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<center><P class="next"><font face="Officina,Boton,Arial" color="#880000" size="7"><b>

NeXT Black Hardware for sale here!</b></font></P></center>

<hr noshade size=2>

<p><font face="Caslon,Utopia,Garamond,Palatino,Times"> <img src="nextstation.gif" border=10 align="right" width="389" height="376">

<font color="#007777"><i>Denver, CO -August 18, 2000</i></font>

&quot;As one of three original NeXT Board members, I am happy

to see you guys keeping things going!! What do you think of Bud Tribble's and

Andy's new Linux GUI enterprise??&quot; John Pat Crecine</font></p>

<p><font face="Caslon,Utopia,Garamond,Palatino,Times">We are helped restore

Pat's cube and provided him with other fun NeXT stuff! The other 2 board members interestingly enough were Steve Jobs and Ross Perot.</font></p>

<p><font face="Caslon,Utopia,Garamond,Palatino,Times">The opportunity to own a

NeXT workstation was just a dream for most in past primarily because of

price a base model NeXT Cube was $9,995. The second reason availability

as estimates of a little more than 50,000 NeXT's were manufactured in total from 1988 to 1993 Q1 and a few more the Summer of 1993. </font></p>

<font face="Caslon,Utopia,Garamond,Palatino,Times"><p>We have been fortunate enough and sincerely enjoyed having had the opportunity to offer

NeXT Computers, software and peripherals to what we consider to be the most intelligent people in the world our customers. Most stumble across us by luck or pure good fortune and many have stumbled across NeXT technology through the years via NeXT's long lasting and brilliant stealth , word of mouth marketing plan which targeted the general public, government, corporate, academic markets and now a growing collectors market from the unleashing of the first cubes in 1988 , that continues to this very day. USA Weekend Edition 12/31/1999 put NeXT workstations and cubes as one of the top 26 most collectable items in

new Millennium , so the value will only go up , unlike those old 286's or 386's running dos spawned in the same era.

<p>In fact for a few weeks in 1993, (me humorously just 1 day, February 9, 1993), had the opportunity to sell NeXT's that were actually rolling off of the assembly line in Redwood City, CA., so we welcome you to shop at BHI as we are still here and still firmly believe Microsoft is truly a lame alternative to a far superior OS known by many names but by most as NeXTSTEP.

<p> We make an effort to replenish our supply of NeXT hardware, but

it is becoming more difficult to locate NeXT's as they are becoming scarce,

let us know if you have any as we try to save as many as possible from being melted down by Sun,literally and find good homes for them. On the other hand ; we recommend if you are truly interested in owning one of the coolest workstations ever manufactured we strongly recommend making your purchase soon before we are sold out!

<p> When items are out of stock, we do our best to update this

page and note them as sold out. We have very limited stock of some items

not by choice; they are just becoming hard to find, please note you can always ask if we have something in the comment section at the bottom of the page.

<p> NeXT computers that we have saved and found good homes for with storied histories arrived recently stickered with old Top Secret, may reportedly and seriously appear to us from legendary places like Area 51, CIA, NASA, SAC and other interesting places. We suspect some of these NeXT's actually can think and learn or time travel must be possible and is involved in spirit with some of the items we have received recently and NeXT reportedly actually turned the assembly line back on in the summer of 1993 for Secret Squirrels, many of us only wish Apple would do this again.

<p> Especially cool lately are donations toward our in progress NeXT Museum

display of 75 NeXT's, which will have a time capsule NeXT as part of

exhibit to be started up 100 years from now or who knows many of the on display units may actually still be in operation through hand me down internships. A Professor at MIT contacted us and they will be proceeding with a Linux port to NeXT hardware , we will have information soon if you are interested in helping.

<P> We fortunate Users of NeXT have been spoiled by the ease of use of

NeXT equipment. We have been so far ahead of our time that "new technology" like sending E-mail with sound, graphics and video, well it is old hat as some of us have been doing that since 1988 on our trustworthy NeXT's.

<p> IE Interesting items appear daily, like factory sealed New NeXT Non ADB Mice, occasional equipment still new and in the factory box , an 030 Cube appeared from LANL running release 1.0 that had not been booted in 9 years, from an amazing gentleman that engineers guidance systems for Patriot Missiles on NEXT via Fortran and is helping NASA to calculate optimal trajectory change for optimal rescue orbits for most of the worlds Satellites so

they won't spin out of control and in theory come crashing back to Earth before their time when the NeXT electromagnetic solar flare cycle forecast to kick in ~ 2003 develops. Amazing coincidense after I worte this a major solar flair happened so I believe it to be true.

<p> Another arrived with a modified login panel that says Feynman, as in Richard,very famous physics dude, also custom software like laser trajectory , oscilloscope , sattelite tracking and

other stuff out of back to the future that individuals have developed is impressive that I've located recently in NeXT software archives.

A box of 25 shrink-wrapped NeXT manuals appeared (sorry already sold out, know of any more please let us know).

<p>The NeXT Big Thing book arrived authored by Randall Stross. Stross does

an incredible job finding every possible way to put Jobs and NeXT down.

Spending 250 Million dollars was a small investment to produce the finest computer ever manufactured and still by far the best and easiest to use operating system and developer environment.

I finally read the NeXT Big Thing in April of 2000, so it appears all these years later that Stross was way off course and probably never even used NeXT as

he must have been so thoroughly blinded and impressed by the much superior

Windows 3.11 at the time; unfortunately so was most of world that NeXT was weak in comparison according to him.

<p>Who laughs now as Steve Jobs CEO of Apple, Avie Tevanian NeXT software guru and

Rubenstein NeXT hardware genius and a cast of thousands have turned Apple

from a floundering company spiraling to impending doom into a powerhouse in just a few short years

and with solid foundation NEXTSTEP soon to be unleashed as MAC OS X; well it

has not yet reached most of general public but it is a winner!

<p> NeXT World Magazines tell of amazing things like a never released

DEC Alpha port and incredible experiments of which we will put a few here as well. My favorite item to date is an

engraved NeXT Cube made of Crystal Glass , which speaks of a meeting

this just possibly may be from the future. Strangly after receiving this cube ,Apple released a G4 Power Cube , history repeating.

<p> Interesting orders from one of the worlds foremost authorities on Black

Holes, <a href="http://www.itp.ucsb.edu/online/bh_teach/schedule.html" target="_new">Kip

Thorne</a> a professor at CIT , at the time his presentation for NASA loomed large and he needed a Scanner driver called Scanomatic, he was humored as he searched the web and discovered the Black Hole , Inc. was the source for this NeXT product locally.

<p>We enthusiastically repaired <a href="http://www.w3.org/History.html" target="_new">Tim

Berners Lee</a> NeXT Cube. Tim invented a little thing called:

The World Wide Web and the http standard on a NeXT Cube while at Cern. He currently uses the completely refurbished NeXT Cube at MIT. Tim is President of the WWW Consortium and he sent me an autographed copy of Weaving Web that tells his amazing story. It is interesting to read and you can order it here at our bookstore.

<P>NeXT hardware symbolizes all that the NeXT Operating System is about. Only

with original NeXT hardware is your NEXTSTEP experience complete and the black

magnesium case with matching components well to sum it up in cybersurfer terminology are just really awesome. The NeXT computer

is the roots or foundation of Steve Jobs dream project dubbed the reality distortion field and in my opinion was a very successful endeavor to make the coolest machine around as

Pat Crecine said, "Steve came to me after leaving Apple at CMU and said he wanted to make the best computer in the world for academic computing." From this thought was spawned the vision for the NeXT cube.

<p> Specifically NeXT's mission was to secretly to the point of ridiculous , successfully manufacture the best personal computer in world. NeXT accomplished this with Jobs at the lead. After flying Jolly Roger at Apple over disagreements about the future of Job's pet Macintosh project; Steve Jobs left Apple in 1985, over disagreements with the CEO John Sculley in philosophy and direction that Apple should take; after Steve left Apple ; Apple went into a tailspin .

<p> Specifically Steve's brilliant vision of a new object oriented operating

system, developer environment and amazing 100% perfection in a the final product a personal computer were in his future plans for Mac and so he left Apple with this thought in mind. Our rebel crew has been following Jobs journey to NeXT and the development of the dream machine , he has been our hero ever since and NeXT hardware still rules!

<p>"In looking at 6 guys from NeXT", one respected higher up in a fortune

500 company leaned to Michael Carter an administrator at Stanford and said ;

" I know IBM is a 60 Billion dollar company and I've seen 200 engineers at IBM

working to deliver NeXT generation IBM workstation round the clock but I give these 6 guys in blues jeans at NeXT an odds on chance of winning eventually"

<P> In his wake Steve Jobs harvested and recruited the world's best engineers , scientists and programmers from Apple and around the world to create a masterpiece in engineering and the result was a much cmaligned all be it ,one heck of a spare no expense company NeXT Computer, Inc.

<p> Jobs notorious rebel perfectionist, talented world class crew of lead engineers and developers from the Apple Macintosh project and the cream of the crop recruiting produced the Monochrome NeXT Cube Computer which originally boasted an advanced Optical drive as the boot drive with no floppy drive much to the dismay of those that owned one and heck hard drives were optional at a staggering $9,995 price tag in 1989 most folks had justifiable sticker shock.

Yes, Cubes were really incredible systems for the time and even today they are very usable however only 400 were manufactured and sold in 1989 because of price , keeping demand at bay , projections were for 40,000.

<P> In fact no one questions the fact that all of NeXT technology was and still is literally years ahead of its time, and yes for the time it was a lot of computer for the money but a lot of money for the computer for most folks only a dream. Some of NeXT's most sophisticated features and technology have yet to be seen in modern hardware and some of the old school NeXT software features only now appear in software from the evil empire MS as "new" stuff.Well Fortunately prices have dropped significantly and these NeXT workstations have held their value , only to go up and maintain usability over all this time, as evidenced by the lack of people looking for 286's running dos from 1989.

<p> NeXT's are still incredibly usable even today although not super quick , they can now be had for under $1000 even under $500 for some models, like owning an old Roll's Royce , that someone forgot about, well we still care.

<P> At the heart of NeXT technology is the operating system, in fact NeXT was

very first computer company to distribute software on CD-ROM with

NeXTSTEP release 3.0 and had Sony put together a 1X CD Drive this under much critical skepticism CD-ROM's , "what a joke" they will never catch on as floppy drives worked much better they echoed.

<p>So if you need seamless, smooth integration and unparalleled stability even today 10 years later of NEXTSTEP 3.3 running on NeXT hardware and enjoy the incredible fun of using NeXT 3rd party applications and perhaps some of you would like to endeavor to invent your own applications like Time Berners Lee did, it is easy to do on a NeXT; well you've found the right place , BHI.

<p> We can also upgrade you to the latest version of the operating system Openstep 4.2 called the most respected software on the planet by Byte Magazine ,

we know it as AKA NeXTSTEP and or help you get your old NeXT working again

with Openstep 4.2 for Mach or NeXTSTEP 3.3 and Y2K patches , Apple will call it OS X.

Even if you just appreciatethe museum fine quality workmanship

of NeXT magnesium encased hardware and keep in mind we are putting together

a NeXT museum display to show the future what making the best computer was all

about a long time ago, I'll bet it starts right up 100 years from now and

they'll read this and laugh and that ought to humor us all , who knows may be a lot of them will still be running.

<p> May be they will send someone back as long as it is not the terminator, yikes. Check out the offers below and feel free to place an order today via

phone 303-741-9998, fax 303-741-9997, e-mail: sales@blackholeinc.com or

fill out the form at the bottom of the page for a quote, theform is optional,

just makes it easier for everyone, we do ship globally.

As an added bonus NeXT Computers are Guaranteed NOT to run Windows 98!

<hr noshade size=2>

Price and availability subject to change.

<P> To get a <font color="#FF0000">QUOTE</font>, please <font color="#FF0000">FILL

in Quantity</font> that you seek:


<form method=POST action="http:/cgibin/e-merge.cgi/specials/blackhardware_merge.txt&display=/specials/blackhardware_merge.html">

<font face="Caslon,Utopia,Garamond,Palatino,Times">


<hr noshade size=1>

<h2><font color="#FF0000">Specials</font></h2>

</font> <font face="Caslon,Utopia,Garamond,Palatino,Times">

<PRE><Font face="courier"> </font><font face="Caslon,Utopia,Garamond,Palatino,Times"><font color="#FF0000">Explanation</font></font><Font face="courier"> : <b><font color="#408080">When you see a number : (1), (3), (6), (7), (8), (9), other

as a choice,

all you have to do is enter that number into

field at left to replace [0] with number [1].

This is an easy way to let us know , quantity, product

or option your are interested receiving a quote or purchasing

for any of products on our Black Hole, Incorporated site.</font></b><br><input name="special1" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"> <a href=" http://www.seagate.com/support/disc/specs/scsi/st1480n.html" target="new">Seagate ST 1480 N 426Mb(click for tech specs)</a> SCSI NeXT Harddrive

(Traditional NeXT OEM drive) </font><font face="Caslon,Utopia,Garamond,Palatino,Times"><font face="courier">

Enter (1) Seagate 426Mb drives</font></font><Font face="courier"> includes terminating resistors. </font><font face="Caslon,Utopia,Garamond,Palatino,Times"><font face="Caslon,Utopia,Garamond,Palatino,Times"><font face="courier"><font color="#FF0000">$29</font> </font></font></font><Font face="courier">

Enter (7) Seagate 426Mb drive NEXTSTEP 3.3 for NeXT Computers with Y2K Patch

preinstalled on drive, just install ready to go! <font color="#FF0000">$69</font>

</font><font face="Caslon,Utopia,Garamond,Palatino,Times"><font face="courier">Enter (9)</font></font> <Font face="courier">Seagate 426Mb Drive, NeXTSTEP 3.3 User Media &amp; Y2K Patch CD's ,

preinstalled and ready to go! <font color="#FF8000">$129</font>

(Complete package Insurance for future Backup, preregistered with Apple).

<font color="#AA0000">SPECIAL

</font><br><input name="special2" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"> NeXTSTEP 3.3 CD Roms' from Apple

(1) New NeXTSTEP 3.3 User <font color="#0080FF">$79</font>

Choice User</font> (1) <Font face="courier">Intel/NeXT or

(3) Sparc/HPPA Risc </font><font face="Caslon,Utopia,Garamond,Palatino,Times"><font face="courier"><font color="#0080FF">$79</font></font></font><Font face="courier">

</font><font face="Caslon,Utopia,Garamond,Palatino,Times"><font face="courier">

(5) NeXTSTEP 3.2 Developer CD <font color="#004080">$50</font>

(3.2 Dev works with 3.3 User!)

(6) NeXTSTEP 3.3 Developer CD and EOF 1.1 Bundle <font color="#0000A0">$249</font> </font></font><font face="courier" color="#800040">Super Special</font><Font face="courier">

(7) NeXTSTEP 3.3 User, Developer and EOF bundle <font color="#0000FF"> $319 </font>

We now have Black, Intel, Sparc and HPPA Risc

Versions available for all platforms.

(8) NeXTSTEP 3.3 Academic bundle <font color="#8000FF"> $249 </font>

(9) NeXTSTEP 3.0 CD-ROM (NeXT Collectable, NeXT was first computer company to

distribute software on CD-ROM and this is very CD! <font color="#8000FF">$20

NeXTSTEP 3.0 </font>included complete works of William Shakespeare and

Lyrics by Bob Dylan and other interesting stuff,

removed in later versions!


(please call or e-mail with questions)

<font color="#AA0000">


<input name="special3" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"></font><font face="Caslon,Utopia,Garamond,Palatino,Times"><font face="courier"><b> Super Special!

</b></font></font><Font face="courier">NeXTStation Monoturbo 32Mb, 426Mb Seagate Drive,

Choice of NeXTSTEP 3.3 User or Openstep 4.2 User includes,

preinstalled and registered NeXT\Apple CD Media w Y2K patch ,

Non ADB Keyboard, Non ADB Mouse, Monitor Cable

17" NeXT Sony Megapixel Monitor <font color="#FF0000">$499.00</font>

<font color="#AA0000">SPECIAL</font>

<input name="special4" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"> New NeXT compatible Modem Cable <font color="#808040">$25</font>

<font color="#AA0000">SPECIAL</font>

<input name="special5" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"> NeXTStation 33 MHz <i>Turbo <font color="#008040">Color</font></i> 32Mb RAM and 426 Gb Seagate ST1480N,

17" NeXT Color Monitor, Non ADB Keyboard, Mouse and Soundbox

Complete system also includes Choice of NeXTSTEP 3.3 User, Dev, EOF, Y2K

Openstep 4.2 User, Dev and Y2K Patch , Bootdisks ,

Install guide from Apple. (NeXT/Intel User compatible CD's)

preinstalled with Y2K Patch:

<font color="#800000"><b> <font size="2" color="#D83F23">Enter (1) 1000th customer NeXT 10 systems for Special price of $399</font></b></font>

Enter (7) for Special Academic only discount price <font color="#800040">$599</font> <font color="#E6A59B">


Enter (6) <font color="#A93D29">Nonacademic caught Cyber Loafing want one $600</font>

<font color="#FF0000"> Enter (9) Upgrade to 1gb hard drive</font> <font color="#FF0000">$499</font> for first ten 1000th customers ,

recommended if you are going to install developer.

<font color="#AA0000">SPECIAL</font>

<input name="special6" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"> NeXT Monitor:

17" <font color="#004080">Color</font> Megapixel Monitor <font color="#FF0000">$ 79</font> Enter (1),

with Y Cable <font color="#FF0000">$ 99</font> Enter (9),

Monitors were in clean storage for several years.

<font color="#AA0000">


<input name="special7" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"> NEXT 400DPI Laser Printer complete, not refurbished <font color="#FF0000">$179</font> Enter (1)

or NeXT 400 DPI Laser Printer with Paper trays, Cable

Refurbished , New rollers and Original NeXT Box <font color="#FF0000">$299</font> Enter (6)

(No cartridge Included )

ADD New compatible Cartridge , Cartridge only = <font color="#FF0000">$60</font> Enter (7)

Yes Cartridge with $179 printer <font color="#800040">$239</font> Enter (8)

Yes Cartridge with $299 printer <font color="#008040">$359</font> Enter (9)

<font color="#AA0000">SPECIAL</font><BR>

<input name="special8" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"> NeXT Turbo Color Workstation Slab

No Ram, No Hard Drive <font color="#FF0000">$99</font> Enter (1)

</font><font face="courier">Upgrade Options for Turbo Color Slab:</font>

<font face="Caslon,Utopia,Garamond,Palatino,Times">

<font face="courier">ADD Seagate 426 Mb <font color="#FF0000">$129</font> Enter (6)</font></font><Font face="courier">

ADD 16Mb Ram <font color="#FF8040">$129</font> Enter (7)

ADD 32Mb Ram <font color="#0000A0">$149</font> Enter (9)

<font color="#AA0000">


<input name="special9" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"> <font color="#800040"><b>CHEAP PENTIUMS NeXT/Linux/Windows compatible!</b></font>

<font color="#000080" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><b>Digital Equipment Corporation Celebris Pentium XL5133

Midtower Case 300 Watt Power Supply with cooling fan

Pentium 133 MHz processor, Upgradable to P233Mhz

Dual ZIF Socket Motherboard for Dual processors!

ADD a 2nd P133 MHz processor $49,

32Mb Ram expandable to 186Mb, 6 simm slots 4*8 EDO Simms included.

2.1Gb Quantum Grand Prix 7200 SCSI drive,

On board NCR SCSI or Adaptec 1542 ISA SCSI Card ,

2Mb Diamond Stealth Video Card,

Soundblaster 16 Sound Card,

Intel Ethernet Card 10 Mbt,

1.44 Floppy,

Digital PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse.</b></font>

No CD-ROM , We can add a CD drive for as little as $50

Operating system (available as upgrade option below).

Total Above: <font color="#0000FF">$429</font> (1)

Downgrade to no hard drive Pentium P60 System <font color="#0000FF">$119</font> (6)

Upgrade to NT 4.0 media, install and yes these are legal licenses!

with Openstep 4.2 Enterprise for NT <font color="#000080">$599</font> (7)


Openstep 4.2 for Mach or NeXTSTEP 3.3 media,

preinstalled and license and Y2K patch CD <font color="#0000A0">$599</font> (9)


New Openstep 4.2 for Mach Black/Intel <a href="http://blackholeinc.com/specials/openstep42_order.shtml">Price List</a>

<font color="#AA0000">SPECIAL</font>

<input name="special10" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"> New External Black 2 Bay SCSI Venus <font color="#804000"><b>Superbox</b></font> for <font color="#004040"><b>NeXT hardware 5/22/00!

</b></font></font><font face="Caslon,Utopia,Garamond,Palatino,Times"><font face="courier"><img src="superbox.GIF" width="320" height="240" align="middle"></font></font><Font face="courier">

Enter (1) New External Black SCSI NeXT Compatible

2 Bay (scsi 2) Case ONLY. <font color="#000080">$149 </font>

</font><font face="Caslon,Utopia,Garamond,Palatino,Times"><font face="courier">

Enter (2) New Toshiba 40X SCSI Compatible CD-ROM Drive

NeXT compatible SCSI cable and terminator. <font color="#000080">$309 </font></font></font><Font face="courier">

Enter (3) ADD Used 2Gb SCSI hard drive <font color="#000080">$499</font> includes both.


Enter (4) or ADD New 2Gb SCSI Jaz backup drive <font color="#008040">$899</font> includes choice of above.


Enter (9) New Item! 5GB Exabyte 8500 External 8MM Tapebackup in Sun Case

includes NeXTSTEP Safetynet software license, excellent condition

and SCSI 2 to scsi 2 cable works with NeXT and Intel hardware<font color="#008040">$699</font>

Also comment section available below , if your request is

different from any options or if you have further questions.

<font color="#AA0000">


<input name="special11" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"> Inventory blow out: Quantity 10 Multitech Rackmount Modems 14.4 baud

still new in the box! Great deal if you need to implement a low budget BBS or additional e-mail lines....

</font><Font face="courier">MT 1432 BR Modems V32. 42b (all you need is the mounting rack.)

<font color="#800040">10 * ($2.95 per unit) = $29.95!</font> Will ship globally!

<font color="#AA0000">SPECIAL</font>


</font>Click on through to:</PRE>


<li><a href="#NS">NeXTStations</a>

<li><a href="#NC">NeXTCubes</a>

<li><a href="#NP">NeXTPrinters</a>

<li><a href="#ST">Storage</a>

<li><a href="#CO">Components</a>


<hr noshade size=1>

<H2><a name="NS"></a>NeXT Stations</H2>

<PRE><Font face="courier">

<BR><input name="ns1" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"> MONO 25mhz, 8mb RAM , 426 HD $ 199.00

<BR><input name="ns2" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"> MONO TURBO 33mhz, 16mb RAM , 426 HD $ 299.00

<BR><input name="ns3" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"> MONO TURBO 33mhz, 32mb RAM , 426 HD $ 319.00

<BR><input name="ns4" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"> MONO TURBO 33mhz, 32mb RAM , 1.0gb HD $ 449.00


<H4>Price includes following:</H4>


<p><font face="Caslon,Utopia,Garamond,Palatino,Times">Station, Megapixel 17"

Mono Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor cable, Power cords, (NeXT Release 3.3

USER is installed on HD if one is purchased). </font></p>

<p><font face="Caslon,Utopia,Garamond,Palatino,Times"><a href="http://www.blackholeinc.com/specials/nextturbocolorspec.html" target="new">NeXT

Turbo Color Stations click this for Tech Specs</a></font> </p>


<input name="ns5" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">

COLOR TURBO 33mhz, 16Mb RAM , 426Mb HD $ 395.00 </p>


<input name="ns6" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">

COLOR TURBO 33mhz, 32mb RAM , 426Mb HD $ 499.00 Sony 17&quot; </p>


<input name="nsa" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">

COLOR TURBO 33mhz, 32mb RAM , 1.0gb HD $ 639.00 Sony 17&quot;</p>

<p><font face="Caslon,Utopia,Garamond,Palatino,Times">No Ram , No Hard Drive

on $395.00 system Enter (9) $369.00 </font></p>

<font face="Caslon,Utopia,Garamond,Palatino,Times"><H4>Price includes following:</H4>

Station, 17" Color Monitor,(IF you want a 21" HITACHI monitor, add $100.00 to

price), Keyboard, Mouse, Sound Box, Monitor cable, Power cords, (NeXT Release

3.3 USER is installed on HD if one is purchased).

<hr noshade size=1>

<H2><a name="NC"></a>NeXT Cubes</H2>

<pre><Font face="courier">Unfortunately We are Currently sold out of complete cube systems, 5/3/00

specifically no 040 Motherboards, no 4mb 30 pin Simms and

no Mono Monitor Cables. We may receive more in future no current ETA.

We do have, &quot;yes&quot; Cube Cases with Power Supplies, &quot;yes&quot; Monitors B&amp;W/Color,

&quot;yes&quot; Hard Drives, &quot;yes&quot; 030 Motherboards, &quot;yes&quot; 4 &amp; 8Mb 72 Pin Simms

&quot;Yes&quot; 6 foot Color Dimension cables. &quot;Yes&quot;, KB,Mice,sb.<BR><input name="ns7" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"><font color="#C0C0C0">25mhz, 16mb RAM , 400mb HD $ 395.00 Sold Out</font>

<BR><input name="ns8" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"><font color="#C0C0C0">25mhz, 64mb RAM , 400mb HD $ 575.00 Sold Out

</font><BR><input name="ns9" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"><font color="#C0C0C0">Turbo Cube 33mhz, 64mb RAM , 540Mb HD with 17&quot; Sony Mono Monitor $ 1,695.00 Sold out</font>

<BR><input name="ns10" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"><font color="#008000">Turbo Cube</font> 33Mhz with Dimension, rare

64Mb Ram Main Board/ 32Mb Ram Dimension Board, 2Gb Seagate Barracuda HD

with 17&quot; Sony Trinitron and 17&quot; Mono Monitor $ 2,495.00

Upgrade to 4Gb Drive ADD $400


<H4>Price includes following:</H4>

Station, Megapixel Mono Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor cable, Power cords,

(NeXT Release 3.3 USER is installed on HD if one is purchased).(With a TURBO

CUBE DIMENSION system you have your choice of Color Monitor)

<PRE><Font face="courier">

<BR><input name="ns11" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"><font color="#C0C0C0">Cube Motherboard $ 149.00</font>

<font color="#800040">Sold out</font><BR><input name="ns12" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"><font color="#C0C0C0">Turbo Cube Motherboard $ 549.00

<font color="#800040">Sold Out</font></font>

<BR><input name="ns13" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"><font color="#C0C0C0">Dimension Board NTSC, 0mb RAM $ 495.00

<font color="#800040">Sold Out</font></font>

<BR><input name="ns14" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">Cube Case only $ 129.00, going quick!

<BR><input name="ns15" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">Cube Fan $ 29.00

<BR><input name="ns16" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">Cube Mono Monitor Cable 6' $ 129.00, Hard to find!

<BR><input name="ns17" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">New 6' Dimension Monitor Cable $ 79.00

<BR><input name="ns18" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">Cube Power supply $ 79.00


<hr noshade size=1>

<H2><a name="NP"></a>NeXTPrinters</H2>

<PRE><Font face="courier">

<BR><input name="ns19" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">400 dpi Laser Printer $ 195.00

<BR><input name="ns20" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"><font color="#C0C0C0">Next Color Printer $ 195.00 Sold Out</font>

<BR><input name="ns21" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">Paper cassette trays $ 20.00

<BR><input name="ns22" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">Paper exit trays $ 15.00

<BR><input name="ns23" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">Printer Cable $ 50.00

<BR><input name="ns24" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">Black Ink Cart. for Color Printer $ 10.00

<font color="#8000FF">All colors available, Set of 4 $50 Enter (9)</font></font></PRE>

<hr noshade size=1>

<H2><a name="ST"></a>Storage</H2>

<PRE><Font face="courier">

<BR><input name="ns25" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">1 GB Seagate SCSI $ 99 Enter (1)

We can install 3.3 or 4.2 for you on 1Gb! $ 129 Enter (7)

ADD 3.3 User CD Media $ 199 Enter (9) </font></PRE>

<hr noshade size=1>

<H2><a name="CO"></a>Components</H2>

<PRE><Font face="courier">

<BR><input name="ns26" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">Mono Station Motherboard(includes CPU) $ 20.00

<BR><input name="ns27" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"><font color="#FF0000">Mono TURBO Motherboard(includes CPU)</font> <font color="#FF0000">$ 79.00</font> <font color="#FF0000">

Black Hole Special Sale Price</font>

<font color="#FF0000">Upgrade kit for your old 25Mhz Monostation

to a 33Mhz Mono Turbo,

It is very easy to do all you need is a

Philip's Screw driver , 10 Minutes,

Yes we can talk

you through it , if needed...

Mono Turbo's are faster than Turbo Colors,

$79 price includes: 32Mb (4 * 8) 72 pin Simms!

$149 Enter (9) to include prechecked:

Mono Turbo Slab case,

68040 Processor, 33Mhz

Power Supply with Fan

2.88 Floppy Drive ,

32Mb Ram 4 * 8Mb 72 Pin Simms


Seagate 426 Mb Hard Drive

Mounting Bracket and Drive Cables

</font><BR><input name="ns28" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">Color Motherboard(includes CPU) $ 20.00

<BR><input name="ns29" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">Color TURBO Motherboard(includes CPU) $ 60.00

<BR><input name="ns30" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">NeXT Station Fan $ 5.00

<BR><input name="ns31" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">New NeXT Station Battery $ 6.95 NEW

<BR><input name="ns32" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">NeXT Floppy Drive for slab or cube $ 35.00

<BR><input name="ns33" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">NeXT Power Supply(slab) $ 49.00

<BR><input name="ns34" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">Floppy Dr. cable & mounting Bracket(slab) $ 10.00

<BR><input name="ns35" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">Floppy Dr. cable(Cube) $ 15.00 NEW Custom made!

<BR><input name="ns36" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">MODEM CABLES for NeXT machines $ 25.00 NEW

<BR><input name="ns37" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"><font color="#000040">Next SCSI 1 to SCSI 2 CABLES w/term. $ 45.00</font>

<BR><input name="ns38" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">Next SCSI 1 to SCSI 2 CABLES w/o term. $ 25.00

<BR><input name="ns39" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">Mono Cases $ 10.00

<BR><input name="ns40" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">Mono Turbo Cases $ 10.00

<BR><input name="ns41" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">Color Cases $ 10.00

<BR><input name="ns42" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">Color Turbo Cases $ 10.00

<BR><input name="ns43" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">Hard drive Mounting Brackets(for slab) $ 5.00

<BR><input name="ns44" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">RAM 4mb 30 pin $ 20.00

<BR><input name="ns45" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">RAM 4mb 72 pin $ 10.00

<BR><input name="ns46" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">RAM 8mb 72 pin $ 15.00 NEW

<BR><input name="ns47" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"><font color="#C0C0C0">RAM 32mb 72 pin New $ 80.00</font>

<BR><input name="ns48" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">NeXT Mouse NON ADB $ 55.00

<BR><input name="ns49" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"><font color="#C0C0C0">MOUSE REPLACEMENT(Logitech) for NON ADB $ 50.00</font>

<BR><input name="ns50" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">NeXT Mouse ADB $ 55.00

<BR><input name="ns51" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">NeXT Keyboard NON ADB $ 45.00

<BR><input name="ns52" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">NeXT Keyboard ADB $ 45.00

<BR><input name="ns53" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"><font color="#C0C0C0">NeXT Mono Station Monitor Cable $ 49.00

Sold Out</font>

<BR><input name="ns54" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"><font color="#C0C0C0">NeXT Mono Monitor Cable Cube $ 129.00

Sold Out</font>

<BR><input name="ns55" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">NeXT Color Station Monitor Y Cable $ 35.00

<BR><input name="ns56" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">New NeXT Dimension Monitor Cable $ 79.00 NEW

<BR><input name="ns57" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">NeXT Sound Box NON ADB $ 29.00

<BR><input name="ns58" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">NeXT Sound Box ADB $ 29.00

<BR><input name="ns59" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"><font color="#FF0000">NeXT 17" Megapixel Mono Monitor N4000A $ 99.00 cool looking one!

</font><BR><input name="ns60" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">NeXT 17" Megapixel Mono Monitor N4000B $ 195.00

<BR><input name="ns61" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">NeXT 17" Color Fimi Monitor $ 79.00

<BR><input name="ns62" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">NeXT 17" Color Fimi Monitor(scratched) $ 35.00

<BR><input name="ns63" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">New 17&quot; Viewsonic Black Monitors $ 499.00

<BR><input name="ns64" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">NeXT 17" Sony Trinitron Monitor $ 149.00

<BR><input name="ns65" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"><font color="#C0C0C0">NeXT 17" Sony Trinitron Mon.(Dim) $ 69.00 , not recommended as it is faded.

</font><BR><input name="ns66" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">NeXT 21" Hitachi Color Monitor $ 249.00

<BR><input name="ns67" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0"><font color="#C0C0C0">NeXT 21" Hitachi Color Mon.(scratched) $ 100.00 Sold Out</font>

<BR><input name="ns68" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">BNC ADAPTERS FOR COLOR MONITORS $ 99.00


<P>All equipment is used unless otherwise stated. We inspect all equipment to

ensure it is fully functional before shipping and guarantee all equipment

to work out of box.

<P> <BR>

<font color="#8080C0">Prices do not include shipping which is approximately

$65.00 per system with a 17" monitor shipped ground delivery within continental

US and most of Canada. </font>

<P><font color="#8080C0">Overseas shipments are sent either by UPS Expedited

or Federal Express and shipping charges are checked and verified with

customer before shipping. Please note Shipping Internationally overseas for

complete systems with monitors is very expensive ranging from $200 to $900+

, this is what UPS or Fed EX Charges to ship freight 24&quot; 24&quot; 24&quot;

box that weighs 65 to 100 lbs. Depending on contents. </font>

<P><font color="#8080C0">Also any additional International tariff's , duties,

fee's and taxes are purchasers responsibility </font>

<P><font color="#8080C0">International Customers very important , please note

with 220 Volt Electricity and powersupplies!!!</font>

<P>NeXT Computers have Autoswitching 110 to 220 Volt Power Supplies.

<P><font color="#AA0000">NeXT LASER Printers and NeXT MONITORS DO NOT Autoswitch

to 220 Volts from 110 Volts, If you power it up with out switching the power

to 220 Volts it will damage your components!!! The switch is located under

the cover of the Laser Printer and Color Printer

and on the back of the monitors by the plug , please double check this

before powering just in case it is not set correctly for 220 Volts!!!</font>

<P>Prices subject to change without notice.

<P> <BR>

<input name="ns69" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">

I just need a quote by e-mail and prefer contacting Black Hole, Inc. for

purchase and further questions. Enter 1

<P> <BR>

<input name="ns70" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">

I'm a customer ready to order when you call me, (credit card or cod orders)

please call ASAP, preferences enter 1 for daytime 8 to noon Mountain standard

time, 2 for noon to 6,or 3 for evenings 6 to 9, 4 for Saturday 10 to 2

<P> <BR>

<input name="ns71" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">

I'm ready to order products entered on this form, I'll be contacting you

with my credit card information; enter 1

<P> <BR>

<input name="ns72" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">

I also need a quote for shipping; enter 1 US Post Office, 2 UPS, 3 Fed EX

, 4 our choice most economical way.

<P> <BR>

<input name="ns73" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">

I have further questions about products, please expect a call or e-mail

from me, enter 1

<P> <BR>

<input name="ns74" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">

Super Special 5/3/00: NEXT COLOR 25mhz 32mb RAM and 426Mb HD with 17" Monitor,

Keyboard, Mouse, Sound Box, Monitor Y cable with 3.3 Media installed . $249

and $65 Shipping in US.

<P> <BR>

<input name="ns75" size="2" min="0" max="4" value="0">

I hate Windows Survey; Enter 1 for its easy to hate Windows, 5 neither here

nor there, 10 for Windows is excellent dudes, built in Windows Fatal Error

feature is more impressive than a system panic any day and 99 Bill Gates should

rule planet, warning entering 99 will result in a flame war.



All fields in <b>bold</b> must be filled out:<P>

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