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Architectural CAD Application

ZZVolume is the first architectural CAD program available on NEXTSTEP. As a powerful modeling tool, ZZVolume enable to create 3D spaces at an incredible speed Ðincluding entire buildingsÐand to virtualy tour the spaces you create.

Authored by an architect and intended for professionals in the architectural and construction business, ZZ Volume is the premier architectural/space design package with 3D modeling capability. It allows you to construct a project with AOC-specific level of precision. It is easy to use and takes advantage of NEXTSTEP so that projects can be created and modified at any time. ZZ Volume is aimed for architects, interior and exterior designers, equipment installers, survey offices, drafters, and architecture or applied arts schools.


Network-ready for multi-user sessions over the same document done through the "layer" concept as every document is made of several superimposed "layers."

An access "key" relating to views. Changes can be issued to authorized users.

"Multi-view" applies automatic changes to the other views when one view is changed.

Sections: plan, front, axonometry, isometry, and perspective.

Zoom modes: window, all and previous.

Flexibility and freedom to start a function in one view and finish it in another view.

Object creation functions: blocks, wireframes, dimensions, object items, panes, etc.

Unlimited number of layers and pencils.

Every object created can be saved in a library for future use.

A library of 200 objects and frames is included.

Modification tools: move, copy, rotation, symmetry, extend, auto-join between walls, roof incline, etc.

Reference plane can be positioned anywhere in space at anytime.

Measurement units: meter, centimeter, millimeter, feet, inches.

Precise measurement up to 0.01 of a millimeter.

"Sun" feature allows to display the yearly evolution of the sun exposure on the model.

Item selection modes: direct, rectangular and lasso.

Marking modes: on an existing point, on a segment, etc.

User-adjustable auto-save.

Export to AutoCAD 2D and 3D DXF, DynaCADD DEF, Renderman RIB, and EPS formats.

Import from AutoCAD 2D DXF, DynaCADD DEF, EPS, and Architrion text formats.

Output to HPGL-compatible plotters sizing from A3 to A0.

Project database: technical and material indexes.

Auto-calculation of area, distance, volume, weight, cost, etc.

ZZVolume is the fastest in space creation, you©ll create a room with windows, door, and furnitures in 5 to 10 time less than any of our competitor in 3D modeling.

ZZVolume display in wireframe is 10 time faster than our competitors for complex scenes.

ZZVolume permit you to compute "vectorial" 3D hidden faces, and export it in eps or editable Adobe Illustator format.

ZZVolume allow to snap on 3Dpoints even in perspective view.

3D Displacment, Rotation, Symetry, etc can be done in a very precise manner you can choose any plane in space as your ©Reference © plane.

Requires NEXTSTEP Release 3.1 or higher.

Now shipping in Multi-Architecture Binary (MAB) format.

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