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[special1]  Enter 1 for I vote to keep Openstep AKA Rhapsody AKA Mac OS 10 Server on Intel alive.

[special2]  1 I would like to see Openstep compete with Windows, Linux and BeOS on

[special3]  1 I'm Interested in Openstep 4.2 for Intel PC Hardware

[special4]  I usually purchase Computer products for Academic = 1, Commercial = 2 , Personal = 3 , Government = 4 use.

[special5]  Enter Number of years using NeXT products.

[special6]  Enter Number of years using Apple products.

[special7]  Enter Number of years using Microsoft products and hating it.

[special8]  I'm interested in more information on Black Hole, enter 1.

[ns69]  I just need a quote by email and prefer contacting Black Hole, Inc. for any purchases and further questions. enter 1

[ns70]  I'm willing to Add my name to a petition to save was called NeXTSTEP then
    called Openstep , renamed by Apple to Rhapsody transitioning now called Mac OS X Server, How About NeXTSTEP or Openstep 2000 Enter 1

[ns71]  WWW Library support

[ns72]  Mac OS Beta rating 1 to 10 Excellent

[ns73]  Opensound Port to Openstep port, yes I use Openstep and would support it enter 1

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