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NeXT Stations

NeXTstation 68040 25Mhz

NeXTstation 68040 33Mhz Mono Turbo

The NeXTstation computer is the most affordable NeXT computer available. It offers unprecedented performance at an affordable price. The NeXTstation is ideal either as a standalone system or connected to a network.

The engineers at NeXT have pioneered a variety of new technologies to create the high-performance NeXTstation. At the heart of the computer is a Motorola 68040 CPU, running at 25 MHz. It is part of a system architecture that also includes a Motorola 56001 DSP and an Integrated Channel Processor invented at NeXT. The NeXTstation provides exceptional system throughput and performance.

The NeXTstation includes 8 MB of main memory, which can be expanded to an impressive 32 MB. It offers the latest in floppy disk technology; our 3.5-inch floppy disk drive stores 2.88 MB of information and can also read from and write to 1.44 MB and 720 KB DOS-formatted disks. The 105 MB internal hard disk drive that comes with the computer is preloaded with NeXT system software; a 340 MB hard disk is available as an option. High-performance Ethernet capabilities are built in – the computer offers both thin and twisted-pair Ethernet.

Features and Benefits

Motorola 68040 CPU
The NeXTstation uses a powerful Motorola 68040 CPU that provides impressive system performance. The NeXTstation is capable of processing at 15 MIPS and 2 MFLOPS.

Built-in networking capabilities
Like the rest of the NeXT product line, the NeXTstation has both thin and twisted-pair Ethernet built in, which makes connecting it to a network a snap.

MegaPixel DisplayMegaPixel Display
One of the clearest displays in the industry, the MegaPixel Display features a screen that measures 17 inches diagonally. You can view a full page of your work with plenty of space left over for menus, icons, and tools.

2.88 MB Floppy Disk Drive
The floppy disk drive lets you store 2.88 MB of information on inexpensive, removable disk. It also reads from and writes to 1.44 MB and 720 KB DOS-formatted disks.

Compact design
The NeXTstation computer’s main unit was designed to fit under the NeXT MegaPixel Display, and it doesn’t take up additional space on your desk.

NeXTstation Board


Motorola 68040 25 MHz CPU

Motorola 56001 25 MHz Digital Signal Processor

Integrated Channel Processor



Main Memory

DSP Static Memory

Mass Storage

3.5-inch Floppy Disk Drive

105 MB Hard Disk Drive 340 MB Hard Disk Drive

MegaPixel Display


Dimensions Weight

Input Devices



Communications and Interfaces

Other Specifications


Weight Power Operating Environment Regulations

For price quote or to place an order Enter Quantity and proceed:
NeXT Workstation mono 25mhz, 8mb RAM , 426Mb HD $ 250.00
NeXT Workstation mono 25mhz, 32mb RAM , 1Gb HD $ 295.00
NeXT Workstation MONO TURBO 33mhz, 64mb RAM , 4 Gb HD $ 495.00
NeXT Workstation MONO TURBO 33mhz, 128mb RAM , 4.0Gb HD loaded $ 695.00 Peripheral specials with NeXT choice of a NeXT 400 DPI Laser Printer or NeXT Compatible HSD Scanner $49


************************ CUBES********************


The NeXTcube is a versatile, easy-to-use workstation that can be utilized as a desktop monochrome system, true color 32-bit-per-pixel color/video workstation or file server system, all featuring NeXT’s object-oriented operating and development environment.

Whether used with the NeXTdimension board as a standalone workstation incorporating 32-bit-per-pixel color/video, or as a server on a network, the NeXTcube computer offers a tremendous amount of flexibility and performance in a single, one-foot-square magnesium cube. The system is built around the Motorola 25-megahertz 68040 CPU with integrated memory management and floating-point units, and includes the Motorola 56001 Digital Signal Processor for superior sound handling.

The NeXTcube may be equipped with 16 to 64 megabytes of main memory, and offers a variety of storage options – ranging from a 2.88-megabyte floppy disk drive to hard drives with capacities from 400 megabytes to 2.8 gigabytes. In addition, there are three available NeXTbus slots, so additional functionality can be added to the NeXTcube via NeXTbus expansion cards from third-party vendors or from NeXT, making the NeXTcube an extremely versatile workstation.

Features and Benefits

Motorola 68040 Combined central processing (CPU), floating-point (FPU) and paged memory management (PMMU) units with 8 kilobytes of on-chip cache memory. A highly integrated microprocessor design providing excellent computer performance, high data transfer rate, and exceptional reliability.
Three NeXTbus expansion slots NeXTbus expansion slots for third-party and NeXT boards, such as the NeXT dimension color board. Provides flexibility for expansion as your requirements change and new technology becomes available.
Motorola 56001 DSP   Provides fast processing of large matrix calculations – used for generating CD-quality sound, music, speech, and tone detection.
MegaPixel 17-inch Monochrome Display 1120 x 832 resolution with 92 dpi Delivers sharp, crisp display of text and graphics with enough screen space to run multiple applications simultaneously.
Server capabilities   Turn a standard NeXTcube into a server system, simply by adding more memory and storage.
Eight built-in ports SCSI

Two RS-423 serial ports

DSP I/O port

Display port

Laser printer port

Two Ethernet (twisted and thin) ports

Support of up to seven SCSI peripherals.

Allows NeXTcube computers to be tailored to meet your needs with popular serial-based peripherals such as fax and data modems without using expansion slots.

Supports direct I/O access to the DSP.

Provides connection to built-in video.

Allows direct connection to NeXT’s 400 dpi Laser Printer.

Provides easy connection to virtually any Ethernet network without having to purchase additional cards or adapters.

Built-in sound I/O   Allows voice input to applications with sound-handling capabilities and provides dual channel CD-quality output.
Variety of storage options   We offer several storage options – a 2.88 MB floppy disk drive; a 256 MB optical disk drive; a CD-ROM drive; and 105 MB, 340 MB, 660 MB, and 1.4 GB hard disk drives – giving you the ability to choose the type and amount of storage to meet your needs.
NeXT 2.88 MB floppy disk drive   2.88 MB of storage space using extended density (ED) disks, as well as 720 KB and 1.44 MB disks.

Allows for convenient transfer of data files between Macintosh, OS/2, and MS/DOS.

16 MB on-board RAM 16 SIMM memory sockets expandable to 64 MB Supports 16, 32, and 64 MB SIMMs in four-SIMM increments.
Flexibility in memory configurations   You can equip the NeXTcube with 8 MB to 64 MB of main memory, depending on your needs.
Optional parity support   Parity memory checking is available when optional parity RAM is installed.
NEXTSTEP   UNIX-based operating environment optimized for multitasking and networking.

Offers superior graphical user interface and development environment, with the only object-oriented system software available on the market today.

Product Details

68040 Processor

The 68040 is a fast and highly integrated microprocessor with a clock speed of 25 MHz. The 68040 contains 1.2 million transistors, more than any other microprocessor in its class. The incredible number of transistors is required because the 68040 is actually four chips in one – a central processing unit, a floating point unit, a paged memory management unit, and 8 kilobytes of cache memory.

The system clock speed is identical to the CPU bus speed, providing an average execution time per instruction of 1.3 clock cycles.

There are two 4-kilobyte memory caches, one for data, the other for instructions, along with burst mode read and write-back caching for improved data transfers.

56001 DSP

Built into the NeXTcube’s design is the 56001 DSP, a 25 MHz digital signal processor. With 24 K of static RAM cache, upgradable to 96 K, the DSP is dedicated to the task of handling digital signals – such as sound – at exceptional speeds.

The DSP is capable of generating compact-disc-quality sound: 44.1 kHz sampling rate with 16-bit resolution and full stereo.

Other uses for the DSP range from receiving still and video images to a variety of other data transmission and acquisition activities.

Network Support

Built-in networking, both thin and twisted-pair Ethernet ports are designed into all NeXT computers.

Network software and administrative tools are preloaded on all hard drives to simplify connecting to virtually any network, with no additional cards to purchase, install, or configure.

DMA Architecture

NeXT computers were designed to handle the most complex tasks efficiently. Rather than emulating a traditional PC or workstation architecture, NeXT systems used a direct memory access (DMA) architecture similar to that of mainframe computers for off-loading I/O functions from the CPU to the peripheral controller (PC) chip to maximize system throughput.

NeXTbus Expansion Slots

NeXTbus provides a multiplexed 32-bit address and data bus on a single Euro-DIN 96-pin connector.

NeXTbus architecture runs at 25 MHz and can support data transfer rates of up to 100 MB per second in burst mode.

NeXTbus is self-configuring: cards can be plugged into any slot and the system will automatically identify and configure each card.

RAM Configurations

NeXTcubes are currently available in 16, 32, or 64 MB RAM configurations.

RAM upgrades can be added incrementally in four-SIMM increments up to 64 MB of RAM.

Parity memory is also an option and can be ordered on a select number of configurations.


SCSI is an expandable high-performance interface for connecting NeXTcubes to hard disks and other peripherals, such as the NeXT Color Printer, NeXT CD-ROM Drive, scanners, and other devices. Up to seven SCSI peripherals (including the internal hard disks) can be connected.

SCSI data transfer rates are up to 4.8 Mbytes per second (SCSI-I implementation).

A SCSI-II-type connector was used on NeXTcubes to provide high data reliability in CPU-to-peripheral connection.

Sound I/O

NeXT computers have been designed to accept and process sound.

Using the built-in microphone in the MegaPixel Display or an external microphone, voice messages can be easily added to electronic mail or used to annotate applications.


Based on the industry’s first object-oriented system software, NEXTSTEP offers an elegant graphical user interface and one of the most productive development environments available today.


NeXT’s operating system is based on the Mach UNIX kernel developed at Carnegie Mellon University, which features shared memory, fast interprocess communication, multitasking, and network support.

NeXT’s UNIX is compatible with UNIX 4.3 BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution).

Display PostScript

NeXT offers a unified imaging model, Display PostScript, for imaging on both the screen and printer.

Bundled Software

Each NeXTcube ships with an unprecedented amount of end-user and development software including:

End-User Applications

System Administration Applications NEXTSTEP Release 2.2 Extended also includes:

End-User Applications

Developer Tools

Technical Specifications

NeXTcube Board


Motorola 68040 25 MHz CPU

Motorola 56001 25 MHz Digital Signal Processor

Performance 25 MHz

Peripheral Controller Integrated Channel Processor Memory

DRAM Main Memory

DSP Static Memory

Internal Mass Storage Options

3.5-inch Floppy Disk Drive

(Not included with 2.8 GB hard drive option) 105 MB Hard Disk Drive 340 MB Hard Disk Drive 400 MB Hard Disk Drive 660 MB Hard Disk Drive 1.4 GB Hard Disk Drive 2.8 GB Hard Disk Drive 256 MB Optical Disk Drive CD ROM

MegaPixel Color Display


Dimensions Weight

Input Devices



Communication and Interfaces

Other Specifications


Weight Power Operating Environment Regulations All performance numbers shown were attained using Release 3.0 compilers, GNU C 1.36, Absoft FORTRAN 77 3.1, Greenhills Fortran 68000 1.8.5, Kuck and Associates Preprocessor.

The NeXTcube computer is the expandable NeXT computer for people who need maximum configuration flexibility in mass storage and memory. It can also be used as a server on a network.

The NeXTcube offers a tremendous amount of power and performance – all in a one-foot magnesium cube. It uses the powerful Motorola 68040 CPU and Motorola 56001 DSP. As your needs change, you can add more memory. You can also add up to three boards to the NeXTcube, simply by plugging them into the NeXTbus. For instance, you might consider adding a NeXTdimension color board.


NeXT CUBE 68040 25 mhz, mint condition!

64Mb of Ram,

4Gb Seagate Drive,

$599.00 Enter 1

NeXT DB 19 6 foot Monitor cable ,

NeXT 17" Mono 4000A monitor (Bright)

(Award winning frog design),

NeXT Non ADB Keyboard

NeXT Non ADB Mouse

Add a NeXT Dimension board w 32Mb Vram includes

NeXT Dimension monitor Cable & NeXT 17" Color monitor,

$500.00 Enter 9, Total is $1099 !

NON ADB Keyboards Premium Condition $49 = Option 1

NON ADB Keyboards refurbished $25 = Option 9

Non ADB Mouse Premium Condition $49 = Option 1

Non ADB Mouse Normal Use $25 = Option 9

NeXT Color Turbo 68040 33Mhz Slab only $ 79.00 Upgrades available.

COLOR TURBO 33mhz, 16Mb Ram , 426Mb HD $ 299.00 = ++++
COLOR TURBO 33mhz, 16Mb Ram , 426Mb HD $ 319.00 = ++++
Mono TURBO 33mhz, 32Mb RAM , 426Mb HD $ 319.00 = ++++
Mono Station 25mhz, 8mb RAM , 105Mb HD $ 99.00 = ++++ NeXTSTEP 3.X installed , complete system !
Mono Station, 25Mhz 20mb RAM , 426Mb HD $ 149.00 = ++++ NeXTSTEP 3.3 Installed, complete system!
NeXT Cube 25Mhz 68030Processor $ 599.00 = ++++ 64mb RAM Seagate Barracuda 4 Gigabyte HD with NeXTSTEP 3.3 Installed Complete System the cases are scratched and missing logos all other components have logos. 6 foot cable ,17" Mono 4000A monitor bright, Non ADB Keyboard and mouse.

++++ = Price includes the following:

Systems includes Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Sound Box, Monitor cable, Power cords, (NeXT Release 3.3 USER and Y2K Patch preinstalled on the HD if one is purchased with system).

RAM 32mb 72 pin $ 49.00 per simm, NeXT Mono Turbo Compatible

remember sets of 2 needed. Mono Turbo max at 128Mb 4 by 32Mb

NeXT System Administration Manual $25.00

All equipment is used unless otherwise stated. We inspect all equipment to ensure it is fully functional before shipping and guarantee all equipment to work out of the box.

Prices do not include shipping which is approximately $65.00 per system with a 17" monitor shipped ground delivery within the continental US and Canada. Overseas shipments are sent by UPS Expedited and shipping charges are checked and verified with the customer before shipping.Prices subject to change without notice.

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Super Special :

NEXT 17" Megapixel Color monitors enter 1

NeXT 17" Sony 4000A Mono monitor enter 9 ,

$49 and $50 Shipping in the US and Canada UPS Ground or 3 day depending on location.

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