "four" means to duck when you are on a golf course. I stood there for a few minutes and made sure the goose was OK, happily the goose seemed to shake it off quickly as it began preening and it seemed to say keep playing dude , I'll stay out of the fairway.

I hit my second shot and cleared the rest of the geese by aiming for the rough and wound up 145 yards from the hole far left rough as geese were all over the fairway. Now it is dusk with very little light , a cool sunset and windy but the wind was tapering off as the sun set over the mountains, I hit my 3rd shot and it was weird honestly as it beelined and hit the pin, honestly, it hit the pin but I was rattled and finished out the hole 3 putting from 5 feet , then played 8 back then in practically the dark then on to hole 9, where you can see the ball in the dusk lit sky as you play back towards the club house .

On 9 the same group of geese were waiting for me on 9 tee box as though to say , if we only had golf clubs we would play you and I looked around to make sure the poor little one was OK and thought they will probably are thinking lets fly the heck out of here, here comes the hacker, but honestly I'm fairly good. They looked at me and I'm fairly sure the one I had rattled was among them and said something like lets fly. It seemed like the same group as they must have followed the disoriented one over to this tee box where normally they don't hang out on 9 tee.... I also noticed the because of unusual wind conditions the day after the tragedy, the local birds were having fun riding the thermals up to 1000's of feet in the air, which coincidentally is close to or approaching the same altitude as lear jets that take off and land from Centennial Airport on the other side of Cherry Creek Reservoir. I awoke that night really late last night to see a group of geese , way up there , I'm talking 1000's of feet up there and then I thought about this as a possible sign or something that would possibly explain what caused this tragedy.

My dad is retired from United Airlines and bird strikes are common around Airports in fact he has had to turn planes around as have many pilots because a bird or flock of them crosses directly in front of an jet and has been known to shatters windows and can be sucked into an engine causing the engine to shut down.

In fact they lost 3 of 4 engines one time, when a flock of geese were on the same flight path and yes, he landed the plane safely , my dad is one of the best pilots in the world having started with some of the first jets in the world in the early 50's . I haven't researched what the weather was doing or if birds are in close proximity to the Airport but birds have caused planes to crash in the past ....

Also Lightning strikes can open holes in the fuselage or it could be a mechanical problem but given the track record of Lear Jets an external influence probably should be considered and a bird strike or several birds striking would be a strong probability, I hope I don't sound loopy as I sincerely care about Payne and his family and what he has accomplished in Golf is eternal and this seems important.

Lockheed uses Next to operate their flight simulators and they had contacted me earlier in the week, honestly about helping them with the equipment the have in the state of Washington....

This real vision or surrealistic dream state I had made me wonder as I have never hit a goose like that golfing and I have played 250 rounds this year and I honestly only hit the pin playing golf a few times a year so to have both happen on the same hole makes me wonder , if this was a message of sorts even if just coincidence. When I'm really trying it is difficult to even get close to the pin and I was very rattled but the ball just seemed to float right at it and given the circumstances, I wonder so peace , what does this mean. Payne, I think I understand if it was you or not and this turns out to help explain what happened then cool, I'll believe everything is OK with you and I love golf.

My thought or theory led me to do research; from my understanding the Disney Wildlife preserve in Orlando is close by once more because from my understanding after doing research after being or having a feeling I was supposed to, there are over 200 species of birds in Orlando including Sand Hill Cranes.

If the Lear Jet had a bird strike by encountering a flock of birds riding a thermal from 100 to 10,000 feet , it could have potentially shattered a window or a bird into an engine could have caused the engine to break apart with engine fragments potentially creating holes in the fuselage or window , this would cause rapid decompression. The Autopilot being activated would account for this as well as the pilots tried to react , they may have pointed the Jet North , migration. My thought is simple look for evidence of birds , feathers, along with any structural damage that would lead to this a shattered window , starburst or fuselage damage . My dad actually had a bird stuck to the windshield for several hundred miles honestly so it can happen and does everyday and as I haven't heard this in the news , I thought I would say something , I don't claim to be correct or psychic or anything , I'm just saying this just seemed like something I was supposed to relay and is only a theory....

Congratulations New York Yankees on winning the world series and the Geronimo Bronco Y2K brewski beer is tasting fairly good already and we are close to the bottling process.

I just had this thought , most of the time when a jet crashes there is a fireball usually from jet fuel igniting , what if the fuel tanks had a type of airbag around them that had that expansive foam stuff that is an insulator . The idea would be to deploy that airbag around the tank and passenger cabin, cockpit to try and create a seal of lightweight non flammable foam....also a similar envelop in place around the passenger cabins and cockpit basically it would fill up and create a heat protective envelope around the passenger cabin that may buy a few minutes of time and protection against flames in certain crashes it may safe lives and reduce the impact and act as a cushion because it would be a layer in between cargo and the passenger section an over head compartments. I'll probably run it by Lockheed as it might be a good idea and worth a try, similar to that movie Stallone was in where his car had the foam thing....

Paul Green as Lizard man. Rob & Cat having fun! The Little Green Men invasion continues Mike Green, playing Joe Sakic

10/31/99 Things have turned even more interesting, the real great Pumpkin has dropped the secret weapon, but what is happening , can it be explained stay tuned as the Black Hole , turns.....

10-31-99 News Flash: Great Pumpkin acquired by Microsoft, ooh no....

11/1/99 Newsflash : Geof Sargent our comedian has showed up, currently Geof is working at Pandora's Box and

reportedly among the unusual customers was this thing that came in , hmmm one of those ugly Internet rumors , we Next folks and others appreciate:

Geof Sargent playing the scary dude in the Terminator

Walter Payton Peace be with you. I'm proud to announce I'm caught up with 97 and 98 and will finalize everything with my CPA and all of the Tax folks on Wednesday and am making excellent progress on 99. Also we have caught up on most of our current computer projects as well , so my stress levels should become more normal later this week.

Playing Golf today I incredibly hit the flag from 260 yards out on one hole and it dropped to half mast appropriately , I was amazed as I've never done that before, I've also had ball marks with in 1 foot on 2 par 3's , geese now if I can improve my putting it would help with the score tremendously. Also the weather is getting cold and the ground is frozen...

11/2/99 I uploaded a free song to http://www.blackholeinc.com/about/robsfreetune.snd or http://www.blackholeinc.com/about/robsfreetune.wav , however I noticed when I download it on my old Next , it works great and it doesn't seem to want to work in Windows 98 , so I guess I'll have to figure this one out or for those of us that use Next enjoy , the anecdote.

11/3/99 So I figured , I would have to out do the thing beasts attempt to be funny above , now introducing the one and only Rob Blessin, the Great Clown is here, Party time , we still have time for the additional 24 hours to celebrate New Years, I even took the photo using a timer, this was me doing perhaps one of the coolest stunts I ever invented 10 years ago, heck I even had a Mustache at that time, let's just say I'm better even after the arthritis using my feet, perhaps one of the best in the Universe, nah, who would believe that anyway.

So I put another tune out there for you Next folks http://www.blackholeinc.com/about/robjams.wav , enjoy done using a Next Turbo Cube from 1991, running Openstep 4.2, with Gator FTP to upload the file and a Gatekeeper PPP connection , to record I used Next Sound application then changed over to Wav format in Soundworks , It took 10 Minutes flat and the main slow down was the limitation of the upload through a phone line at 38bps , I bet you still have trouble doing that in Windows in an hour....heck I still can't get it to play, I've tried Winamp , Real Juke Box on Windows 98 no luck oh well, NeXTSTEP is still the most respected software on the planet, we've been doing this for 10 years! It is cool to add Sonique to Winamp as this adds on screen visuals to sound .

I thought about this and actually that juggling photo is somewhere around 15 years ago as most of my friends don't ever remember me with a Mustache, the location is Spring Creek in Ft. Collins out in back of the Trailer Park on the other side of the Rail Road Tracks, I lived in while going to School, this is where the great 1000 year flood rolled through a few years after I graduated and had moved to Denver.

Catherine came over last night and we had fun, I also woke up this morning called the my CPA was ready to go and then Tom said the appointment is actually tomorrow so I would be a day early , I thought an extra 24 hours will help with all of the final verification on my part . Have a great day!

11/4/99 Here are Pictures of Kim, Elway 50,000, another near hole in one, 2" away on # 17 at Arrowhead Golf Course and Old Bonkers, with the other cats , we miss Bonkers. Notice my big belly at that time last year I was about 245lbs, now I'm down to 217lbs make that 223lbs. but I've been working out everyday so the flubber is now replaced with

Biff Steel style Hans and Franz pump you up muscles, well eventually, also that is not a Trouser Trout in the picture of me juggling, "it would be about right however", not. Apparently they just discovered the Thunder Lizard a Dinosaur that stood 60 feet tall and the Earth shook we it walked at 60 Tons. Astronomy Check out Saturn and Jupiter in the Sky's this week as Saturn will be at its brightest in 22 Years on November 6. I paid Taxes and the tally is going to be a little over 5K not as bad as I thought as I had many deductions that I had not taken and had a few more fixed assets than I had accounted for , then Taxes 99 will add more, a tremendous sense of relief isn't it when the Taxes are done.

11/5/99 Hey everybody looks like it is an Early Thanksgiving, this video game is getting more classic all of the time, cartoonist in charge Rob Blessin. Anyone volunteer to vote and carve up the Turkey?

Kurtis T. , The Legendary Quarterback from CSU

Cat, Kim and Rob on Friday Night

11/7/99 Here is a screen Shot of our New Free Shell under development for Windows called Blackstep, we take the front end right off of Windows and replace it with our shell much easier to use! Click on the image to go to the download page, you can also develop your own free shell. Please keep in mind that it will run all of your Windows 3rd party products, you are just replacing the Windows Explorer, which well we honestly feel sucks eggs. In fact , I had a Windows Explorer has performed an Illegal Operation Error and will be shut down error, I clicked OK , no problem Bill and Microsoft because we are not using Microsoft Windows Explorer, you Microsoft clowns and continued working under Blackstep using Netscape without any problems running the applications just fine.

Also thanks to Guru Max , we know have X 10 capability Max had lights , appliances, burglar alarm integration and other stuff going on and off around the house will typing on the computer soon we will be able to have remote access from a cell phone as well as voice recognition or activated capability, this ought to be fun and entertaining as Catherine and I'm , think there are friendly ghosts or 2 or more around the house , well there is I convinced.

I Eagled number 1 at Kennedy on Friday the East a long par 5 on a chip in while playing with Robert Ngyuen a friend then it went south. Yesterday while playing with Kurtis, Mac and Dave at Pine Creek after very little sleep because of the trim invasion of Friday night and we had the first tee time of the day, well I basically sucked shooting 47,47. The course Pinecreek down in Colorado Springs is fun playing as Airforce was playing Army at the stadium close by and there were old WW2 bombers , fighters, jets, helicopters flying, parachutes and other cool stuff around the skies all day , we played in 3 hours and 20 minutes , done shortly before noon.

Paul and Nancy are having a Broncos party today with a lot of our friends and families, so I'm baking cookies , my parents are in Las Vegas this weekend, they have not been in 10 years so I know they will be having fun.

I thought I would update this in a hurry , please note the cookies were a hit , the Geronimo Bronco Y2K Brewski is very good. Kurtis T. is happily married to Kendi a wonderful lady from CSU days, no need to worry , all is calm as the Black Hole Turns and there son Garret is a natural athlete already throwing the ball at Age 1.

Thanks Paul and Nancy and everybody else in attendance as it was very good food, spirits and company and the Broncos won with Chris Miller time at QB and a number of players that did very well.

Billy and Tammy , well Billy pointed out that in pointing people towards my web site that they mistakenly found other incarnations of Websites with similar names to Black Hole, that we are honestly not even close nor do we want to be affiliated with nor do they compare in any way to what we offer here. So if you point people towards Black Hole as in http://www.blackholeinc.com/ , this is the correct location and tell them to look for the humorous site that sells computers.

I would explain it this way as to a misdirected web surfer, my home address is similar to American Furniture Warehouse located at 8501 E. Grant St. in Thornton with a completely different Zipcode. Yet, we receive US Post Office mail for them all of the time and I forward it back to them, writing clearly does this look like American Furniture Warehouse, obviously NO, we are not located in Thornton as our address is Denver and our Zipcode is completely different. The Postal workers and sorting computers should be able to figure this out.

I wonder how often my mail is delivered up to American Furniture by mistake, classic. So Peace, save the world and all that as the Black Hole Turns located on Planet Earth, Solar System , Milky Way Galaxy, Universe Number 1?

Also in talking with Paul and Todd at the party , I thought why not develop or use a lightweight gel or urethane on the outside of helmets and pads for additional padding in football and other sports to help prevent injuries like Concussions. Todd is going to pass this along to trainers with the Broncos and equipment folks , he also does the CSU Sonny Lubick show. Also Todd claims in an valiant attempt to catch my right footed punt at half-time of the game, it rebounded spectacularly off his arms, rebounding into his chin nearly knocking him out cold, fumblia , a good effort at any rate.

I spoke with a cool customer Dr. MB in California this evening about a lot of excellent technological endeavors and a starter at Kennedy the other day at the 19th hole and I thought this would be fun for golfers, log in and book tee times using the www.

Expand this to a virtual golfing experience , then I thought now this would and will be huge , you have virtual golf courses already. You take your golf clubs to a projection system and play golf by hitting the ball the computer calculates where the ball flight takes it and moves the on screen image to that location for you. You can pick from courses like Pebble Beach . The thought is have this Golf Course in real time, with real time data conditions, so you and I would be able to have identical computer simulated conditions and play Tiger Woods and the other pros in real time at for example at the US Open as it is happening. Now that would be cool , we also would be able to try the shot they just hit , sound fun?

Take this idea further at Coors field for example. They have a batting cage, what if the computer projected a real time image of the pitcher throwing the ball over home plate and you are up to bat, the ball comes at you in as close to real time as possible. So you would be up to bat , facing the actual pitcher, the starting pitcher , the ball would cross the plate at exactly the same speed and ball flight, would you hit a simulated homer, also integration with real time web integration with home video games same concept , what I'm saying is back to the future is here.

Taking this idea further as holograms progress, what if you were the pitcher and able to pitch to Babe Ruth or Hank Aaron, what if it was a full size game and your team played the hologram World Champs. Now of course the handicapping of the computer would make it a fair game.

I also am announcing plans to donate http://www.cardcatalog.org/ to the world, my idea is to take the schizophrenia out of one part of searching the world wide web . Part of the fun of this story relates to my experience in searching for anything on the current World Wide Web and no I'm not saying change it as this will be a new site. It will be organized as a Library is by Author, Title and Subject , I'll probably have links to Amazon and Barns and Noble and other places so I may actually become rich. It is not about the money, it is more about heart and creating a better future for us all. I would like to use a significant portion of those proceeds to help establish an Internet based multilingual School and Education worldwide site and offering courses in every subject imaginable that promotes positive goals and non prejudice enrichment through Education from Preschool, Grade School, Junior High, High School, through University and Graduate School and for those of us that have an interest in continuing to learn and help other people learn through out our lives , it will be open to your ideas and help. I'm far from perfect and make mistakes and am only human, I try to do what I feel is right and enjoy life most of the time, I'm only one person and know I can't do this all alone so stay tuned as it will become more fun. I still have not thought of a lot of stuff yet.

11/8/99 Also my friends , well for the most part I have what anyone would appreciate as a great group of friends , we are not like a bunch of perfect people. We all have made mistakes in the past and for the most part we take pride in doing what a good portion of the positive side of society and cultures feels is OK. We honestly enjoy working and having friends , making new ones and for the most part treating people with respect and yes , there is gossip and Judas and we all have our own opinions so I'm not speaking or writing for them or for you or for anyone, I guess I'm just 1 person having fun. Wondering who will stumble across this thing next as I say I started writing this over a year ago for no real apparent reason to relieve boredom and stress and I'm not even sure where it is going but that is what makes it classic after all this is only page 2. I can add or edit it whenever locally and forward it when I can get online and then you have the ability to access it and draw your own opinions , I hope that is cool with you. We all can choose our directions , I'm trying to be fun and entertaining and enjoying the search for the special women or several, destiny , tear to the eye, dude flick stuff, the Soap Opera for Dudes as the Black Hole Turns, waiting for the next football game, remote control in hand, typing away, searching www.bikini.com, gander acceptable , our reader many hours later, I'm ticked off about download times and Microsoft , apologies to any women in advance, I'm shedding a tear here for Dudes , the dudes that need a soap during a boring work day or other times.

I thought about this a few minutes after reading that supermodel actress Haven Gaston at bikini.com appears to be from Colorado. I thought this must be the direction fate chose for me this evening and felt honestly compelled and had no choice but to e-mail her and direct here to this brief 2 web page description that you all have been reading about me.

Also I probably should show the real Paul Green as , he said he does not want to be Lizardman year round just not today, classic. A chant is heard in the distance with laughter Lizardman, Lizardman.....Paul the original photo is permanently Lizardified , we may need a second. What is really funny with my phone number is apparently it is similar to Glamor Shots. In case you don't know a Glamor Shot is usually when your girlfriend or wife dresses up to the nines and has the photo taken for your enjoyment. So occasionally I get women calling up or leaving messages to schedule an appointment for a photo shoot and some of them are persistent, I've been tempted to just go with it one time all in fun. All I can say is good thing I'm currently single and have a great sense of humor, honestly, I would not follow through with this , however it would be tough to explain to my new www girlfriend of fate, Haven.

I solved a problem this week for www.ilx.com , the technology existed they just needed the thought process to put it all together. I'm wondering , now if companies are in charge of distributing data to you , me and brokerage houses , what happens if a hypothetical scenario plays out. Say the real time data stream is purposely diverted or delayed on both the buy and sell, the backup fails and so the real time data stream can not be verified as actual. All of a sudden your shares are not being bought or sold in real time and that spells a rounding error , which can be Billions of Dollars.

A famous case and much simpler historical example at the time this was perfectly legal. A gentleman wrote a program as computers carry out numbers to 10 or 12 digits and beyond , however we typically round it to 2 digits for currency $10.6666 becomes $10.67 and conversely 10.333 becomes $10.33 with that fraction of a penny overage going where, (the underage ignored) ? Well he had any overage from any rounding errors deposited into a perfectly legal personal bank account and when finally discovered or uncovered it was recorded to be $27 K a Day actually deposited because of the rounding error accumulation of 1000's of accounts.

UPS stock for sale today, my guess is it will go up and is a Black Hole strong buy, I wish I had extra money to try the market at times as I'm thinking I would do OK.

11/9/99 I'm looking at Redhat trading today to use an example of the delay and how it can affect trading price. Looking at the charts between 9 and 10 , it looks like a large volume of shares 150,000 + was purchased between 85 and 95 per share between 9 and 9:30, then an additional 250,000+ shares was purchased between 9:30 and 10 , it looks like between 95 and 109 a share. For the example , I'll use a simple average, the 150,000 shares purchased at 90, then were sold for 100 a few minutes later , some folks made at least 1.5 Million Dollars profit in about 30 minutes.

Now, if the first broker had direct access to the data in the first wave , and gets the lower price and shares secured with instant purchasing power at 9:15 , then knowing that the second wave of purchases will come because of the news and knowledge of Microsoft and knowing Redhat is a competitive OS and will be a moving stock , also they take advantage of the www surfers and the natural quote delay and purchasing wave of about 15 minutes for most online services and resell them at 9:45, that is my wave theory of Economics in action.

11/10/99 Rob and Cat introduce the Black Hole:

11/11/99 After doing some tweaks to the Black Hole, Top Shelf Workstation and installing the Soundblaster PCI 128 Bit Live card, we now have a computer that is capable of Karaoke , a full range Synthesizer that I can compose music with Drums, Piano, Bass, Guitar, Orchestra, link it with Special on Screen Effects like screen savers that move in time to the music and run this through my home stereo for surround sound with the Midi interface Sequencing which allows for hooking up a mixing board and setting light sequencing also using shout we can apparently broadcast live on the Internet. I can hear it now as we spread the message by running our global Internet antimicrosoft propaganda ad campaign well just for the heck of it. I'm sleepy as figuring this stuff out is not easy sometimes, however it is working, Karaoke on the computer this is going to make it even humorous around here for sure.

11/15/99 My friend Jackson Browne as himself

11/16/99 Here is a Windows\Mac user compatible Free tune from Rob, it is nearly 10Mb, so it takes time download, however it is CD Quality Sound at http://www.blackholeinc.com/about/robtunewin.wav ., notice how Windows cut out in the middle of recording, classic good music lost in time.

As far as the Jesse Jackson protest thing, I believe the students should offer a formal public apology for the incident to everyone and it would help their position.

The Leonid Meteor shower will be the brightest in nearly 33 years and will be visible tonight and tomorrow in the Eastern sky , I'm going to out to take a gander.

The images from the Hubble telescope are enhanced using an original Next 3rd party software product called Tiffany III ported to Openstep 4.2 Mach Windows NT and Mac OS X Server .

11/18/99 I know this has to be possible and I think you all will like this idea and it would be a fun experiment, Teleportation confirmed , Scientific American: Article

I talked with a few of the reps for this company at Comdex 7 years ago, Hologram and Projector , basically they have amazing 3d motion holograms. I asked them if this was the future of television at that time and they said may be it is!

What if we were able to set up 2 laser telescopes in outerspace for the purpose of creating holograms or generating a really cool experiment.

, Shows the different kind of telescopes, we currently have.

, Interesting new theory called the string theory of physics.

Here is what I'm thinking , the Teleportation causes Photons to disappear in one place and reappear in another.

A Hologram , can we combine the 2 a 3d hologram and use the Teleportation process to make the hologram image disappear in one place and reappear in another using Teleportation?

The Combined the power of many of the major Telescopes to create a Telescope the size of Earth to look at distant objects.

One of the fastest things we know about of is the speed of light at 186,000 Miles Per Second.

We are currently discovering planets around Stars , imagine that...

Now this is what I'm thinking .

What if we could basically create a Hologram of Earth using a Series of Space Telescopes , direct the image to a laser hologram projector and beam it back along the beam of light from a distant star.

The idea would be take for example the miracle of a real Rainbow in nature, not the fruitcake version.

If this were possible the Hologram of Earth would become visible all along that beam of light from the distant star and it would get there in a hurry at in theory the speed of light. It obviously works look at stars and planets, my thought is send a Hologram image back and the closer it gets the more it would be lit up and like a rainbow from many angles it would be visible. I'm sure someone out there would say cool , we have to party with those dudes and girls and may be they would send one back.

I also thought that using the web , computers and hologram technology , we should soon be able to send and receive Holographic at the very least static images through a parabolic projection system and hologram interpreter computer interface, Steve Jobs and Web Objects using the Internet as a transporter will probably be able to make them dynamic and interactive. I'm talking about 3d moving images that you would be able to observe from any angle , sound fun... as the Black Hole Turns back to news, sounds like this dudes from the future?

I can see it now , if we used the full moons lunar surface as a billboard or backboard for the proposed Hologram Projection of Earth or even the Earths Atmosphere at night, or humid air similar to the Northern Lights, now that would be fun.

11/21/99 Max and I always try to invent cool stuff or integrate existing stuff often we are not quite sure if it will work but sometimes I'll think it up and Max is like yeah , I think it'll work. Upgrading the Black Hole meet the Jetson's Workstation our Computer project for the evening was fun. We now have a Pentium 500Mhz, 256Mb Ram, Dual UWII 9.1GB SCSI Drives, DVD, CDR, 250Zip, SB128 Karaoke and Synthesizer, VOODOO 16Mb Video with TV Tuner, FM Stereo networked to a Sony Giant Screen with Web TV and Satellite Dish, Carver, NAD Homestereo using Jukebox Software, Integrated Video Phones with Voice Recognition, X10 Home Automation Software with Lights, Sprinkler System, Heat, Cooling, Burglar Alarm, soon I'll be able to start the Coffee maker and other fuzzy logic appliances from upstairs through voice recognition, Color Scanner, Xerox Copier Printer, Fax Scanner, Sidewinder Game Controller, 10/100 Ethernet, 56K Modem ...DSL and Cable modem service not yet available here, Networked to a Turbo Cube with Dimension Board and Next Laser Printer and a Pentium II 450, 27Gb to store all the CD's and MP3 Downloads Triboot of course on this one. Oh yeah we offer them right here and if you are interested sales@blackholeinc.com . It is not easy to do this but what is cool is we have it all working and just are ironing out the kinks! I'm sending this web page out on the very system of which I speak, Next Turbo Dimension systems were doing this 10 years ago by the way, but this is the new thing on Intel with Windoz because of a lack of available drivers we have to use it but at least we are running the Black Step/ Litestep shell over it , now I can sleep.

Space Vette by Rob Blessin: :

Newsflash Weather report from the Humor Network, it was rather entertaining checking out the Warren Miller 50 Years of Skiing movie, so I guess on behalf of we that ski and snowboard, we are placing an Internet World Wide Web order for Snow, today and see if it works.

11/22/99 Snow is here.

11/23/99 Broncos beat Raiders in spite of the leaning Goal Post of Mile High in the South Stands. I think I had a revelation for the new name of the stadium, what else could it be but "The Stadium formerly known as Mile High". We left before the snowball fight in fact way early , I'm like going what are you all doing leaving at the beginning of the 4th, it was like the twilight zone. It was me (work's to much) and Lizardman {don't worry Paul soon you will be transformed back to normal and I agree we all need more sleep}, WAVY (Gravy), Z-man (currently in stealth mode) and Kim the hotty school teacher from Heaven. I also think that for sentimental reasons they should move the present South stands over to the new Stadium formerly known as Mile High, kind of like adding a rockpile seating section at Coors Field that would be raised and lowered depending on demand , oh the horror for visiting teams as the South Stands rise slowly up above horizon of the South endzone after Barrelman throws the switch. I would chip in an extra buck for that feature.

11/29/99 If this works , I'm now sending responses back from the freshly rebuilt Dream Machine to all of the folks that are and have been logging in at \ all along, inside joke , eggo, appreciate your help in the battle against Microsoft.

We've also been working on other sections of the site but the cruel attack against my home dream machine computer system on Thanksgiving that wiped out our entire root directory has inspired me to thank you and only you the person responsible personally and let you know fortunately it looks like we will be able to recover everything from our backups as the hard drive was apparently hammered on until the read head failed by I'm fairly sure a remote log in then a virus style signal aimed at our drive . It ain't cool and we hope it doesn't happen to anyone else out there as it really sucks eggs.

We honestly wonder are any computers safe from this type of thing to the secret dimension of web surfers that are on a whole different plain of surfing the net. What worries me further is what appears to be very proprietary e-mail from other companies is fully readable to me and you we are forced to use Windows and as this is worrisome for our future benefit go elsewhere please leave us alone, we are honestly cool people here and enjoy having fun but why would you do this to us?

I found this type of information freely accessible when I logged in using my account and password and what troubles me is why is it in my account , who put it there , how widespread is this , who is doing it , where is it from and we can only guess how they are using it and may be it is just an elaborate spam:

examples: "Translink the industry standard "

" I do not know firm and they appear to have little (no?) dot com experience Clients: American Inst. of CPAs Boyden Executive Search Deloitte & Touche EdVenture Partners Futures Group Hall, Dickler, Kent, Friedman & Wood Hunton & Williams Industrial Designers Society of America Inter-Connex Kennedy Information Liberty Partners MetLife Pace University, Lubin School of Business Southland Life (ING Group) Tillinghast-Towers Perrin Towers Perrin Consulting Trans-Lux Corp. Trinitech Systems Vicon Industries Inc. ZIBA Design Kemper Lesnik Comm Same reaction: I do not know them but their client list appears quite Chicago-specific,eg., they are great local agency for the likes of Ameritech, and Starbucks. No dot com clients on the lists I've seen Modem Media Poppe Tyson I do not know them, not in the PR directories. Blanc & Otus Ditto "Nina Dietrich" -- who/what is she (#3 on the list) Burson is large, global, and if you get the right people, could be good choice. I suggest we talk with the following dot com savvy firms: Connors Comm. (NY) - Mickey " need I say more as full names and phone numbers appear of CEOS that I may verify to this as I'm wondering what the heck this is about. This message appeared in root on our remote web site at our isp , along with hundreds of megs of other e-mail that I can look at and I had nothing to do with it and it coincidentally happened the same day and window of time , shortly before we discovered our Dream Machine server crashed after returning from Thanksgiving at my folks and then desert with Kim's parents and as we are using very high quality components a failure doesn't seem likely as this is a new drive. We have a high quality UPS so power spikes don't appear to be the problem.

Quantum is up the road and I intend to take the drive to them for inspection to see if it is because a malicious attack , I also have friends in data recovery and they will be able to determine if it is damage due to a virus and these firewalls assumedly protection for everyone at there ISP, Internet service provider may obviously be violated".... All of sudden this becomes a detective story for you all , classic, seemed like you may be bored anyway but I'm serious this is real pain in as the Black Hole Turns.

The Internet information appears to be wide open and that is what the real joke is so how secure is anything from stock trading to personal e-mail? As my parents are now surfing the web , I'm putting together a free web page just for them and everyone , the newby guide to computers....the above I discovered was because , all of the websites hosted at this site , clearly a lot of them don't have passwords I guess as I'm gandering all over the place by mistake. The way the directories are structured , heck I was clueless , foraging around for my site the Black Hole because of the mystery virus known as Windows that screwed everything up in the first place and stumbled across all of this other crap , some of it appears very important and should be password protected at least at a minimum, but it makes me wonder about how much of this goes on and how much info is clearly available even to complete idiots like myself that stumble across this by mistake a feel for a shining moment like James Bond or something. I wonder how many of those stinking Internet cookies glommed on the in the process even though cookies are disabled , it seems as though the spambots find you anyway. I'm going to sleep , if this actually works and I'm able to transfer files again, yahoo.

Later that day, I rather proud to have successfully reconfigured e-mail and newsgroups to work again on our Dream Machine and took the hobbled drive to Reynolds Data Recovery Service. It looks promising as they see data , I'm fairly sure the high end Quantum drive may have failed because of our thorough testing process . We tend to put our hardware to the test by running the best available video games , dvd, TV, fm and using the audio features to play and record music even play live music. Jimi is smiling!

I'm writing this evening to help myself take a step back and view the situation. When your hard drive crashes and your whole business and much of your life is basically cataloged accurately this tends to be more than a little humbling and creates a sense of shock. Yes, we have some backups of the more important things. Yes there is a hard copy paper trail of a lot of it but it is much easier to work with all that you have done rather than try to piece everything back together from it all as this is thousands of hours of work. So staring disaster in the face , I feel confident that peace and harmony will prevail , my data will be restored be it by technology or my own sincere effort to put it all back together. Remain positive and confident and it'll work out.

My dad enjoyed playing the Motocross Madness Video Game, we installed as he still rides dirt bikes in his 60's . The group recently received permission and rode 800 miles through the old Pony Express route of course respecting the environment , please note they were not out doing donuts and jumping old forts or outposts as they were in it for the fun. Only a handful of riders each year receive permission from the government to do this so it was cool.

My dad was like this is Motocross game is amazing , "Uncle" Ken, my dad's best friend Eddies younger brother and a cool uncle cousin will have to see this for sure, he'll enjoy it. My dad is a great motocrossrider in reality and he related this story after playing the game. Ken was leading on one of their daily riding off road adventures and they went up an extremely steep incline somewhere in Moab. Ken didn't quite make it to the top so my dad had no choice but to stall the bike and apparently rode it backwards several hundred yards backdown the very steep slope to everyone's amazement maintaining his balance and coming safely to a stop. They had never seen anything like it and Ken has logged hundreds of thousands of miles on his dirt bike. Please, don't try this at home kids.

My dad is reading this so I thought I would add a little humor , my mom may never find this particular paragraph as this is an epic novel, we will continue with the classic story.....

We seem to be going backward in time , so anyone out there with the holiday blues and everyone that is already feeling good this will make you feel a little better about all of this chaos in the world. The great clown author has been putting you through an awe inspiring story for sure.

It seems as though writing some days is much easier than others and looking at the story of Internet term papers being invented out of previous text or term papers and then being run through a term paper verifier that detects plagiarism makes me wonder about a lot of things.

I'm sure , we will have to at some point run this particular Thesis on the influence of the world wide web and its potential positive ability to influence the world coincidentally timed at the apex of the new Millennium with the overall goal of winning most of the world over through comedy then saving it in the process while we are at it so some one else down the road has a chance to read this predictably in year 3000 or Y3K for short. It is the Iliad , like the time capsule novel so far only 2 pages long like a dead sea scroll . I have no problem running it through the term paper verification thing just to see what happens and what my overall score is, now that will be funny, heck, I'll foot note everything , they point out as this is only a rough draft and give credit where credit is due. After working in a lot of Libraries and shelving a lot of books that I never read some that I have and using cliff notes for the real good ones. Fortunately they don't throw you to the Lion's but sometimes the media seems worse. All I know is that our Constitution laid down by our founding fathers is totally cool , future people, Freedom of Speech , Freedom of Religion , Freedom of Thought, Equality for everybody, Justice , truth when possible and the American way of life is a really good gig. Bill Gates may now have more money than a lot of countries in the world but what I'm saying is it is not always about money. I and you should feel every bit as rich in our hearts and minds as Bill Gates so go with it .

As though by magic, we are all Kings and Queens for a day preferably gender specific so we don't all have to hurl, seemingly you have been magically transformed to match your genetically correct direction and your identity is restored as we listen and read the magical story unfolding before us through the eyes of a clown.

We turn back the clock to telling the story of my Oma , (my dad's mom) and the Hepting's amazing escape from the clutches of Communism in Russia. As reported long ago in the story the time was 1917 and the Bolshevik Revolution was in full swing and this story is ours to give to you make you all smile and hopefully inspire you to write, a copyright is now in place.

As the legacy of the family tree story goes , our family on my dad's side were one of the wealthiest families in precommunist Russia in the late seventeen through eighteen hundreds then were forced to adapt to communist sketchiness until escaping to freedom in the late 20's.

Our family originally having immigrated from Germany with Catherine the Great to the icy Northern capital of St. Petersburg along the Baltic Sea in the 1700's till she passed in 1796 . Catherine was royalty and her storied history reflected through her personal memoir's portrays her as being a rather notorious ravenous skank with a weathered history , slut and all kinds of truly vile a degrading stuff, was this real or a sick fabrication of history. It troubles me as attaching my families history with such weird tales from hundreds of years ago makes me wonder , what was actually real and what was purely gross. We are not going there today people as this is a story of my family not the Catherine Russian princess of rebuke .

Little known is Catherine brought widespread education throughout Russia and implemented the finest philosophies of European education by establishing schools and universities. However she had a real dark side apparently reportedly overthrowing her and King husband with the support of the military and then banishing him where he perished in prison without consolation. I'm basically winging this but she ruled with despotism and serfdom and amassed an amazing collection of art, literature , Voltaire and perhaps the finest collection of precious Jewels from around the world ever assembled, as in the Romanov Jewel collection.

As the story goes our family accompanied the entourage because of incredible farming and organizational skills from Germany to Russia. We believe some of the stories history hands down , yes, if they are family stories and our farms were located in Mulrova and Abrahamsvelt . The story is picked up as my great, great grandfather a supply side general in the White Russian army for Nicholas II , this was the most powerful position in the military as his responsibility was to provide supplies to 9 Generals and countless soldiers. The story has been passed down and I've heard it told many ways but my Oma tells it best.

She remembers as a girl with her 2 sisters looking down the staircase at the Ballroom Dance going on as one good memory. The had many farms and I've heard it told that everything from 1000 miles of California like coastline to 11 farms. She remembers it took close to 3 days by horse and buggy to get around one of the farms. From my understanding our family owned and operated the only Sunflower Oil and Sugar / Corn Oil mills in all of Russia. I'm not sure as I've heard mixed comments about treatment of the 1000's of workers from different relatives. Then as a really bad memory when things turned horrible at somepoint during the revolution in 1918. Reportedly roving bands of thugs and murders , went around house to house and my family was victimized horrifically , my Oma cried , we did to. She came home to see her Grandparents where brutally killed by these crazy people. Apparently they had intercepted a telegram that said some money was coming in when it wasn't so they hunted them down and executed them.

The communist's won the war and over through the Czar and executed them as well. My Great Grandfather and relatives were given a choice to continue to run and operate the mills or else. So he stayed on for 10 years, my Oma remembers that she and her sisters would have to periodically hide in a secret room under a haystack in the barn as thugs patrols came through, in ~1927 , they heard that the communists were going to close the border so they new the time was right to plan an escape.

My great grandfather, Opa had shrewdly accumulated $1 Million in Gold , which was a huge amount of money at that time. My Great Uncle Henry apparently broke into the consulate and stole travel papers allowing the family to eventually travel by train.

She remembers , hiding at a series of underground homes and at one point being stowed away on a boat and traveling through stormy seas, the family traveling by foot, carriage and finally reaching Moscow by train with her younger sister Olga after wowing a couple of soldiers going that way, way ahead of the rest of the family.

The Princess sisters "Oma" Pauline and Olga wound up arriving ahead of everyone else in Moscow 2 weeks in advance for obvious reasons. Oma and Olga , were hotty princess school teachers, so the soldiers they met and hung out with were psyched at being able to show them the town and apparently everywhere they went they created quite a stir.

Oma and Olga would go to the train station and wait as trains came and went. This went on for 2 weeks, news had it the borders were closing and things became more restricted by the hour, moving around town became more dangerous for them. Seemingly desperate and wondering what had happened thinking the worst but still holding out hope and as they were about to give up even that the story goes the last rain of the evening from the South came in and they were not on it. No more trains from the South would be allowed , they were told.

My Oma decided to wait it out and Olga went to the bakery. This last train pulled out of the station, she remembers people locked in the cars and news had it that no more trains would leave Russia, she sat crying and remembers , hearing a train in the distance from the other direction a train from the North. The sense of overwhelming joy poured through here as here mom and dad and the rest of the family were on board.

Where is Olga? She went to the bakery, they commandeered a Horseless Carriage Taxi driver and gave him a years wages in Gold. She remembers the downpouring rain and the horses pounding through the night and finding Olga at the bakery . Then rushing back to the train station and boarding as they train pulled out of the station.

She remembers her petticoat being filled with Gold and precious stones and at every stop, they family showing papers and using Gold to bribe the guards. They reached the border of Germany and she remembers everyone was to be searched and throwing the petticoat full of Gold into the trash . Their papers were OK, they broke the lock on the boxcar train door and let them out with the clothes on their backs.

She remembers mixing with the Jewish people at the market and how a plaque was put in one of the little local churches still there today talking about the 3 Russian Princesses that charmed the townspeople and taught there kids French and what was right.

Apparently Opa at one of the social dances and on many occasions was taking a gander at Oma. He was a common honest man, his family had invented the Cuck Coo Clock and he figured he didn't have a chance with a Princess.

She took a liking to him and said who is this gentleman always staring at me, peace Opa and they hit it off and were married for 63 years until Opa passed recently. As things in Germany began turning for the worse, the Blessin and Hepting families wanted no part of another war , they had enough. Both fathers had been through wars and wanted no further part of it for there sons. Great Opa Blessin survived with a metal plate in his head from World War I well into his Nineties. Oma Blessin , Opa and Oma Hepting as well.

The decision was made to immigrate to Canada before the impending outbreak of World War II. The secured a homestead in fertile British Columbia but were forced to move inland as they were German and Russian. My dad had it rough as a kid with German speaking parents during World War II and the kids actually tried to hang him at one point for no reason other than his parents spoke German and Russian. He escaped and then started to figure out he was a big man, started excelling at sports , some of his records still stand in the RCAF and at High School.

After the War was over they moved back to the British Columbia Coast . My Oma is still doing well but one thing troubles me. It seems certain relatives said she would run out of money in the next few month's for her nursing home care and that is not right. My mom and dad agree and they reassured her and I'm reassuring her everything is going to be all right, I'm not wealthy put I'll pitch in what I can if needed.

As far as the land as far as the eye can see that basically was confiscated , the prestige, the power trip , the title of royalty, who me destined to be a King or Jester, naah I would rather be with you all and be a King in spirit and Jester in heart . We are not about all of that , our family does what is right and my parents have taught me that, I haven't been some perfect Angel but I've done a lot of good for a lot of people. So, if they the Russian's gave it back to us all of the land and castles and what not. We would in return give it back to them the common people in the form of a National Park or Beach and dedicate it to all those that perished as a result of the crazy stuff that went down long ago, now that would be cool and may be visit it to check it out now and then to make sure it was being maintained kind of like the rest of the planet , so lets all do our part and make it a better world.

We know this a small story and yes it would make a great story or movie and many more details about it all are well documented so please don't plagiarize this it is a story for everyone , may be the right people will read it and make it into a movie after all we have friends and customers at Pixar, Dream Works, Warner Brothers , Disney Animation, CBS, Saturday Night Live, MTV, William Morris Talent Agency, Letterman, Leno to name a few and I hope it brightens your day as well! To be continued.....

12/1/99 Good news on the data recovery project as they determined that power surges caused the drive to crash. I'm of course in search of a Princess and having fun on this project . I've been reading back through a lot of this story and am thinking I'm sounding nuts but what the heck it keeps 40,000 people entertained a month. Who would believe all of this , well most of it is really true and someone needs to step up , how the heck else are we going to have a billion web pages and something for you to read.

I'm having fun putting together these Web Pages and doing installs and repairs on NeXT Computers and talking with everybody. We should be back on track later this week with the Server . I managed to stress out and catch a head cold but made awesome chili .


<Click if you are totally lost, confused and are looking for NeXT Hardware Specials.

Black Hole's new and Improved Chili !

1.5 lb Ground Sirloin Beef, 3/4 Yellow Onion , 3/4 Red Onion Sauté these add Chili Powder shake don't overdue and Cumin seed , Salt , Pepper and Garlic Pepper , stir until brown.

In your Chili pot get 2 cans of Tomato Puree' going ADD 2 Cans of Green Chili's and if you like it hot add 1 can of Diced Jalepanoe Peppers (2 alarm) , also add 1 can of Pinto Beans, 1 can of Black Beans, 1 can of Sweet Corn Giblets, 1 can of Chinese Cooking Mushrooms, 1 Can of Portabelo Mushrooms, 1 can of Whole Artichoke Hearts, add in the lightly browned not burned Sauté Beef and Onions and stir it for consistency for an hour on low heat or medium heat for about 30 to 40 minutes until sampling it tastes good, add your spices to taste enjoy our free recipe , Bon Appetite! Be sure to have Craft 4 Flavor Shreaded Cheese and Chili Cheese Doritos to sprinkle on top great with cold beer on cold days!

Our latest Beer recipes:

We call the first Hit and Run Stout, heck let Pete Rose coach Baseball as part of his community service and rehabilitation. I think it would be OK after 10 years , It will be ready for the Millennium Day Celebration and the Second we call Things that go bump in the Night a Dark Beer , it smelled just like Coors brewery as we used grains and hops in the extra process and so far it looks awesome!

Trash Disposal in the future, as far as all of the really Toxic Chemicals and Nuclear waste , I'm thinking the really bogus stuff get rid of it completely. As Space flight becomes more cost effective, stable and less turbulent the obvious choice is to launch this stuff into the Sun. Would make the most sense rather than letting it decay on the planet. New innovations in physics will lead to gravity equalization and new innovations in flying machines. Statistically we can anticipate this and ought to construct a launching area for all of this stuff. Preferably as far away from population centers as possible in case of a mishap and yet easy to clean up in case of one , I'm thinking the future generations our kids , would look at this and thank us in advance for having the intelligence to figure out that all of the containerization currently used will eventually fail. We can build containers and a facility to store the stuff in anticipation of future technologies be able to dispatch it either here on the planet our expunging it into outerspace at the Sun. Hopefully the Sun will not get ticked off and send back electromagnetic storms.

What are we to do with all of the trash? My thought is some landfills have been converted through advance engineering to be converted into golf courses or parks. Some states that don't have mountains , heck they might consider centralizing and have 2 or more main dumping centers. The first dump is active , then turned into a park, activate the second dump , it builds into a fairly good sized mound , turn it into a park and return to the first dump build it up , and eventually you have these huge mounds , like pyramids that have been converted to useful space , sledding hills, feels like snow from the weather forecast humor channel. Thats all for now.

Meanwhile in the Blizzard, Black Hole now sells Lava Lamps

12/6/99 So I met the coolest Girl the weekend thanks Catherine for introducing me to, she has an incredible personality, intelligent heck I even felt inspired to dance with her , a true rarity indeed as comedy goes . She is aspiring to be an actress looks very much like Kathy Ireland, I'm wondering if it really , possibly is her stunt double. Paul, Cat and many others say the same thing but it isn't that , she is her own person and I like her from the start.

Well we went to the Broncos game today as I asked her out after making a complete fool of myself. She actually went to the game, I was in awe , we lost but you know they tried , I tried at this point, I hope I don't botch it and she may help me with the business and have fun doing other stuff, if she doesn't move to LA .

I think the connection is there , it feels good and think it is nervously mutual , ever have a cool feeling about someone , butterflies turning, fate works in mysterious ways sometimes but this is incredible and I'm positive on the gig. I'll have her consent as a picture says a lot so we'll have to see if she gets the part she just auditioned for and moves to LA or winds up hanging out for a while for a fun time with a goofball from the net like me.

I say why not, I'm writing this story as the Black Hole Turns and well just decided we need another actress for the new part just invented.

Let us now give thanks to the positive powers of the Universe and we will have to see will the real Kathy Ireland show up , actually Mellani , you deserve the lead , your totally fine, fun to hangout with good conversation , I can't believe it but it is real and if LA happens for you , I wish you only the best so stop your worrying , we have each others phone numbers and things will happen, if they are ment to signs will appear as I think I know how to use a tele and you as well. There are many spellings of your name so I'll go with it and change it for the heck of it, peace baby , lets think about doing New Years and lots of other stuff.

The Lava Lamps are selling great. As far as the Mars Sattlelite, this is the Black Hole calling right yourself , point your antenna at the blue thing known as Earth, beep, beep, laser beamage tracking, send up a firework or something, we know you are there , start playing some tunes , maybe there is a rock in the way, send up the parascope, calling ET stay tuned as the Black Hole turns.

12/7/99 It would make sense on a future attempt to land a probe on Mars that having a Sattlelite in orbit stable first makes sense as a control station for a probe that is on wheels and lands and then can cruise around based on commands from the space directed craft. Also why not send 2, 3 or 4 craft at the same time and release them at different points as this would also make sense incase one fails .... heck ask Bill Gates to finance a mission that way Microsoft can take over Mars as well....Iridium....like a remote control, this way you would be able to make a map of the landing area from space and program in a path for it to track along, make sense? Can you use a probe already in orbit to try to pick up any signal ??? I think what you are doing is cool and there is no one right way to do it and I'm willing to try and help make it work may be one of the UFO's would be willing to give us a ride there with the quickness , I've read Ray Bradbury , I've seen Flying Saucers , they are real NO Question in my mind , call me goofy ...real stories..

I won $10,000 in the lottery the night I saw one, February 9, 1983 , honestly , it was the first game first week of the Lottery and it is recorded in the Rocky Mountain News.. wait news flash .... we seem to be receiving an image or message after installing our Mars Probe Y2K Patch Contact Device phone NASA please, from your favorite comedian internet network , feels like snow again.


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12/9/99 I feel like I'm in a never ending episode of Monty Pythons Flying Circus , so I'm for no particular reason venturing on to Page 3.




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