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NEXTSTEP Icon NEXTSTEP Developer NEXTSTEP Developer includes a complete object framework and all of the tools needed to build advanced, easy-to-use applications. NEXTSTEP Developer starts with a complete set of Object Kits, including the Application Kit, which is a set of objects providing functionality common to all applications, a complete library of user interface objects, and objects that support information sharing between applications. Also included is Database Kit, which integrates popular client/server relational or other databases into any application. Built upon these object kits is a complete set of graphical application construction tools, such as Project Builder, which manages resources in an application, and Interface Builder, a tool for managing objects in an application. For developing custom objects, NEXTSTEP Developer provides compilers for the object-oriented languages of Objective C and C++, as well as ANSI C.

Because NEXTSTEP Developer and NEXTSTEP are completely object-oriented, complex and dynamic applications can be written with far fewer lines of code, five to ten times faster, and can be modified and maintained easily throughout their life cycle. this object-orientation enables an organization to build a library of reusable objects, improving programmer productivity and ensuring a higher degree of consistency, robustness and reliability across all applications.

NEXTSTEP Developer Release 3.3 is designed to aid customers who need to rapidly develop robust and easy-to-maintain client/server applications. It is also a stepping-stone for developers planning to deploy OpenStep on Windows NT, Windows 95, Solaris and OSF/1 applications in the future.

Specifically, the visual development tools, including NeXT's industry-acclaimed Interface Builder, have been improved in this release to ease development and promote greater object re-use. NEXTSTEP Developer Release 3.3 also includes improved C++ support. For those operating in heterogeneous computing environments, the product enables customers to build enterprise-wide, client/server applications to run on any of four hardware platforms - Intel PCs, PA-RISC and SPARC workstations and NeXT Computers.

Price: $4,999

Yes - Motorola
Yes - Intel
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