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Graphical PostScript Editing Application

The PostScript format is widely used to transfer information between applications and platforms, however, by using this universal format one looses the ability to make any changes to the imported information. Tailor eliminates this important restriction! With Tailor, you can visually edit PostScript documents effortlessly and cleanlyÐno specialized knowledge required. You can cut pieces out of a document and copy them to any other application, or recover text paragraphs for use in your favorite word processor. And all this regardless of whether the document originated on NEXTSTEP, Microsoft Windows, or on a Macintosh. Imagine the resulting flexibility and time savings!

Powerful Viewing & Editing Functions:

Tailor covers the full richness of PostScript:

Tailor Office:

Tailor Office is targeted towards the general user. Among many other possible uses, it is perfectly suited for the following office tasks.

Tailor Office 2.0 is the successor of the proven Tailor 1.0. It sports substantially improved PostScript import capabilities, and a large number of new features. Such as preview sections in saved EPS files, and full editing of Bezier curves. Tailor 2.0 even imports text and graphics from Adobe Acrobat° PDF documents.

Tailor Publishing:

Tailor Publishing includes all functionality of Tailor Office and adds specific features targeted towards the graphic arts professional. These include support for the overprint attribute (used for trapping), support for spot colors, and export to Adobe Illustrator° format. The Adobe Illustrator export format provides the unique possibility to convert any PostScript file to a form that is fully editable by popular line art programs available on all major platforms. Future versions of Tailor Publishing will include even more features appealing to the publishing professional.


Keystones are dynamically loadable extensions, providing additional functionality within Tailor. For example, the "Find" keystone is a powerful search and replace tool, not just for text, but also for attributes such as color, linewidth or typeface. This drastically reduces the effort to make global style changes in a document. Another example is the "Align" keystone, which provides classic alignment tools to help place objects on a grid or align them in several ways.

Perhaps most importantly, the keystone programming interface is publicly available. This means that users or third parties can develop specific solutions, leveraging the power of the base application. Feature: Tailor is the first desktop PostScript editor ----->Benefit: Visual PostScript editing finally affordable ! Feature: Accepts input from NEXTSTEP,Unix, Macintosh, DOS and MS-Windows ----->Benefit: View and edit files from any application created on any platform Feature: Full editing capabilities, including PS and EPS files ----->Benefit: Update information on any PostScript document, correct spelling errors, fine-tune business graphics, ... Feature: Create text and graphic objects ----->Benefit: Enhance documents or even create new pages using only Tailor Feature: Text reconstruction tool ----->Benefit: Copy & paste formatted text into other applications with full typographic attributes such as font, size etc. Feature: Powerful object inspectors, editing in preview & wireframe mode, fast zoom and pan, window tool bar ----->Benefit: Quick and intuitive changes to any element; highly productive editing even of complex illustrations Feature: Import pages from Adobe Acrobat files ----->Benefit: Extract and reuse graphics or formatted text from Acrobat documents Feature: Complete on-line reference manual including Q&A & concepts sections ----->Benefit: Hyperlinks help you locate and use the features you need Feature: Dynamically loadable extensions with public programming interface ----->Benefit: Users or third parties can add new features, leveraging Tailor's power

Tailor Publishing:

  • Feature: Export to Adobe Illustrator format
  • ----->Benefit: Export in a format that is fully editable by many popular vector drawing programs
  • Feature: Support for the overprint attribute
  • ----->Benefit: Edit documents that have been trapped; correct trapping errors
  • Feature: Support for spot colors
  • ----->Benefit: Edit documents with separations other than CMYK Testimonials:

    Magnus Nordborg, Dept of Biological Sciences, Stanford Univ. magnus@fisher.Stanford.EDU

    • "My colleages are green with envy" I use Tailor mainly to edit graphics produced by other applications. Typical operations include adding labels, repositioning various parts, and deleting unwanted parts. A recent example involved diagrams produced by an old inflexible FORTRAN program. I used Tailor to remove parts of the plots I did not want, and to combine several plots into a single EPS file. Without Tailor, I would have had to rewrite the FORTRAN program! Tailor is an absolutely wonderful piece of software. My colleagues are green with envy when I show them how I can fix problems easily while they have to get out the old white-out and glue!

    Michael Burgstahler, Two Tribes Informationsgestaltung, Germany mburg@westwerk.cube.de

    • "Tailor swallows the heaviest PostScript files from the most exotic sources" Two Tribes is a combination of an advertising agency and a scientific consultancy, with high quality standards. Thanks to Tailor and NEXTSTEP, we can work with PostScript files from our PC/Windows-based customers and from various TeX-systems. Our projects typically involve complex color graphics, huge images and PostScript documents up to 200 pages. Tailor swallows them all! Fixing annoying rendering errors generated by poor PostScript drivers is now an easy job. The ability to retouch PostScript data really makes Tailor a bargain!

    Terry Cosgrove, East San Rafael Veterinary Clinic tcosgrov@esrvc.com

    • "Tailor is absolutely a great program" We used Tailor on a recent mailing to enhance the final documents. The mail-merge letters were generated on a Macintosh, and saved as PostScript files. These were transferred to NEXTSTEP and loaded in Tailor for hand processing for accuracy and proper spacing of the address information. Without Tailor we would never have obtained the quality look we wanted.

    Dag Hasvold, Falch Hurtigtrykk as, Norway boots@dream.falch.no

    • "Tailor brings us an important competitive advantage"ÐAs a PostScript service bureau, our focus is on flexibility. With Tailor we can do things that we and our customers long considered impossible. And it saves us a lot of time too. These benefits give us a clear advantage in the market. Its hard to imagine living in todays PostScript world without Tailor!

    Peter Zoller, Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics, University of Colorado pzoller@yeti.Colorado.EDU

    • "Tailor has simplified my life considerably"ÐWe are using Tailor every day. For our scientific publications we need to edit and combine PostScript figures produced on different platforms, by different applications (from Mathemetica to Matlab), and from different sources (coworkers and students). Before installing Tailor we had to modify the PostScript source code by hand. Tailor has considerably improved our productivity!

    Requires NEXTSTEP release 3.1 or higher. Architectures currently supported are NeXT (Motorola), Intel, and HP PA-RISC.

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