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Optical Character Regonition Application

Express OCR uses an OCR technology comprised of two components. (1) the "AnyFont" OCR Engine, which recognizes document images at 300 dpi and above, and (2) the "AnyFax" OCR Engine, a neural net technology, which recognizes images below 300 dpi (i,.e. typical fax documents are transmitted at 200 X 200 dpi or 200 X 100 dpi). By utilizing the AnyFont/AnyFax Engines in our API, the integrator can fully insert OCR technology directly into their own NEXTSTEP Application.

Also included is fully integrated spell checking for English and eleven (11) Western European languages, plus we have recently integrated the proprietary "AnyPage" dynamic auto-threshholding technology which works with gray or colored image backgrounds, and their proprietary Supercompression technique which reduces text-images 5-8 times beyond traditional compression algorithms. Available as a FAT binary Application, an API and can be embedded in PaperSight ("Paperless Office Tools" Application from Visual Understanding.)


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