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OpenStep Icon OpenStep Object technology is the software equivalent of the industrial revolution. Today, factories assemble products from prefabricated components rather than manufacture each product from scratch; object-orientation allows programmers to build complex software by reusing standard components called objects. Breaking software projects into smaller, reusable objects, ensures that changes to one part of a software project do not adversely affect other portions of the project. Realizing the potential of client/server through OpenStep OpenStep allows businesses to build, deploy, and maintain object-oriented, three-tier client/server applications for environments from a variety of vendors: NeXT , Sun , Hewlett-Packard , Digital , and Microsoft. OpenStep-compliant objects and applications communicate transparently with each other, regardless of the underlying operating system. OpenStep is tightly based on an established technology foundation, three major releases of NEXTSTEP . In addition, NeXT works closely with its industry partners to open its APIs to non-NEXTSTEP operating systems. OpenStep applications interoperate with EOF (Enterprise Objects Framework) for constructing objects that combine business logic with persistent storage and PDO (Portable Distributed Objects) and NetInfo for building and deploying truly distributed, scalable applications that run on compute servers from Sun, HP, and Digital.

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