4/4/2000 Update

12/13/99 So in the seemingly never ending saga of as the Black Hole Turns we find our hero me seemingly lost in a never ending adventure of life. It is a great thing , so we see many of these retailers offering .com shopping heaven including the Evil Empire Microsoft. It is pretty scary when Microsoft first sells you a real crappy operating system , then the clueless newby logs on to the Microsoft Shopping Network to purchase just about everything .

All I can say is we all are probably thoroughly confused by all of this WWW mess and I'm not quite sure what it all means , yet but I know I am on an important quest or mission as you are and as Monty Python said may be this all leads to discovering what truly is the meaning of life for all of us. Why are we here and for what purpose?

I never ventured to guess that I would be selling computers for a living 15 years ago. I stumbled across NeXT through friends of the family after suffering through the torment and heck of Dos, Windows 3.11 and the incredible COBOL programming , talk about a horror story upgrade to Windows 95 then 98 and then 98 edition 2. I honestly hate it, it crashes and you have to reboot daily, I'm fed up with this crappy operating system.

Steve Jobs, here my case , please release Openstep 2000 for Intel processors and let a few people write drivers so I can put together a great little computer, even if I'm the only one that owns one that will allow me to run Integrated Video Phones, as we speak Windows just froze again, can we all sue Microsoft for this as many of us are sincerely tired of our time being continually wasted because of Microsoft crap causing problems that make absolutely no sense at all. Similar to the Tobacco law suit in structure, we demand a FREE UPGRADE MICROSOFT that works, who's with me.

Back to Steve, look I know you have the Macintosh G4 and yes I think they are cool but I have a really fun computer going on the Intel side as well and am longing for a stable Operating System to make it work like it should. I want to be able to play Music with out it choking, I want to be able to Watch TV and Satellite with out it freezing without explanation. I want to be able to run Photoshop, like tonight I had a great piece lost in time because of an Illegal Operation , this also happens on my Mac Power book running Mac OS 8.5 and X Server beta.

Please just release a version of Openstep 2000 on Intel or what ever you call it Mac OS Eleven Server Intel can you make it glom on to Windows drivers and third party products like that Mecca project you talked about many years ago. All I know is I have NeXT hardware that seem to work great and it is stable, I get confused by Windows all of the time and Linux is not a piece of cake either. Openstep is what the world needs.

All of the retail stores, I'll give you a huge clue WEB OBJECTS, do you know TOYS R US and AMAZON that WEB OBJECTS sites handle 10,000,000 Million hits a DAY without problems! At the Black Hole , we may only receive 1 hit a day, just kidding, well 2, as someone is probably laughing reading this but you know we try. People even buy stuff from us occasionally which is nice, I would like to sell the 100 or so NeXT computers and boxes of NeXT and Openstep software that I have remaining , so make me an offer I can't refuse at about $200 , you can buy a working Color NeXT and that is a good deal. We also offer upgrades , as far as new computers go we build the best because we know how, we are now practically stuck with a crappy operating system Windows by default because of dwindling drivers but we make it work as best it can so , if you want an Openstep compatible Intel Computer now is the time before it won't be possible any more.

Thanks for listening.

12/10/99 God's Eye Stealth Peacemobile by Rob Blessin.

I heard this nasty cheese rumor and had to think it through as it is fairly important to our real sports talk section at the Black Hole. Apparently John Elway differed his salary and was owed 22Million by the Broncos after retirement. They offered him part of the team instead of 22 Million after he conferred with his accountant, he realized he would be hammered on taxes, so he declined and basically this created major turbulence between Shanahan and Elway and practically caused a fist fight and Mike ran John out of camp as the story goes. Truly gnarly cheese, so Elway basically in retaliation demanded 11 Million this year and 11 Million NeXT which he deserves honestly and needs to be paid even though it puts the team structure in a bind unless and this is what I thought through as it took me a day to get the wheels turning...

Offer other current and future players this important slice of the Broncos future like Brian Griese and others like TD even Sharp as part of their renegotiation contracts a differed slice of the franchise sweetens the pie, this makes sense to me, hey neighbors and other Broncos, here me yelling "show me the money, it is their !"

Elway will be happy as he will be paid and may be out of heart , he will offer to coach the Quarterbacks and current and future players will feel a sense of importance, pride and be inspired to kick it into gear knowing that if they are a success, team revenues , camaraderie, spirit will increase and their overall personal wealth increases and their hearts will grow as they are a deservedly important truly participating player, owner of a professional sports franchise. I guarantee it will catch on nation and worldwide and I gave it to them free , now is that cool or what. Send me a part of it as a commission, if it works and flies with legal as a gift would be nice.

In fact why not divide it 22 or 47+ ways as in the starters and team as a differed bonus as an incentive for a future return to glory as I'm thinking for the $5M that would affect next years salary cap. Todd said great idea and he is actually taking my Superbowl 32 football to have TD and others sign it. I support the Broncos and know we will be back, Broncos , if you see this read it show us something on Monday Night in fact the next 3 games talk about added incentive and inspiration to perform. What is better than knowing you can earn your way through performance and dedication to owning a part of the franchise you are playing for like stock options, if you prove you can do it and are worth it , I know I would go for it, given the opportunity. Sound like a good gig?

12/10/99 Lizardman magically transformed back to normal, may be we should leave him the other way, just kidding Paulie. Yes Sir Charles was a noble bball player.

Things are looking good with Melania , dudes I think women our spying on our soap opera. Yes , it is time to bottle the beer and add Corn Sugar for carbonation and of course sample it , as the tears begin to flow from the Z-man, Robster and beer drinking dudes globally, all is good.

I'm having fun now , remember be safe always have a designated driver.

12/12/99 I have fun as a potential architect Rob's building under construction. Even Upside down or is that rightside up it looks cool , hello Australia this is the Aussie version!

The Outer Space Version or Las Vegas in style of Rob's Building cool with Australian Version below, design for sale!

Wait , we seem to be receiving a message , Newsflash a faint message from the Mars lander , dude " It is time to invite the women to participate in as the Black Hole Turns as they are from Venus and all is good, " it is relaying "Mars needs Women." Dudes we are all potentially in trouble now, chores, fortunately we have a Stealth peace mobile, Space Harley , Space Vette and really cool place to hang out , so I'll volunteer to lead the charge, yahooo , peace , love and all that should be interesting. Stay tuned to as the Black Hole turns.

12/13/99 I call this Sports Car "The Situation", under construction...

12/15/99 Amy Van Dykin at our neighborhood bank today , I hadn't seen her since CSU , she was filling out a new bank account, must be something cool happening with Tom R. Things are going good and business has been brisk, we are trying our best to keep up , thank you for your support! Melani is going to help as well this weekend, cheer up.

12/18/99 Fung Shui !

12/20/99 Save the Reefs!

12/22/99 Then in our amazing story we stumble across Professor Feynman just in time to help save the world and create lasting peace! If you have a chance to observe the full moon rising tomorrow anywhere on the planet , it will make you all think cool idea dude. I recommend it as according to Professor Feynman and others in the know, it will be at its brightest literally since 1868 as though by magic. Peace to Q from James Bond as well. Hopefully it won't be cloudy around here for the moonrise tomorrow or was that today on the humor weather network.

The weather is truly interesting as it snows in one part of Denver and not on others classic, a real Rainbow today in the West sky was amazing as they usually don't form in front of the sun , we also had sunshine and snow at the same time which was interesting.

I predict more of the same, why not it is cool.

Interesting Contest , I'm sure it will be a piece of cake to solve for the Professor . If everyone reading this worked on it collectively at this point , information shared, I think it would be a great tribute and legendary accomplishment to solve this puzzle "Nanotechnology" to an amazing person , yes he is smiling.

Mellani and I are having a great time hanging out, life is good, we checked out the moon through the clouds this evening.

Where is Millennium Day when you need it ? It is funny a girl named Mellani has truly warped in to my real life story , so I'll go with it. We want all of you folks to move the day please an extra 24 hours between December 31, 1999 and January 1, 2000 like Ferris Beuller's global Day Off incidentally he played Feynman in a movie as well.

In India they are totally confused, many think they need February 30 this year and I'm thinking I'm not loopy at all as they propose an Extra Day for Year 3000 , a February 30, 3000. Heyyyyyyyy move the 400 year day we have coming up in a few days as Mellani and I want to go skiing and soak in the hot springs! Mellani likes the idea, wait until she reads this classic story . The reader new potentially I was in great trouble or a complete genius , Mellani , when you stumble across this, ETA lets do New Years , OK?

Proof of people more confused than us,

Year 3000 February 30 fact or fiction , India confused?

A Real life Scrooge Story in the making , right here at BHI .

I'm fairly sure, it is my destiny ,we all are capable of helping to unlock the spell on time cast in the 1582....believe it or not so hear it is.


Now this is real interesting , apparently a monk named Venerable discovered that in 740AD the Julian calendar was off by 11 minutes and 14 seconds per year.

Double dating in History for several hundred years dates would read 1622/1 which meant OS , Old School calendar:


Austria: January 7, 1584, became January 17, 1584

France: December 10, 1582, became December 20, 1582


Norway: February 19, 1700 became March 1, 1700

Britain and in the colonies US: September 2, 1752 became September 14,

Voltaire on books.

Can you imagine being born in 1752 like Betsy Ross friends with George Washington and finding out there were not 365 days that year.

Sweden: February 18, 1753 became March 1, 1753

New years was also changed from March 25 to January 1 in 1752 , OK so for many countries this is the first time this particular day of which I speak has even been on the Calendar ....

Some countries still use the Julian Calendar and are 1/2 a month off , all sorts of calendars have been talked about.

Sir Isaac Newton witnessed original scripture being changed and protested, all kinds of

loopy stuff went on, geese on page whatever we have arrived on call it 3 , who cares, well I of Course do as it is Christmas day , a cool day of Peace celebrated by a lot of cool people, 1999.

Who would want an Extra day that comes along every 400 years to be put in a logical place like New Years of the beginning of the new Millennium, it would be like Witchcraft or something only of the positive sense. I know that the joke is , hundreds of years ago they new this day would come, can't you see , they thought it fun , now what would you do with an extra day. They moved Leap year, they moved New Years, they made days disappear at different times, it is well documented. So to the people of the past let it be known that I new about this day and made an entertaining story around it and dedicate it to you all. The scientists, romantics and of course the people of the present that believe in Y2K and let it over ride a celebration of 24 extra hours and the year early start to the new Millennium.

As fas a Melani , hey I've tried my best to make you feel good. I guess I'm completely wrong in using the old Wine ,Flowers, Chocolate, Home-brew, food, kindness and conversation routine , it just doesn't amount to much these days. At this point of the perpetual soap opera of life. I 'm incredibly tired of hearing and being set up for the same old sob stories about heartache and troubled times, it makes me think why not cheer the heck up.

So seemingly another friend zone gig looms large with yet another pretty girl that has just been through rough times , stress and honestly give me a break. Am I destined to go else where as opportunity knocks in the future. I am positive the vibes are always very good with Melani but signals and emotions are mixed from her , this is not new to me and I'm working on a plan. Introducing the great women descrambler project , reward would be huge and legendary. A descrambler used to decode the thought process of Women , I'm sure we would sell a lot of them here for sure, let me know.

The reader new he was definitely toast as the Women continue to spy on the soap, Merry Christmas stay tuned as the Black Hole Turns.

12/25/99 Hey , please note I think whatever this thing is must be working as Melinini really seems to like me and Lee our Museum is working.

Ho Ho Ho , Newsflash Santa Tracker off to see Cat as she called: The story gets funnier in

I talked to her dad and he said stop by tomorrow. Cat will apparently arrive by cab this evening, I beeeeelive in Santa Claus if this happens Santa , you the man, stay tuned as the Black Hole is on a roll.

12/24 soon 25/99Of course I made sure Cat was returned to Mark in the wee hours of the morning, he laughed , I was like its Santa dude.... earlier in the same day Melini and I had lunch at Charlie Browns then went X Mas shopping , I went over to my folks and friends of our family for X Mas eve , I'm thinking this X Mas day ought to be fun. I'm going to sleep now as I think our tracking device indicates Santa is coming to our town and I finally was able to get the film to develop this little photo, very easy possible proof Santa exists finally.....yawn .

12/26/99 Interestingly enough Ben Franklin's born January 17, 1706 famous kite flying experiment to checkout electricity happened in June of 1752 and then he invented the Lightning Bells in September of 1752 also known as the lightning rod, September of 1752 is the same month 10 days went into the void because of the change in our calendar from Julian to Gregorian , also he opened the first Fire Insurance company that year as he invented the Franklin Stove. I believe this is further Proof that my philosophy of having a free extra day next week is a cool one! Sword in the Stone.

Ben stands alone as the only person to have signed all four of the documents which helped to create the United States: the Declaration of Independence (1776), the Treaty of Alliance, Amity, and Commerce with France (1778), the Treaty of Peace between England, France, and the United States (1782), and the Constitution (1787). He actually helped to write parts of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. No other individual was more involved in the birth of our nation. " From the above linked website, also witnessed the first known balloon flight ......Ben Franklin a time traveler, now that would be interesting especially with the lightning and real time change to the calendar.

"Also because of the 1000 year Dark Ages , we may be off by hundreds of years on the actual calendar anyway, so why not have the day!" by Titan Leeds. Ben Franklin's will checkout the Codicil!

It gets funnier as the French had a revolutionary calendar : The official Calendar of France, Nov. 24, 1793-Dec. 31, 1805.

Supposedly philosophical in its basis, it was divided into 12 months of 30 days: Vend�miaire (vintage month); Brumaire (fog); Frimaire (sleet); Niv�se (snow); Pluvi�se (rain); Vent�se (wind); Germinal (seed); Flor�al (blossom); Prairial (pasture); Messidor (harvest); Thermidor or Fervidor (heat); Fructidor (fruit).

The remaining five days, called sans-culottides, were feast days named for Virtue, Genius, Labor, Reason, and Rewards, respectively.

In leap years the extra day, the last of the year, was Revolution Day. , this is the day I'm talking about!

There was no week; the months were divided into three decades, with every 10th day (d�cadi) a day of rest.

... Well we really benefited from the chaos of Napoleon and the temporary calendar as Spain had given up the Louisiana zone to France , XYZ gig a few years earlier , then we come back and purchase it all for 15M or 4 cents an acre in 1803... classic.

The Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia Copyright� 1994. Columbia University Press. Licensed from Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products N.V. All rights reserved. Except as otherwise permitted by written agreement, the following are prohibited: copying substantial portions of the entirety of the work in machine readable form, making multiple printout thereof, and other uses of the work inconsistent with U.S. and applicable copyright and related laws.

12/27/99 "Most Federalists agreed that John Adams should be vice president. But Hamilton feared that if Adams was the unanimous choice, he would end in a tie with Washington and might even become president , an outcome that would be highly embarrassing for both Washington and the new electoral system. Hamilton therefore arranged that a number of votes be deflected, so that Adams was elected by less than half the number of Washington''s expected unanimous vote. The final results were Washington, 69 electoral votes; Adams, 34; John Jay, 9; John Hancock, 4; and others, 22."

Hmmm now that is interesting, Alexander Hamilton conveniently deflected votes to other candidates so in other words 34 +9+4+22 = 69 would have been a tie for the First election of President???? I'm using the history channel website for research , so I'm assuming it is a great truthful resource.

National Debt counter Are we having fun yet.... Alexander Hamilton started it of course. I believe in the USA and the government and Democracy and all of that , the debt increases in times of War and military build up. Proof is matching wars and military build up with history, but some stuff is really messed up anyway. So asking for a day that comes along once every 400 years to be moved at the first day of a new Millennium as a day dedicated to 1000 years of peace makes sense to me, Ghandi was cool and I feel it is not all that loopy because peace allows us to historically reduce our national debt and I'm guessing that a long lasting peace would eventually lead to a complete reduction of this debt which now stands at $22,000+ per person.

12/29/99 Fast very Fast...












12/30/99 Happy Birthday Desiree'


March 24, 1751 then the NeXT day became March 25, 1752 the old new years day, then then they shortened year 1752 so it ended on December 31, 1752 and they took September 3 through the 13 out of the calendar all together check it out for your self 72 days shorter.

12/31/99 Here in Denver, Colorado 11:11 , I just had fun and went up to Red Rocks . I played a few tunes. A few other musicians , were on stage and they headed out. Then I had the place a really cool place Red Rocks to myself for a few minutes to play my 12 string Guitar. It was peaceful and inspirational, I may have been the last musician to play Red Rocks even if for only a few minutes this Millennium.

The other musicians saw real lightning and said it was cool on there way out, rare this time of year but cool .

Other folks showed up , even a limo and we drank a beer , it was actually fairly warm on stage , but the lighting was dim. I thought I would head back to Denver. We laughed as I said well I'm one of the last musicians to play Red Rocks in the soon to be last Millennium , which feels good to me in my heart or officially January 1, 2001.

Melini changed her mind 3 times as to what we were going to do or not going to do , I played golf today as well as the sunset. She called and said she was hungry, I said great dinner sound good. Calls back she's napping , probably munching Steak and Lobster with Kim and Cat and who ever. She calls after her nap , oh I ate . Gee thanks then gives me the well I want to be alone gig but may be you can come by for an hour. I'm like cool like 11:00 when , she responds no , I guess not at all but may be I'll call you later.

I thought about it called her back thinking , if I only have an hour why not drive up to Red Rocks and check out the city lights and drink a beer . She didn't answer , I left a message and asked her to go you know it would have been fun and may be she will change her mind again later , I tried.

Cat is not feeling well but is well enough to be out at the clubs with Mark . Kim brings lobster down and the dude that once more was never me as predicted many moons ago and Cat never invited me over to dinner officially unless I brought Melini. Melini wouldn't go because she had not heard from Cat. Pretty lame gig ove all as far as a dude like me is concerned , as I actually had plans to go to Vail with my family , which would have been fun. All of these other people said they wanted to do something with me what happened in 24 hours . Melini changes her mind practically by the minute , another one genetic thing.

I guess I earn some type of nice guy award as this would have to make the Guinness book Y2K triple stand up golden Y2K bug up the b*** millennium moment medal for sure.

Oh well as the Black Hole turns to who cares there is always tomorrow and plenty of women out there and lots of football. Gee let me guess they will call soon, woopy and away I'll go.

I felt the spirits of many musicians were there at Red Rocks tonight! Peace , so Happy New Year , I'm officially celebrating the extra day today for the fun of it think different. It has been done before where there were 2 dates and 2 few different comedian calendar in effect through February 28, 2000 , extra day taken today or any day through February 28 2000 even February 29, 2000 , if you like it by Rob Blessin and whoever else has a sense of humor. I may have been recorded up there at Red Rocks this evening as well cool.

Also I thought it would cool to have movies up there at Red Rocks during the summer on off concert nights everybody thought cool idea.

1/1/2000 Y2K Test in effect at the Black Hole as we speak. 10 seconds....

Desiree' loved the photos , Happy New Year!

The women called fairly late last night inviting me over and I made a very tough and I know wise decision . The decision not to drive across town after reveling , all is well, Happy New Year, football is good.

I had an excellent round of golf today.

I noticed my car stereo was on this morning and it was not last night as it shuts off automatically. I think this was possibly a Y2K related to the Acura computer .

1/1/2000 Melani and I hung out.

1/4/2000 We will all miss the comic strip Peanuts. I wonder what is next with all of this, gee the February 29, 2000 thing is big news , duh.

I'm just about to have my E-trade account set up finally this is where it either gets really good as far as the plunge into trading stock , I'm thinking Eddie Murphy .

For know reason other than it needs to be done , Rob's New Years list, I'm putting together a list of stuff that needs to be done so it will actually get done, as it is a mission. The classic daily routine, I honestly have know real clue , how long this story will be, where it all leads to , what it means , so how about if I just continue it for the fun of it. On to page 4, this really is becoming a Black Hole of a long short story.


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