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[nn1]  NeXT Workstation        $99.95 Option 1
[nn2]  NeXT Workstation        $299.95  Option 2
[nn3]  NeXT Workstation        $495.00   Option 3
[nn4]  NeXT Workstation        $695.00    Option 4
[ns1]  NeXT Cube               $599.00 
       with Dimension         $1099.00 Option 9
[ns2]  Non ADB Mouse            $49.00 , $25 
[ns4]  Non Adb Keyboard         $49.00 , $25
[ns5]  NeXT Color Turbo $79 only 
[ns6]  NeXT Color Turbo $299

[ns7]   TURBO Color 33mhz, 128mb RAM ,    4Gb  ++++              $699.00
[ns46]  RAM 32mb 72 pin                            $   49.00
[ns47]  System Administration Manual $25.00                        
[ns69]  I just need a quote by email and prefer contacting Black Hole, Inc. for the purchase and further questions. enter 1
[ns70]  I'm a customer ready to order when you call me, (credit card or cod orders) please call ASAP, preferences enter 1 for daytime 8 to noon Mountain standard time, 2 for noon to 6,or 3 for evenings 6 to 9, 4 for Saturday 10 to 2  
[ns71]  I'm ready to order the products entered on this form, I'll be contacting you with my credit card information; enter 1
[ns72]  I also need a quote for shipping; enter 1 US Post Office, 2 UPS, 3 Fed EX , 4 our choice most economical way.           
[ns73]  I have further questions about the products, please expect a call or email from me, enter 1 
[ns74]  Super Special: Intel Pentiums 17" Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Sound Box, Monitor Y cable and $195.00
and $65 Shipping US

[ns75]  I hate Windows Survey; Enter 1 for its easy to hate Windows, 5 neither here nor there, 10 for Windows is excellent dudes, the built in Windows Fatal Error feature is more impressive than a system panic and Bill Gates should rule the planet, warning entering 10 may result in a flame war, we're just kidding.

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