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Nebula Quad-FAT for NEXTSTEP
The Fourth Edition of this Popular CDROM.

The Fourth Edition of the most popular NEXTSTEP CDROM is here. This new version is now a dual-disc set release. That's two discs packed with Quad-FAT applications and source code for your NEXTSTEP computer.

Nebula is the largest collection of Quad-FAT applications available. There are more than 750 applications on this CDROM set, including 541 Quad-FAT applications. You'll enjoy utility, astronomy, financial, educational, graphic, and mail programs. The Nebula CDROM also has a Special WebObjects Section where you can find everything you need to get started on the new dynamic Web publishing technology from NeXT Software, Inc., including software and documentation.

Most applications on this CDROM set come with complete source code. We also included 261 NEXTSTEP-ready fonts which you can link up directly with your hard disk. If you're looking for something fun, Nebula contains 400 sound clips, 94 games, 56 Quad-FAT BackSpace screen saver modules, and many other files. For programmers there are 31 Quad-FAT Interface Builder Pallets, plus a whole lot of source code to help you with your own projects.

Each directory on this collection contains an index listing filename, version, author, and a short description of each application. You'll get a central index that you can use with Digital Librarian to quickly locate the file you're looking for.

The Nebula Quad-FAT CDROM requires NEXTSTEP 3.2 or above for NeXT Motorola, Intel, HP PA-RISC and Sun SPARC. This disc is in ISO-9660 format with Rock Ridge extensions.



Requires NEXTSTEP Release 3.1 or higher.

Now shipping in Multi-Architecture Binary (MAB) format.

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