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Tip Top
Telecommunications & Terminal Emulation Program

TipTop is an easy to use Telecommunications and Terminal Emulation Program with an array of NEXTSTEP interface features. Novice users will find the interface object oriented and intuitive, while advanced users will enjoy the flexibility and robustness of Tip Top's multi-session capability and the power of our Objective-Tcl scripting language


Terminal Emulation: ANSI, VT102, and VT220, all including ANSI color support.

Serial Ports/Shells: Multiple serial (modem) port connections and shell sessions. The UUCP locking protocol is used for serial ports.

Scripting: A powerful script programming language based on Tcl, Expect, and Objective C! The automatic script generator makes it easy to create basic scripts.

Among other things, the scripting language can run ``term'' which is used to establish a SLIP-like connection to a remote site. This allows several simultaneous terminal sessions to be connected to a remote site, while files are transferred and remote commands executed. One can even run remote X-window clients connected to the local X-server.

File Transfer: Bundled transfer protocols include X-, Y-, and ZMODEM. Any external transfer protocol can be used with TipTop. In addition, transfer Application Programmers Interface (API) is included and allows external transfer protocols to be fully integrated graphically with TipTop.

Key Bindings: Flexible keyboard mapping. Any key (with or without combinations of the Ctrl, Alt, and Shift modifiers) can be redefined as any character, string of characters, script, or even as an Objective C message!

Easy to use GUI: Standard NEXTSTEP user interface features. The terminal window features a toolbar, a scrollback buffer, a find panel, changeable fonts, etc. Built-in PhoneBook and Inspector facilitate easy and convenient configuration of the communication parameters, window appearance, and other settings.

Require NEXTSTEP 3.1 or higher.

Now shipping in Motorola and Intel versions.

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