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High-Speed Disk Duplication Application

DiskMaker is an application designed for fast disk duplication. With it you can duplicate disks faster than standard manual methods. DiskMaker gives you 39±88% speed-up in your mass duplicating effort.

Manually duplicating ten 2.88MB ED disks takes anywhere from 43+ minutes to 90+ minutes depending on the sizes of files and other criteria. With DiskMaker you can reduce this task to 10 minutes (20 minutes if also performing a verification pass). Duplication times are linear and independent of the number of files in the disk. DiskMaker supports industry standard 720KB, 1.4MB and 2.88MB density disks. Its powerful verification technology ensures that defective media is not distributed to your customers. Disk duplication takes under one minute regardless of file sizes or disk density. DiskMaker will automatically format the disk (if needed), name it and fill it up for you in a single step. Features:

Disk images are saved on disk allowing you to archive your releases.

Disk duplication and formatting are performed in the background, freeing your computer to do other things.

32-bit checksums provided you with reassurance that your copies match the original disk bit by bit.

DiskMaker is able to reuse low-level disk formats. Pre-formatted DOS disks can be used to build NEXTSTEP volumes at a fraction of the time.

Requires NEXTSTEP Release 3.1 or higher.

Now shipping in Multi-Architecture Binary (MAB) format.

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