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NEXTSTEPUSERIcon NEXTSTEP User 3.3 NeXT is the only company to provide a completely integrated object-oriented client/server computing environment for enterprise-wide software development and deployment. Its environment, NEXTSTEP is the premier system for developing and deploying custom client/server business applications and integrating them with advanced productivity software throughout a heterogeneous network. NEXTSTEP provides cross-platform integration, superior ease of use, and the robustness needed for handling mission-critical applications globally.

Fully object-oriented operating environments appeal strongly to programmers, systems administrators, and users. For systems administrators, objects reduce maintenance time and costs. At the system level, objects enable programmers to rapidly reuse and customize core business components. At the application level, users will find feature and interface consistency across applications.

NEXTSTEP is based on the industry-standard Berkeley UNIX operating system and the Mach system kernel. NEXTSTEP integrates seamlessly with the most popular local and wide area networks including NFS and Novell and also accesses Macintosh and MS-DOS filesystems. Users with no training in networks or file systems can easily navigate networks and share information using Workspace Manager a powerful and easy-to-use file management application.

NEXTSTEP includes the class libraries needed to use custom software developed with NeXT's NEXTSTEP Developer product. When it's coupled with the Enterprise Objects Framework, users can benefit from object persistence in relational database applications.

NEXTSTEP also bundles powerful user and system management applications. These include NeXTmail a multimedia electronic mail system; FaxReader for viewing faxes; Digital Librarian a powerful full-text searching tool; Edit, a multifont text editor; and NetInfo a tool for administering network resources.

Price: $795

Yes - Motorola
Yes - Intel
Yes - OpenStep Committed

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