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NewsFlash Application

Openstep compatible Newsgroup browser.

NewsFlash Version 2.275 retains all the speed and flexibility of earlier releases while introducing powerful new capabilities. True article threading by reference makes it easy to follow and manipulate discussion threads. Intelligent uuencoded article handling allows automated posting and asynchronous extraction of multi-part binary files. Smart NNTP data retrieval and local caching ensures optimal performance even over low bandwidth dial-up links. Newsgroup and article list filters, a wide range of sort options, kill files and regular expression searches permit selective and efficient reading of news. Posting and responding to articles is made easy by custom quoting, tight integration with Mail.app, flexible signature handling, and an interface which permits full control over article headers. Flexible newsgroup and article displayformats, a multi-page preferences panel, and the option of keyboard or mouse control allows the user to customize NewsFlash to meet their own needs. Numerous user interface refinements and a completely revised and expanded context sensitive help system, make NewsFlash Version 2.275 even easier to use than the original.

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