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Workgroup Data Management for OpenStep

VarioData is the first multi-user flatfile database to offer a simple point and click interface to workgroup data management. VarioData is ideal for customer databases, departmental inventories and bug tracking, and provides an intuitive interface to building mixed-media workgroup databases.

Custom database designs are created with VarioBuilder, the VarioData database builder. No knowledge of programming is required to create database forms--simply drag and drop text, time, and currency fields, along with a variety of standard OpenStep interface elements onto a data canvas. All the familiar choices, from pop-up lists, buttons and check boxes, to file and image wells, are available for speeding data entry.

A point and click formula editor allows users to attach custom behavior to buttons, enabling databases to send electronic mail messages, print or fax reports, raise additional windows and panels, access system calls and scripts, and even pass information to mission critical applications. With the click of a button, your database design is turned into a network enabled, multi-user database, with sophisticated record locking to prevent users from unwittingly writing over vital information.

VarioData includes powerful Import/Export features, including access to Microsoft Word, FrameMaker, and a variety of other standard merge formats.

VarioData Features:

Multi-User Capable

Database Elements

Custom Database Creation


Data Sharing


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