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D'OLE makes it possible for Windows developers to build robust, scalable, distributed applications today

Building on NeXT's leadership in object-oriented software development, D'OLE brings the OPENSTEP object model(PDO) from UNIX to the Windows platform and integrates it with Microsoft's Object Linking and Embedding(OLE) object model. Through this integration with OLE, it is now possible to use popular Windows development tools, such as Visual Basic and PowerBuilder(which are currently limited to small workgroup deployments) in conjunction with OPENSTEP objects. This allows application developers to create distributed client/server applications that are scalable to the enterprise. Developers can use their tool of choice to create custom applications that employ a multi-tier distributed object architecture.

D'OLE also makes it possible, using only OLE objects, to create a truly distributed computing environment on the Windows platform. For instance, you can modify an Excel spreadsheet running on one Windows NT client machine from a Visual Basic application running on another Windows NT client machine.

Interoperability with OLE is accomplished via support for OLE Automation, which provides transparent integration between OPENSTEP and OLE objects. OLE objects simply connect to, and message, OPENSTEP objects just as if they were OLE objects, and vica versa. With this integration, popular Windows GUI design tools can take advantage of NeXT's advanced object technology without modification.

D'OLE also supports the Enterprise Objects Framework. The Enterprise Objects Framework supplies data access services that allow objects to persist in industry-standard relational databases. These persistent objects provide database independence and can be reused by multiple OLE and OPENSTEP applications. The pairing of the Enterprise Objects Framework with D'OLE also enables a distributed computing environment that provides an infinitely flexible choice of application deployment strategies.

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