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UUCP and Modem Management

Connect It! sets up and manages e-mail connections to the outside world. Specifically UUCP, Sendmail, and other UNIX support files.

Most popular modems include:

USR Sportster; Zyxel 1496E; Telebit Worldblazer; Telebit T3000; Telebit T2500; Telebit T2000; Telebit Trailblazer+; Telebit T1500; HSD/Abaton; Supra Fax; Dove (in non-fax mode only); Most 100% Hayes-compatible modems

Connect It! will perform the following:

You may exchange e-mail with almost any type of remote UNIX computer, including:

Connect It! will set up any number of remote computers to exchange e-mail with receiving calls automatically other computers. Connect It! displays useful statistics about your e-mail connection, an will initiate a call to a remote computer on demand.

Support of Third Party Applications:

Connect It! also supports popular third-party administrative and connectivity applications such as Marble Teleconnect from Marble Associates and NXFax from Black and White Software. Connect It! will set up a UUCP connection over a pre-configured SLIP line.

Upcoming Features:

We continue to increase the feature set and functionality of Connect It! in regular updates released to our customers. Planned improvements include:

Requires NEXTSTEP Release 3.1 or higher.

Now shipping in Multi-Architecture Binary (MAB) format.

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