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An Application to Record, Edit and Mix Sounds

Soundworks is a powerful, easy-to-use software package used to record, edit and mix sounds on the NeXT Computer in much the same way you manipulate text with a word processor, or modify pictures with a graphics program. Soundworks employs a graphic user interface resembling a tape deck which can be used to manipulate several sounds at once. Simply select the sounds from a scrolling SoundList and choose a command to apply effects, change formats, or play the selections.

Sounds can be cut and pasted together non-destructively with a click of the mouse, and you can mark and save segments of each sound. You can use a large array of effects, including envelope and pitch changes, pan, echo and reverb. Effects may be combined together, applied separately or simultaneously to several sounds and the settings saved for control or reuse.

Any number of sounds can be mixed. SoundWorks provides all the necessary tools, including alignment and fade in or out controls. It's easy to use SoundWorks with other applications: simply drop a sound icon into SoundWorks, prepare the sound any way you like, and then send it to another application or document, even across the network.

SoundWorks has support for ATC compression developed at CCRMA (10:1 compression with virtually no loss). SoundWorks also has support for other popular sound formats (.au, .aiff, .voc, .wav, .sf, .hjcom).


SoundWorks has a wide variety of digital effects that can be applied to sounds. Each effect has its own set of parameters which is customized by the user. The standard effects included in the SoundWorks package are:

Custom Effects:

You can use the included effects to create and save your own custom effects. For example a "tape rewind" effect is created by combining the reverse effect with a pitch change envelope:


SoundWorks allows you to mix any number of sounds. Depending on the speed of your system, some number of sounds will mix in real time. Usually, at least 4 channels will mix in real time and some systems can handle 12 channels.

Requires NEXTSTEP Release 3.1 or higher.

Now shipping in Multi-Architecture Binary (MAB) format.

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