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Cub'X Windows SALE !!!!.............. July 9, 1999
X11R6 X Window Client/Server Solution

Cub'X-Window v5.0 is the unique X11R6 client/server solution available for NEXTSTEP on NeXT, Intel, HP PA-RISC and Sun SPARCstations. Cub'X-Window allows you to run X applications locally on your computer under NEXTSTEP, or display X applications running on other X Window machines of your network.

The result of 5 years of product enhancements since Cub'X-Window's first release in 1991, Cub'X-Window v5.0 offers a wide range of high quality features including:

With its great speed and a wide range of functionalities, Cub'X-Window ensures the continuity of your X11 applications on NEXTSTEP.


1.Commercial pricing :

Cub'X-Window Runtime + Development Tools $ 289

Cub'X-Window Runtime + Development Tools + Motif 1.2 $ 359

2. Academic Pricing *

Cub'X-Window Runtime + Development Tools $ 100

Cub'X-Window Runtime + Development Tools + OSF Motif 1.2 $ 180

* For Academic pricing , we will need a photocopy of your ID .

We accept MC, Visa and Amex.

Order by phone at 303-741-9998, Fax 303-741-9997 or Email sales@blackholeinc.com

To place an order: We just need your preferred shipping address, phone number , CC# with EXP date and name as it appears on the card.

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For Academic Orders only:

If you are ordering academic prices, you must: For more information, read the Academic Order Instructions.

Please sign the following statement: (Academic orders will not be processed without signature)

THE UNDERSIGNED AGREES, on behalf of the institution ("buyer") placing this and any future order for the NeXTSTEP/OpenStep Academic Bundle (the "Academic Software"), using this form or on buyer's purchase order,
(a) that the Academic Software is for academic use only;
(b) that buyer shall restrict use of the Academic Software to university of college students and faculty; and
(c) that any use of the Academic Software in commercial work, or for the direct benefit of the US government or its agencies, or to develop applications for commercial or government use or distribution, is not permitted and violates the Academic Software license agreement.

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