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Collagist Pro
An electronic glue board.

An automated faxing tool.

An application that allows you to use your Hayes-compatible modem as a phone dialer.

The fastest disk duplication solution for NEXTSTEP.

Image Agent
A drag and drop image file conversion application.

LoadEye 1.1
A system load monitor for computers running NEXTSTEP.

An Intelligent Mail Agent for NEXTSTEP.

Mission Critical Solitaire
An object-oriented design of the card game solitaire.

NIST Synchronicity
A module that will set your system clock to the nation's official time.

On Vacation
A tool that allows you to send a message to anyone who tries to e-mail you while you're away.

A utility that monitors uninterruptable power supplies and performs unattended, orderly system shutdown.

QuickStart 2.0
Instant access to all of your favorite applications, documents and folders.

A high-tech space game.

An application used to contact people when important things happen.

The compression and archive utility for computers running NEXTSTEP.

A utility that provides automated, accurate time synchronization with computers running NEXTSTEP.

A "virtual window manager" that allows the user to have a workspace several times the size of the available screen space.

A utility that saves screen activities and sounds of a work session to disk.

WSI-Fonts Professional
A collection of 123 professional-quality Type 1 fonts.

A utility used to put "while you were out" messages on your computer.

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