3/11/01 Just kidding this actually is page 7, where to continue .

How about talking about Tesla Autobiography (just read it) again, some of his amazing visionary inventions from the turn of the century that exist now or will in the future. First is a power projection system nick named the "death ray" that he theorized would be capable of taking out incoming nuclear missiles or 10,000 hostile airplanes from 250 miles out making war obsolete , recently this project was the foundation of the star wars defense system sounds like the start trek photon torpedo. It was reported that he created a machine capable of generating intense harmonic waves which cause Earthquakes from a distance far , far away and actually successfully manifested an Earthquake in New York. He also successfully lit up incandescent lamps for 25 miles around his research facility in Colorado ,Springs 1899 to 2000 without wires , reportedly the roaring sound of this thing was heard 10 miles away.

Tesla's increasing human energy article from 1900 , I know this sounds crazy or like science fiction but I think I discovered, uncovered more or less stumbled potentially upon Tesla's greatest invention this Automaton while writing this story. I've been looking at statistics for months now for Winning Lotto and Cash five numbers trying to determine if it is truly random or if Chaos theory may somehow apply. Some patterns appear to be more than random and when I combined or merged the Winning Cash five numbers and winning lotto numbers in a grid via spreadsheet , amazing things happened. For fun one day I thought converting them to letters A=1 , B=2 , then at 27=A , 28=2 , etc. to see what would happen. All I can say is that at times it may appear like total gibberish but other times , music actually appears in the form of simple notes like c,f,g or names or words appear that seem to offer clues, spoonerisms or hints to help pick the upcoming next few games numbers. Using this Automaton combined with statistical analysis , a little luck and little faith in all that is good; I'm seriously convinced I'll win this thing someday soon, it is like the Torah or something , check it out for yourself go to any lottery site convert Winning numbers to letters and see if a personalized message is there for you .

If I can put all the clues together at once and it clearly spells out cosmic humorous stuff that me sometimes dumb as a stump other times genius can actually understand and I actually win cool, seriously . If You or I win the thing this isn't about the money any more it is the humor involved, the potential to create World peace and a long running commitment to continuing the produce this dudes soap. Tesla also invented a flying saucer like craft that reportedly actually flew but was scraped when components that Tesla did not engineer failed, I suspect many UFO reports are probably Tesla craft or guests and that we have working Tesla flying machines at area 51.

It would make sense that using Nitrogen in the atmosphere as a fuel or energy source and suspended via magneto's


Tesla also proposed a world wide communications network in ~1900 , remember he invented radio, the automobile ignition, vacuum tubes and probably time travel as he was highly psychic as I say for many years they have theorized that patterns exist in nature that tie all this together. Tesla quit gambling so he probably thought what better way than to send a permanent message to the future via winning lotto numbers through the automaton or some other invention that probably went beyond anything ever conceived in terms of spin it up boogie classic. He also invented Alternating Current as Thomas Edison jokingly bet him $50,000 that he would not be able to do it , need I mention little inventions like TV and Radio would not be here except for Tesla. Also Tesla's Lab was on Grand Street in NY , Black Hole in Grand Ave. nahhh , hello Tesla as you are somehow probably reading this as we speak.

I'm in day 4 of celebrating my 38th Birthday .... the saga continues as the Black Hole Turns, coming soon the legend of Dr. T in Las Vegas. We played the Desert Inn Golf course excellent , Tiger Woods won his first professional golf tournament there.

4/8/01 Krispy Kreme Donut adventure , I decided to spin up the soap this evening , thinking I was being sneaky, my mission to go way late at night to the new Krispy Kreme Donut Shop for a quick score. Unbelievable as I arrive nearly 2 in the morning , there it was the legendary Krispy Kreme neon sign shining in the night, yahoo. I'm thinking no problem looks like no one there then I turn the corner , hey wait 3 cars also turn the corner in back of me I'm thinking hah ha, looks like hardly any cars , all of a sudden cone zone no right turn , hey wait a minute what's this, looks like just a few cars at the drive through then wait the cones are leading me away ooh no, like an E ticket at Disney , where is the VIP Express lane after all it is me the great clown I'm thinking, what in the world as I turn the corner and I'm on the opposite side of the cones looking into the headlights stretching off into the distance as I'm passing carload after carload after minivan, convertible , motorcycle, hoopty, limo, taxi , armada of police cars and to top it off some cute chicks just flashed me, I'm thinking this ought to be fun for sure, heck its a party, on and on down the hill , I'm saying it is 2 in the morning already what the heck are all you people doing out here waiting for donuts and the around yet another corner , finally the end on the line , yep all these folks are waiting for these donuts. So I drove back here as I obviously need to be more prepared with the guidance of spirits, a half gallon of milk and my shades as it may be sun up before I receive my Krispy Kreme Donuts but the call of the Krispy Kreme donut is strong very strong late this evening as the Black hole turns. Better now than in the morning I'm thinking and something tells me I need these particular donuts for my Sunday viewing of the final round of the Masters Golf Tournament, your mission if you choose to accept it is find a Krispy Kreme Donut then I found their website click the link above, witness the torture as they list several dozen amazingly tasty sounding donuts , where is the wonka vision when you need it , donnnnnuuutttsssssssss , I'm off like some hypnotized zombie with the munchies wish me luck as I wish you a short line when you find your Krispy Kreme location near you. It is 2:15 now so by the time I get there 2:30 , hey may be they all went home..... stay tuned as the Black Hole turns into a donut for the good of all.

4:20 in the AM successful mission after a little over an hour yummy donuts apparently the wait during the day is 3 hours and the line was practically still as long when I left! The police craftily staked out the Donut Stand and the result was really funny and entertaining , as these folks in a srv were pulled over after leaving the Krispy Kreme without making a complete stop , clearly a violation of the donut zone right of way. As we observed the situation from our patient long line of 3:30 in the morning Krispy Kreme Jonesers , it appeared that a solution manifested that was obvious for all and they gave the friendly policeman a donut and they were let off with a warning to cheers from the crowd. Now we know, I'm thinking heck we all ought to carry Krispy Kreme donuts in case of emergencies , I was told a franchise is $4 Million and that they are opening 3 more stores with in a year . Cat is over so good night all!

5/2/01 Something's that happen in life are unusual and are totally beyond reason, now here is yet another true story dudes will appreciate as many of us have been there. So I scored Prince tickets not an easy feat as they are very hard to find and of course many many girls were gaga to go. So I ask Cat, she tells all her friends the whole nine yards and even the evening before the show , yes she is still going , I'm like are you sure....then the day of the show just a few hours, I'm talking 3 hours before it is set to go , I get the I can't go I have to work gig. Now, most of us would agree that this totally sucks this was after weeks of hearing how excited she was to be going and how she had time off , bla , bla , bla but her cruel and evil boss schedules her to work of all the bogus events in the World WWF Smackdown as Cat now sells time shares to Vail at sporting events.

I'm thinking OK, whatever; the bozo's at this Time Share company obviously have the wrong target market and whatever possessed them to think Vail time Share tours would go over like hot cakes at the highly distinguished crowd that attends a World Wrestling Match but heck Cat has no problem booking tours just about any place and booked the only 3. I'm thinking actually wait this scenario has huge potential may be if we would throw Prince in the ring to battle the crusher or hulk or Ventura for a few rounds , heck I would have been more stoked to see that than the show. So have you been there stuck with a ticket to a gig with minimal time left by some incredible twist of fate because of a chick mind thing. Fact is girls well most don't like being asked with like hours or minutes remaining to something as they know you were hosed some how some way by another one of them. Cat's friend Tia expressed sincere interest and would have gone called in sick to WWF, as we were all hanging out the night before at Roobar but Cat tactfully waited until minutes after she left to hint that there may be a problem possibly going to the gig. I also would have been truly stoked to see Cat and Tia in the ring to battle me and Prince.

The plot thickens, enter Paul Lizardman Green, Nancy and Paul currently suffering from sleep deprivation with 2 year old Sidney running amuck all hours good kid, night owl and overtime. Nancy wants to go to the show begs Paul, Paul and we men must shed a few tears at this as this means that we can spring Paul and escape to an Avalanche Playoff game with out further potential recourse and I don't have to eat the Prince ticket.

To accomplish the mission, I must somewhat suffer through 2 opening bands the first Disco Chicks rule something at incredibly loud volume, gentlemen, they brought a dude on stage and made him say mushy stuff on his knees to them, yikes, I was certain I had found true he** and then the Funky Baldheads , for a few I thought they were Prince, then I'm thinking heck Cat would have been able to go and I wouldn't have had to suffer this torment heck I'm thinking throw em all in the ring.

It was funny as Bill Romanowski Denver Bronco Linebacker is sitting a few rows back with a huge black guy I'm assuming obviously a Bronco but heck I wasn't going to stare at em , I'm thinking Romo's wife probably bailed on the Prince gig last minute and well the last minute dude option was enacted as well throw them all in the ring. So at any rate Prince comes out and the guy really does jam and put on a good show with much audience participation , Prince said he hates critics , throw em in the ring Prince man. We left early and well Paul look forward to the Av's bro, the things we do for our good friends. We stopped at Jerusalem's an awesome Middle Eastern Restaurant and I munched.

...Yet another one of my customers is really cool for those of you looking to work off the Krispy Kreme gig in a big way try NOLS or the National Outdoor Leadership School , the ticket. Humorous version,Steve Goryl one of the world's most respected instructors climbed Mount Everest the story goes after establishing a high camp and waiting 3 days at 26,000 feet for the rest of the group to show up in a blizzard they didn't, so he then completed the ascent to the summit on his own as the others obvious Girly men had turned back. NOLS uses NeXT to manage their registration for classes, Steve you the man .

Melani my assistant has me doing Yoga breathing exercises to help battle the pain of Arthritis , who knows may be I'll tackle Everest someday, that would be the long shot, my favorite Yoga position so far is the Crouching Lion as you are on all fours spread your fingers, stick out your tongue and growl waaaaassss upppp or what ever, then have a Black Hole Brew no on tap CO'2 heck the humor never ends as the Black Hole Turns and we are throwing you all in the ring . Well we just received over 400 NeXT monitors in great condition so buy something if you are entertained, Windows users, Bill Gates just donated $1,000,000 dollars to my old highschool Manual for technology stuff, thanks Bill can we use it to purchase NeXT stuff,well my 20 year HS reunion is this year and I need to track down 5 old classmates, I'm not sure what that big a donation means to Manual, probably an effort to prevent more clowns like me from finding alternatives to Microsoft and talking stuff about it. I did find Jay McMichaels happily married at Malcolm's 40th party, Jay and Ellen have 3 kids 1 previous , 2 together a soap in itself, living in Alma, Colorado. Malcolm and Jane have 1 kid hers , 2 Malcolm's, Parrot's, Parakeet's, assorted dogs and cats, Pheasant's, Chickens, Hedgehogs and a Moose Head in a nice mountain home with other critters all around so until we meet again with further chaos adios on the irregularly scheduled dudes soap and the women who spy on it.

Cat look forward to helping you move and all , Jimmy Buffet will be fun .

6/21/01 Av's won the Stanley cup , amazing , brought a tear to the eye. Well it is the first day of Summer and things are going fairly well. The home remodeling projects are nearing completion including the garage expansion, 2nd floor walk out deck and gazebo overlooking the park , I'll post a picture as it looks really cool much like a castle.

Paul , Nancy, Kim and myself went to Big Head Todd and the Monsters at Red Rocks last night really cool show and spectacular Lightening. The weather around here the last few days is quite unusual Tornado's, Hail , Lightening and Sunshine figure more of the same today humor forecast.

Well my arthritis seems to be retreating into sporadic remission after using the prescription Methyltrexate, Predinisone , Folic Acid and Darvicet this is land of huge as it is nice to be able to play golf and work normally most days with out the extreme bogus pain , however Arthritic flair ups do occasionally happen they are less frequent.

Golf , well good days and bad days .... I'm thinking it would be a good time to get the jet ski out on the lake.

Business is good and we have a lot of projects going as usual. John "Jace" is the newest tech at the black hole and doing a heck of an excellent job.

We went with Cat and Janine up to Red Rocks to check out Dinosaur footprints and the Movie Forest Gump, I'll have to take a photo of the giant rock the looks like the NeXT Logo or a cube at Red Rocks can't miss it.

Just made some new beer with the CO2 tap it'll be ready for the Fourth of July. I've come very close to predicting the Lotto with 2 more 4 of 6 numbers and this evening I actually had all 6 in my mind at one point and on the screen , they were there statistically , I almost put them down , it would have been 3 Million Dollars so close . In fact a ticket from June 9th had all Six of tonight's numbers with in 2 picks several 4 number winners. Cash 5 we have come very , very , very close to winning one of these days I'll be able to prove it is predictable. Our budget is $10 Cash 5 and $20 to $30 for the lotto which Paul and I split. We usually have some winners and luck is on our side.

I'll write more when I have a chance , be the ball until next time the Black Hole Turns.

8/9/01 I guess the topic for this evening is computers and the Internet. It is great when everything works but my frustrations on solving this mystery are worth putting down. About 6 days ago I went to download my e-mail as we all do to my surprise there were 48 messages , I'm thinking geese what kind of spambot went nuts this time. I start getting these messages and look at them thinking no way am I going to open them.

At first I thought I was being mail bombed by some loser and yes that may actually be in reality what is going on as the e-mail address is dizzy31@juno.com . My first action was e-mail abuse@juno.com and look contact Earthlink , I use them for e-mail . Started out Netcom then Mindspring bought them then Earthlink bought Mindspring try and explain that to Earthlink at times , I looked and realized my web site is hosted by media 3 and so anything that comes in as a domain e-mail sales@blackholeinc.com bounces through them and is redirected to Earthlink the bhi1@ix.netcom.com account. By this time my 10 Mb e-mail file had filled up again , I'm pissed pardon my French thinking who the heck is this friggin hacker. I want a piece of them big time. So in an effort to shut it down as I amazed that the messages keep coming around the clock and as of this point 6 days later still are.

We try to set up a vacation response message but that creates more confusion and I flame the culprit on the front page of the site . Now I'm breathing fire and spewing vulgarities not my normal demeanor as I try to remain calm talking with the various support people all saying send emails to abuse this . com and abuse that . com by the way I haven't heard from any of them as I'm sure they can't send me e-mail any way.

On day 3 I'm completely livid and decide what the heck I'll figure this out , so I look at the headers of the e-mail message, aha it isn't a Juno E-mail at all , the yo-yo has forged headers . I then immerse myself for about 3 hours turning to 5 hours learning everything I can about e-mail headers . I'm able to ping some IP addresses, run traceroutes and come up with some actual real websites . Monday day 4 arrives and by this time I'm close to nuclear , I call up the sys admin. at Utah Symphony.org and say that I'm fairly sure that some one or something is using their mail server to forward this crap.

I then contact Aros.net and find out they are the hosting site for this Utah Symphony Server. I'm actually able to confirm that later this is indeed where it is coming from and the guy says it sounds like the sircam virus.

They thank me and are amazed that someone , I'm thinking I am the man actually figured out the source , heck they didn't know , gee wally must just be a lot of Symphony soundfile E-mail .......not. After awhile I realise this can't be a human doing this , then their is a pause an email arrives the customer has been contacted and gee it actually stops for a few hours. I'm thinking must have baan a hacker after all.

After going to the symantec site I'm able to confirm that what it actually is a Virus, I also discovered it munched about a year of sent e mail which really sucks. So I receive the inoculate and it removes 11 infected files but the dang attachments are still coming so I keep running the cure, I called AROS and said why don't you unplug the damn computer , oh it is a T1 customer , we don't just do that , I'm thinking UNPLUG THE DAMN COMPUTER YOU BOZOS , the last thing we all want is a computer sending out a virus at T1 speed . So the guy puts me on hold , I hang up after waiting a half hour.

If it is not resolved, I'm calling tomorrow and demanding to the big kahuna of AROS.NET that they shut the @#$%^& down and clean up the bloody virus for the good of the planet and for all our sanity, at least remove my e-mail address from the stinking registry . I'm ready to fly out their and unplug the thing myself at this point .

So on a happier note may be I'll take the day off perhaps play golf or Jet SKI and let the Sircam munch up all the space on my e-mail the server drive go ahead run amuck sircam , I figured out how to log into the web site and look at delete spam in bulk without bringing it into my machine, although a few times it didn't work, I'm told probably because of the code red worm version 3 . All I can say is it would be a much better world with out all of these idiotic viruses , I'm no longer the weakest link good by.

This Sircam is a nasty virus as it can basically wipe out everything on your hard drive . It has what is called an smtp engine the propagates itself grabs pieces of your email and forwards them to your friends , then infects them scary.

I have learned a lot this last weekend and actually have repaired a lot of stuff by tracking down the actual source of this Virus was cool as it probably saved some folks real headaches like I've endured. Sure hope they shut the dang thing down permanently. I'm improving the web site, figured out how to do a slide show on the net check it out on the main page go to NeXT world articles and FAQ . We also have NeXT Articles , I'm thinking the security of NeXTMail would work a heck of a lot better and NeXT Networks would prevent a lot of this stuff as Windows has to many dang security holes.

Now I have enhanced my calmness , spoke my mind and hopefully not offended anyone as it has been a trying stressful last 6 days.

Looking forward to my 20th reunion this weekend .

Best Regards Rob Blessin ,To be continued page 8

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