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NEXTSTEP Icon Portable Distributed Objects (PDO) Portable Distributed Objects seamlessly extends NEXTSTEP's industry leading object model to non-NEXTSTEP operating systems, providing an easy-to-use framework for building powerful client/server applications today. Using NEXTSTEP(TM) to build custom applications is a key factor in gaining a competitive advantage. Portable Distributed Objects(TM)--PDO(TM)--extends NEXTSTEP's dynamic object model and messaging architecture to industry-standard operating systems, scaling that advantage from the desktop to the data center. PDO is the industry's first product to provide a heterogeneous client/server framework based on objects. NEXTSTEP applications consist of objects that encapsulate data and behavior, and communicate with each other through NEXTSTEP's messaging system. Objects are building blocks that can be executed on either the client or server hardware. PDO makes it possible to deploy objects on non-NEXTSTEP server machines. This architecture lends itself exceptionally well to a client/server environment; objects can be deployed anywhere across the enterprise, wherever most appropriate for the task. The Enterprise Objects(TM) Framework supplies data access services that allow server objects to persist in industry-standard relational databases. The pairing of the Enterprise Objects Framework with PDO creates a distributed computing environment that provides an infinitely flexible choice of object deployment strategies. Persistent objects can be distributed across high-performance compute and database servers throughout the enterprise. PDO extends the same seamless object framework that NEXTSTEP developers already use for local and distributed objects. NEXTSTEP developers don't need to learn new programming tools or techniques-PDO's tools and object frameworks are a subset of those in NEXTSTEP. The details of network communication can be ignored since PDO encapsulates low-level network protocols, making messaging a remote object as straightforward as messaging a local object. PDO server objects transparently inter-communicate with other NEXTSTEP, OpenStep(TM) and PDO objects.

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Yes - Motorola
Yes - Intel
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