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Nebula CD-ROM available through Black Hole, Incorporated, while supplies last!

Nebula Quad-Fat CD-ROM $49.95 = 750+ NeXT applications with source!

Nebula Quad-Fat CD-ROM. offers hundreds of NEXTSTEP/ Openstep compatible applications with full source code. For anyone interested in learning more about Object Oriented programming or for those that have been searching for a cool NeXT focused CD , Nebula is simply the ticket. Nebula is an incredible resource for programmers and people who have the NEXTSTEP/ Openstep or the Prelude to Rhapsody package and need a starting point to begin discovering what the future of programming is all about. In essence Nebula provides a valuable foundation designed to help users to learn basic OOP code structure and fundamentals from NeXT applications via developers tried and true source code.

All in all the Nebula CD-ROM offers more then 750 applications for NEXTSTEP/ Openstep for Mach based systems and we are positive you will find Nebula to be an outstanding addition to your NeXTSTEP /Openstep software library.

What on Nebula?

Nebula offers the largest collection of Quad-FAT applications presently available for NeXTSTEP /Openstep.

Categories include utilities, games, astronomy, financial, educational, graphics, mail, etc. You will also find graphics in tiff, PostScript, gif and login panels. Nebula further includes a large collection of fonts and sounds plus many other files. Programmers will be happy to note that almost all the applications on the disc comes with complete source code. A special source code folder is included which contains more then 100 megabytes of example source code and applications making the Nebula a valuable reference for NEXTSTEP programmers.

Author Eric Tremblay

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