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Presentation charting and graphing

CHaRTSMITH provides an intuitive user interface and an object-oriented API to enable users and developers to create spectacular charts quickly and easily.

Powerful Feature Set

Chartsmith provides an impressive set of "power" features. Use templates to duplicate the look-and-feel of any Chartsmith chart. Create a combination bar-line chart to add emphasis to your data. Use NEXTSTEP Object Links to automaticaly update the data in your charts. These are just a few of the many features that make Chartsmith the charting application of choice.

Professional Graphics

Chartsmith sets the standard for presentation-quality charts. Create spectacular charts with a stunning array of special effects including gradient fills, text shadowing, and sophisticated 3D effects. Full support for image transparency adds a polished look to presentations and reports. Chartsmith's professional-style graphics brings the data to life.

Object Oriented API

Chartsmith extends its charting capability to other applications. Create sophisticated full-featured charts from custom applications with the Chartsmith API. Charts built using the API may be viewed in Chartsmith, or exported back to the custom application. Use the Chartsmith API to tap the power of the charting engine of choice.


Chart types

Data Tools

Saving and Exporting


Image importing and exporting

Special effects

Template capabilities

Object Oriented API

Requires NEXTSTEP Release 3.1 or higher.

Now shipping in Multi-Architecture Binary (MAB) format.

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