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Black Hole, Incorporated, polis, it is about history and destiny.

2001 Black Hole, Incorporated is a one stop NeXTSTEP/Openstep Shopping experience. Our mission is to provide our customers with top quality products bundled with a friendly atmosphere of service and support. We have great references over 5 years of providing NeXTSTEP/Openstep products and services to the NeXT community. Our customers include Commercial, Academic, Government and Personal marketplaces. We know through experience NeXT products are great products.

The goal of this site is to provide our customers with an easy way to shop and learn about NeXT products and services.

http://www.blackholeinc.com now offers our customers:

Our focus is maintaining the present and future needs of the growing NeXT/Apple community. We are managing the transition to Rhapsody with heart because we care about all of our past, present and future customers. We offer quality Openstep system solutions through our experience with working in the NeXT/Intel/Sun/HP environment for 5+ years.

We also recognize the importance of passing good deals along to you our customers. We enjoy selling to the NeXT marketplace, and have been through and survived NeXT's many transitional phases, because we have always believed. NeXT products are the best software products on the planet, and we know our customers in the NeXT community to be the world's most intelligent people.

We have fun and take pride in what we do and although we are not perfect, we will be the first to admit our mistakes and work to correct them.

We are confident, determined to succeed and respectfully like to learn from you. It helps us improve our business, so please feel free to let us know how you use NeXTSTEP/Openstep, and what you are looking for from us, especially in terms of NeXTSTEP/Openstep/Apple products, services, and accessories.

Experience has proven that listening to the wants and needs of our customers is the key to success, and providing them with quality solutions goes a long way to developing and maintaining solid business relationships.

We look forward to your continuing support in this business endeavor and we plan on reinvesting substantially back into the company for the good of the NeXT/Apple community.

Thoughts are to Add Adobe and Macintosh 3rd party products in the future as well , Laptops also currently available !

Best Regards,

Rob Blessin

Rhapsody customers please note the intent of this page is to be humorous and also serious about the nature of the stealth customer driven marketing campaign:

1998 Rob's story about the mystery OS, in progress, I'll continue adding to it because it is an interesting story.

What Rhapsody OS is perhaps destined to be:

Where Rhapsody Came From: 1985

Where I Came In:

NeXT, Inc Woes

What's Now & What's Next

What's Carbon?

How did Jobs and Apple Reunite?

Why am I doing this and how did BHI come to be what it is?

******* Here is the scoop on Rhapsody DR2 Intel running NEXTSTEP 3.3 and Openstep Apps:

Thanks Anthony Fernandez!

I saw a post a while back that NEXTSTEP apps might work in DR2 for Intel. Well, I grabbed the contents of /usr/shlib and /usr/lib/NEXTSTEP/Resources from my OPENSTEP 4.2 CD and was able to run Digit.app (a nice calculator app written for NS 3.3). Haven't tried anything more complex yet.

Just thought you all might like to know,

...Bill Chin

(who depends on PencilMeIn, SBook, and Quantrix until replacements can be developed)

Bill Chin recently reported that Rhapsody DR2/Intel can run NEXTSTEP 3.3 apps. I decided to try it myself, and it evidently works. Just copy over /usr/shlib and /usr/lib/NEXTSTEP/Resources onto RDR2, and you can even run Newsgrazer.app!!

I haven't tried all of my other old 3.3 apps yet, but I'm hopeful....


Kind regards Anthony

Please let us know if you have tried this and what applications work, I'll post them here, I'm also trying this on our Super Cube its a P11..... sound good !

Best Regards Rob Blessin ##################

Year 2000 Info from Apple and the Millennium Day proposal:

Y2K our good old calendar bending the rules proposal , might as well think different. 10/21/98

This will work if it is destined to happen, now I have a really interesting idea. The year 2000 is a milestone for the history of the world's people and a millennium year comes along once every 1000 years. After doing some cool research, I discovered a day and a story to go with it that most people have probably not heard about. I'm talking about a specific day that happens once every 400 years and is going to happen in the year 2000. I'm sure will be of interest to you and after talking with a lot of people about this concept the majority of the people like this idea.

I propose a way to possibly solve depends on the operating system or at least extend the time to resolve the year 2000 problem on the day it is predicted to happen. We all will have fun doing it by stretching New Years 1999 an extra day or 24 hours. We are all lucky enough to enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity to bend the rules on the calendar for a day and Millennium's come along once every 1000 years. This day by rule of the Gregorian Calendar established in 1582 happens once every 400 years and probably most of us never even thought about this including myself until I started thinking about this a few days ago. Some of you may have guessed that this extra day February 29, 2000 leap year has nothing unusual about it. Leap year happens every 4 years , what I stumbled upon while writing the free story for you was leap year days on century years only happen once every 400 years on the Gregorian Calendar.

All cultures have developed ways to help keep track of time through history days, weeks , months and years are common. Cultures historically have created sometimes very strict guidelines or reasons to celebrate different events , holidays , birthdays and work schedules to add meaning to life. In order to do this accurately many cultures have established standards that correlate the timing of events with certain times of the year and we can respect that. In doing research, some calendars are based on the cycles of the moon and other cultures prefer to measure time and represent it with a system that is engineered to correspond with the rotation of Earth on its axis and its orbit around the Sun in a very easy to understand philosophy. In my culture the Earth's orbit around the Sun uses the Gregorian calendar which divides a day into 24 hours, 60 minutes per hour , 60 seconds per minute and is calculated to be approximately 365.25 days per year as an average. After taking a gander at a few of the other cultures calendars the Gregorian calendar is in a lot of ways very easy to comprehend and understand in comparison.

My thought is to start off the new Millennium by moving a day created from a rounding error, the Earth actually takes 365.2422 days to orbit the sun. Millennium day would be the product of this rounding error and is currently slated for February 29, 2000, even though it happens once every 400 years. I'm thinking this free day for the world ought to be used as a celebration of peace. The year 2000 is ear marked as a leap year , 1700, 1800 and 1900 did not have a leap day, nothing says that this particular leap day has to be on February 29th, this day is legendary because hardly anyone knows about it.

I discovered this thing on my peace mission and that is what is really eerie and unusual about this to me, it feels like destiny led me to find out about it for some reason. 11/18/98 (I did finally read about this, Octavian then Augustus Caesar was an amazing person for peace). The story around it is even more interesting and I've included links to sites that explain it in unbiased detail for your enjoyment. An extra leap day was put in our calendar by the original developers the Caesar's . They were celebrating their rise to power at the time no doubt but actually did not correctly insert leap days until 8 AD , they were adding leap days every 3 years for example. I had to laugh upon discovering the months named Quintilius, Sextilis were replaced with Julius and Augustus. Also February then called Februarius the time for sacrifices at the end of the year so it was the last month of the year and was before January then Januarius after the god Janus, the protector of doorways and hence the opening of the year , this was verbatim from the Greenwich observatory leaflets. An extra special day in the year 2000 , so why not move it and extend New Years Day 2000 to 48 hours. I also found out that most of us don't realize the official new Millennium will begin on January 1, 2001 because the Gregorian/Julian calendar went from 1 BC to 1 AD with no year 0.

We all hear that we are going to be pretty much affected anyway by the year 2000 pending computer fiasco, so why not bend the rules on the calendar just this once and invent the Millennium day , it comes along once every 1000 years and this particular leap day won't happen again until the year 2400 or another 400 years and it won't happen on another Millennium until the year 4000. We need to party for sure, the cultures will talk about this party for the next 2000 years. Why not just this once take leap year day off as a free day for the world to celebrate the new millennium and move leap year day February 29, 2000 up to the position it originally occupied at the end of the year . The January 1, 2000 calendar position moves one day back. This will give computer folks an extra day to sort out the problems from the Y2K collapse stuff. March 1, 2000 the calendar synchs back up with everything. Yes , most of us we would enjoy skipping February 29, 2000 and Celebrate Millennium Day 2000 in its place , the day after December 31, 1999 and before January 1, 2000. I know every one will like it , the day formerly known as February 29, 2000 also it happens to fall on a Saturday, so it makes it even better. Look at Diagrams below.

Here is the picture of what I am proposing, people on salary usually get hosed on leap year day anyway although the month is still shorter, you all will laugh when you find out why February is shorter in a little bit, so we ought to love it and realize this is supposed to be a free day, a new once in 2000 Year holiday, it is a once in this lifetime event, if it catches on every 400 years, same celebration, it would really make sense to celebrate a Millennium like Leap day or zero day every 4 years instead of February 29, leap year which is a rip if you are on salary , am I not correct on this one, actually the month is still shorter than the rest but it seems bogus to me. Why not put leap year day where it historically belongs after New Years Eve and before New Years day every 4 years like it originally was, who's with me? I'm really level headed on this one trust me, the months July and August we're added by Julius and Augustus Caesar, because the old calendar was not effective and was not calculating a years duration correctly so seasons and celebrations became out of synchronization, they probably had a toga party or something trying to figure it out at any rate it is good timing and the world could celebrate this day every 4 years best case scenario in a time slot that would work well for all of us...
January Calendar 2000 Current Set Up:
2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20 21 22
23 24 25 26 27 28 29
30 31          


January Calendar Year 2000 with Millennium Day:
S M T W TH F Saturday #1 Year 2000
            Millennium Day *
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
8 9 10 11 12 13 14
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
29 30 31        

* Millennium day Celebrated once every 1000 years , potential sword in the stone stuff, you are welcome to talk about it with everyone, I thought it would be cool to invent a free holiday idea to everyone and I'm sure the toga party people of many years ago would approve.

* Also gives computer technicians an additional day to sort problems out because of Year 2000 bug and I probably can guess it will somehow totally create additional crashes with Windows stuff and Microsoft will tout this as an added feature Millennium Day compliant , I'm sure Bill can invent an upgrade for this one for sure. It appears as though with the Openstep 4.2 Y2K patch engineered correctly all they would have to do would be extend the time it takes to calculate the day change from Milliseconds to 24 hours.

* Other patches go back to a point in the past and thus are reported to create the Year 2037 bug.

* Also as a bonus for many religions that celebrate services on Sunday, the day January 1, 2000 would move from Saturday to Sunday. I've been telling my friends this is destined to be World Peace Day , an excellent way to begin the new Millennium, outstanding idea from some, to your nuts dude, to sounds cool , communication and the Internet are great as well. I have fun communicating world wide as well as local ideas global instantly.

* This could potentially be the Mother of all parties, lets do it also my family on my Oma's side the Ketterer's invented the Cuck-Coo Clocks , I'm sure the Cuck-Coo clock idea may have been thought a bit funny.

* To avoid impending or potential confusion of some of the blondes and we know who you are, , like Catherine the beautiful, born on February 28, new years will be 2 days long and this move not affect your birthday on the present calendar.

February Calendar 2000 Current Set Up:
    1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 17 18 19
20 21 22 23 24 25 26
27 28 29 *        

* Skip Leap year day February 29, 2000 only , leap year day moved and celebrated before January 1st and after December 31, 1999. It would be a Y2K move for the human race as well , everyone born from January 1 to February 28, every 4 years the birthday is moved 1 day backward, everyone else has had the birthday moved 1 day for years born from March 1 through December 31.... I did research this evening and found out this is like the super jackpot bonus day anyway that happens only once every 400 years, so usually the Leap Year Birthday people are out of luck on Century years anyway.

* I might add that I can empathize with the Leap Year folks that want this day on February 29, I won $10,000 in the Colorado lottery scratch game, first game ever, first week on February 9, 1983 overcame 1 in 86,000 plus odds. At that time the Lottery had the wheel of fortune drawing for $1,000,000 with what I thought was kind of a bogus rule. The people that had won $50 or $500 had their names automatically entered into this drawing. A lucky name drawn from this pool was allowed to spin to win potentially $1,000,000 . The $10,000 winners were never given the chance at winning a $1,000,000 because $10,000 winners were denied entrance to the contest in the rules , I have not won above $50 since then in the Lottery so I know it is not easy to do and a chance to win a Million from a small pool of tickets would have been cool.

*I finally had my first hole in one last year on a 174 Yard Par 3 , after playing for 22 years , it was pretty cool so I hope this stuff brings you all luck somehow as well or at least puts you in a good mood.

Here is a version of the story of our current calendar that was interesting to me, Jeopardy question for sure , Julius and Augustus battled others over a lot of things including how to structure the months and days , check out the URL below for some enjoyable reading, as compensation leap year day was given to February, according to the official Greenwich documentation, January and February were switched in order some where in time, I'll find out why I'm sure, talk about selfish, man they took the last 2 days of what was the last month of the year February so they would have the 31 day months they named after themselves, the Romans believed even numbers were bad luck. The changes probably messed up the old New Years and definitely shortened February , then they moved New Years to December 31 supposedly the longest day of the year, not. New Years at that time was possibly March 25 , I think it was the toga party effect or something that led to the current calendar, February 30 did actually exist and was the last day and month of the year at that time, the Caeser's took 2 days and gave one back to February eventually every 4 years, they initially were doing it every 3 years.

August then called Sextilis, probably I'm guessing were the word sex originated from so they changed it to a G rated name only had 30 days so Augustus took February 29 to make August 31 days to match Julius 31 days in July, Julius snagged February 30th, classic, I didn't even know that until I looked it up, awesome coincidence, you can always learn something new, if you put your mind to it.... also the URL below explains a lot about this time stuff in detail. Kid's looking for report material , I'm telling you , it would make an A paper , if you put the extra time in to do it right, challenge yourselves. Time measurement is different for many cultures like Julian, Muslim, Jewish, Chinese and Gregorian calendars they all differ in strategy for historical reasons and I respect that. I also don't claim to be anyone out of the ordinary but having that extra day in between New Years would be cool for bowl games as well and additional relaxation as well, taking the day off for leap year day ought to be a real event for everyone to enjoy.

Interesting about the year 2000 , looks like the once in 400 leap year day is destined to be moved to position #1, cool story, I site these references from the Greenwich Observatory official leaflets....

Pope Gregory XIII, in 1582, instituted the Gregorian calendar, which has been used since then. The change from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian involved the change of the simple rule for leap-years to the more complex one in which century years should only be leap-years if they were divisible by 400. For example, 1700, 1800 and 1900 are not leap-years whereas 2000 will be. In other words this day comes along once every 400 years by design, I think we all deserve to have it off and I hope you all agree.

http://www.ast.cam.ac.uk/pubinfo/leaflets/calendar/calendar.html , explains it all , below is a footnote:

The first major attempt to accomplish this was by Julius Caesar. Besides pinching a day from the last month of the year (then February) to make `his' month, July, have 31 days he introduced the Julian calendar. February was further despoiled by Augustus Caesar who also purloined a day so as to make `his' month, August, also have 31 days. As some sort of compensation the leap-day was given to February.

February Calendar 2000 No Leap Day Set Up:
      1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8 9 10 11
12 13 14 15 16 17 18
19 20 21 22 23 24 25
26 27 28        

We can all vote on it? Leap year Birthdays on the 29th , this one time would get to celebrate on Millennium Day and since this is a 400 year leap day , position 1 for World Peace in the new Millennium would be optimal timing and just plain makes common sense , ought to be cool for them!

Now parents in Baltimore want to move Halloween to the last Saturday in October every year, I knew chaos would somehow indirectly develop, it is an interesting idea. The City of Baltimore also uses NEXTSTEP

Best Regards Rob Blessin

OPENSTEP And the Year 2000

Creation Date: August 31, 1998
Keywords: OPENSTEP, Y2K

Summary: OPENSTEP is Year 2000 compliant__

Apple understands the importance of the Year 2000 problem to its customers and developers. OPENSTEP's revolutionary design makes it easy for you to write Year 2000-compliant applications. Our own OPENSTEP tools and libraries are fully Year 2000-compliant in versions 4.0 and later, and, with the latest Apple patch releases installed, so is the underlying Mach operating system of OPENSTEP for Mach.__

What does it mean to be compliant?

Apple considers OPENSTEP to be fully Year 2000 compliant because:

+ Our development environment and applications will function correctly through the1999-2000 transition
+ Our libraries, frameworks, and other custom date-handling objects can correctly store and process twenty-first century dates
+ With the correct patches, the Mach operating system underlying OPENSTEP for Mach will correctly handle dates through 2037.

Applications developed with the date and time objects Apple provides in the Foundation framework already understand dates thousands of years into the past and future. This means that most programs written with the OPENSTEP APIs are already Year 2000-ready.

Year 2000 Technical Tips

Just as an architect can build an unsound house out of the strongest lumber, a programmer can introduce Year 2000 problems into their application with poor design, no matter how good their development tools are. For your convenience, here are some tips on minimizing Year 2000 problems in your finished application.

Third-Party Products

Make sure that your underlying operating system or operating systems and all third-party tools and libraries are also Year 2000 compliant. OPENSTEP depends on the operating system to deliver the current date and time; any problems with your operating system may also affect OPENSTEP. Operating system information on OPENSTEP for Mach is given later in this document.

Consistent Date Handling

Always use the Foundation date and time APIs when you need to write date-handling code. Always use 4-digit years when formatting dates for input or output.

NSDates and the Year 2000

Dates are represented in the Foundation framework with NSDate and NSCalendarDate objects and NSTimeInterval values. An NSTimeInterval object is essentially a C-language double (NSTimeInterval can represent intervals of approximately 10,000 years with sub-millisecond accuracy). NSDates and NSCalendarDates store the date that they represent with an NSTimeInterval which represents the time delta in seconds from the Foundation reference date (00:00:00 Greenwich Mean Time January 1, 2000). This means that there is no special significance to the year 2000 for NSDate or NSCalendarDate objects or NSTimeInterval values.

Since the internal time representation will transition across zero at the reference date--unlike some other schemes which set the epoch date to some point in the past--there will be a brief instant (on the order of microseconds in length) during which an NSDate object created to represent the current time will have an NSTimeInterval of zero. The length of this instant is dependent on the resolution of the system time provided by the particular operating system and platform on which an application is running. An NSTimeInterval of zero has no special significance to NSDate or NSCalendarDate, but applications that use the NSTimeInterval of a date object in division should protect against division by zero. As a practical matter, such applications are rare. It is likely that an application would have an NSTimeInterval that represents the delta between two arbitrary date objects. Even so, it is good practice to take appropriate caution when using such values.

Date Formats (%y vs. %Y)

Per POSIX and ANSI C (refer to section 7.12, ANSI/ISO 9899-1990 for ANSI C definitions), a two-digit year YY means 1900 + YY. The Foundation framework follows the lead of ANSI C on this point. When a user types 5/10/02 into a text field with a date formatter specified as %d/%m/%y a date of October 5, 1902 is created. The 2-digit date format (%y) makes it impossible for the user to type any entry that will yield the date October 5, 2002. For example, if the user types 5/10/2002 the formatter will truncate the last two digits and the date October 5, 1920 will be created. The date parsing routines parse a maximum of two digits for the %y format in order to support dates like 980409. In the same vein, a user has no way of knowing whether a displayed value of 28/10/33 refers to 1933 or 2033. Developers should use the %Y format specification (4 digit year field) to avoid this sort of problem

The OPENSTEP Mach Operating System

Date and time values are stored in different formats in the Foundation framework and the Mach/BSD UNIX core operating system. BSD UNIX keeps time as a signed 32-bit value to store seconds since January 1 00:00:00 Greenwich Mean Time 1970. This format can represent times until January 19 03:14:07 Greenwich Mean Time 2038.

The /bin/date command

There are a few areas of the system where a two-digit year is expected. The first is the /bin/date command, which is used to set the date and time from the command line. The standard UNIX version of the date command takes the following arguments:

date [-n] [-u] [yymmddhhmm[.ss]]

where YY is the year, mm is the month (01-12), dd is the day (01-31), hh is the hour (00-23), mm is the minute (00-59) and ss is the second (00-59). For OPENSTEP Release 4.1 and later, the /bin/date command was enhanced in a proprietary way to allow a three digit year field:

date [-n] [-u] [[1]yymmddhhmm[.ss]]

where the optional leading 1 implies a date in the 21st century; i.e., 10912251530 would be interpreted as December 25 3:30 PM Greenwich Mean Time 2009. If a two-digit year is entered, the value for the century is assumed to be 19 (i.e., 0912251530 would be interpreted as December 25 3:30 PM Greenwich Mean Time 1909).

A version of the /bin/date command that uses a conventional 4 digit year format is included in Apple's OPENSTEP 4.2 Mach Patch 1. The patch is available from Apple Computer's Enterprise Software web site at _http://enterprise.apple.com/y2k/._ The patched /bin/date command will accept 4 digit years:

date [-n] [-u] [[cc]yymmddhhmm[.ss]]

where the optional cc parameter represents the century. If a two-digit year is entered, the value for the century is assumed to be 19.

OPENSTEP and the hardware clock

Attempts to set a date after 1999 with /bin/date or with the OPENSTEP 4.2 Preferences application would cause an illegal value to be stored in the hardware clock of Intel and NeXT-branded Motorola hardware systems. As a result, some systems would show an incorrect year after reboot. This problem is corrected in the OPENSTEP 4.2 for MachOS Patch 1, which is available on Apple's web site at _http://enterprise.apple.com/y2k/._

The ftpd daemon

The version of ftpd distributed with OPENSTEP 4.2 and earlier versions does not support dates after 1999. If you are using your OPENSTEP machine as an ftp server, you should install Apple's OPENSTEP 4.2 Mach Patch 1, available on Apple's web site at _http://enterprise.apple.com/y2k/._

The RCS tools

The third-party RCS tool set distributed with OPENSTEP 4.2 (and earlier) does not support dates after 1999. A later version of RCS without this problem is available from _http://www.gnu.org/_, or as part of Apple's OPENSTEP 4.2 Mach Patch 1, available on Apple's web site at _http://enterprise.apple.com/y2k/._

The Mach Sybase client libraries

On the OPENSTEP for Mach operating system, Apple provides a version of the Sybase client libraries for use with database applications and Apple's Enterprise Objects Framework. These client libraries are not Year 2000 compliant and may cause application problems.

Foundation-based Applications On Other Operating Systems

The same Foundation frameworks are available on all WebObjects and OPENSTEP implementations. This means that application developers writing to the OPENSTEP APIs do not have to worry about Year 2000 issues except as described in this document. It is the responsibility of the individual operating system vendor to provide Year 2000 support at the operating system level. Customers should contact their operating system vendor for information about Year 2000 issues at the operating system level.

Other Apple Enterprise Products

For information on WebObjects and the Year 2000, please see _NeXTanswer #2673_.
For information on NEXTSTEP 3.3 and the Year 2000, please see _NeXTanswer #2641_.

For more Information: Sales at Black Hole, Inc.

Best Regards Rob Blessin

You can help our personal cause to promote a good cause these alternative to Microsoft products and help us voice our opinion .... also keep the lights on, car running, food on the table ,roof over our heads, R&D; on NeXT stuff and computers and helping to cover our operating expenses by buying our fairly priced NeXT stuff,

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JP Morgan, Merril Lynch , A.G. Edwards, First Chicago, Swiss Bank Fannie Mae , MCI and AT&T Wireless have all used NeXT to develop mission critical applications. The first Openstep 4.2 developer tutorial teaches you to create a working NeXT application , a currency conversion program in a very short amount of time.

Short Spam break, spam , spam , spam please feel free ignore this Special Offer, if you are not interested in this spam, please proceed to the continuation of this interesting story after the spam, kind of like fast forward!



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I'm interested in purchasing CD Roms bhi1@ix.netcom.com


Why do we want to save the world anyway?

Another story just for the heck of it....(in progress), I actually configured a NeXT turbo Cube running Openstep and Gatekeeper and Omniweb to surf the web. The new Megadrive 25 Gb by IBM sound cool. Hard rock cafe uses web objects 11/18/98.

I decided to move some of my little book to under the blackhole link and I talk about my life, please note this is put together using the logic of how one would upgrade a Microsoft product from a developer standpoint. Where do I want to go today, it makes perfect sense to me. I'm destined to follow in the traditional ways of NeXT marketing and yes Apple has improved on the marketing strategy through award winning Chiat Day marketing. None the less, I've been self appointed story teller and drawn by the power of confusion into delivering the all time best story of my life in the spirit of promoting nostalgia and humorous entertainment for the masses. Our mission is to offer the best products and then send a confusing yet humorous message in hopes of further confusing the heck out of Windows users, my customers, my friends and anyone else that has an interest in saving the world and following the lead of a bozo like me. These are some of my random memories in writing for you all to hopefully you will enjoy them and learn from them or just ignore them. It is intended to provide entertainment and jumps all over the place by design, so enjoy. I thought about doing it more chronologically and wrote about that somewhere else in here but now it is many pages and most of it works as is. Besides why should I spoil a template for a working Windows architectural application structure example, in other words if you had to go in and update this like I have to you would understand. 11/15/98

For example, I just had this thought or idea , when disasters happen like the current situation caused by hurricane Mitch , the communication primarily phone lines are down stress is created, why not set up an emergency searchable web site where family information from the disaster area could be typed in to an update database with a request for what supplies are needed and or status from hospitals could be entered so they would know everything was hopefully OK and no longer be in the dark for sometimes months on end, I hope someone sees this and relays it . It was sunny enough here to play golf today, but a little cold 11/5/98. It is impressive to see the humanitarian effort that is going on to help the people affected by Mitch.11/15/98

This could be a huge idea as people that have passed away could be listed, they could tell there stories and relatives could write stories about them to help keep the spirit of there lives recorded for all to see, the web offers the ability to do this for the first time in history, I know I can't be to far off the mark. I thought about this one today, 11/16/98 and 11/17/98 and thought why not have an Internet web site super school. The idea is since the concept of peace has returned to the world and Iraq is allowing the inspections to continue, we hope they are sincere and serious about following through with peace initiatives. In effect not only were human lives saved and probably 1 billion dollars or more in military expenditures in the first day, it also was 7 billion dollars to put everything in place. Many of us would like to see the 1 billion dollars reallocated from this saved expenditure of not having the war directly to education. It is about time that someone like me says this, a billion dollars is a lot of money and put towards education in the form of scholarships, grants, increasing teacher salaries and of course hiring more of them, upgrading school systems infrastructures computers linked up to the web, The diversion of these funds would in effect be targeted directly to promote the enhancement and enrichment of overall global education. An idea so big that it is monumental, legendary, historical and obvious that this needs to happen, we all have the brains lets do it. We actually set up a website that everyone can look into and learn from the focus is education for all people are created equal. We forecast companies will line up to donate the physical equipment, schools, universities, teachers, students, parents, you and me will donate their time to teach and learn. Students, faculty and parents will vote to put their favorite teacher on the site and PBS. The professors would enjoy being able to teach a class on the subject of interest that they do very well to a worldwide audience. The Internet has only just started to shine, I guess some of the psychics call it channeling, you and I probably think of it as channel surfing. I enjoy watching TV, the history channel, the discovery channel, news programs, intellectual game shows like jeopardy and of course sports and other shows but a lot of times isn't it just boring. What I'm talking about when I speak of the web, is a lot more fun to use than TV because it is interactive and yes these to mediums can merge. We have built what in effect they are now marketing as a web TV's for a few years as well it is nothing more than a computer with a video card you hook up to your TV AKA NeXT cube with dimension board or pentium system with screen machine. You control it with your remote control infrared keyboard, it is scary to think if Microsoft gets control of our TV's as well what will happen. The key is we all can learn from the web, in everyday life there has been a huge misconception especially among some of my friends that the main focus of the Internet is to promote pornography and I admit I've taking a gander at playboy.com which is fairly normal and I admit it really sucks when we stumble across some stuff when surfing that we have no interest in seeing but we as part of human nature we are curious.

11/23/98 Tim Berners Lee said it best "people have a choice some choose to eat the fallen fruit" . We think what in the heck is wrong with those yo-yo's, we are only human, but clearly we all should agree the pornography stuff needs to be completely separated from the eyes of kids globally , it is far to easy to access and my idea on how to accomplish that is somewhere in this document. Pornography distribution is not what the Internet was intended for at all but if that is how people choose to waste all their time. We all have a choice to learn from others so why pollute our minds with rubbish when we can learn about quality stuff and at worst it should be 50/50, if you are going 60/40 or more on the rubbish stuff then we order you to snap out of it. Max pointed out www.webring.org and to search on bikini, it brings up bikini web rings and then next thing you know, I could look at these beautiful women all day but I need to get back to doing work of the people...

Update Apple now monitors 50,000 sites for all age content which is cool.

We honestly prefer getting a life, trying to be cool and offering free wisdom and advice to others, oh mighty cool web dude. Fortunately the perception of the web is changing for the better and I know in some small way I'm helping to make that happen . As more and more people get on the web and discover a world of other positive uses like this site and my thoughts, after all we know Rome was not built in a day and neither was this story or my business. I hope, I'm making sense, my personal experience with TV is can become boring , why because it is not interactive, the web will change the whole concept of this in the next 5 years. Teachers, eventually you would have a yearly Oscar like award for teacher of the year globally, Internet voting, yes NeXT has software to do it. Internet exams and you would be able to do this from anywhere, so why not set up the Ultimate University Campus, Colorado is a good location for it , it could happen, I know a lot of people. I'm no fool I would accept a Nobel prize, it could happen , it is the web and all sorts of people are reading this stuff and enjoying it.

Why do this free education site for the world? Yes, it is long overdue but only because the technology did not exist even 10 years ago to accomplish this, everybody, kids and adults deserve a fair shot at an equal education, this means no matter where they are at on planet Earth, they now can become more intelligent through accessing the proposed web education centers from there own homes. For example, a high school teacher had called me awhile back, I admit I lost his contact information a few months ago but I remember his idea and know this would make a cool documentary.( If you are reading this even if you are not the teacher and interested in helping please call me). The teacher goes to Africa every year and visits all of the little villages. Many of these villages only have one phone so note taking is done on paper and this becomes complicated. The villagers have not been tainted by Windows so introducing NeXT or new Apple hardware to the villages , would allow them to take notes , use e-mail surf the net and gain a further education, we could also learn from them and like how all of the animals are doing, if there was a sick hippopotamus , vets from around the world could offer help. Grateful Med is a cool site for checking out medical stuff for example. We have this huge story waiting to happen , it just needs to be put together. Max's girlfriend Elisa is in the peace core in Senegal , so Max will be going over there anyway and I probably would to , apparently the teacher has contacts that could provide the trucking. It wouldn't happen overnight, you would have to set up a classroom for training the computer experts from each village. Then the construction of a physical computer facility stations that will withstand weather and insects. Also be able to in some case provide power, solar energy, literacy is also important and a willingness to respect the equipment. It could happen after all we are all about to start a new millennium , we can write the new book from the people of peace in the form of a web site dedicated to the promotion of education for all people from the USA, that would show them what we are all about and invite the UN to join in this effort. What I'm saying to everyone and Bill Gates is that no one person is big enough to control the whole Internet. The Internet is the first medium in history in which we control our direction and choose what we want to learn today, now it is written , it is another free idea and I hope it happens for the good of the future.

Johnny another good friend called up this particular Sunday morning 11/15/98 and said if you want to play golf free at Arrowhead golf course today book over to my house in an hour. I was stoked , Free golf, Arrowhead is one of the most amazing Golf Courses on the planet. The Golf course architect had a blast using the natural red rock formations to make it a challenge to play target golf through the formations all over the course. I had a great round, more good shots than bad shots. I had 30' birdie putt fall in on 6, 3 on a par 4, also birdied 16, 4 on a par 5, also on that hole there is a huge red rock formation about 250 yards out and 150 feet high and for fun, a few of us were trying to clear it while we waited on the tee for the green to clear. I cleared it on the first shot, then we had a closest to the pin on the par 3 , 17th. The other gentlemen hit their shots, and jokingly, I was like this is closest to the pin right? The foursome in back of us and our foursome looking on, I hit this shot that was all over the stick and it was probably one of my best this year out of 200+ rounds, my 2nd hole in 1 stopped only 2" from dropping in the cup on 17 for a tap in birdie 2, everyone knew I was in the zone at that point. Arrowhead had aerated the greens so it was very difficult to read putts and then hit them, the greens looked like a Chinese checkers board but the greens will be easier to play in a few weeks, and on 18 a long par 5, I was on in 2 from 260 and missed a 4 foot putt for my 3rd birdie in a row, I almost had a turkey = 3 birdies in a row. I have never had a turkey in golf , I had a Turkey in bowling on the new automated bowling screens they now have a Turkey going gobble , gobble when I did it, it was laughable. I also made the 8 ball on the break once playing on a pool table at the Thunderbird bar. Back to today's golfing story, yes, I also had a few par's but I also had some real classic hacking kludge shots. One shot bounced off a rock and wound up on the Green, I call it true golf God stuff. My portfolio of full on Hindu hacking trance shots included, a few where did that one go, type of stuff, ugh it looked like about 50ft. off in that grove of trees and shrubs. I wouldn't even go in there looking for my ball. I think the squirrel took it, or what is the ruling on the burrowing animal hole that ate my ball like in caddy shack only real, I also broke a golf ball in half on a drive the other day and was going to e-mail the question to the USGA and find out what it means. I also hit a few shots worthy of @#$%&* followed by %$&! , it was my explanation to myself what $#%* went wrong, this also may happen to you when you run Windows *&((%# or play golf.. I took a mulligan on one hole to take mercy on my own game, I admit it was a good drive but a huge #%$ rock formation was in the way and it went deep into the @#$% gunch but I found it and decided to play my 2nd drive which was perfect and admit I put a tainted par with a holy mulligan on the card, this caused much gnashing of teeth from the fellow hackers in the foursome and I won't comment on mulligan shots. The mulligan factor played into because we all know mulligans don't really exist. I carded no snowmen = 8 on even with penalty strokes, I had no snowmen. The quality and level of play of my golf is improving and when I finally become a legitimate scratch golfer then I will be a purest all the time, one of these days this will happen but it is such a difficult game to master. Adding to the challenge warm winds kicked up occasional dust devils that would send pine needles and leaves blustering through the fairways and the wind was constantly changing directions on the front nine at times 40 mile per hour gusts on one shot then it would stop, change direction on the next shot, I hit a few 300 yard drives with and without the wind. Deer bouncing through all over the place in heat added to the awesome effect of playing on a great course, I took photos , a 10 point buck with a bunch of does on 18 was really cool. Now, Johnny's day may have been cursed by the hacking God from the 1st tee box, a big tumbleweed decided to roll through the box as he was in his back swing and he was like what is this Texas or something. He did hit some good shots and have a few good holes, our other 2 friends as well , a father and son. My hackers description of my play on hole #1, I hit a good drive 1, then a wormburner into the weeds 2, followed by a scalder over the green, over the trap, over the rough , across the cart path and past some pine trees finally settling in deep soggy swamp moss 3, hit a blind shot missile off the moss back through woods screaming over the front of the green 4, chipped back over the green 5, pitched to with in 6" from 15 yards and they gave me a gimme for a 7. I knew I could only go uphill from there the rest of the round. Also the carts have on board global positioning system and an electronic scorecard that acts as a caddy and reports the distance to the yard of the shot you hit and the distance left to the green, coming soon to a golf course near you. We noted sometimes the gps thing was completely haywire with the distances and we think our friends in the clubhouse may have been having some fun with us, our position on some of the golf shots were probably not on the map or the meteorites were starting to affect the satellites. The pro shop can also tell when a group is really hacking and tell them to speed up play as it has a built in clock timer, when we were not on the cart path and they would send warnings through the screen. Like what are you idiots doing now, keep the cart on the path today and it would shock you, just kidding on the shock gig . A menu would pop up on 8 and 16 some holes and you could place orders for food and drinks. I searched for the cart girl tracking device with magnetic remote tractor beam. I'm sure the pro shop watching the migration of our group around the course at times was very entertaining. We thought that our cart may have been in jeopardy of being remotely returned to the clubhouse at one point and then I started to find my Zen game and it was the fairway, green and birdie zone, all was good .

11/25/98 I'm not trying to brag this really happened with witnesses to me today, in golf you often play with people that you have never met before at any rate the guys I played with today witnessed this and I had never met them before. They are going to try to put my name in the paper after talking with the pro, he agreed and is faxing through a form. I did something that I have never done before in Golf.

I play a Golf game I invented called high and low if the course is wide open or I'm solo, where I will play 2 balls and see how well I can do with the high and low scores. It is great when I get 2 par's on a hole for example and is a good way to practice, today what was really cool we all were playing 2 balls, I had 2 , 3's on a par 5 or 2 Eagles a total of 6 strokes, I guess you could call it a heck of a bogie. I have never done that before so it was cool to have lifetime Eagles 6 and 7 fall in on the same hole, same day, I chipped one in from 40 yards and putted the other one in from 6 feet, now if only I could keep a full round together without messing up a hole or 2 or more that would be something. When playing High Low it is good if your low score on every hole is par or better and totals par at the end of the round, sometimes the high score when you count all of the strokes can really be up there to where it is humorous, now if you play two balls and are shooting par playing 2 on 18 holes , it also helps you practice a lot of different shots. The only draw back is if you are having a crummy day High Low takes on a whole new meaning.

My dad had Mohammed Ali on one of his flights, Ali came up to meet my dad after the flight and my dad punched Ali on the chin of course he didn't hit him hard; the champ laughed when my dad told him now I can tell everyone I punched the champ Mohammed Ali , I hope a cure for Parkinson's disease is found for Ali, Michael J. Fox and others NeXT software .

I also feel what is important for the future and needs to happen , I'm positive in the eyes of most parents is a rating system or what I am thinking the best overall solution is an independent proposal for a new web targeting the G rating crowd , It can easily be constructed and I'm sure everyone would love to contribute to it, freedom of G rated speech, it could put together by companies like Disney, Warner Brothers, Sesame Street, Barney, Dreamworks , Government, People, media, Schools and libraries with an idea of a G rating encyclopedia focus and to show how important it is issue the people G rating smart card licenses , it makes sense to leave the other web intact but make it clear that it is for adults and may be access to this web would require a special ID that you plug in to a slot to access, I know it is a radical idea but I think this makes sense, hope you feel the same way. Why am I thinking this way, all I know is my friends have kids that have innocently accessed areas they have no business being in at their age and they don't understand what it is all about and this puts their parents and many others in a very awkward position, all the net nanny, surf watch stuff in the world does not prevent this, it only shows where they kids have already been and it does not prevent access to areas intended for adults, pass this idea on it to everyone it is free. Of course if an at work cyber loafers out there is caught in the wrong area , they may be issued a G rated smart card by their employers , oh oh , I can see some of my friends the cyber loafers getting hosed down and singing now , its a world of laughter a world of tears , the barney tune , sesame street may be they can let the adult kids loose at lunch or something but the smart card may know all , oh my God what have I done now, flames , it is the sword in the stone.

I'm having fun with some of the basic Psychological fundamental ideas that I learned from School, these may be perceived by some as delusions of grandeur in plain English nutty or banana's, I know I'm nothing special just one person that cares and I'm offering you a little entertainment as far as reading material. It is real fun 1st amendment stuff, Bill Gates is worth billions of dollars basically selling the same thing I am except our software is better and easier to use. Our computer software technology also runs on Intel computer platforms and you can leave Windows on your system, our operating system will coexist through our cool boot manager that allows for up to 4 different operating systems so you choose when you start up the system, which operating system and yes you can set a default operating system, but wouldn't it make you feel good to know you did have an alternative operating system to check out, people that have never used computers and learn Openstep find it very easy to use. Openstep operating system also works on NeXT, Sun, HPPA risc and soon Mac OS X Server aka Openstep 5.0 for PowerPC platforms as well. Apple , the Openstep 4.2 Mach with Gatekeeper and Omniweb for Intel is a great .

Microsoft and Bill Gates has been perceived and played up every where as having won the operating system race because of a very well thought out Psychological marketing strategy that 90% of the planet has already bought into in just a few years. It is based on setting price points for Microsoft products that customers perceive as reasonable and successfully creating the illusion that Windows was the only game in town. If the vendors used the Openstep Yellow box API strategy for developing applications this would be even easier , the Windows application development strategy is currently closed for developers using the old strategy, in fact in Microsoft Office were using Yellowbox API's it would be easy for Microsoft to upgrade and save them a lot of money in development time. Even you can create an application using the Yellowbox or Openstep design and format and this application is smart enough because of the tools to work on Windows running the Yellowbox "application bridge or runtimes". Microsoft is using this 90% Monopoly in the operating system as leverage to take over the net practically uncontested and whenever they are contested Microsoft drives the competition out of business through strong armed tactics that is why Microsoft is in court because Microsoft makes it difficult for people like us to have a choice in computing technologies, this should change and new a choice for a new computer operating system should become a reality even ,computer manufacturers and ISV's, our choice as consumers shouldn't just be just Windows operating because you create barriers of entry to any competitors, you should give something different like Openstep Rhapsody a chance.

Apple , I'm jumping up and down , shouting and I hope your hear the echo, you can make an alternative G rated web( Web objects) that the world would appreciate , you have the largest academic and school market share am I making sense? Apple is tied into the web browser contract by Microsoft probably illegally under the Robinson Patman act , true the Microsoft browser is the default, but Netscape could be promoted for the link to this, team with Netscape and may be IBM on it, it would sell a lot of I Macs with the Apple / Netscape connection to the Smart Web fun, entertainment and education g rated network, swish, target marketing at its best, it was my major and yes I took a lot of pride in earning my degree, I knew all that stuff would come in handy someday, calculus, I may have to run to the hills and ski, sled or snowboard and enjoy giving a little back to you. I describe my first day of snowboarding as being a human pinball in a gumby suit attached to a giant magnet, the ground is magnetic. Our group had a few hot women instructing us on the first day, I remember a did that hurt and are you OK on one yard sale stunt fall maneuver I had perfected. I highly recommend holding your arms in across your chest when you fall leaving them outstretched is not wise, if you fall forward with your arms crossed you may knock the wind out of you like I did once but it is better than tweaking fingers, wrists , arms, shoulders, etc., I found Skiing far easier to learn but now I can do both and cross country ski as well, when I do my Ski while juggling 3 basketballs by the lift line it always gets a few laughs.

I remember being assigned to do a report on Green Peace , some of the stuff they do is quite humorous and harmless like when a group dressed up in Bear suits and rushed into a meeting about fishing write aways in the Salmon wars and demanding Salmon, peaceful non destructive protest deserves the recognition and is granted in the constitution but when people protest through the actions a few or many it causes destruction or damage to personal or private property , the ones responsible for the damage should take responsibility for it and be held accountable. The cool thing to do would be to apologize to their group and everyone else for their mistakes, I apologize for being a fool and comedian, not.

Best Regards Rob Blessin


...The classic was people walking into the Black Hole store front with dry cleaning in-hand and then a puzzled look at all of the NeXT equipment developed on their faces, some thought we were from outer space from the looks of the equipment. Then one look at one of my old friends (and employees) Larry Morse (a Yale grad...my folks call him the mad scientist) probably furthered their suspicions , humor. Granted, it wasn't the best environment or location bordering the recently closed Air Force Base, now turned into low income housing in some sections. I grew up in the middle class neighborhood and don't knock it, always a great area but when they closed the Air Force base things changed, the most horrifying was getting mugged by strangers in my house at gun point , fortunately I was the only one home at the time. I had a burglar alarm but when they knocked , I thought it was my friends and said come on in, they just burst in the front door, I looked in disbelief as a masked bandit and a teenage kid with a shotgun behind him came in. The experience of having a shotgun pointed at ones head in ones own home, changes a person. The robbers were obviously puzzled when they found out that the stacks of old NeXT computer hardware and software filled the boxes all over the place, I'll say no more, in humor they could have taken the Windows 3.11, Dos stuff and anything I had to mellow them out because I could tell they obviously were flying high and it wasn't on life. As near as I could tell in the end the bandits only took beer, money out of my wallet, my aspirin, a phone, a bag of miscellaneous stuff and an old alarm clock . One guy asked after 15 minutes of ransacking my very small house , where's the weed?

I'm thinking , I hope the teenage kid with the shotgun standing over me pointing it at my head was not going to take my life for no reason and the masked guy that was obviously not looking for a computer or software would get the h*** out of my bedroom and leave my house. Then the masked guy again asks if there was anyone else, guns or drugs in the house? No sir, I responded, the shotgun was pulled aside and they left my house shortly after, my life was spared. You read about it and see it on TV and now you have read it on the web but to actually have it happen to me added a whole new meaning to my life, I want to live and be free. We all know so many people that have stories about similar situations world wide and through out history just recently in Denver , 2 separate home invasion robbery's resulted in 6 deaths. I'm glad it was not my time because I wasn't done talking and am trying to help out yet, please value your and everyone out in the worlds life as priceless. I know everyone has to agree that anyone that would go as far as bursting into homes of people they do not even know , obviously are in need of serious counseling with their family, support from psychologists and disciplinary intervention from authority. They need to learn to respect people and personal property , this would make sense. In humor, I'm thinking that they need something to calm them down may be this a prime example of why having medical Marijuana freely available to the over 21 crowd may not be such a bad idea, why not vote it in. I admit, I probably needed something to enhance my calmness at that point and would have appreciated a valium and probably would have gladly inhaled my prescription government weed to settle my nerves.

I discovered my old Colorado State ID missing and that the habitual criminal guy had used it to get a valid drivers license from the DMV with my info his picture . I thank God, the Great Spirit , the good karma vibe, luck and everything else that I remained calm, talked only when spoken to and that they did not shoot me for some crazy reason or I wouldn't have been able to write and share the following stories with you.

It was also the night before my best friend's Paul and Nancy's wedding , after it happened I went over to the hotel where Paul and the best man Tom another great friend were staying, I was in shock. We were all very unhappy about this but I commend the police for catching up with at least the guy that falsely assumed my identity with the fake ID in a short time. He was apparently busted for something else and presented the fake ID to the police. I still feel like a ghost and the whole experience will always haunt me, I'm actually editing this on Halloween a little over a year later.

I left the hotel around midnight to head back to my house just for a few minutes to make sure my cats, everything was OK and none of the neighbors saw a thing. I suspected that the sketchy Adam's family people that had moved in next door and were coincidentally there at the time it happened and moved in and out all with in 2 weeks may have had something to do with it.

About 1 minute after returning home, a knock at my front door, talk about a melt down. I about jumped through the roof. Fortunately, instead of saying come on in , I asked who is it and it was only my friends Catherine and Jessica the Blond Super hero's showing up to see what I was doing on Friday night and I told them what happened on our way over to my folks, out of town , I had permission to use the hot tub. I received righteous warmth and comforting from the super babes from the blond zone and soon felt little pain . I had a fairly large bump on my noggin and swollen hand from the impact of the rifle butt as the bandit swung it around, I remember deflecting it with my left hand as I hit the deck, I still have a little impact dent in my head. I went to Rose Medical center, where I used to work before selling computers and for treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis to get checked out , just thankful to be alive. I've had Rheumatoid Arthritis for about 3 years and finally after lots of exercise, it is in remission, I'm making a comeback in my athletics, another cool story.

I'm not normally a rat , a snitch or any of that weasel stuff but I am genuinely concerned for the safety of everyone on this planet, silver shotgun toting home invasion people, I suspect they were high on Crystal methamphetamene at large might target you or your family next, it is an extremely dangerous drug, apparently they stay awake for days and I've heard weeks on end, it is the worst, it makes them apparently feel invincible and obviously it can lead to extreme acts of violence against innocent people so I took the liberty of filing this report to you and with the man.

My friends and I invite the meth heads of the world to show us their real self , bring back the real person inside themselves, clean up their act, stop listening to the voices in there head and play a by the rules game of life. All the rest of us would appreciate it, someday I know , I hope they can put it together as well. The police apparently caught one of the crooks in the crime ring with in a few weeks, the guy reportedly had 3 ID's on him, none real including an official fraudulent drivers license with his picture and my information , that he gave them when he was busted on yet another crime spree , I guess we could classify him as a gangstar from the hood that is not welcome in anyone's home , any neighborhood , any time. I was just informed over 1 year later that this man justly plead guilty to being a habitual criminal and we the 3 true owners of the stolen identities , he was fraudulently using appreciate it forever.

We can legally debate what sentencing would be deemed fair and appropriate in the eyes of the global society, the guy caught with the Id's was probably not one of the robbers, but I'm told he had a long history of criminal activity, the fact he pled guilty and owned up to his crimes does have merit. This time we recommend time, fines , counseling, and later supervision , community service, so he is back in society in a few years , what will change the cycle for him, it keeps happening , usually habitual means he has been in trouble with the law several times before. I'm not a saint and I don't claim to be a know it all, I'm someone who cares, I can occasionally see through things. What needs to change for him, he may find only with in himself , everyone makes decisions in life , inevitably it is souly up to him to make a complete change in the way he interacts with the world he lives in and grow up and become a responsible member of this society. Oh by the way NeXT has been used by the CIA, Secret Service, Police, USAF, NSA, NASA and many respectable law firms also our customers.

I logically made the decision to move after that bogus episode as I'm sure most of you would have, but it was very sad to leave the neighborhood I grew up in and enjoyed for many reasons, it wasn't right and I know this story has happened through out history . I'm a good driver, I didn't like the idea of evil anti Elvis clone potentially lurking about our home, everyone that knows me, my friends and family are friendly non prejudice people that help people , we value life and the hoodlum crew obviously is not out to help anyone or anything but themselves at societies expense. We all know people can change for the better if they want to, we hope those crooks do change and become normal people in society.

A lot of my friends I had graduated with from CSU were in from out of town for the wedding, psychologically, it was a really untimely and a traumatic event for me to have to tell people I had not seen for years at the wedding the day after it happened . What are you up to these days and then have to tell it over and over. It feels good to get that episode out of the way so thanks for listening.

The older people of the neighborhood now linked through the net, we call Earth are mostly friendly and yes most of the new faces are also friendly people, peace is a good thing but others among us are causing trouble for trouble sake with many store owners, people, animals and property and we all know it is not right. It so much easier when we all can get along like one big family. I've enjoyed traveling quite a bit through out my life my dad is retired and was an LCA for United Airlines, head honcho, qualified captains to fly DC 10's .We even had a stunt plane for a few years and I went to ground school when I was 16, flying an airplane is a lot of fun when it is calm but they are very expensive to maintain. I have been to Europe, most of the 50 states, Canada , Australia, New Zealand as a kid it was fun when my dad would ask if I wanted to go to Boston or New York for the day and play hooky? I would be psyched, fly out to where ever with him and ride my skateboard all over the town and meet cool people. Our new location in Colorado is awesome, we like it here.

It is the same story the world over, good folks and bad folks, most forced to use Microsoft at points even I have to knuckle down, bite the bullet and use Win98 at times, it doesn't make me feel good at all especially the Microsoft , warning you have performed an illegal operation message that always pops up ,I will now shut down, we would like it to say ; Would you like to try a different OS and have it boot into Rhapsody. Microsoft, I guess we can call MS, the gangster of the computer business. Steve Jobs on the other hand , you have to root for him and the NeXT, Apple crowd because what is developing with their technology because of the merger is cool and yet not well understood by most, Openstep is the best OS, years, yes years ahead of Windows, all this stuff they call new , we've been doing since 93. Byte Magazine called "NEXTSTEP the most respected software on the planet" . Please note, I'm trying to footnote some of the material and my intention is not to plagiarize and a lot of these ideas have come from customers , friends, stuff I've read , people I've seen and of course stuff I just plain think up, why , it is entertaining and I'm very happy to be alive and well.

Enough of the rant, I'm having fun with this and back to the story, the Black Hole store worked well for a few months, then the dentist next door decided to expand, that drill sound over the PA started to get to Larry and he went back to government work. We moved BHI into my very small house a 1000SQ FT. duplex, NeXT stuff stacked to the roof. No Garage, No Basement, I hired my best friend Kim Cohen and we worked through the summer.

Legend of GURU Max Pollard, I've worked with Max for many years and he is one of the best NeXT techs in history. The impossible computer, we've made them happen for you. Like converting an old NeXT Cube to a Pentium. Brainstorm session , Max ponders it, yeah it'll work ... then we set out to figure out how to engineer things to work correctly that some people said couldn't be done, or others we were thinking about that or stuff that just was not thought of yet.


Why am I doing this and how did BHI come to be what it is?


Why do we want to save the world anyway?

Another story just for the heck of it....(in progress)

Why is Education Important?

Why save the world? I'll first clarify that I'm not a endeavoring to take a pro or con side on environmental, political or religious issues , we all have the right to our own beliefs. I'm not a crazed religiously or politically motivated fanatic that is set in a tunnel vision perspective on the way things should be. I also don't claim to be of overly average intelligence by any means. However, I'm a firm believer that continuing to study and learn about what makes up the soup of life on this planet is worth my time and effort. Education has helped me to envision and express my ideas through writing heartfelt concepts on things that we should change to make it a better overall place to live. I have tried to grasp an understanding of the fundamentals that continues to drive the worlds diverse cultural , religious, political beliefs and philosophies into the future. Literacy is important, education is an even more important stepping stone for anyone interested in gaining knowledge. We all can help provide solutions to current problems individually and collectively for the benefit of future generations in our own way. I have been fortunate enough to have created the opportunity to sell NeXT software and computers to over 200 Universities, 100's of companies and 1000's of individuals from all over the world and have an excellent time doing it. Some of the projects going on are positively amazing....

Why communication and freedom of speech is important to help solve problems.

Currently many of the worlds countries are experiencing turbulence from Economic crisis in some cases these crisis are further complicated and accelerated through political, religious and factors brought to us through the media and Internet. On a global scale, we are experiencing these volatile effects from changes developed from often distant recent political, economic and social crisis, in other words it is a mess. Trying to fix the worlds problems is worth everyone's intellectual weight in gold and probably will be very easy if we put our minds to it. Freedom of Speech and Religion is granted to every US Citizen in the 1st amendment of the Constitution. This is an important piece to the puzzle and in the US it is one of the most important and respected philosophical rights that we have been entitled to. Our founding fathers were very wise in granting freedom of speech and it has helped me to personally further understand the way our differing cultures interact with society and the integration of many cultures. It allows ideas to flow freely , create function with in society and develop or fade away. It is my belief that communication solves problems , and my words are only an attempt to project positive thoughts , ideas , call them web vibrations to everyone out their that likes to here good news now and then. It is my personal inspirational way of contributing to help make good things happen for the good of humanity . I'm very sure I'm supposed to right this story for you and hopefully it provides some entertainment for you today.

I'll also note it is a free story, I'm not trying to sell you on anything, it is not one of those hidden spam things, it is just a hello letter to the world. I'm just freely offering my opinion and thoughts on what might be a really innovative cool Web based game.

Might as well start while I have your interest, life on planet Earth is an everyday opportunity to work to make it a better place for yourself and everyone else in some small way. We all deserve to have some fun everyday, so when you are finished reading this story, please feel free to take some time out for yourself , at least a few minutes and reward yourself for being you , relax and try to do something that you really enjoy doing. If you do this for a few minutes each day it will help relieve stress . As an added bonus make sure it is alternative to doing something that you are required to do by something else .

Yes, reality is the game everyone has to deal with and play everyday and it always will have its ups and downs for sure , for some of us it is a rollercoaster at times , for others it is like drifting down a stream on a raft . The Web is the first environment that can truly reach a global audience and we invite global participation in this game. Life is a very cool game indeed, this game is easily managed because you can make positive things happen if you try. We are recruiting the web community to offer assistance to help save the planet, we want cool people that have an interest in caring about this project and there are no forms to fill out , specifically the overall goal of this game if you choose to accept it is you are now on a mission to help participate in the Save the Earth game and the winners are the future generations.

Why think this big ? I feel that something deserves to be invented that becomes more widely accepted and important to the future direction of the world and the Internet community than Bill Gates and Microsoft currently have to offer. I know we are chosen to be the right people in the right place at the right time to accomplish this mission after all Bill Gates is only one person and look what he has accomplished through hard work in just a few years, the Microsoft software empire currently stands practically unchallenged in the Operating System and software race. Microsoft has been reported to practice unfair competition and monopolistic business practices. Until now NeXT , OPENSTEP/Rhapsody software is not very well known or understood yet by the masses . Although Apple is well identified it has struggled and is making a comeback, hopefully marketing will change the image. Rhapsody is an awesome alternative OS environment and is worth trying out , those of us fortunate enough to have used NeXT products over the past 10 years , respect it for its ease of use, stability during operation and we have enjoyed sending E-mail with Voice, Data and Document attachments for 8 Years.

Is the Microsoft mission mostly for the money? In my opinion and many others hold the opinion currently the answer is yes. Microsoft can always change our opinions and help this cause out someday, Microsoft strategically invested $150 Million in Apple interestingly enough last year. My cost for offering these Earth shattering human race saving web based ideas is free to everyone. I figure the big picture is we owe it to the Earth to solve the environmental crisis immediately. We really all can do our part and need to help clean it up a little. Consciously everyone of us can help on the project to restore the Earth to its optimum pristine operating condition like it was about 200 Years Ago, the timing is pretty good with the year 2000 around the corner , it would be cool if most of the loose trash was picked up before 2000 arrives for instance, how hard can that be as more people participate environmental trash becomes increasingly harder to find. Earth has offered us a fairly stable Free ride through this amazing universe up to this point but we are turning it into something that could be compared to one of those unsightly subway cars. Our overall goal would be to clean it up , make it shine like a brand new penny. We have the technological and multicultural skills and good old know how to do this. We collectively and consciously all have intelligence and bring unique innovative ways to make it happen to the table. We each have special talents and abilities to offer , we all can offer this world our freedom of thought and the ability to project positive power through communication and work. We all in some way can and do make a difference when we try amazing things happen some call them miracles. We have a knack for inventing world saving technologies , now that the cold war is over lets do it , world peace is possible , call it the War for Peace, no fighting involved , we basically collectively agree to get along , wish it was that simple for everyone to understand. We owe it to ourselves to release a little stress and enjoy life on this awesome planet . We collectively need to settle down and enjoy the tranquility that a peaceful environment will bring us . We can use our skills to stabilize and optimize this incredible world environment as a gift to the future, someone has to do this , it is obvious it is supposed to be us. We know they all have been predicting it for a long time, so let us be the ones to stand up and be counted and develop a recipe to save the world and make it a better place now and in the future.

Earth is the best spaceship we have going for as far our eyes can see and telescopes prove this story stretches very far out there.. I guess , if we look at the last 200 years , Earth is being trashed out , primarily by us. It is obvious that a lot of places around the planet need to be restored or just plain cleaned up. It doesn't take much to pick up trash or just deposit it in the right place, fortunately most of realize this and some of us actually put in over time by taking the time to help clean up someone else's mess.

Why? It may make us feel good , I'm glad that spam isn't printed material , it would be a mountain of waste. The web and e-mail save a lot of paper and it is excellent timing because we are overharvesting in some areas, a prime example our Rain Forests often clear cut and chopped down without thought , often so cattle can graze absolutely need to be replanted ASAP. Pollution from all sides is leading to global warming and destruction of the Ozone, this appears to make the power of mother nature generated storms much more powerful.

Larry Morse, our BHI part time Mad Scientist is really not so mad at all, he has worked on many cool projects for the government involving testing core soil samples at Rocky Flats and other sites for potential contamination. Apparently testing provides evidence that chemical and nuclear waste contaminants have trickled down through the sedimentary levels of the earth to bed rock, obviously this is not good because from there the contaminants can potentially enter the underground aquifers and water tables through subterranean water tributaries. The obvious solution here as well as a round the world at similar sites is to verify what is actually going on under the ground by taking and analyzing core samples. I donated a NeXT turbo Mono to the Waste Buster cause that Larry promotes, we have a web site link here soon.

How does this fit into NEXTSTEP at all you ask...well at CSU , where I went to school for 10 years, its a good story and it was a lot of work, the Atmospheric Research Center had a lab of 40 NeXT Computers used primarily for weather research. I actually started out as a Water Shed Sciences Major in 82 and like many students changed majors many times and settled in on earning a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing, finally graduating in 92 after putting myself through School, I also have a heck of a lot of extra credits 237 Total. I'm also planning on earning a Masters and beyond , learning is fun to do.

True story, when I attended CSU , I owned and lived in the Johnson Mobile Home trailer park at 1799 So College for 8 years , the same one that was flooded and totaled along with a good portion of the CSU campus ....some of you may recall that five people perished and 100's of millions of dollars in damage was caused by what was dubbed the 1000 year storm, a little over 2 years ago , July 28, 1996.

Interestingly enough the atmospheric research department and the government had conducted a flood plain study. After analyzing the statistics , they developed the hypothesis that the watershed , topography and historical geology of the land in which the trailer park was located was literally in the flood plain. I often thought that with out the megabuck study that the bubbling brook 2 trailers down would potentially some day grow and over flow its banks because of excess rain. I remember receiving an official notice of the probability of this was growing , we were due for the 100 year flood according to the ominous pamphlet, so we would have to relocate the trailers, so of course there was an uproar amongst the tenants, the park had been there 30 years and never been flooded out. The government compromised and moved a few of the trailers out of the stream channel and implemented a 1 Million Dollar flood control strategy , widening the spillway channel in an effort to quiet things down. It was hard to convince anyone to move the park out of the way in anticipation of the 100 year flood. What the Million Dollar plan didn't take into account was the 1st trailer variable, yes, it became like a houseboat when the legendary rain hit , I had joked about putting pontoons on my old trailer and turning it into a house boat but this was ridiculous, Spring creek rose 1 foot a minute and out of no where a 20 foot wall of water came crashing down the channel, it turned normally harmless Spring creek into hell on earth for the City of Ft. Collins. The 1st Trailer caught up in the wave was sucked into the middle of the storm drainage channel located under College Avenue and this basically created a dam, then the park backfilled with water in a matter of minutes the water level rose and started tossing trailers around like dominos. In a stroke of brilliance the railroad decided to send the evening train down the track which bordered one side of the park in the middle of the fiasco , the train derailed literally right where my old trailer was , the derailment caused Johnny's Liquors to explode along with several other natural gas explosions through out the park and shopping complex.

Fortunately I was spared this event, I had moved to Denver after graduating many years before, so I escaped being drowned and crushed. Kim and I went and looked at the damage , it was a miracle there were not more lives lost in the turmoil and I was sad about seeing a place where I had spent so many years destroyed.

Living in a trailer park was an interesting and inexpensive lifestyle, about $5K to buy the trailer and $150 a month for lot rent, versus buying a house for $180K and having to deal with roommates, it was convenient only 2 blocks from campus also as an added bonus it was 100 ft. from where I worked at KTCL radio station and also many dining establishments like Taco Bell across the street , provided easy access to junk food. When going to school , it was awesome, no roommates , a true a melting pot of characters lived in the trailer park, as with most trailer parks , it offered an experience in cultural diversity for sure , from nice little old ladies to sketchy, creepy old dudes like the guy that was sleeping under my tree one night when I returned home from the bar, scared the bejesus out of me, he turned out to be a good soul and went happily on his way. Happy and quarreling family's were scattered through out the park, I made many friends from all walks of life , also many beautiful babes inhabited the park. Never a dull moment at the trailer park for sure, especially on the domestic front during full moons, Fond memory, I remember when a few carloads of Tri Deltas pulled up to my trailer just to hang out and party, it was truly a righteous event and my friends were impressed.

I often used to sit on my back porch and play guitar while watching the sunset over the mountains and the train rolled slowly by, sometimes with my girlfriend at the time Desiree' , she lived in the trailer across the street, we are still great friends , she is finishing up school in Hawaii. I also have the 3 cats (they are fun except for the allergies they cause certain times of year) that Desiree' and her parents entrusted to my care when they moved to Hawaii, Cootie (Asland), if you whistle she comes a running just like a dog, it is classic and Juliet only drinks from the sink with the water purifier, when I'm whistling and calling out Bonkers, Juliet and Cootie , then they take awhile to show up, pets can make you feel foolish .

Hope you're having a great day I miss you, I hope all is well with you and the cats. Write when you can, I'll be waiting to hear from you. Give yourself a hug and one to each of the cats (: Maybe this sun will brighten your day! - Desiree

I also rescued a fish from Kim's tank recently, we call her the happy fish because she swims back and forth smiling.

Bonkers , the oldest of the 3 cats about 17Yrs. often meows, when I talk on the phone , so if you here a meow and I don't answer , hmm if only Bonkers could take orders, I try to answer the phone whenever possible, there is more than enough voicemail these days for sure, usually when I don't answer it is because line 1 and 2 are busy and it kicks to voicemail , which means I'm really, really busy, I will get back to you or the phones are forwarded to my PCs Phone , these mobile phones can be a pain to deal with , when they work it is awesome , when they don't it .....drops the call without warning...like Windo...8.

I was the PBX switchboard phone operator for awhile at Computer City, like being a quarterback, the day we opened the store I logged 2000+ calls. You had 10 hold lines, 5 business sales lines, 5 tech lines, a couple pricing and availability people, cashiers, secretaries and managers, you had to be quick, when the phone lines quieted down or I was doing P/A , I would try to answer the customers questions , find out if the items were in stock using the mobile floor phones and then fill computer hardware and software orders in a shopping cart , walk it over to business sales for pick up or delivery, I remember loading up 6 Quadras and a bunch of other stuff and the boss snickering, they were for real, in fact one call eventually lead to $1,000,000 in printer sales. I also sold 90 Pentiums to Allegheny College at one point it was an entirely NEXTSTEP paperless campus, so if you need a computer or software you've found the dude, I personally can build you a computer from scratch and Max is the best tech on the planet to have as quality control. Another proverb , praise and bribe the computer gurus you know as much as possible, computers have a good chance of working again if you do this.

I learned that if you live in a trailer it can be fun, however if you live there long enough, mother nature may eventually have it in for you and the same is true with computers , something will happen for no reason and your computer will have it in for you.

I've also sold NeXT software to the N.O.A.A. Hurricane Center in Florida . Monitoring Storms and early storm warning systems through the Web are now possible. As long as the phone lines are up and there is electricity. A generator and Iridium phones also ham radio works well provided the signals are received. I also refurbished the only NeXT Cube in the Dominican Republic shortly before the Hurricane George and have not heard from Antonio if you are OK, in the Dominican Republic let us know and hope you all are OK, the power may still be down.

NeXT now Apple software technology specifically the developer tools were used to create the infrastructure of the World Wide World Wide Web by Tim Berniers Lee,

Continued: Did you know NeXTSTEP and Openstep custom applications are used to monitor all sorts of fish globally? The University of California at San Diego , University of Alaska, the University of Hawaii and even fishermen in Iceland all have a few NeXT systems currently monitoring everything from Plankton to Whales.

The Whales are monitored with tracking devices that transmit a global positioning signal. It is a great idea because it helps us to understand what Whales do, where they live, what and where they feed and breed and also the ocean bound routes they prefer to use during migration. Maui is a cool place to visit and is the only island in Hawaii where Whales return each year to calve, if you have the chance it is fun to go on a Whale watching cruise in Maui, usually the first part of the year in February is the peak. Whales migrate from Maui to Alaska and back to Maui each year, to play and reproduce in the warm waters off of the Maui coastline by the town of La Haina.

Desiree's mom care takes for a few incredible $25,000,000 homes and her dad builds them, so visiting Maui is always even more fun. It was cool , one of the homes that her parents took us to visit was amazing , it had the steepest driveway that I've ever seen and we had lunch, then we were dropping pennies over the edge of the balcony and it was so far over that you couldn't hear them when they finally landed in the tropical forest 1000ft below, this house in the sky on Maui is available at merely $1500 a day to those interested, A famous writer wrote a screen play there they wouldn't let us know who it was though. They also care take for the Oli Oli Kai an old plantation home with its own private bar, game room and beach, it sleeps up to 20 comfortably.

Hawaii is cool on the Island of Oahu we went to the tree arbor with 1000's of different tropical trees and plants, some of the plants had leaves that were 9 feet across, minihuni's may live there. We went to Desiree's favorite little park on another visit and wound up hanging out talking in the branches of a gigantic banyan tree. In case you have never seen a Banyan tree, they branch out, then they have a root drop down to the ground from the branch. One tree can eventually cover a city block in Tarzan movies you see them swinging from vine to vine this would be the tree. However, we have an old home movie of one of the neighbors, long time family friends Jack Ryan, swinging out on one of these roots and disappearing into the jungle when a root broke off, so I would not recommend this unless you are a stunt man.

Also because you are a net surfer here are some tails of the newbie surfer and Hawaii visitation stories, also I realize this whole story is getting very long winded so if you are enjoying reading this whole thing at different times. My dad and I many years ago on our first visit to Hawaii went surfing the first day , a few hours worth. I remember being very much like a boiled Lobster afterwards for the next few days. A base tan is important and it now really is a different sun. The Scientist at Harvard that discovered the hole in the ozone, you have heard about also uses NeXT software.

Many years later, I actually caught the first wave I tried and stood up on the board to the amazement of my dad and the surf instructor. When surfing I was taught to always fall off the board sideways, if you fall straight down the coral will cut your feet and it can create a real mess. I've actually caught a few waves and you don't expect to be going that fast, it is cool earth power. When you fall off however and your board is still with the wave , it is not good as you have an unoccupied surf board heading towards the beach, also when you are actually riding a wave people in the water don't realize that it is a miracle you are standing up on the surf board in the first place. Surfers have what is called a kook cord that you put around your ankle so when you fall off the board stays with you , however the training boards are like 10 to 16 feet long so a kook cord is not included or recommended, it would probably cause you to look like a dolphin coming into shore in tow by the board. I've visited the North Shore featuring the Banzai pipeline many times over the years, I strongly recommend NOT attempting to learn how to surf the Pipeline, unless you are very experienced with a guide it is dangerous. One day on Maui outside of Paia they had the largest surf reportedly in 30 years, the 30ft. surf crashing in was impressive. We watched 2 surfers, paddle out get slammed around for about 45 minutes and almost not make it back to shore, the onlooking crowd collectively were beginning to worry about their safety. One surfer actually caught one of these monster waves estimated to be 20 to 30 ft. wave and rode it as broke from right to left for what appeared to be close to a mile and almost disappeared from view in the distance over the horizon. Desiree', her dad, mom, myself and the crowd were amazed. Robbie Nash the world champion wind surfer with 1111 on his sale was out , it is cool the wind surfers can actually flip the board off a wave. I tried wind surfing and for the first few hours you kind of flounder around then you finally find the vibe and pull the sail up and catch the wind, much like the surfer soon you are sailing over the horizon, please note the catch is then you have to figure out how to get back because sailing around the world on a real wind surf board would take awhile.

I'm also part owner of 2 fishing boats in Maui with Desiree's dad, one a 45 footer is very much like the SS Minnow and is dry docked, she needs restoration . I'm looking forward to put the boat that floats into use next time, scuba diving on Molokini, I was certified to Scuba dive at age 14, they start you out in a pool and it just takes once a week for a few months and a little studying. Hanama Bay is cool for snorkeling , it is an amazing experience to be surrounded by millions of fish, if you have bread they are psyched, keep an eye out for jellyfish. Hawaii for the most part is paradise, my parents had a place 35 floors up in the Waikiki sunset across the street from the Zoo, public golf course and park, they now have another place for Winter vacations.

11/23/98 In humor, A friend of mine Geof Sargent a comedian, recently has opened for Pauly Shore, Tommy Chong and many others as well as headlined shows. It was classic meeting Tommy Chong and his wife after the show. Geof is always on the road doing comedy, he described an encounter with Black Helicopters on his last road trip and when he stopped by , seriously, he brought in some kind of spiritual entity in a little box with a poem later in the story. We are thinking of contacting sightings and Geof eventually will probably up on Saturday Night Live, he recently impressed a talent scout from NBC at a gig at the comedy works. He also was at the Ft. Collins flood house sitting and he rescued a cat shortly before the whole basement filled up with water from the wave in just minutes. Click , Click, channel change so in the spirit of humor, honestly it is very Wise to steer clear of any local Hawaiian street vendors attempting to sell you high priced green stuff, they offer it to practically everybody that walks by including totally innocent little old folks like my mom and dad. The Hawaiian vendors prey on unsuspecting tourists all the time, it is kind of ridiculous and is often a total rip off or it is a blatant set up by the man. If you enjoy paying a premium for spagma moss or seaweed, then, when you visit Hawaii or if you have visited Hawaii already you will remember this tail, laugh and think we were warned about you Hawaiian street vendor dudes by our true Internet surfing guide, so go away be one with the frogs.

Also it is not recommended to go hiking off on to the unmarked trails, it can be slippery or you can get turned around and lost or potentially wind up in some kind of sketchy seen similar to deliverance. We witnessed the government helicopters sponsored by Budweiser flying very low in V formation over the sugar cane fields and when they find a big patch of weeds, the sprayer chopper swoops in with the weed killer.

11/22/98 Kim and Rob Surfing adventure.

Worst case scenario for the Internet surfing tourist's, somehow we have taken a wrong turn in Hawaii our wind surfing boards come ashore on a distant beach, we start to walk into a Pineapple plantation and wind up eventually lost deep with in the sugar cane fields, we stumble upon some huge tomato looking plants look on in awe, we know what they might be and then we hear a rustling in the bushes a growl , then voices and are guessing it is not the jolly green giant and then the sound of choppers coming in the distant. We look at everyone in the group and it would be like run Forest run, we obviously have nothing to do with this stuff and burst out of the fields, we have to swing through the Banyan trees over the ravine and up the mountain and then wind up in old world war 2 tunnels on the top of Diamond head. Then magically we appear out of the tunnels at a secret entrance underneath a waterfall . We have stumbled upon and blend in safely with a Luau, fortunately our net wind surfing boards have floated to this very beach, the friendly natives and beautiful hula girls provide us with tropical drink served in a pineapple with umbrella and a ticket to the party boat with bikini contest , just our luck it is headed back to where we need to return the windsurf boards of course we arrive 1 minute early and then wind up docking at the Hard Rock Cafe or Cheeseburgers in Paradise and the whales tumbling around in the bay swim back to Alaska.

The Waikiki Beach, Sea World and Aquarium is a lot of fun, I prefer Maui and the volcano's on the big island , it is amazing to look across the expanse of a volcano and see lava bubbling into the sea. Also if you are a newbie to Hawaii be extra careful with your personal belongings at all times don't talk about anything you have in the car. At least they have started to remove the rental car bumper stickers from the bumper. We have experienced problems with theft as well, they smashed a window on my rental car one time. My dad always asks for the ugliest rental car on the lot, now he just buys a car at an auction , fixes it up and they drive it for 3 month's then sell it and other issues but 95% of the time it is paradise. I also have sold NeXT software and hardware to the University of Hawaii, Maui research center and Maui community college.

I also have a Yamaha Waveraider Jet Ski in Colorado, it is a little chilly this time of year and you actually get a slurpy headache out there on Cherry Creek lake, 5 minutes away, if you have a wet or dry suit and hat also not falling off into the cold water is highly is recommended. So I wound up as part owner in a bar called Chiquitas here in Colorado. I originally had invested about 30K mostly high interest debt supposedly for a short term loan into a building that needed a lot of refurbishing and the Denny's vision was to put in an arcade and other stores into the old hardware store like a shoe store, tai kwan do in Ft. Collins and it wasn't working out because way to much overhead was created on the remodel. We then had an opportunity to trade it for Chiquita's a huge bar in Denver and I thought it was worth a try. The bar set up was great and it was really the longest bar in Colorado boasting an island bar over a football field in length with awesome food, pool tables , live bands and a capacity of 600 people. The location in a strip mall and not visible from Wadsworth, did not work out for a bar that size, the marketing drew people in on Fridays and Saturdays but it was lean through the week. It could have been profitable if it was a fourth of the size in that location or moved to a better location. However, I remember fun new years and other parties, unfortunately the employees, patrons, friends and myself really didn't like the main owner Denny and it makes all the difference in the world, no offense Jim D but when I sat down and talked with you and we figured out you were 1 Million in the hole most of it high interest debt using other peoples money after I had already made my investment which sucked and you were begging for more money, I knew that I was dealing with your house of cards philosophy, most businesses fail because they don't have a handle on their break even point. It was obvious Chiquita's wasn't working out , the numbers we received from the people that we exchanged the property for were not even close to what actually hit the tills. So when Denny said he had an opportunity to sell the Chiquita's bar with the promise that I would be paid back and I looked it over, it seemed sound and the buyers seemed confident. I thought get out of this mess and hope this works out. We did and the new owners took over completely changed the theme of the bar which confused the patrons and then they went bankrupt about six months later. So I was unfortunate, learned some valuable lessons in life and business and lost yet another $30K investment. It took a lot of hard work to get out from under it since most of it was cash advanced on credit cards on Denny's persistence but inevitably my decision was to invest in it. Where is my and every one else's paper work for your bankruptcy Denny so at least we can try to take a write off?

11/23/98 Matt Moran , a long time NeXT campus representative also worked at Alembic and then led the break away from Alembic off shoot Open Source with the all of there sales team. This was shortly before my return to Alembic , so they were our competition. Please note all this is years ago and there are no hard feelings anywhere in fact Matt works with Enfocus Software distributors of Tailor and just forwarded the lead for the National Institute of Health Cancer Institute. Matt was the former president of Open Source and by pure coincidence was best long time friends with Jim Denny and he has experienced similar problems with Jim.

Coincidentally Garrett Rice was the best salesman at Alembic and left to join Open Source then was hired away by NeXT as Open Source slowly went under. Now Garrett Rice was our representative at Apple, We were like this is unbelievable and protested but it is true. So Garrett rice fly's out to meet with us and talk about NeXT's direction this is after they decided to stop development of Openstep and become a Web Objects only company. I remember talking with Garrett Rice about what a different world it would be if Steve Jobs had stayed at Apple and Openstep was there operating system and NeXT hardware was Apple hardware. Remember Steve Jobs left Apple over disagreements over the future direction of Apple and founded NeXT. So the news stated Apple was looking for an operating system and they were talking to B/OS . As the true last salesmen still selling Openstep on the planet not even NeXT was at the time. I posted a thought in comp.sys.next.advocacy called NeXT/ Apple a logical fit, you can look it up, it is real, the very next day they announced Apple bought NeXT for $425 Million. As I say this is legendary stuff , Garrett Rice had called Ellen Hancock then the VP at Apple and told her the idea on Avie Tevanian's instruction. Garrett Rice also made it very difficult for me to continue selling NeXT software after he was made very wealthy by the promotion of the idea from NeXT toApple. I remember having to call Garrett after Optimal closed down and describing my idea of how to continue the business because of customer demand , he said no. I pursued the idea and was eventually granted approval. Garrett is no longer at Apple thanks and I enjoy the people I'm working with at Apple now, part of Apple's culture is to listen to employees even if they are the lowest on the totem pole and that is cool. Apple , I'm not giving up on Rhapsody Intel yet because as Steve Jobs said to John Skulley , do you wan to sell sugar water the rest of your life or do you want to change the world. I'm here to change the world with the people and make it a better place, enough with the gloom and doom philosophies people , lets be positive, look at the story of the USA, they were underdogs and look at us know, the spirit of our people can set great examples for the world to follow!

I remember I ran for President of the AKPsi fraternity and lost but I still tried . AKPsi wound up offering the position of Chaplain to me. More for the name on the Fraternity quiz than anything else I suppose, I accepted. My mom has also volunteered for me to read scripture in front of the little Methodist church a few times after I took speech, I did and it is all right to attend your religious ceremonies for yourself and your mom now and then. My views on religion are there is positive energy in positive religions and if it works for you , go with it. I remember being volunteered to speak first at my Opa's funeral with his Opens casket in front and hundreds of people in attendance, now that was tough but I managed it. Opa, I know you are listening , you set a great example of respecting all people and you and Oma's 63 happy years together is great, I only hope that statement alone somehow makes people fell happy and others follow, my parents are at 40 years and doing great.

At the time I was selling NeXT products full time so it was impossible to take a more proactive managerial day to day position and plus it was clear across town and I was experiencing what is called diminishing returns, one person can only do so much. If only I had Chiquitas restaurant and bar in the location close to where I'm at now, I know it would do very well but location, location , location, customer and employee job satisfaction is everything for a lot of businesses. I know, I'm intelligent enough and hope that I'm projecting enough good spirit and sounding cool. I appreciate all the great customers and I know I'll never go bankrupt with your help. Who else would provide you with all these innovative Web based adventures in business using my NeXT, life stories and entertainment and words on the web page canvas of life and how with just 2 people. I could have a nice $57K nestegg, but know it is in their pockets not mine and I would have made a nice profit buying Ebay stock the other day for sure, I'm having fun with stress relief today for sure.

We also offer Linux but warning the average user, you will have to get real technical at times in Linux but it will continue to improve in quality over time, Openstep is easier to use than Linux at least Linux is not Microsoft. Also in breaking news the new version of Gatekeeper 3.0 with PPP beta 4 for Openstep a freeware product makes it a lot easier to get a next box surfing on the net so hope this information freely helps you out, yes we now know it has been out for months , it is like mining for diamonds, if you have apps that you recommend for Openstep or NeXTSTEP please let us know, I'll set up links. Max gives it his seal of approval for the latest version of Gatekeeper 3.0 beta 4, it apparently is saving him and soon others like Dreamworks a lot of headaches during normal setup over the old versions. Our niche has historically been helping to support problems with PPP installation, this makes it a lot easier for everyone to set up which is fairly huge for Openstep users and I'm going to give it a go today and give it the true bozo test, hey if I can handle it with out screwing anything up, then I will pass this information on to you and will have passed yet another test in Max's true guru Openstep training course. Anyone know if there is a beta 5? It works Bozo is surfing on a Turbo Cube with Dimension Board Openstep 4.2 and Gatekeeper 3.0 beta 4 using Omniweb. I have a theory that the with the planet Earth magnetic poles may have change polarity in the past , if a huge iron meteorite had a very close fly by , it would affect the magnetic balance. The web is like the meteorite , sales on line are going to go through the roof , it is a whole new retail channel and way of doing business and we have been here since the beginning, Apple/NeXTweb objects is used by the Disney Store and Sharper Image on line stores.

Here is a theory , Iraq someone from outer space shows up to tour the Earth from observing what the news has to say about the weather and all other activities. They probably would see that a lot of military activity is stacking up around you and wonder why. They could take a look at recent historical events and conclude that practically everyone else on this planet is making a serious move towards peace. We do not want and the proposed Aliens do not want to go to war with you and risk any peoples life's. I had many friends in Desert Storm and will tell you the story of a paramedic friend of mine. The bombing had been going on for about six weeks and emotionally and psychologically that is permanently devastating to ones mental state. My friend the paramedic and his team came across your soldiers . After six weeks they were covered in lice, close to starving to death and very dehydrated , they were begging for their lives and set down their weapons. My friends were unarmed , your soldiers were kissing the paramedics hands and they wanted to hand over all of their Dinars to the paramedics. My friends gave them water, food, medication and took them in to a hospital to help them recover from their injuries and inevitably save their lives. They accepted a few Dinars only as a token of peace and to prove this story was true. I have one of those actual Dinars, it makes me feel good that a soldiers life was not only spared and I can tell this story to all people because that same soldier remembers the gift of kindness in his worst time from the paramedics. May be that soldier would like to offer peace to you and everyone else. The photographs of devastation and loss of life. we saw were testimony to me that this war does not need to happen again. Iraq you alone hold the power with in your collective peoples conscious to stop protesting what every other person on this planet deems important, we want peace, we do not want chemical weapons. We are all and many of your own people are collectively frightened by the thought that through your previous and recent actions may be trying to create biological weapons of mass destruction and plan at aiming them at innocent populations of people.

We ask what will you gain from doing this, in the minds of everyone on this planet nothing. We are asking that Iraq you peacefully stop your development of any war related projects and let the inspectors verify this by doing this you will be viewed in the eyes of everyone on this planet as someone we can eventually learn to respect and develop trust based upon your future proposed actions as a movement towards peace. .

Why offer peace to your people? Because we care about human lives everyone's and only hope you will listen, open up your facilities, like the paramedics our collective hearts on this planet are very big and we care about even you Sadaam. So the choice is yours, our propaganda and mission is that all we ask from of you using the physics of the peaceful collectiveness and our peaceful growing army or front, a huge movement of people is that you mentally surrender your will to want to do battle with others, surrender your weapons related development projects. We also ask that you put the minds of the engineers, scientists and medical staff to work creating projects that will benefit all of humanity not put them towards creating destructive technology intended to threaten the lives of everyone on this planet. Iraq we hope you can see it our way and abandon the 1000's of years of hostility, peace is the solution and you can set an example of peace that historically everyone will follow , I hope that an example of peace would carry all through the middle east and around the world and that the violence and threat of war will come to an end. Sadaam, I recommend you play some Bob Marley and Peter Tosh and many Reggae musicians tunes , enjoy and listen to what they have to say, they were neutral people, the stories they tell will make you laugh and cry, they have their own religion, they strive to promote peace for all people primarily without prejudice, they have political controversies but they choose only music and words not war and the actions of weapons fired by people to get their point across and we the people of Earth appreciate and respect peace. Many religions prophesies peace as the best answer so we ask you in your mind to change your way of thinking collectively join us in an effort to create global peace and once and for all help to put an end to the plague of war in your part of the world and we will do our best to put an end to the threat of the plague of war in our part of the world, then when everyone agrees this plague of war has gone on far to long, the prophesy of peace will be fulfilled. Can everyone understand when we are left with one world full of peaceful people, then we can begin resolving all of the other problems that we should be focusing on. When I saw Peter Tosh in person and a lot of other bands it is cool to leave a concert feeling good about what you have just heard, In remembrance and respect for Peter Tosh and Bob Marley , all of the other musicians like Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa and Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Elvis Presley the music they created at Red Rocks and everywhere was impressive for all of the veterans and people that died in wars, battle, or through terroristic acts; their lives all tell stories that ended because of talking stories of war and peace. Promoting peace through music, communication and respect for human life is what I am all about. I am fighting a battle and waging a war but it is for peace and honor and respect and what a good feeling it would be , if everyone can throw away the concept of war and let the excellence of , peace shine through as a gift to the future. What an excellent decision to hand down a cure called peace to all of our children, I guarantee it will work , we hold the power of intelligence and thinking to make it happen. It is how I feel and I know I don't have to be anyone special or with a title to say it, now it is said and it is for free to you as well, so the choice is always yours.

The original name of Denver was St. Charles not many people know that one, it changed names in 1862 and was renamed after a politician from the Kansas Territory, Colorado was admitted into the United States of America in 1876, The neighborhood I grew up in has a storied history with respect to air travel. Baron Von Richthofens brothers vision was Montclair. He built a castle, trolley, boulevards, planted trees, brought in animals and set up a health spa, there were also many hidden tunnels and rumor has it , the Red Baron's Airplane is still somewhere in the neighborhood. A tunnel from the Castle was unearthed a few years back that apparently lead to what was an old turn of the century brothel, the current owners normal folks were flipping light switches on and off one day a few years back and all of a sudden a secret passage opened up leading to the tunnel.

I thought that I would humor everyone with a story of an air battle. The miraculous battle with air took place on May 7, 1908 in Denver, Colorado. It honestly and really took place on the property or the house that I grew up in sits on. The man of which I speak is George Davidson and here is his tail from an old article in the Colorado Heritage.

With better luck and more financing from a skeptical public, G.L.O. Davidson would have been the first aviator in Colorado. It might have helped ,also,had he not been so stubborn and he heeded the wisdom of others. As it turned out, Davidson had to slink humiliated from the state, almost a laughingstock.

The accepted aeronautical procedure as demonstrated by the Wright Brothers in 1903 was that airplanes should be powered by gasoline engines connected to propellers. Davidson believed that concept to be foolish, and said so time and again. His better idea was to connect steam engines to gigantic fans pointed downwards, which would push the flying machines into the sky. Never mind that steam engines and boilers were far heavier than gasoline engines, or that huge fans were much more weighty than small propellers. As one might suspect, Davidson's plan proved to be not so good. To a fearsome explosion accompanied by hurtling shrapnel, the rear immolation of his pilot, Davidson' bizarre hypotheses of flight came to an end. The neighbors thought there had been an earthquake. I have seen the picture of the airship, the funny thing about it a guy that looks like me is in the photo, weird things are a foot at the circle K, using modern lightweight materials and modern technology, it would probably work and people would call it a UFO for sure it looks like one, so on with the tail.

George L.O. Davidson was among a surprisingly large cadre of Colorado dreamers who yearned to travel in the sky or below the water's surface in the twenty years following the turn of the century. They had schemes and diagrams and determination but they shared a common obstacle-not enough money. Some of them, as detailed earlier in these pages, issued stock offerings of a wobbly nature. George Davidson merely begged. The groveling would be worth it if he could just become rich and famous.

Davidson was a Scotsman who came to Colorado during the great mineral booms of the 1880's and met a measure of financial success in the mines above Boulder. At the same time, however, he intently studied the movements of birds and longed to apply the principles of feathered flight to a machine that would carry humans. His contemporaries in the development of flight tended toward revolving discs with blades , called "propellors" but Davidson dismissed that idea as foolish. The same went, as far as he was concerned, for the use of gasoline engines. His "Denver Airship," Davidson announced, would soar aloft by use of a pair of "horizontal windmills powered by steam. They were nothing but huge fans, pointed downward, and each one required its own steam engine ( the same model used in the Stanley Steamer automobile) and a common boiler.

In 1906 Davidson moved into a home in the distant east Denver neighborhood of Montclair at 770 Olive Street, and announced that he would build his flying machine in the back yard. It is important to remember that the 1906 date is fully four years prior to what is accepted as the first airplane flight in Colorado.An intense and philosophical man given to fanciful hyperbole, Davidson persisted in discounting the aeronautical theories of inventors who disagreed with him. Davidson gave considerable thought to what type of machine could carry humans in the future. He observed that birds did not literally float in the air because birds were not lighter than air. Then he came up with the puzzling hypothesis that "no bird propels itself through the air."

Davidson attempted to explain that startling conclusion in an interview with a Rocky Mountain News writer, and the resultant article might have left readers scratching their heads. Observing that ducks paddle by pushing water behind their webbed feet and that steamships move by doing the same thing with their screw-propellers, Davidson noted that air and water had different characteristics. And that, he pronounced, was what his fellow airship inventors failed to realize:

"These so-called navigable balloons and so-called flying machines of which we have heard so much are nothing more than attempts to thrust upon the air the same principles as are adopted in traveling through water. Who ever heard of a bird twisting itself through the air with its tail, and yet that seems to be the principle of every flying machine I have heard of. We all know that air and water are two very different things; the one is compressible, the other is not.

Now , these flat planes ( the propellors) have very little if any tendency to compress the air, and consequently as data for calculation with regard to aerial flight they are practically valueless. The bird by the reciprocal motion of its wing compresses the air to a solidity sufficient to bear its weight, and enable it to raise itself vertically in the air through which it is continually gliding downward and forward by the action of gravity. That is the true and only principle of flight." G.L.O. Davidson

To doubters, Davidson somewhat haughtily pronounced that he had "studied the subject for upwards of twenty years, and have carried out a number of most satisfactory experiments, proving conclusively that it is not only possible, but practicable, with our present day appliances, to travel by air."

All that was standing in his way, incidentally, was the lack of the required $10,000 or more.

As luck would have it, that shortcoming soon was attended to by a fellow Britisher, Lord Armstrong, head of the famous engineering firm of Armstrong, Wentworth & Company of Newcastle, who offered the funds to develop a working prototype.

Now George L.O. Davidson could begin work earnestly behind his East Denver Mansion. Our house was built in 1914 on this spot. His creation would be "no aeroplane or dirigible balloon. It will be a flying machine. Aeroplanes are not flying machines. They are designed to propel themselves through the air as a vessel is propelled through water, and can never be of practical value." Instead, his steam-powered "rotary substitute for the reciprocal action of the bird's wing" would be called a "horizontal windmill." Two such windmills would be required to lift the craft whose fuselage would be thirteen feet tall, eight feet wide, and sixty feet from beak to tail. Each lifter- hidden under birdlike wings-would be twenty-seven feet in diameter, resulting in an overall width for the craft of sixty-two feet- a size yet undreamed of. Each lifter would have 110 blades revolving sixty times a minute and generating a total of 100 horsepower. The machine's design resembled the hovercraft of later age.

The photograph caption reads, The mammoth proportions of Davidson's flying machine are evident in this photograph of the wing and fan assembly. Wingspan was sixty-two feet and the fuselage was sixty feet. The scene is in the 700 block of Olive St., east Denver. The structures at far left and right appear to slide together along rails, thus providing shelter for the bizarre craft. At the time of this photo, no airplane had yet visited Denver.

The horizontal windmills were to be powered by, steam, generated in turn by gasoline heating water in a boiler. The thing was very heavy, and it was mammoth.

Davidson studied his equations carefully. A machine carrying a pair of 200 - pound men would need to weigh 4000 pounds. And someday (when the necessary funds were forthcoming) the Denver Airship would weigh 20,000 pounds and carry ten men!

The vertical lift of the 4,000-pound machine, Davidson calculated , would be in excess of 30,000 pounds. While the lift was progressing, the "air car" would be inclined at a very slight angle, and so is consistently slipping forward. The result is, as in the case of the pigeon, a continuous forward motion. Equilibrium is maintained by means of an ingenious apparatus automatically controlling the tail of the "bird" or ship, while its lateral course is steered-as in nature-by means of a beak. In fact the whole thing exactly copies nature, merely substituting for the intermittent or reciprocal movement of nature the rotary movement of mechanics.

Safety was assured. "Experiments enable me to state," said Davidson,

that its angle of inclination will be governed automatically and can be set at will at any angle and it cannot possibly turn over, no more than the huge Atlantic liners can turn over in the water. Its outspread supporting surface will be such that when the engines are not at work, or should they happen to break down, the machine will glide gradually down and it will, of course, depend upon the altitude of the machine when the engines are stopped (or stop themselves) whatever the glide will continue, forty, fifty or a hundred miles.

Davidson conceded that "there probably will be accidents in the future, but traveling by air will undoubtedly be far less risky than by rail or on the ocean, for the flying machine will be capable of descending when and where it chooses, provided there is a sufficiently large open and fairly level space on which it can alight"

Coloradans , he predicted , could "go down to the airway depot and take a round trip from Denver to New York for $10, knowing when they start on Saturday morning that they will dine in New York and be able to return by the Sunday night (air) car for breakfast on Monday morning."

Thus self-bouyed, Davidson and his associates proceeded to assemble the Denver Airship under a tent in the back yard at 700 Olive St. By May 7, 1908, it was ready to test. With engineer Leslie O. Parker in the pilot's seat, the machine rose tentatively above the tent, and then shot upward forty feet and exploded. Parker fell to the ground unconscious, his clothing afire.

The monstrous boiler explosion destroyed George Davidson's flying machine and broke windows for blocks around. Incredibly, Parker suffered only a broken leg from his long fall, burns, abrasions , and a splinter of steel in his right eye. Davidson was crestfallen to observe his $30,000 uninsured machine, demolished.

The wealthy Lord Armstrong, suffering business reverses in England, had cut off Davidson's cash, and Davidson himself had sunk every penny of his mining earnings into the flying machine, now lying in pieces in front of him.

There was but one thing to do. Davidson composed a note "To the people of Denver" and sent it off to the editor of the Denver Post:

I would make an appeal to the wealthy men of Denver before dismantling my flying machine and going elsewhere to complete the demonstration of its practicability, and of the fact that I have solved the great problem of mechanical flight. The reason I require funds to rebuild the machine is that the body frame work was entirely demolished by the explosion. The reason the boiler exploded was that I could not afford to purchase a suitable engine and boiler and had to make shift with a secondhand engine and boiler. Is there not one wealthy man in this great and beautiful city of Denver who is willing to interest himself in such a great scientific problem as the conquest of air?

The article then has a sketch representing George Davidson's initial concept for a flying machine, dated 1902. The wings clearly suggest the ornithological influence, and the tail assembly very much resembles that of a bird.

surely there must be some wealthy men here who can at least afford to waste an hour to see for themselves what I have done and to hear what I have to say. There is fame and much money to those who may support me know. Do not let it be said that on the eve of success Denver has turned down the greatest invention of the age.

But the wealthy men of Denver had more prudent things to do with their money, and ignored George Davidson's pathetic plea. Near bankruptcy from trying to make his dream come true, Davidson lost his house. His wife divorced him. He returned to London and was never heard of again.

We offer many other products as well that are not listed , also we are working on an additional new product line catalog. I also know there is only so much I can do but I'm trying my best.

As for that old building in Ft. Collins that we traded out of, well they are having limited success in a bar niche that we were really not interested in filling, they apparently put the bar in. However, without being political and choosing sides, we would strongly recommend going to the bar called Washington's. Washington's has a great theme old movie props everywhere like the actual streetcar named desire, old stuff from floor to the roof. Washington's is well established and promotes what has proved to be real logical biology, you know when the plumbing works right and most of you including myself would feel real out of place at the new bar. I'm sure everyone can appreciate that I directing you to where you feel the most comfortable when visiting, a bar in Ft. Collins without prejudice. I prefer Washington's and every other bar in town over the new bar with its samething theme. I remember the Old Ale House featured local bands like Big Head Todd and the Monsters(10 people in the crowd), Samples, Atoll and the Subdude's in the good old days.

All of a sudden a toilet came flying out of a 3rd story apartment crashing on to the street below, as I turned around there was a huge bonfire burning and people were tearing down the neighbors fence to use as fuel for the bonfire. We had a small party going on down the street, it was College Days in Ft. Collins, 87 . The University had a traditional College day celebration dating back to 1912 until the riots by roving bands of idiots forced them to shut it down. They gave everyone a Friday off and brought in bands and kegs for about 30,000 people as word of the event spread more and more people from out of town would come in and they are the ones that really screwed up a cool event. Colorado State University did not have any events planned at night so basically 30,000 people with a buzz and very little to do were still in town on Friday night and that soon spelled trouble. It was almost surrealistic as rocks and bottles began flying and a group of people crashed into the house we were at , they had been tear gassed and we offered them water to clear their eyes. So the night went on the pandemonium quieted and there was a dude at the party we had been talking with his name really was Charlie Brown and he was a Vietnam veteran and he was not well about the scene, so we cheered him up. He said he had a Rolls Royce and it was parked over in back of the Tridelta house which was very much riot central earlier. Of course when we walked over to try and see if it was for real the cops were like no way and we can't blame them for that so we decided to wait until sun up. Sun up came and Charlie Brown kept insisting he did own a Rolls Royce we figured what the heck , we believed him at that point and it was only 2 blocks away. So we ventured over, the devastation was unbelievable crap and garbage everywhere and amongst all of the trash that we started to clean up was a Green Rolls Royce Silver Shadow untouched in fact a paper bag sat on the trunk was the only sign it had even been touched. A few of us went driving around town in the Rolls Royce that day and had peaceful fun, just another memorable story in my road of life.


I started out working at Ft. Collins Country Club on the golf course, summer 4:30 starts, the first thing you do is start up a lawn mower, we greenskeepers wake up the rooster for you and we get out there and mow the greens early, before the first players tee off at just before sunup. It was the 4th course that I worked as I soon I saw an opportunity I volunteered for the afternoon, evening shift doing mowing and irrigation .

It was a manual watering sprinkler system for the front nine holes. We had to run 4 sets of 30, 40, 50 or 60 minutes to water the course completely the hotter the weather during the day the longer the sets sometimes 14 hour shifts. Meaning , I had 35 sprinklers in a rack in the back of the cushman, jamming tunes and basically I had to set the sprinkler in the coupler, skip the next 3 and then Pam Anderson, just kidding however, one night there were about 15 older driving teenage and twenty year old girls skinny dipping in the pool not causing any trouble, I can swim but I was thinking of falling in and working it anyway , it was like thanks god. I always drove through to check and make sure everything was OK with the clubhouse on the way back to 1 after each set and never expected that talk about motivation to do a job. What would you do, that was one of life's very memorable moments as a man the 2nd in command, I made the decision to let them swim. I have to laugh it was a true story. I went back to work before the flood was to severe and Bill T. the night manager wondered what was taking so long, thanks girls. However Bill T. discovered them a little later and it was his duty to order them out of the pool. I was a gentleman but the whole thing was humorous at any rate it was like doing 11 hundred squats a night having to jump in and out of the cushman set the sprinklers. I remember the 1st time playing golf with Glen Samuelson the assistant Superintendent and he birdied 5 of the 1st 6 holes. I'm going no problem, if I stay with in a stroke or 2 a hole , I'm doing all right I had my first Eagle that Summer and Glen pointed it out. I also night golf and shot a 45 in the complete dark using a glow in the dark ball in about 45 minutes, it was a good way to check and make sure I didn't overwater any areas and pick up the sprinklers on the last set.

I was moved up to the Snack Bar by the pool the next summer during the day and Valet Parking at night. Valet was a great job to have when you need to earn good money, the summer was over and you are going to school. Valeting at Ft. Collins Country Club for a few years while going to school worked out great. The club would have me hire people for the parties and dinners. We had so many people lining up to work out there, it was great, my friends were psyched. I met Lou Holtz, parked all of the judges , police officers , professors, politicians, business owners, coaches, lots of fine women, everyone new me I parked everything from Rolls Royce's to POS specials and while everyone was at the party you could study for a few hours and also hang out with the hostess which is a good thing.

We new Gates was on the loose reportedly messing up Ferrari's so I had to write my real stories. (Apple/NeXT Web Objects for there site). I was invited to go on a legitimate road trip to California as a passenger to deliver a rare automobile to a customer in San Diego , California. Tim N, I told you speedtrap.com and common sense advised us to slow down outside of Eagle Vail, glad I wasn't the one driving. The speed limit was 55 at the time and there wasn't much traffic on the road at night but you have to be careful and I have a few cool ideas on this one. The speedometer obviously was not working correctly and it seemed as though at times, we were traveling a little to fast for comfort but with the best suspension system , high performance tires , an outrageously in tune engine and incredible breaking a rare Automobile like this one was engineered to handle safer at 75 on any freeway. When I'm driving an automobile, I like to take it easy and drive with in safe limits not road rage stuff. Chrysler and Toyota use NeXT on their web sites.

We were not drinking or doing anything else when the tell tail lights flashing in the rear view meaning pull over went into effect. Tim pulled over safely, the officer walked up to the car. Tim asked if we were doing anything wrong, he received a ticket for a defective vehicle. What is this thing any way the officer asked, we have heard rumors about you guys since 6th and 70? No that wasn't us, I didn't say a thing I was not driving. It was a 1990 Maserati 228, we were delivering it to a customer in Sand Diego. The high performance cars also have the fastest depreciation and we sold the Maserati for $13K totally legal. I was thinking of buying this Maserati , it was 1 of only 103 made that year. I took my dad's advice, parts, tune-ups, tickets and insurance was expensive like $2500 probably quarterly, however one of the best reasonable mechanics Mark for high performance sports cars is right here in Colorado so it is better on the pocket book. At any rate , when Tim was sleeping and it was my turn to drive through Utah at early dusk, he woke up and I told him he missed Sasquatch , Aliens, I had to weave in and out of Deer, etc. and now I wasn't buzzed just having fun. As a clue if you should ever find yourself behind the wheel of a Maserati , 1st gear is down and reverse is straight up. Tim was ready to drive the rest of the way, ergonomically Maserati's are designed for smaller people. So we pulled into Las Vegas, it was on the way. It was great we had a room overlooking the old pool at the MGM Grand and had a blast checking out the town and another time Jimmy Buffet put on a great show at the MGM and they had Margaritaville out back. I jump around a lot telling these stories but the moral is we delivered the Maserati without a scratch to San Diego and the new owner was impressed.

A GPS system in a car offers maps, but does it tell you the speed limits where you are at and can it tell you of traffic jams , slowdowns in advance and also report traffic conditions on alternate routes, weather conditions ahead , interfaced with the web can you access a web freeway live camera before you leave work. I give these ideas to the automobile people free if they don't already have them but please give more gas mileage and less pollution as a gift to the planet.

I have a customer that I have dubbed the Elvis of Chicago, a former or even current Apple employee and a great special person. He calls a few weeks ago and was upset because a NeXT recruiter C.L. was doing, what he called stuff worth a slap in the face. He then told me his slap in the face was to give him a Mercedes. I said , Elvis I mean Stefan dude if you need to be insulted , I think I can help out but I would like to cheer you up and earn a Porsche instead. After I told everybody , he also talked with a few of my friends like Dave Batt and Kim Cohen on the phone. We invited Stefan out here to go fishing during one of many of the conversations. Dave his wife and kids owned a boat. I posted a web page of Batt family's missing boat stolen from his family on my site to try and help with recovery http://www.blackholeinc.com/specials/stolenboat.html. , I hope it turns up the insurance didn't cover it and they bought another one, check out the url please. Stefan needs a break and this whole thing is about giving Stefan, myself and you all a break from the stress of everyday life. We settle on helping him out and cheering the guy up before he heads back over to Europe to work for BMW or Mercedes on their web site, he hangs out with da Bulls entertain him Chicago please. So then Stefan gives me a number to call in Belgium of a car dealership , tells me to ask for Christ and order the Porsche Boxster in the corner. I call the number honestly, there really is a high end car salesman named Christ in Belgium, there really is a Boxster in the corner and I figure, I better get to work writing this story and earning my free Porsche or at least entertain everyone for free before someone else decides to cheer up Stefan M. and feels destined to do it, hey ever seen Ferris Buehler, go ahead and take the day off, once in awhile! If messed up when I started out at CSU by missing a lot of classes and my grades suffered, when I finally settled down after a few years from the rowdy phase that a lot of go though and then I made the decision and came to the realization that my family and I were paying for an education for a reason, so I could gain the gift of knowledge. I missed only a few days over 7 years of courses, but as I say every now and then we all deserve to give our selves an extra day off.

Stefan M., when you read this I hope you seriously laugh and I hope all is well with you, your fiancee, family and friends and get inspired. I agree with you it is a social phenomenon at Apple's these days and I'm one heck of a worthy character , care about my customers, family , friends and everybody else no matter who you are, you have to enjoy this one. A lot of my friends and family are thinking this whole thing was crazy, hey it is a Porsche Boxster and now I'm just waiting for it to arrive, even if it never does so what and but I honestly I would be a fool not looking forward to driving it home sober and entertaining everyone on the way. Kim Cohen., what did you say , I can try to save the world alone but that is no fun, make that we the people can try to save the world and wow them all but it does take a lot of work. I firmly believe that we the people and animals of the Earth can save the planet , we have the technology, we have the heart, do the math and keep up the good work everybody, I look forward to seeing you soon.

11/19/98 The lovely and vivacious Kim Cohen this one is for you. Kim Cohen thinks the end of the world in near, "wrong baby", I'm here to save the day. It is written and has been judged for many years has Rob Blessin pursued Kim Cohen and been best friends with her for close to 7 years. When I first met Kim Cohen she was a student and a waitress at the Rio Grande restaurant in Ft. Collins and we originally met through a neighbors old girlfriend friends house in Ft. Collins. On our 1st concert excursion at the time is a story. I was working for KTCL radiostation, it was a cool internship leading to employment and it was a blast. I did a little bit of everything from answering the phones, marketing research, monitored contests, DJ, learned from John Haze one of the best music programmers in the business, recorded commercials, was the engineer for the equipment on KIIX 600 AM for a few Bronco games, also was a studio engineer on the AM, kind of like the Wizard behind the curtain at a radio station and in general ran a muck. I had a blast working for KTCL/KIIX right up until I graduated and moved out of FT. Collins. John Haze and KTCL have discovered bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Fabulous Thunderbirds.

So at any rate, we at KTCL are sponsoring a gig known as Lollapalooza and so I'm able to get back stage passes and 2 pit passes. As it turned out Kim was breaking up with her boyfriend Ned at the time and I asked her if she wanted to go. We go to the show, her former boyfriend was in the car and they are grumbling back and forth. She filled me in they had purchased tickets in advance, I was only providing a pit pass and she decided to hang out with me.

Now remember this is the first time Kim and I are together and I'm in the back seat, listening to the arguments they are having , wondering what the heck is up with this anyway. So we get to the show and I score the pit passes from John Haze and we apparently lost her old boyfriend. He took off to join his friends somewhere is and is gone. We now have 2 pit passes, it is a section in front of the front row and Kim is looking good like seemingly the prettiest girl at the show, so we book down to the pit.

Pearl Jam is playing and Eddie Vedor jumps off the stage and at one point he is singing out to the crowd and we are actually standing in back of him. We were out of the Mosh pit zone but it was going on more towards the center and people are stage diving and crowd surfing typical Seattle thrash band gig. It was fun, then we take off and go check out the KTCL backstage area and have a beer. I say Kim , I'm going to the bathroom be back in a few minutes. Skully a promoter walks up and gives her and invites her back stage with no pass. Next thing you know I'm down in the pit and there is Kim standing on the side of the stage while Ice Cube is playing. Please let me note that she was asked to show her tits but she is honestly not that kind of girl and no she didn't have to perform any lewd acts to get backstage, picture a women dressed in a miniskirt with an Indian style leather haltertop and a body that won't quit , a pretty face that is very similar to Cindy Crawford and a bubbly personality and that is Kim. The grand finally was the Red Hot Chili Peppers and there Kim is stringing guitars and dancing on stage in front of 18,000 people and I'm going what in the heck is going on here. Remember this is 60 miles from home at the time and she is my ride and she is waving at me. After the show is over she comes up to the front of the stage and 2 of her cute girl friends also had arrived in the pit, she tells some dude to pull them up on stage, which leaves me standing there, I'm thinking Kim come back out of the trance of being on stage. You can't say you didn't see me, my cowboy hat is real hard to miss, you waving at me through out the show.

So I go back to her car after the show and her boyfriend shows up , his buddies and him decide they are going to Estes park after the show. I try to explain to him what is going on and where Kim really is and he is totally pissed at me for not being with Kim, he leaves with his friends on his way to Estes Park and so now I'm standing in a friggin downpour 60 miles from home and practically everyone has left from the show after waiting close to an hour. I'm going you have got to be kidding, this really sucks put yourself in my shoes, so I make the move to go look for Kim as I am very worried.

I'm told by a lady in pr that Kim is apparently with Red Hot Chili Peppers band , I'm like well where she is my ride and I thought logically my date until this this total rock star fascination out of the blue. I'm sure the majority of people are thinking at the time like we would this chick is a total ***** , **** and ***. I know practically every girl would have been happy to go to the show with me that likes rock and roll and be in the pit , it was not easy to earn the right to get 2 pit passes believe me , I did and then get backstage passes as well. She was not the only game in town and by giving her my other pit pass I couldn't bring another girl or friend down front, you would have been ticked as well.

I actually helped load up some gear for a few minutes as someone asked for assistance, I figured what the heck. The PR lady comes back and says she left. Also Ice Cube and Big Tom had signed my hat, so I go back to the car and I had left a note that I would be back and her car is now gone, apparently Flea the bass player from the Chili Peppers and if you know of him , you have to laugh was driving and after just talking with Kim, she read this may have purposely trashed my note saying, I was worried, I went to look for you and I would be back and to PLEASE wait because you Kim you were my ride home . It should have easily been understood that I was responsible for your whereabouts and you mine at this event. Kim my note was written on a piece of paper in plain site for you to see, honestly, it may have been trashed by a man named Flea.

Apparently Kim was just so star struck and her little plot has now worked to a tee and now she is off with Flea and Anthony and the little adventure to apparently strip bars, where she didn't exactly enjoy it, look I would have done something better than that for you and then to the Chili Pepper hotel is a success. Anthony and Kim talked and apparently well into the night, he did not like being called a rock star at any rate his Rico Suave gig was enough for her to give it up. After 6 years of happily pursuing Kim, Anthony, I am still amazed dude. Kim , how you succeeded to dump your old boyfriend in a big way has come to light big time and you sure did not impress me with the new guy Anthony on this episode. Apparently, I'm the LOSER that she gave a ride down to that day for the purpose of working me for a pit pass ,it was me that looked for you and it was me that had to find a ride late at night in the rain because everyone else had left.

It is still raining , I call over to some friends house here in Denver and talk Wally into booking out and giving me a ride home. I was tottering on just saying to heck with it, throwing in the towel and just becoming a roady on the Lollapalooza tour. Then Wally the character shows up, he is one of those people that many of us would say that "Earth calling Wally please come down" is a safe bet for much of his existence but I needed a ride and my cab never showed at this point , I'm thinking even Charlie Brown is looking better than me at this point. At least Wally Houston did finally show up in his old El Camino with a broken muffler by that time I looked like very much a tweaker and was not a happy camper, I am very mellow and it takes a lot to set me off.

So I catch the bus back to Ft. Collins the next day, my friends were impressed and Kim calls me up, I go into the Rio Grande , they sell more Tequila in the best Margarita's than any other bar in the land. Kim is telling the story to all of the waitresses in like a huddle and pointing at me because I got her the pit pass, backstage pass and this whole thing, these girls are all googly eyed. Unbelievable rumors spread about what Kim did to get back there , but I'm not even going to go there because they are not true, I believe her and we have both grown up a lot since then. Now, I'm supposed to be some kind of hero, these Chili Pepper guys have nothing on me , the guy you all left in the rain, I was really ticked off, so next time you came through Denver on April Fools day, I purposely asked for the worst seat in the house obstructed view and took of course took Kim to the show and yo she left with me at that show.

11/23/98 Flea dude as a clue, her cute girlfriends snagged a pair of your crusty underwear and made a framed shrine out of them, the total weirdness is they probably still have them to this day. I recall they were carrying them around town from bar to bar, like it was the Lollapalooza trophy of something, great work Flea. I know I will have achieved true greatness when the crusty shrine effect works for me with Kim or her friends breaking into star struck laughter. It is written, ever notice how women always seem to wind up with your best clothes especially shirts, I knew this was destined to be a good day when I found the 7 missing socks under my bed while doing laundry.

What about me, Kim, here it is nearly seven years later and you and I admit we are best of friends and you have never giving it up to me even one time. I ask what is going on here, you seem to enjoy the continual mind games so here it is baby. I've helped you move, I guess we counted 6 or more times and helped you when you were down and needed someone and you have helped me and we have been to dozens of concerts, we have shared so many conversations and mostly good times our phone bills over the years total in the thousands, rose, flowers, food, clothes, shelter at times, vacation to see your mom in Naples Florida and we were in Phoenix and met up with your dad and brother. Your dad , brother and you stayed at my parents house when they were away and it was cool. I have spoiled you in so many ways and this is not about all of that material stuff, I'm talking about 1000's of hours of or friendship and relationship that we both agree is wonderful and it is funny you read this and we can laugh. You even talked with a gentleman that is a customer of mine and also really is with the Kings entourage of Belgium and he spoke of sending me a Porsche, so it is not about that either. I'm fairly sure your parents like me, your brother likes me, (I am psyched to here Jeff your brother is finishing up high school and he is doing it for himself. The stories are only beginning to flow now and my family likes you and your family.

Kim Cohen at one point we worked 3 different jobs together that I lined up for us when you moved to Denver the first time. You called me out of the blue and I admit I was psyched. I also admit they were not the greatest jobs but they were honest and at times fun at Computer City, Rose Medical Valet and the Colorado Central Station Casino in Blackhawk Valet. I also employed you at the Black Hole and you did a marvelous job as my secretary for a summer.

I remember you falling for Jim "the weasel" Denny , the guy that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of other peoples money, you told me his eventual downfall was gambling and that is primarily why he lost you and lost a lot of unsuspecting peoples redirected money. So you move back to Ft. Collins with this Jim after 2 weeks and live with him for 2 1/2 years. Kim , I admire you for being a hard worker and so you went back to school in Ft. Collins and broke up with Denny, yes the same guy I loaned $30,000 for legitimate purposes and his businesses folded. I did not hold you accountable because it was him that practically bankrupted me. I'm proud of you for adding to your degree with a teaching certificate . You moved in with me this fall when you were looking for a teaching position in Denver only to justfully be hired back to teach in Ft. Collins 2 weeks later something they said could not be done. I am impressed with you Kim, we have a lot to look forward to this planet and all the worlds people will survive because collectively with the power of knowledge we can make it happen, the kids are all right.

I helped you move to your temporary gig with Bob and Melinda and then to help you find a place to rent , my friends Todd's parents house and also moved all of your stuff back to Ft. Collins and lovingly took care of your plants, Fish and Cat Athena in the process. Now you are working all the time and doing a great job teaching 640 kids a week art and I can tell they love you as a teacher. You joke with me and say the end of the world is near. Fear not lady Kim once more you underestimate me even though you really do look as good as Cindy Crawford and people often say this , you are truly intelligent , you have been the equivalent of a closed number 12 bear trap towards my efforts to impress you by just being myself , oh sure I could mention flowers, candy, stuffed animals , playing golf and going to games like the Broncos vs.Raiders game on Sunday where we Elway surpassed 50,000 yards.

You have gone through many relationships since I have known you Kim. You seemingly always fall back on me for support and security but I should not have to always play second fiddle to your affections forever. I know, I haven't always been anywhere near a perfect person and I've made a few mistakes for those I apologize. I'm fairly sure it is time for you to seriously look at what I truly am to you, I'm feeling like the loser dude in something about Mary and my zipper is stuck up, it has been many, many years and other women have shown interest but I waited patiently for you. Kim, according to Greek legend and many religious legends someday a dude would come along and he would be pious in life like Augustus, Greeks invented comedy as well and created foundations for many of the principals we still use today.

11/23/98 I'm thinking the legendary dude in my own mind would somehow write my miraculous story of this life for all the world to see and the people that read it would somehow understand its meaning and since it was free, they would figure what the heck, I'll go with it. He also would discover all sorts of amazing stuff by studying history from tail of war to religion like Jesus another man of peace was born in 4 BC and died by crucifixion in 29 AD, all of the positive religions have merit and good stories. It was amazing in what was reported by all of those people a long time ago and a place far away like Star wars, it is magic when we are together. Kim, so you asked me if I was looking for a commitment from you about the Hawaii trip this Spring, your dad will be in town for Thanksgiving. I would like to talk with him as you have invited me for dinner Wednesday night. I respect that you all may or may not drive down for Thanksgiving and it would be fun for you to just hang out with your dad and brother on Thanksgiving day but you need to let me know what this is all about. You expressed an interest in wanting to go to Hawaii with me but does everything have to be spontaneous and last minute in your decision making. Kim, I could ask you a question as I have in the past but I'll have to wait and see if there is growing interest in this tail and besides I'm not through writing this yet.

You called it Journalizing and most people keep it private but I kind of like my philosophy and now totally enjoy writing these stories and we both admit we like to try to help people and that you and others are enjoying contributing to this because I am a self professed "net quack" someone has to do it, actually I think I do a pretty good job helping people and many others agree; it could be like the Black Hole net soap opera thing that I hear about all the time , I already have 84 pages. Only I'll star our friends and relatives with their permission of course and it should get really funny in a hurry. Looks like I'm going to sell software to the National Cancer Institute today.

Did you know Socrates a lowly stone carver would invite discussions with anyone who was passing by , he came up with the theory of unlocking man through philosophy in the pursuit of knowledge "know thyself" and the government decided to sentence him to death because of this pursuit of knowledge and gave him the choice to drink Hemlock or leave the country. Socrates drank the Hemlock, why because he believed people should have the freedom and right to peacefully pursue knowledge for the betterment of all humanity without government interference, sound familiar. Plato carried on the tradition and thought Aristotle who taught Alexander the Great spiraling through history until we get to Julius Caesar , he was murdered by his foes in government and so the 2 people that were front runners to replace him were Antony a military dude and Octavian his legally adopted son.

Octavian Caesar and his sister were Roman. His sister was married to Antony but he took off and also married Cleopatra. At the time Antony and Octavian were joint rulers of Rome so it all was sorted out through civil war and Octavian was made successor to the thrown. Octavian Caesar surrendered all powers he held in 27 BC and this was considered such a Nobel act by the senate and people that they voted him power tribune for life , the authority of consuls, command over armies, proconsular authority, hold the highest priestly office and he was the man. He relinquished his powers to become equal with his people and for this he was given what they call pius status and given the name Augustus "most revered one" ; imperator "victorious general and father of his country". Not many people understood the meaning of this and now I think I have as the major clown you know and love me as have uncovered something big in the mystery religion.

Like it would be interesting to decode the Etruscan language for instance or me performing a super human stunt thing for you on my mission to help save the world , creating peace, prosperity and communicating this message to soon the whole world through some new form of media, we call it the the web. I also seem to be selling the products that make this happen and yes TBL really invented the Web using NeXTSTEP, but the difference is our products are better than Microsoft and Microsoft thinks they rule the world. So Kim, I'm also leading this huge battle on the net against Microsoft as well. Our lovely damsel in distress, Kim Cohen, has still not to my knowledge stumbled across this rant so as time goes by the more I get away with writing, but what the heck , I'm having a blast, I have climbed mountains and snowboarded them when normally I ski. I have been through a heck of a lot of stuff but Kim is still the one for me after all these years and she still comes around so even more stories will develop. Did you know the ancient Greeks were enslaved by the Romans to teach many subjects to their sons. I have read the great manuscripts, Kimmy, I'm pulling the sword from the stone and I'm standing up to save this planet through my words and I'm calling my peaceful Internet troops into action and they know who they are, in the process, I hope to coexist with Microsoft and I think I'm supposed to build a great temple or city for learning to be used by all people. I'm learning from the past , look at what I'm telling you , the world will be saved, like the mighty underdog says, I'm here to save the day with my huge underground following of people that are reading this and want to have a good time helping me prove we can save this world. It is our destiny and our purpose to at least try to accomplish this , it is an epic tail you have stumbled across like homer only homey, may be then I will be worthy enough for you in your eyes to win your heart and affection.

How much must one man take or give in order to prove his love for you Kim. The seven year time for our friendship is approaching and this is true. I have had to go through a lot of **** for this one Kim and love every minute of it . Even Spock would agree, my friends and people would agree the time is come to give the lowly Rob Blessin a true philosopher prince of hearts out amongst the people, the circumstances , my experiences and my family their true history will prove this story is true beyond a shadow of a doubt. I need no title or money to be happy just pius fun and a band of peaceful rebels with a cause, I like it , yes that is the ticket. You have heard the amazing story from my grandma (oma) and you know it is true.

If you can honestly say after all we've been through together for all of these years that I am still not worthy and that my effort to save the world is impossible, you are wrong, it does mean something to me. The Greeks , the Greeks new this concept of world peace was possible and Augustus proved this and it lasted close to a few hundred years. That is why they prophesied about a philosopher king coming back, not just in one religion, not just one culture or country but in many, people know what I'm talking about, I remember seeing Jesse Jackson speaking at Manual , now he has a fun way of motivating a crowd. World peace is possible, civilizations and our own government know this is possible all kinds of signs are pointing towards this should happen.

All I'm saying is I'm no one special but even I can try to save the world and succeed because I care about it and you and everyone. I would love to prove the end of the world is coming soon theory you have is totally wrong. Kim Cohen, there was even some cult leader dude right here in Denver about a month ago , I had started writing this story a few days before, the guy called Kim Miller and his followers disappeared because he said Denver and the planet was going to vanish, well it has been a few weeks, were are not going anywhere Mr. Miller and I would like to see a satellite spacestation with all sorts of flashing lights like a peace sign put into orbit so that everyone could see it as it revolved around the Earth. World peace propaganda like the peaceful emperors of Rome and we are just the people to do it. I ask who would join the lowly Rob to save the planet, hopefully wind up better off in a lot of ways and help him win the heart of the girl that has treated him like Charlie Brown for nearly 7 years, why not it is free..... back to the NeXT stuff.


UCSD uses NeXTSTEP to help insure that we stay out of the whales way when they are swimming down the California coastline, numerous whales have been unintentionally run over by ocean liners and the prop injures can be fatal to the whale.

I enjoy fishing and often don't mind doing catch and release fishing, however on some days it is truly involuntary catch and release but that is another story. Aha, fishing for Web Surfers is fun , we enjoy your opinion on this stuff and often wonder how you are using NeXT so please send us an e-mail if you like and we will have a section here in the future. Apologies for the haphazard current organization of this material , as time goes by I plan on reorganizing it with index and hopefully logic...at any rate I'm positive Aqua Culture is going to be one of the most important resource for providing food to our increasing global population in the future. It only makes sense, over 75% of our planet is covered with water so it is an easy environment to hatch and raise fish.

I just caught my sister , web surfing , classic 11/7/98, she called to say she was not a goody 2 shoes growing up as previously reported and the lightening story was true. I forgot to mention she is a happily married aerobics instructor to an awesome navy sub commander and she was the head cheerleader in high school , won lots of medals Scottish Sword dancing. My mom is a dance instructor, she has also taught at DU , Iliff School of Theology and out at Berkeley was President of the Sacred Dance Guild and she recently won a well deserved award for her 30 years of community service from Governor Roy Romer. My dad and I have experienced a house full dancers and little did they know , we would boogie when they were not there, go dad go, high five, football.

My dad made this peach brandy, my family doesn't really drink a lot or all the time and we call it peach booze jam, I'm also starting to brew beer, my sister's in-laws make awesome home beer.

I also have season tickets to the Broncos from papa G, Paul Green and the seats split the uprights in the North end zone, the Broncos are doing great. My friend Todd , awesome sportscaster on 9 news and his wife Lisa, congratulations on the baby boy, set me up with a few seats from coach Sonny Lubick for tomorrow's game, Kim, Green, Jackson Brown and myself are psyched, It'll be cool to see a game and it is a different perspective standing on the field sideline. I showed Todd , the juggling basketball stunt and so as soon we decide to put the stunt on the news, it is also a matter of ethics since we are friends and media is a big business and they can control the outcome of a story, it'll probably go nationwide and then who knows , they will call it we discovered him first, hey it is just me providing entertainment as usual and you read it here first. I'm cool but next thing you know you have paparazzi, fans, you become a role model , then someone starts looking way into your past and diggin up anything they can to create new news about your life. It becomes a lot of fun but then it almost becomes like a witch hunt and the more popular you become the more your life becomes under a microscope and they question your every word and action. We have seen it happen time and again with celebrities, sports personalities, media, politicians and regular people, it is part of our everyday life. So mark my words when I become famous for doing something really cool and positive that all people will like then some crap about my past comes to light.

In advance so what , yes that was me then and it is what has made me now one heck of a cool honest person, yes I still screw up, yes I still plan on having fun and being safe and entertaining everybody, I'm straight and I occasionally party. I have a lot of friends and am fairly popular. Example, I remember throwing the Senior Class Graduation Toga party for Manual HS 81 and then 8 years later a cop standing next coach Earl Bruce at CSU all of a sudden says Blessin. My friends are tweaking, he comes up to me and is like man I remember that graduation party you through all of us at Manual, it was great. It was someone I knew from High School who is now a police officer and a good person Chris Dupree. It was classic, my friends were like Blessin you are legendary dude, cops remembering parties from when. I point the gossipers to this disclaimer on my life, hey, I'm just me , yes , I admit in advance , I'm far from perfect and I know I have done my best to do good things for this planet but I have a lot of friends and very few foes . I've made a few mistakes did hit rock bottom and bounced back a long time ago. I'm sure you could look up stuff and laugh about them. I'll probably put them out here someday the way this is going , I'm on a roll. I'm a peaceful soul in life, my friends and family will vouch for the fact that I'm a good person. It is OK if you don't agree with everything or anything I have to do or say, it is your right, but that is what is great about freedom of speech and the ability to make your own decisions in the US. It is the foundation of what makes being an individual and having individual rights in the United States important. And don't worry it is nothing like really criminal and no way is anything very hostile. I'm not siding with any criminals but anyone that understands our society knows that peaceful, honest people like me are not criminals. I hope this makes sense yes you can use it as dirt against me and a long time has gone by since that rowdy and not very responsible stage in my life. I plan on living a long time and I don't want to live on a planet going downhill so it is fun to write these memories down and in some small way help to make it a better place and offer some free entertainment. Plus I have only begun to write this story. Todd its cool to here your wife Lisa is feeling better is a good example.

I have a theory that yes this could be called a form of the peoples news. Everyone's Friends and relatives could set up sites where they could write a story about how they are doing these days, like the holiday, hello or birthday and now the web greeting cards that Desiree' sent me yesterday, it is cool. http://www.bluemountain.com/cards/box3753h/dwj3djzntzmcke.htm

Sometimes the team your rooting for loses but the fog rolling in was a classic, because we didn't see the field goal go through the uprights because of the fog on our TV, so I drifted back to a place many years ago in down town Denver.

My friend Scott Tailor walked in , I had been having a conversation with a girl Leslie , she seemed really cool , Scott said do you know who you have been talking with , I answered yes , Leslie, she's pretty cool. Scott was like Leslie Harrison, I said to Leslie , how are you doing Leslie Harrison. I'm going OK , so what is so unusual about that , Scott was like ever heard of George Harrison, I'm like of course, he was like Leslie is George's niece, daughter of his sister. She nodded. I'm thinking and going no s*** , the house they lived in when she was growing up , everything was painted yellow, yellow furniture , yellow carpet, yellow submarine , yellow submarine, she remembered stepping out of the limos at shay stadium and the crowd was so intense the whole parking garage was shaking, people used to try and pull her hair out, she broke out pictures of the Quarrymen in Liverpool, I'm telling you all this incredible stuff always seems to happen for the right reason for me. I remember when I played the Beatles Sergeant Peppers album for my sister, next thing you know she was a big Beatles fan and I was like all right, revolution for peace to save this planet is here, I'll keep writing these true stories and I hope you all will help the effort to make this world a better place.

Click , click , memory channel surfing, this looks interesting, legend of my dad channel , an awesome dude and amazing pre mom story , from a long long time ago over 40 years now and they still write about this one. My dad and his little brother new where the train had to slow down in order to cross the trestle over the river, so being the mischievous boys they where, they hopped on board , on a mission, walking through car to car , then there she was up in Canada to make a film River of No Return. The actor Robert Mitchum sitting with her was like well since he is the first Canadian you've seen I suppose you will have to give him a kiss Miss Monroe. Yes, my dad really kissed Marilyn Monroe, the train pulled into town and apparently my dad was carried away by the crowd. My dad was quoted as saying he landed 2 counties away by the local paper in Chiliwack, BC. They still print the story occasionally forty years ago Bob Blessin kissed e... soon after he went into the Royal Canadian Air Force and met my mom truly another hotty and they are still happily together. He flew some of the first F86 fighters and CF 100 bombers in existence and eventually was promoted by his peers to a Line Check Airmen for United Airlines, only 2 % of pilots in the nation ever make this position to qualify Captains to fly DC 10's, his test was to have them find Hawaii, a good test, dad, you the man! We have fun fishing and my dad is enjoying retirement, I recommend going fishing with your dad, it is a lot of fun even when you don't catch fish. Gotta go, Elway should pass 50,000 yards mark today and yes, my dad flew the Broncos, after a win in Seattle Elway said can you get us out of here quick Captain , my dad was like no problem a few hours later they were safely back in Denver.

My dad brought me an autographed picture of Elway, I left on the table and my mom had thrown it out by mistake. It was amazing because my dad new another crew flying the Broncos another game and Elway signed a 2nd one for us looks like it could be 50,000 when John is ready to play. Thanks John, mom's sometimes just don't understand. I have these Aerobe Boomerangs and if I throw them just right , I have been able to throw 3 of them , have them in the air at the same time and keep an eye on all 3 is the key , as the boomerangs return and I sometimes can catch all 3 before they hit the ground , it isn't easy and I'm only able to make this one happen about once a workout , if the conditions are right. When you throw the Boomerangs wrong , they can fly over 100 yards away or I've had them stuck in a tree and they are set up for Right handed boomerangs , so it makes it even tougher to do this Left handed, I've dome it. Frisbee Golf is fun as well . On the CSU campus , we had a par 54 , 18 hole Frisbee golf course set up and I used my Skateboard and my best Score was a 48 in under an hour. We also played a lot of Football and I can catch, in a really big tackle game the East verse the West and there we're a lot of good players out on the field, our team was incredible that day, everything was in synch and I remember my team helping me score 5 touchdowns in this game catching the long ball and then going after a fumble on their side later in the game, during the commotion my left thumb was broken in a very cheep shot, injuries are really bogus and it is a big difference between an intentional injury and an unintentional injury, play fair. I try to play honest , my dad volunteered to referee a lot of Soccer games and that was always cool , he was fair and taught me that and my friends all like my parents as well they are nice people. Golf some rounds, we understand bending the rules but playing a pure round of Golf and knowing you really did is great and I wasn't trying to run up the score, we are talking about 10 on 10 and a lot of people down field, Kirk Smith the quarterback put the ball up and I brought it in time and again, I'm sure we all have those stories as well, we still talk about those games, he is a heck of an athlete, (congratulations Kirk and Kendi on your baby son). Kirk is a good golfer, I always try backing up to play from the pro tees , the tips because of the challenge and from way back there , if you count every shot and break 90 even 100, it is a good round. Back to the game I stayed and scored number 6, it really was kind of harsh because it was the week before finals. I remember one score I faked going to the sideline to tap a beer and ran down the field wide open, score both sides thought that was funny. My best punt was around 85 yards and I can kick a Soccer ball very hard and actually scored once from about half field. All of a sudden , the remote control in Rob's memory tuned back in to the channel and out of the confusion, the Football came spinning end over end as in slow motion through the uprights right at us at Mile High Stadium, Kim, Paul, Tammy Mac and myself were having fun, this was just a few weeks ago, how long was that no one was really sure at the time in our section, they didn't announce it over the PA so no one was sure, then Jason Elam running down the field towards us , a few minutes later someone said 63 yards, totally awesome. Congratulations Tammy and Billy on the new baby son. Kevin McIntyre also a legendary character , capable of practically anything, I remember someone throwing a nerf arrow ball at Mac's head from behind him, I reached out and snatched it out of the sky with the back of my left hand , I know that counted for a lot, party ninja. The moral of the story Sports talk and action can confuse people like my mom.


I also know, old proverb say, when growing up sibling rivalry cause much chaos, but when grown up treating ones sister very good, may lead to introduction to sisters friend, Tina the aerobics instructor, I predict she will read this and contact me to say hello, I wrote it all in a few weeks, abracadabra , hocus pocus actually if my magic spell works wonders, a cordial hello to any single surfing mermaids as well out there and a hello to all the rest of you fish , people straight up rock and roll. And to all my friends that have been reading this rant, wondering what is next as well, I don't know yet but I'm working on it.

Also another proverb say, having fun with your parents will lead to family happiness may also lead to chores which may lead to vacation invite to their Winter place in Hawaii, much food and hopefully more money to be used for continuing to entertain potential damsels in distress also in need of Winter Vacation .

We know water is good and very important to our survival, finally efforts are being made to restore polluted water to palatable condition, efforts on this front need to be increased as much as possible. A steady global temperature range is very important to comfortable existence for all life ecosystems as evidenced by past geological and archaeological history. If it is to Cold of a climate an Ice Age may develop and to Warm of a climate and Dinosaurs may reappear. The past over all climate changes have been discovered to be attributable to weather pattern cycles, recent example is El Nino weather or catastrophic events like volcanoes Mt. St. Helen's spewing volcanic ash or the asteroid that crashed into the Yucatan Peninsula then stirred up enough dust to create a greenhouse effect that reportedly caused dinosaurs to become extinct. I sure wouldn't have been wanting to stand underneath that one.

We are genuinely the first species that has created and engineered machines with the capability to influence a global weather change through our direct actions and actually appear to cause Global warming through creating to much pollution the Earth is becoming saturated and its protective layers are weakening , evidenced by the hole in the OZONE layer, sunburns are far more easy to attain for sure. We can reverse this if everyone helps out for sure , we can't be that selfish with the future, it isn't fair to hand down a broken planet.

Natural rivers circulate with in the ocean that cause warm water to flow toward the poles and cold water to return back to the equator. This is very important in the weather equation formula , storms form because of this circulation and are responsible for creating rainfall or fresh water at least we hope it is not acid rain. Where I live in Colorado these storm clouds drift over to us from the pacific ocean covering 1000 plus miles and make it possible for us to Ski and Snowboard, great reasons not to want global warming. I went fishing in Bamfield B.C for a few days the last 2 years. and evidence of global warming from El Nino was apparent. A Mackerel invasion and even a Barracuda had been caught in the waters that Salmon normally habitat, it is easy to understand that those fish are a little further North than they normally are and can disrupt the Salmon spawning grounds. Also in 10 Lobsters or Shellfish on the east coast are mysteriously dyeing and it could be attributable to bacteria or other factors which basically changes the biological balance of the ecosystem. We hope this change is not something that was brought about by us through pollution, Lobsters are cool.

The theory goes if the world heats up around 4 degrees then the temperature balance is disrupted , like running a fever, and it is causing the polar ice caps to melt. The cool water circulation from the North heading South will no longer be cooler than the water flowing up towards it, so at some point it won't flow back towards the equator in a natural circular pattern because the temperature of the water is the same. The Ocean river current will change the rate or speed at which they are flowing . If these currents are flowing slower then the weather or storm magnitude will become more and more powerful because they have more time to develop, hurricanes generally track along ocean river currents that I'm attempting to describe like the Gulf stream. If the temperature of the planet increases even more then the ice caps melt enough that more water rises and coastline areas can become submerged underwater also with more water platetechtonics will become disrupted as pressures increase and decrease , this could literally lead to a shift in the plate , my guess is it will lead to earthquakes along faultlines, volcanic activity and tsunami's to develop, not a good thing to have happen and it is amazing that we could be the cause of all the chaos, in just 100 years of geologic time. It would be like splitting a board in 2 pieces and setting the board in a tub of water and beginning to fill it up , with enough water the pieces start to drift apart the more water you add the further the pieces drift, now looking at the map of the world , I could envision how this may have happened to lead to the current picture of the Earth we have now.

Interestingly the above global warming theory of a few days ago possibly is confirmed , apparently an iceberg the size of Delaware miraculously broke away from the polar cap, yesterday. We could deduce that heat causes ice to melt. I thought aha , this could be turned into something cool, potentially a funny story, yea, I'll donate this idea for the cause but remember the idea, book, movie and marketing surrounding it could be huge like Titanic, it would be awesome to receive royalties from this one for sure, remember our fun company is trying to catch Bill Gates in wealth, save the world and stabilize the economy in the process. It would be an interesting project to start towing a smaller than Delaware Iceberg into the natural ocean river channel that flows back towards destination Africa from the North Pole using the assistance of Earth power current flow. How much of it would melt on the way can be estimated. If this proves to be cost effective and we can tow them to help the US drought and everywhere else in need of fresh water, cool. We can try it to find out what happens with a small one, if we fill up the sink and throw an ice cube in it of course it spins around and melts, but the colder the water the more time it takes to melt. So obviously in transit keeping the iceberg as cool as possible during transit makes common sense, so as our Iceberg is traveling along in the cool currents melting rates are reduced and putting insulation up top would make sense, also makes a good place to land the Ice Burg tours company, I'm sure with the popularity of Titanic all sorts of people would want to visit it and think cool project, boats will want to sail around it, Green Peace would even like the idea , who knows may be fog would form naturally as insulation. The 90% of the iceberg below the surface , obviously we have to make sure it doesn't run a ground or heat up enough to break apart in transit. If it arrives intact , how long would it last , can we build a containerization or reservoir the with in the ocean basically a giant freshwater bag combined with a natural reef and stretched across the a bay would be easiest. Docking the huge iceberg from the north close enough to shore and let it melt in the bay with the dam as it breaks up and melts away fresh water fills up the bay and replaces the ocean water. Cool idea , modern version of an old story. Our goal in theory it might be an interesting way to provide a frozen fresh water source to drought stricken areas,. another pipeline for pumping fresh water back would have to be built, obviously using the pressure of oil flowing one direction to pump the water back the other direction makes sense and it generates electricity. If it works we could countertrade for crops raised with the water, or oil ,gas, diamonds or something else. I know, your probably thinking it would cost a lot and seems fairly far fetched but someone that I'm confident that people that see this can make it happen. I'm positive the wealthy oil producing countries in the middle east or even just individuals in the world have a sincere interest in a providing a pure source for water and would offer help to finance the project. A lot of big boats sail back empty , fill them up with water of food might be easier , Iceberg towed to strategic location rather than warm water theory. Why would anyone want to sit on all of that money for no reason, why not put it to good use and help create jobs and a new economy. Why not try bringing fresh water or food to the people in need, 10% of an iceberg is above water , so I'm sure with the global interest currently generated by Titanic, would create a gold mine for marketing and travel tours as the party barge iceberg floated by Europe , people may want to check it out .

A Microbrewry on the Iceberg station would also be cool until the iceberg melted then it would be a bogus journey , you can also turn sea water into fresh water, which may throw a wrench into the whole theory of towing icebergs but bottled iceberg water might be plan B.

I found out that the Japanese actually are towing Iceberg's successfully, the ice is very compressed and is truly the purest bottled water on Earth, ahhh.

I can see the beer commercial now , our band of partiers drifting on the Iceberg following the whales wake arrives in Maui surrounded by babes in Bikini's, fades , next stop to Australia, Iceberg heading over the horizon , (Iceberg) Fosters Beer Australian for Icecube.

Unfortunately we don't have cloud control technology yet, so getting the iceberg to melt then form clouds and then guide the clouds where to rain currently is not possible or is it. I'm convinced a few of the musicians , bands and groups of people are working on it and honestly , I have witnessed some amazing things with respect to weather at a few concerts at Red Rocks and other venues. After seeing Green clouds spewing out tornados, I have pictures that I took out of the window of my 61 Convertible Ghia from I 25. It took 8 years to restore the Ghia , it seems that when I'm in this little car , crazy weather appears out of no where like the hail storm a few weeks ago. I'm not so sure it is a coincidence that mother nature puts on such a magnificent show for us all to see for no reason at all. It would be cool if we all realize Earth is a living entity like us, Earth does listen, when we trash it , it responds with changes in weather patterns and it understands that we have messed up our living environment. Earth more than a few of us like the party of life you throw here and want to work with you, we don't want to overpopulate you but keep it in balance,we want our future kids to be happy and comfortable as well. The big conspiracy of all of it is this may work because the timing is like destined. I'm also an awesome photographer and took photojournalism as well, I'll have to post some of my cool photos here as well.

Earth is there a way to calm down storms like hurricane Mitch , we need fresh water but not loads of it, all we ask is be mellow, some of us are trying to help out, we know the Yucatan Asteroid was not your fault and the Dinosaurs became extinct because of it, we all know Earth that only you can choose to stop the hurricane or influence its direction. In humor , it is worth a try, we request Mitch to bring rain where needed but it looks like it is going to run a muck anyway and snow in Colorado for Skiing. It started raining shortly after I put this down usually in Colorado , if you time things at around 3:30 when it is cloudy it is a good bet it will start raining and it may be our first snow this evening with out Mitch, weather report from the humor network. Humor forecast continued , I thought that I would put in a request for the current storms to be shut off down in town and by the hurricane, we have more than enough rain , the plants are happy and continuing snow in the mountains is OK , since it has rained for many days since my original post and we have a tee time to play golf on Wednesday , we like sunshine , why not give it a try. It is sad to hear about the mudslides and loss of life from Mitch, It is now snowing our first snowfall but in Colorado, it can snow and then be 80 degrees in the same day, also if it snows enough and stays cold one of the best sledding hills in the city is right up the street. I was able to go golfing partly cloudy.

We just completed a laptop for a customer in Brazil 11/2/98 . He is doing very cool research using NeXT tools to focus on the mathematical principles of the nature of life phenomena, in conjunction with members of the department of Zoology at Oxford University and NYU, I donated a laptop carrying case to him because it sounds like an interesting idea and it will be easier to carry. My next little project is another super box for a Professor in the MIT physics department, somebody has to help figure this stuff out might as well be us and we enjoy this job.

Another real story, a little known fact about how the War of 1812 ended, the British had briefly captured and occupied Washington D.C., please note it was the only time in US history that Washington D.C. has ever been occupied by a foreign government. A Tornado miraculously formed and bowled through Washington D.C. leading to 30 British casualties and the British became so confused and disoriented they with drew their troops, coincidence or this may have been a time traveler with a weather machine, twilight zone stuff for sure , Star Spangled Banner is awesome, please note if you are using NeXTSTEP for time travel please let us know, NeXT has also been used in Archaeology.

The tangent, start with the interesting family members , my mom's grandma lives in Britain and was the Astrologist for the London times, she has done readings for bands like Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones , she was hanging out with the Earl of the West , who is a cousin to the queen . My mom and her brothers were happily raised by my great grandma. I'm thinking Duke, Duke , Duke, Duke of Earl, Duke , Duke. My mom is from Scotland and growing up, her first memories were terrible having to go into bomb shelters and wear gas masks while the war was going on above during World War 11 in Edinburgh and Aberdeen, my ma (great grandma) also baby sat a very young Sean Connery, we have the photos James Bond.

My Dad is from Canada, My Grandfather was from Germany and My Grandmother on my dad's side history is incredible , I believe her she tells me, that me and my sister are descendants of one of the wealthiest family's in Russia before the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, we owned a lot of land. The story of how they barely escaped with their lives is an incredible blockbuster story , I'll probably write it fairly soon, our whole family knows it will make an awesome movie. It was a really terrible crime when my great, great grandparents lost their lives to the roving bands of hoodlums this is really what happened to my family and it was horrible. The communist's confiscated all of our huge farms and mills. It used to take 3 days to get around one of them by horse and buggy, if we ever received the land back and I'm told some was along the Black Sea kind of like owning miles of California coastline in Monterey... .

My Great grandfather was the main supply General in White Russian army that backed the Czar before the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. Revolution. The communist invaders after confiscating the property, let my great grandfather stay on and run the only Russian sugar and sunflower oil mills for 10 years. He used the time to stash away an estimated $1,000,000 in gold, this was a lot of money back then. In about 1929, my family heard that the communists planned on closing the borders and the story of their escape is awesome , they made it out alive with just the clothes on their backs, I'll write about it but please no one steal it, it is a story for all of us to enjoy and will be under copyright. This gift to everyone, screen play is under construction . I'm told that our family was on the level of royalty in Russia, holy cow, if all this was different somehow, I believe my grandma and relatives stories Augustus Blessin for example a man of peace , immigrated the families out of Germany before WW11 and into Canada, my dad is oldest son and I'm the oldest son and have discovered it is in my heart and my destiny to talk about all of this stuff with you through the web anyway, party on dudes, be excellent to each other. I'm having fun now, Robert Glen Blessin born in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, March 8, 1963 moved to and growing up in Colorado since 64.

If our Russian land were somehow returned and my family has talked about this for so many years, my grandma (oma) is still alive and my opa just passed away , they were married 63 years and we have her story on video. I personally would offer to give some of the land to the local people for a national park, they know the story and dedicate it to my family, they could use a park and beach gig over there for sure, I think it would be cool and probably would fulfill some ancient prophesy or something. Russia and others, I recommend the freedom Capitalism and a Democratic society brings , if you give the good people an equal chance to be free amazing things happen, the USA is a great example. When my grandparents visited Russia a few years back , they visited one of the mansions and they now use it as a hospital, that is OK with us as well. It is a very cool feeling and I know that I seem destined to write about all of this all along. My family immigrated to Canada before the start of World War II in the early 30's because my great grandfather having survived World War 1 , actually had a metal plate in his head , did not want his sons to go through a war. I'll continue this one later, geese this whole thing is probably getting really confusing for readers to understand but I'll just go with it. Seriously I've just been asked to work on another project for a Professor at MIT, so I better take a break, I'm also creating a literary mess and I'm having fun doing it, editors are cool and I've had to meet deadlines before, also this is getting funnier for me to edit by the day as well.

Coming up some more humor, when we reflect back to stories from the hippy culture founded in the sixties, we know that they have been laying low, waiting for something to do like the the War for Peace and Save the Planet movement to come along. Fear not hippie people , your fearless leaders have arrived, we summons you and call you into action. I can see it now in the headlines , Internet swamis summons many long dormant hippies into action. We can picture them now, awakening from the 30 year slumber. Oh know the hippies are coming , the hippies are coming, the older crowd responds like my mom and dad, oh know not again, a few may run for the hills, while others will surrender to the power of love. Some say history is destined to repeat itself about every 30 years so the space, time peace effort thwarts the scheduled war with peace as the decision this time around, its a groovy World War 3 thing and nobody dies or is injured , no casualties. Where's the love daddyio? Just kidding , my dad and I get along great, although a hippie for even a day is what he will never be and I respect that. We can here the laughter of the hippie in all of us on that one, except may be the scroogemeisters that dwell among us and we can laugh with them on this one not against them. The younger crowd , kids these days may understand this , peace is worth having and people can make peace happen , of course we older people may not understand some of the things you do, but it is traditional for the old ones not to understand the young ones, so we might as well go with it. You kids, especially the teenagers that are reported to know everything all ready, we offer peace to the teenagers , so be happy and run a muck while you can , try to have fun with school , stay in it , graduate and try to respect your parents, yeah they are real different but I know they do care about you.

My parents have obviously been through a lot with me. My little sister has always been pretty goody 2 shoes and I respect that , she also read this and so e says this was not true , no problem, I edited it for you. As you can tell I have always been well a class clown and yes I really can juggle 3 basketballs while riding 2 skateboards, daffy only four wheels on the ground , make it look easy , been juggling for the last 20 years, I also have the ability to take a pictures of myself doing this stunt, set the timer to 30 seconds on a tripod , run back get the equipment, start the juggling, photo coming soon, one time on Spring Break in Hawaii, Coca Cola was filming a commercial and they wanted me to hang out they liked the stunt, but I had to get back to school. They also said I had to be in the Screen Actors Guild and in order to be in the Screen Actors Guild you need work, so I ask , Screen Actors Guild please let me in, what is the magic answer anyway, is there a guru that approves those worthy enough to join and work in the same instant, I'm baffled. I paid for the acting lessons, take and had a talent scout route , whatever, I'm sure you've all heard the give me a break gig before so I'll spare it. I also support the NBA strike, I admit that when I play basketball I actually make some shots, miss others, bricks and airballs rule, swish, I'm also an almost jammer. I'm a lefty, we predict the strike is also helping the Nuggets record, without class clowns , stuff would be boring, I forgot to mention that when I was a valet at Rose Medical Center, I parked a lot of the Broncos, Avalanche, Rockies and Nuggets cars, little did they know , I can settle any strike , you all need to talk to each other and find a common ground and find common terms you can agree on and settle it.

I at my peak, I was kicking a soccerball foot juggling and for over an hour until my shoes become untied , I estimate around 5000 is my best, in fact I out kicked Andy Linder , the world champion hacky sacker at one time (foot bag) using a tennis ball, it is really tough to control kicking a tennis ball. These days I enjoy playing a lot of golf and admit I try not to post anything higher than a snowman on the card, I believe in the holy mulligan, can I have an amen for the holy mulligan, actually I had my first 9 holes at par , which is very difficult to do. It is amazing somedays with Golf you are in the zone other days it is like I'm in a Hindu hacking trance. Amongst my married friends there is a minibaby boom going , it was like a stampede or something last Spring, so far 3 healthy births over the last month, its kind of cool , a couple more on the way congratulations, serious humor here for sure, I'm hearing difficulty sleeping, what have my golfing buddies done. I'm hearing the first thing to go with having a baby is the freedom. I'm still having to much fun chasing women and I don't try to understand them just go with the change of direction female vibe and I'm learning when the sensitivity of chick flickness also could mean duck and cover at certain times, I usually head for the golf course.

It is obvious that controversy over hippie culture is a global thing. Well, I'll point out I've studied this hippie culture thing first hand for many years and it is not such a bad thing to care about people, the Earth, enjoy music and gathering together in groups at concerts or sports to celebrate fun times or raise consciousness over worthwhile events like saving farmers or just going to the show. Yes, please feel free to find the hippie vibe within yourself. Free all of us from this oppression, far out and groovy man, I dig, it is about creating a lasting peace brother. I point out that this hippie vibe clearly does not have to at all be even remotely related to a drinking, drugs and free sex thing , hippies are very often stereotyped into that mind set. A few scroogemeisters think that all hippies have more than a few loose screws, few cards short of playing with a full deck and I respect that as well. When they think hippie consciousness from now on, it is more about creating peace, harmony and the freedom to choose the direction of your life with the goal of making the world a better place so that you feel good about it. We all go through stages in growing up , so for families communication is important , I feel lucky to get along well with my family and the fact that my parents just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary makes me feel proud of them. It is cool that we all respect each others choices and that they have helped me through many different phases, I'm a very successful 35 year old. I'm also writing this love story to relieve my personal stress and pain of getting all my IRS Tax work finalized and having to cut them a check, ouch , I do respect paying Uncle Sam this is a cool country, amazing how many different hats I get to wear on a day to day basis running the Black Hole. The Hawaiian's call this talking story and I hope you are taking it lightly and enjoying this rant.

I know Desiree' and Kim are laughing about this for sure. They are both awesome, beautiful school teachers with heart that carried 4.0 GPA's more than a few semesters and yes, teachers deserve raises globally , remember 70 billion dollar surplus, we know about the multi trillion dollar national debt , give them a raise, we can stabilize it Kim is currently doing an excellent job teaching 640 kids a week and I know she is going to read this , hello Kim, I love you.

On another note, I wonder if a strategically placed Iceberg were towed into the path of a forming Hurricane if it would neutralize it, or would the cool air create confusion and make them dissolve or would it make them grow stronger? The price of tea in China , we are talking about over 1,000,000,000 billion people, they are just starting to purchase cars and everything else. Please note NeXT Openstep software with the click of a button , the interface changes to 7 different languages including Kanji, also special fonts have been invented for Korean and Chinese . We could solve our national debt and help balance my Economic wave theory problems by offering to establish the US currency as a global standard currency , if countries like our way of thinking , it would be real good for us, do you realize that everyone in the US would potentially be an instant millionaire over night, like the country of Qatar, where just one product oil has made them very wealthy. I give this idea with the understanding, we would work to solve a lot of problems collectively and offer to help people out of situations that have developed because they don't have a good economic foundation. I've collected coins for many years some of them are 1000 years old and still usable, see that is the big story when a country transitions from the barter system to a currency system soon to be virtual , credit cards for 1,000,000,000 more people. The true sunken treasure was in front of us all the time, it is the USA and I promised you, I'm a heck of a salesman and I'm pitching , we invite you all to join our USA global company, by unifying the worlds currency structure, setting up capitalism, peace , good system of laws and the Freedom offered in our constitution and way of life, we know this help help stabilize the economic Tsunami's. The goal of any Currency is to create a token that you exchange for goods , labor or services and we have a fair Per Capita income in the USA, if we compare it to Per Capita Income of many countries where the median per capita income is often below $1,000 USD per year , this makes sense. Everyone as a millionaire in the US would be cool and other countries would have to agree to the new proposed Global Currency for the United Nations of the World, the current millionaires become unbelievably wealthy and the rest of us do great but it is all real. We would offer a fair trade for the implementation of this and it is a goal to make a more comfortable way of life for all people, in the US all men are created equal and we have Now is this true freedom a Monopoly or what, it may not be to far fetched that if Earth stabilizes and is balanced , it is not if but when someone shows up and makes it known that they are from somewhere in our Universe, we will make a good first impression on them for sure, Black Hole, Incorporated has arrived and we are here for peace. It is true money doesn't buy happiness, none of these ideas really have to happen in fact we don't even need one penny to enjoy this story, I thought I would right it for free.

Bill Gates , I just thought I would out corner you before you became the richest man in history of the planet and history granted through your hard work, right place, right time and we could not let you stand uncontested for the good of all people, Microsoft and Apples technology and the web and all of the technological, industrial companies worldwide can stabilize this situation, however the atmosphere can not handle the additional absorption of pollution from potentially another 250 million cars on the road , unless they are electric or solar powered. Like the Beach Boys said catch a wave and your sitting on top of the world.

We have a traffic jam in Colorado on I-25 because of commuter traffic, because we have fairly stable ground an elevated 3 lane highway, directional with commuting above the existing one makes sense with a light rail system easy to keep open in Blizzards . I liked the letter I received from the developers of Denver International Airport. I sent them my semester long project proposed Airport 3 dimensional Autocad project and they said great ideas and used a lot of them, it turned out cool and I still have the letter and the drawings, I would like to receive payment for the I-25 idea, someone tell Bill Owens it makes sense please and pay this kid I called and left a message with Bill Owens Governor elect, they like the idea. If you have a lightrail line as well , you could have it set up so on cold days , the pavement would be heated from underneath with the flip of a switch to prevent ice from forming.


NEXT has been used at the Colorado School of Mines for study of many earth science and engineering related projects, NeXT is also preferred by many Physics Labs ic MIT around the world. At Johns Hopkins University custom Openstep programs are used to create topographic spectral images and these images are studied to determine potential flood plain areas , this data can be used to determine insurance rates for flood insurance and potential at risk problem areas that could also lead to saving lives. They were able to develop the custom application in 3 months , the team assigned to do the project on Windows NT gave up after 6 and now the NeXT team is using Openstep for NT to port the application to NT for them.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration also uses NeXT for Hurricane research. The Atmospheric Science Department at CSU also used NeXT boxes for weather research. At Stanford a cluster of NeXT workstations were used with a custom NeXT application Zilla to basically solve the equation used to discover one of the largest prime numbers to date. Zilla works when a workstation sits idle on a network, it solves a portion of the equation by using the processor in the dormant computer and then returns the answer back to the server through the network All of the partial answers are then assembled to deliver the final result, awesome software. Mathematica is very powerful product and can be used to create 3 dimensional graphs and generated by plugging different variables into equations . The Mandlebrot applications was used to create the graphic of the Oasis page, which can be seen if you are using NeXTSTEP or Openstep.

I site as a prime example of overuse of water leading to problems in the future ; the Ogallala Aquifer, it is the largest underground source for water for crop irrigation for 8 Midwestern states and has been dropping at an alarming rate of 6 feet per year. In 1922 it ranged from 0 to 600 ft., it now is 0 to 300 ft . It could be a project for the Army Core of Engineers to analyze the probability of pumping in excess water flowing from rivers and streams into it, basically fill it back up, after doing a little research, it is interesting that it works this way anyway and that there is a balance created by precipitation and river and stream flow rates, overfilling it can cause problems so it needs to be managed, but many wells have become dry and unusable, this should be another priority as a lot of crops and farmers depend on this water to grow our food, we need this aquifer working.

Over harvesting fish is not good for Ecology or the Economy any where on the planet, an example on one of my trips to Kodiak Island, Alaska , they had a Russian Fishing Vessel in the harbor ,the coast guard discovered them poaching within the 200 Miles zone. In conversations with local fishermen , often the industrial commercial fishing method used by many countries is the use of drift nets. These nets extend for up to 8 miles and catch everything, in fact that year a Japanese fishing vessel overharvested one area by using a drift net to scoop up an entire run of pink salmon and everything else caught in the net, yes just, 1 net. Someone reported at least 1 pink made it back to the stream in question, know that obviously is an alarming easy to understand statistic.

Fishing quotas are finally being implemented in Canada and the US and this is causing a huge controversy over fishing right of way for commercial fishermen, they call it the fish wars. It is how commercial fishermen earn there living, I respect that and have no problem with that but collectively, it would be easy to understand that the current fish population becomes depleted look at the COD situation on the East coast, when you catch to many of them before the have a chance to breed and reproduce. Solution would be more fish farms and hatcheries.

Commercial fishing accounts for well over 90% of all fish caught , I don't think any of us would appreciate seeing the Salmon population on the west coast diminish through over harvesting like the Cod population on the east coast. I'm positive the situation can be fairly managed with the right people on the project and hopefully they will find a common ground. Iceland has had to impose fishing quotas , because of the identical overharvesting situation.

In Colorado , a large percentage of our trout are infected with whirling disease, this causes the trout to loose their sense of balance , when they try to stay in the current, where they catch most of their food, so they wind up in the eddies and literally starve from a lack of food and it has been devastating. They are trying to solve the problem through research.

Starvation , not an easy subject to deal with for any country, I noticed we have record crops coming in and not enough storage space , this could lead to perfectly good food spoiling in the sun because there are not enough grain elevators to contain the crops. Thought load up trains with extra grain and transport it to a ship or airplane, fun for the military, destination a countries that has current problems with starvation after doing a search Vietnam , Zimbabwe , Sudan , North Korea (sounds like a very harsh place to live) have people that are starving to death. I appreciate the United States and am proud to be a citizen , capitalism, freedom and democracy work very well when implemented. We know about how messed up politics are currently in some of these countries, but the kids and probably a lot of the people deserve a chance to eat, why not offer them a gift of food, label it from the USA with love, feel free to return the favor someday, they could for sure understand that, we can also make sure everyone is fed!

At CSU, the horticulture and climate interaction research uses harsh soil conditions and little precipitation to imitate and isolate basically discover the combination of hybrid plants that produce food in desert like conditions. As most of us know , having a source for water and food close by is recommended for survival.

Did you know NeXT is used extensively in Medicine? We've enjoyed providing Openstep, 3rd party software and Custom Workstations to some fairly well known places, Harvard Medical, Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, UCLA and New York University to name a few. The Web needs to be linked globally for medical assistance, emergency cases, a research database of the human race, symptoms, diagnoses and cures on line. LCA in Ohio uses NeXTSTEP to transmit real time photos from rural locations to the main hospital, often this saves families 200 mile drives and helps with the communication and diagnosis of problems, fairly cool, I hope I'm not sounding to egotistical or one sided, it is not my intention, I'm just trying to help.

What do I think about religion? I believe that after studying a lot of different religions , there is merit, value, worthwhile historical stories from a lot of them that are useful to all people , cultures and societies, however way to many lives have been lost because of fighting over differences in beliefs, chill out , calm down and relax, can't we all just get along? I can sum up some of my belief by reflecting back to one night in my 3 hour once a week philosophy class and after being practically forced into boredom that particular evening over debate about this and that with respect to religious opinion, I admit I dozed off, I could blame the snooze out on the fact that I was burned out, taking 15 credits the other class's typically are like Calculus, Business Law, Statistics , Business Finance, Business Policy and Administration , Economics, etc. while working to put myself through school also participating in A.K.Psi business frat Ronald Reagan, JC Penny and Malcolm Forbes were former members also Nixon, starting for 2 Soccer teams(team international intramural champs and soccer by subway, beer drinking champs) and add in the social activity factors like parties. Then there are the women historically CSU is very populated with awesome betties, I admit they often seem to enjoy keeping me awake late when they are around and the conversation and company is fun, time flies , yes there is even a special NeXT application can help men better understand women, just joking of course, seeing if you all were still awake, I'm in trouble now. Honestly, many Harvard Medical, Biology Departments like the University of Miami, Cal State, UCLA and Pasadena Community College use NeXTSTEP to run custom NeXT applications.

At any rate; back to our seen in Philosophy picture Rob sleeping soundly, head on the desk, a little droolage forming on the cheek, not a pretty picture indeed, the drone of the Philosophical lecture on Atheism from hell, fading away... as I drifted into la la land, I had studied for this stuff and come up with answers to these questions, (in other words I admit winging it on this particular occasion), then from out of the void the professor called out my name and asked me to comment on the debate the class was having on Darow Atheism. I thought for a second, Atheism and Darow, hmmm, my friend in the class Paul Green was snickering. I snapped out of the trance and cleared my eyes, everyone staring me down, I knew it really had better be good or I was toast, fortunately, I don't know I'll call it the Great Spirit guide appeared in the fog of my mind and spit out an acceptable exceptional answer. Don't worry I'm not part of some psychic friends network or weird spaceship comet worshiping cult group or part of some sketchy Satanic wacko underground society, in fact I prefer going to or watching football on Sundays with my dad and or friends, my mom prefers church everything and I know we all respect our moms feelings about that whatever the religion may be. Seems like most of us probably try to find ways to get out of going to our respective services at times, some more than others, nothing wrong with it, mom will flame me on that one for sure, my sister will agree.

11/18/98, I had a history teacher called Mr. Griswold at CSU, we nicknamed him the Gris and he tried to teach the subject but unfortunately came across as very dry and boring. I totally admit I missed the boat in my fledgling years at CSU in his classes by not reading this historical stuff and really reading it. I did not realize what it was all about or how important it is until now. This day I actually read about Greek history , polis and Hellenistic ways leading to the development of philosophy, science, mathematics, astronomy, politics , religion, medicine and concepts like skepticism, cynicism and stoicism developed and evolved. Gris, I'm sitting here spinning my wheels so as though drawn to actually reading about what this stuff was all about last night after looking for falling stars from the 32 year meteor shower, I saw one but I'm not sure if it was from somewhere else.

At any rate we still use an amazing amount of information the created and recorded to this day by these people. I know what I'm all about and you are all about the lightbulb went on, until this day my true knowledge of history of this time was I admit the equivalent of a huge brain fart. It is as though, I've heard the laughter from all of those people echo and tumble forward through 1000's of years , it is my destiny Socrates, Plato, Hippocrates and Aristotle, if you have not read about this time in history please do, it will make you happy and is free advice. For example did you know that they had what are called mystery religions , the Greeks worshiped Gods like Zeus, Apollo, Aphrodite and Athena, however the mystery religions had the belief that centered around a savior whose death and resurrection provided salvation for every individual. Later from the mystery religions eventually evolved 2 new religions Islam and Christianity , he shoots he scores.

My Dad and his brother Ron and youngest brother John always play the rest of us in Trivial pursuit, we had one of the first copies of Trivial Pursuit in the US. At any rate they a very good, my uncle Ron recently one a Trivia contest recently in Phoenix and won a free trip to Europe on the Concord and he worked on the space shuttle. Ron's second wife Ann is very nice and I guess Trudy his 1st wife is doing OK. Karen his daughter, my 1st cousin recently made a very controversial move for anyone in society, she fell in love with and married an afro American named Raymond and we are of course white. Some members of both family's have reacted rather harshly to the marriage, I honestly would like to meet Karen's husband and am a little more open minded than a lot of people about it. I had a good friend in high school and college named Ben Cooper and he was mulatto. He was a good dude and it didn't matter about skin color so I think I might have a better perspective on this and understand the situation but love is blind for them so be it. Now my opinion on the same sex marriage thing that is going on these days , honestly it is a really weird concept and I don't believe it is going to work out for these same sex people, especially if they are trying to procreate, it isn't going to happen for them. My advice would be somebody please show them a diagram of how procreation works and explain it in detail. All I can tell you is the same sex way of life is of no interest to me and if that is what they chose to do, whatever.


I was in between jobs a few years back , my Rheumatoid Arthritis was kicking in and I had to leave valet parking because I could hardly move some days, so I took a job as a security guard for a few weeks just before I was hired back by Alembic. At any rate Security means you stand or sit around most of the time and do nothing to exciting, but when stuff happens it can get really sketchy. The don't pay very much for security, the five year plan had the salary topping out at $5.50 an hour or something ridiculous, duh. At any rate you get to go to free stuff and deal with the crowd. So there I am wondering am I going to get to work the shows at Red Rocks or what. Oh no , the first gig , I drive up to Boulder and they have a watch cars at a remote parking lot and all it is is dudes going to this thing and the we the security patrol are like what is this thing any way the he man club or something, it turned out to be a promise keepers convention, I guess whatever works for them is fine with me, it was a real boring thing to watch cars in a remote lot is all I can say.

These are true stories and I'm trying not to exaggerate, the next gig and I guess the best move is I should have a lead in story because it was fairly classic, I'm watching the news and the Pope and President are in town and they are showing the awesome helicopters and they are actually flying them over our neighborhood, I call my sister on the phone and tell her to look outside, at that time she lived a block away, she was like so what no big deal, I thought it was cool and then she hangs up the phone. They fly over and a few of the nice neighbors are checking it out. This really happened and my sister will attest to it, a bolt of lightening crashes down from the sky not more than 5 minutes later, I'm thinking man that was close a close lighten bolt. Just then the phone rings, it was my sister and she was really upset, I was like what's going on, she was backing her Orange 74 VW convertible, one of my old cars out of her garage and she thought the bolt actually hit the car a fried the wiring harness and toasted my Alpine stereo and now the car wouldn't start , ( Tangent , it fits the story, I used to drive the car around with a splinter that flew the farthest away in a lightening strike at Ft. Collins Country Club golf course for luck, that bolt split a Russian Olive tree in half. I had just mowed the collars around the Number 10 and 14 Greens, the almost daily afternoon storms were just starting up and I remember it felt like static in the air and there was hail just in that little area, I knew , I had to get the heck out of there quick, luckily I wasn't slacking that day and was up on the next green heading for the shelter when the bolt came crashing in. (Billy the other night irrigation/greenskeeper will attest it was a very close call for both of us, he was on his way out to make sure I was out of the storm.) At any rate if lightening approaches seek shelter and stay away from trees and water , also if you are golfing and have a caddy let them hold the clubs and then walk away, just kidding , put the clubs away and seek shelter, lightening seems to go after golfers like tornados or floods to trailer parks.)

Back to the security guard story, I was thinking hopefully I would get to work a concert and behold the next event I was assigned to was World Youth Day. It was held at civic center park and people flew in from around the world. So I'm down at civic center doing the security job stand around thing and a police officer comes up and says I need a volunteer, I figured what the heck , it is a peaceful thing might as well help. The police officer leads me to an intersection and says I need you to direct traffic. The intersection was Broadway and Colfax and what was happening was unbelievable. I'm talking buses rolling in from God only knows where and a literally waves of people coming in on bicycles, rollerblades, foot , pretty much the worst traffic jam ever to be witnessed on the streets of Denver. So, I had volunteered for the job with out asking , heck of a situation, luckily for them I had my super ego thinking cowboy hat gig going , no problem and soon I was the traffic control dude at the busiest intersection ever because the stoplights were not in synch with the traffic jam at first it was a mess. It was almost surreal at times, I remember at one point 50 or 100 Samoans all dressed in native clothes walking up , stopping bus's waving people through having to stop the crowd , wave the cars through, with people from everywhere speaking all different languages , then just like in a movie only it was real, the people with a baby carriage start to cross when everyone else stopped , I was like please stop for a minute, I'm thinking look both ways , the people beside them were not moving and cars were starting to move, I had to literally jump in front of some of cars and busses that had just started to roll , lets just say, everything was safe, I felt good and they actually had to close down Broadway all the easy back to Lincoln because the crowd kept growing, I was glad when that shift was finally over and there were no accidents and I knew I had a lot to do with it, look both ways when crossing the street and if there is some guy standing out there directing traffic, working it, yin yang, just go with it and chuckle..

The Popes visit was timed to coincide with World Youth Day (week). I'm figuring what could possibly be next and nothing could be worse than what I just went through. I felt that I was ready for just about anything the world could possibly throw at me Arthritis or not. The next big assignment for the week was to stand guard for the McDonalds equipment out at Cherry Creek Reservoir at night, the equipment they set up was to be used at the Popes event and they needed a few good men and women to stand watch. Looking back it was classic, somebody had to do it , remember I was in between jobs and basically now getting paid to camp and party at Cherry Creek for a week at night, during the summer. At any rate after spending many peaceful nights under the stars, sleeping, nod I mean awake, sometimes it rains, then the day before the Pope mass arrived and people started arriving once more in waves, many of them recognized me as the traffic control clown from days earlier, at any rate I have never seen so many people awake at 4 in the morning , the crowd was estimated at 350,000. I was scheduled to get off my shift at 8:00, I'm not a Catholic but I guess I was one for a day and I have no problem respecting anyone's religion. I wanted to go home and sleep after working from around noon the previous day through the night and here it was sun up the next day practically without a break. However when they came to take me home , instead of sending me home , they said we need your help for just a little awhile longer and moved me up to help patrol the right side of the stage. It was now practically impossible to travel the other direction by car or foot and they said it would only be a little while until they sent relief and I could go home. At any rate, that didn't happen, the next thing you know the secret service guys came up to me and assigned me to please watch this area and don't let anyone back here with out checking with them. So I knew what I was doing was important. The weather was kind of hot that day and the crowd began to drink water early a lot of it, however and this is true, you can look it up, because of a flood in another state most of the port a potties planned for this event were in use at the flood site. So they only had 1500 portapotties set up for an estimated 350,000 people to use. When lines to use them were three to four hours long at the main clusters , people had to go, to my left was the stage waiting for the Pope and to my right were the Mc Donald's fast food stands and in back of them like monolith icons stood 4 to 6 portapotties for the vendors, security and real emergency use only and I was told not to let anyone back there. I'm serious this is a real story, now I'm in the position of having to tell people that need to go real bad , they can't use those particular port a potties and point them towards the clusters and I'm thinking this is nuts, I should be home sleeping and at one point even a few priests or bishops the ones in full gear are coming up to ask if they could, lets just say there was a truck that served men well and I don't have to go into details. It was unbelievable but true, I'm going this has to be the worst job ever invented and I'm really having to do it, so the day keeps going on and heating up and then some people stop drinking the water because the lines to go to the potties is so long its legendary, so many poor souls became dehydrated and start passing out from heat exhaustion in bunches, the medical tents then start filling up quickly . At that point , I'm now having to make judgment calls on the usage , bending the rules big time and the very important Golden port a potties on high, because they had been discovered by the crowd, that needs to P real bad and has literally has no where to go, so many of them see these and they know of the lines at the other portapotties and so soon so many wanted to use them, it was turning into a rather really weird thing, I'm like this can't be happening, especially when you have been awake for 18 hours , some people didn't speak English and I'm not fluent in other languages yet but I was learning more words all the time and I'm sure I was called it all but I was just trying to follow orders and do my job. People, these honestly were the really very important portapotties and a red cross flag would have made the most sense flying over them. Who did use them in my eyes, I'll try to explain it, I had learned something from the traffic jam endeavor, if the people that used them were standing next to you and me in line, seriously, we would have waved them right on through, because it was obvious they either had the most serious pp dance steps going you've ever seen in your life and won some kind of award from us and the crowd or they were being helped like, carried by you and me in spirit or were looking real pale and we knew what was coming and yelled coming through make way , to further compound the problem there was no shade to be found anywhere in the huge field except under the Mc Donald's vendor tents and this is a like a huge crowd. I'm guessing, I did the best job I could given the circumstances, but I'm fairly sure I may have had the _____ job on Earth at that point in time. We would say please be our guest to use the thrown to those in need, the moral is to plan ahead , double check the math people to porta pottie equation and have many more facilities for an event like that in the future. So finally , the pope arrived around noon and gave mass but I and many thought it was a little long , given the circumstances, it could have been edited like this story for sure, however overall, World Youth Day and the Pope's Mass were interesting events to see and help provide security for and that last shift lasted 25+ hours without a break not counting the time it took to get back to my car afterward on foot 5 miles away. I always remained calm in the chaos and tried to help out and explain things as much as I could , I'm sure most of you would have done the same thing or have done heroic things, it was the classic _____ job but someone had to do it and I was not even expecting anything like that when I signed on to be a temp security guard, rescuing damsels in distress medal would have been nice but it didn't happen but I'm sure I passed some kind of test for humanity that day.

The company didn't even say thanks to us after I arrived on the long walk back many miles to the office, traffic wasn't moving so it was faster to walk , I wasn't the only one a little ticked off about it. The event it self was cool, but I'm only human and just the way these employers treated their employees , especially someone like me that went way out of his way to help people and make the thing work a little better in some small way was a nightmare, this may have been punishment for the sleeping in Philosophy thing earlier, purgatory or whatever and I was there. Then the employers were like we need you all at the Castle Pines International golf tournament tomorrow morning early about 60 miles away and we won't pay mileage , I was like no way see you later and I knew the security job life wasn't for me, but I had a few classic stories from it and went back to work for Alembic, I can go on and on might as well.

I actually saw both Double Eagles roll into the cup with my own eyes, one year at the Castle Pines international as a spectator, Steve Pate 8 and Gallager 17, (2 on a par 5) probably the only time that has ever happened in a Golf tournament same round , 8 points a piece stableford scoring system, cool Snowmen a score most of us are familiar with we can compete, I have worked at 5 different golf course and have a good luck old cowboy hat that all sorts of cool people have signed that I've met like Jack Nicklaus , Evander Holyfield and Mickey Hart.

I also enjoy all sorts of music, my first job after graduating Manual HS in Denver in 1981 was working up at Red Rocks and other venues that summer, I prefer rock and roll and reggae music over the older stuff, working for KTCL was a blast. I'm also a fairly good musician and play 12 string guitar. I sold T Shirts for the Rolling Stones, Jimmy Buffet, Grateful Dead, George Thorogood, Willie Nelson, Beach Boys, Bruce Springsteen, Joe Walsh, CSN, Doobie Brothers, B.B. King on and on.... Red Rocks is an excellent amphitheater. My pipe dream is offering web casting shows all types of music, here in the future, it would be real fun for you all to log in and see a show live from Red Rocks, the nice folks that I bought my house from the Cohen's do multimedia projection systems for the major concerts and seminars that roll through town. I positive 100's of bands will enjoy participating, they appreciate Red Rocks, I would then expand it cross country so you could log in and pick from a juke box of available live shows , fun if you are at a bar or at home or the show sells out. I talked about the idea with Apple , they like it as well and told me to contact Philip Schiller VP at Apple.

I have played in a few garage rock and roll bands like Big E and the U.K. and the All Star Party band classic music. I started out on drums in the 4th grade but my folks thought it was to noisy, in the 7th grade, I remember the drumming was loud in comparison to the rest of the orchestra, I was trying to play softly. I was bored one day and picked up and focused on an old guitar at some point in my twenties because the train rolling by my trailer had cool rhythms It still sounds all right all these years later, if I can do it anyone can. My first gig was a story, we put together a band of friends to jam and dedicate the opening of restored building in Old Town, Ft. Collins . I know we had an interesting sound, when you are in synch with other musicians it is a cool zone to be in. We were going to town and a lot of cool rock and country tunes are 3 or 4 cords , C, G D, Em, A stuff so the rhythm part is important that is what I play best and it sounded good enough to where this crowd wasn't throwing tomatoes, I know the beer and barbecue helped as bribage, girls were smiling and actually a few of the people were dancing. I could only take jamming for about an hour, as the crowd grew it was nuts, we estimated 400+ people and dogs. I was psyched to step aside and join the crowd, the rest of the band played well on into the night. It was classic, they said , Rob we have a small gig in Old Town , next thing you know it is sardines and this is a big area, I was thrown into the fire for sure on that gig , but looking back it is a classic.

I taught myself rhythm guitar by sitting on my back porch in the trailer park, as the train rolled by I would strum the strings and play different mel bay cords after awhile it sounded good, I figured if Johnny B. Good could do it, I might as well try, the train was close enough about 30 ft. to work as a metronome, and it effectively drowned out the early noise all musical instruments make, the trailers shook. It was fun having a girl spend the night for the first time and if lucky about 1 in the morning the freight train would sound in the distance and come roaring down the track heading out of town , it was like sensaround and much laughter usually developed, the inbound train was cool sounding as it was slow, watching the cars roll by was like counting sheep, the sound was calming and sometimes lead to falling asleep. It was like sensaround either way, if you want to do something cool for yourself, I highly recommend learning to play a musical instrument on the beach, also works well as the waves roll in, work it, warning once you learn to play the guitar gentlemen it may work as a bikini magnet with a women included. There is no doubt something beyond spiritual about a lot of gatherings at music and sporting events, it is fun interacting with positive crowds of people. It will happen. You guessed it NeXT has been used at many music Departments like CCRMA at Stanford, Princeton and the University of Wisconsin to name a few. The original NeXT workstations were awesome for composing music because of the built in DSP and developer tools. The transition to Intel changed that aspect because of the sound card and dsp driver issues. I recently solved a problem for Dreamworks and was commended by the Brian Willoughby a developer for Sound Consulting by helping put him in touch with them to solve sound driver issues for the production of the just completed Prince of Eqypt . Dreamworks used Animo and NEXTSTEP to produce Prince of Egypt. We are helping Dreamworks with the production of Road to Eldorado, I'm calling in guru Max to help tackle a PPP problem, PPP allows them to ftp files back and forth and is a little complicated to set up in NEXTSTEP. Also the NeXT text to speech application does just that , it helps the blind hear their E-mail by converting text to speech.

It is classic I have friends that share the same names with rock musicians like Jackson Brown is actually a great bass player and Tom Petty was the name of my roommate the first semester in college. I also know Jimmy Page, Steve Miller , Ron Wood and really am friends with Scott Mercado the former drummer of Candlebox. The scene were Beavis and Butthead are lost in the desert in the Do America Movie was done on NeXTSTEP using the application called Animo. I take you know to the Ramskeller CSU on campus basement bar. One day long ago in the mideighties, Tom Petty , Jackson Brown and myself are cruising through the Lory student center Ft. Collins (also totaled in the flood) and we decided to stop at the skeller for a beer. We saw a band setting up and offered to help, they were just about done so they said no that's cool. We asked do you all want an opening band and it would have been a major gig to get it all approved but we did stay around and check out Phish doing their soundcheck. We were like who the heck is Phish anyway, it was the first time Phish played in Ft. Collins.

11/17/98 Turning back the clock to 1981, my friends were once more looking for work and my boss Pat McCarty said, hey Rob can you round up 10 people to sell T-shirts for the Rolling Stones. The Rolling Stones show was at Folsem Field in Boulder and there we were , we could call it the wild bunch T Shirt crew for sure. They let us literally through the gates first to get ready to sell T Shirts for the Rolling Stones, 1/2 of my friends bolt for the front row on the field in the commotion. Where was the employee loyalty you clowns, at any rate , everyone had their tails of the show.

The neighbor that hooked me up with this T Shirt job was Mike Hipp; his mom Patty and stepdad Dave ran the chauffeur and security service for Feyline, Barry Fey's company. Mike was always a fairly good kid and needed a ride to the shows and he served Mick Jagger , Miller. His mom scored awesome tickets to my first Rock Concert at McNichols in 79, The Who. Unless we truthfully count the Donnie and Marie Osmond and Munch concert my parents took us to a few years earlier.

Barry , I was literally the one that suffered through monitoring your son Alan Fey all summer and your other son was much more under control. Alan, this one is for you, the Fey kid would show up age 14, disappear for the practically the whole show, out creating a swath of trouble with the crowd, vendors, security , the bands and then he would show up and talk about wanting 1/3 of everything we had sold while he was out and about at the end of the show. We had to do this or risk losing our jobs, man talk about a bogus gig , it is funny looking back and I guess Alan chose not to continue in his dad's footsteps, promoting concerts.

I on the other hand took the initiative to pack 2 newspaper bags full of 48 T Shirts, 6 hats , 10 programs, 6 buttons and would walk through the crowds running up and down the stairs all day before we set up the T Shirt stands. Sometimes I would sell out in the first few feet. Yes, that was me the number one T Shirt vendor and I was invited to go on tour with Willie Nelson and Jefferson Airplane after their shows but declined to continue working at Red Rocks. As I say legendary, I sold shirts for the Stones and they put me in a little stand under protest, they wouldn't listen to my idea of walking through the crowd. I could have sold so many T-shirts for the Stones, then they close down my stand early both days and I wind up missing a lot of the show because I was checking in Stones merchandise but it was part of my job.

This was a really true classic fishing tail, I remember my dad and I were up in Kodiak Island , Alaska and so we are fishing at probably one of the coolest spots on Earth for fishing the Olds river and no one is around. It is pretty much fishing heaven , just me and my dad, the river was a few hundreds yard wide, a sunny day, mountains all around and the silver salmon were coming in to spawn and we were having a blast fishing. We hear a rumble of engines and look over our shoulders to see 4 school buses pull up. Then all of these little oriental women start pouring out and they are wearing neon suits and they all have fishing poles. My dad and I were looking at each other wondering what on Earth this was about. Another truck pulls up and chefs start piling out and setting up their cooking gear. Then the women were lining up and casting and it was soon elbow to elbow, the fish had so much stuff flying at them they had genetically learned to spit out the hooks. So at any rate one of the ladies gets a fish on of course the silvers swim up and down the river so it pretty much is a fish with many tangled lines. Up pulls a car and out hops this guy decked in white, my dad and I were like this is really something from the twilight zone but it is really happening. He walks over and starts reeling in the fish in fact any fish that was on one of these ladies line this guy was supposed to real it in. I was going to walk up to the dude and ask him for a case of what ever the heck magic potion these women were on because that was some of the most amazing s***, I've ever seen. At any rate we found out later it was the reverend Syung Yung Moon , himself and apparently as part of their religion they have to go fishing for a few weeks in Alaska before they get married. So all these women were brides to be on a fishing mission for God. Gentlemen we held our ground for awhile ands played moony for a day and then we were like this is ridiculous, the Moon man is catching all the fish using women as bait. I was like man he should be in our shoes right now , we were ticked . Moon dude at least fish fair don't be walking up there and reeling everyone else's fish in thinking "you the man", get up off your lazyboy chair put a lure on your pole and cast it out there and lets see it , homes, now wouldn't you all agree. Hey I'm not crazy if I could have 100's of women fishing for me, and having a good time calling out Rob dozens of them please come reel this fish in for me without complaining, bringing beverages and all that, oh yeah. I'd be kicking it right there in Alaska as well and dudes would be wondering what is up with that, what is the stuff the gasho chefs have going there anyway. I I have a photo of this scene, Sports Illustrated.

So another story I'm out in California in Los Angeles and my friend Dave and I had checked out the band the Grateful Dead at Ventura County Fair Grounds. He was dating Monique St. Pierre at the time, she was a recent playmate of the year. So we went over to her apartment and unfortunately she was out of town in Europe. Her roommate Shelly another smoking hotty was there and I was checking out the photos on the wall of Hugh Hefner and the bunnies going this is totally unreal, Dave was not kidding. Shelly was cleaning up, so she had a bag of garbage and I was like please let me take that out so I can tell my friends, I took out Monique St. Pierre's trash someday, it is written trash dumping is the kind of chore that guys can handle. If Monique would have been there , we would have been allowed into the playboy mansion the equivalent of heaven for dudes. In humor, we call on or summons the trash can God, abracadabra , hocus pocus, Hugh or Monique, if you every read this please send me a few admission tickets for me and my friends ,"ease his pain" to the mansion, " magic formula, dudes, to prevent war with women , lid down, lid down,.Trash out, lid down. I actually called the Playboy system administrator and gave him the idea to put up a web site and my fellow salesman Shane was like that is the funniest sales cold call I've ever scene. A few weeks later they had one, I'm not kidding, I also called Disney and Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville and they were all totally clueless , what is a web site. And after I told them they became interested , are we having fun yet? My dad did not understand the 2 minutes of Beavis and Butthead that I put on the tube as a joke; dad you are not alone among parents that do not understand the Beavis and Butthead gig, but just go with it enjoy and read on.

Turning back the clock, our family traveled to Australia and Christchurch, New Zealand for 6 weeks during the winter when I was 12. We arrived, it was summer down under and the hospitable family we stayed with the Holts were cool. I went to school for about a month and it was fun to teach them Baseball and Football and I learned Cricket school is similar. At the airport we arrive and they had a purple chauffeur driven rolls , with 2 phones and a color TV, as kids we were psyched. The house was cool, the Holts had 33 collector automobiles in all including a formula 1 race car mounted on the wall in the game room and the back of an Austin Mini for a woodbox. A 1930's gaspump pumped booze, awesome tunes , pool table, ping pong, grass tennis court, pool, separate bungalow for the kids to play in and a cement hull fishing boat, incredible fishing. The mountains start at sea level and rise to 14,000 feet. In Australia , we went on a hydrofoil boat, it is like a boat on ski's, the Sydney Opera House looks like the sails of a ship and the wildlife in the zoo are totally unusual, Duck Billed Platypus, Kangaroo and Koala Bears, the girls were friendly as well. It was a good experience going to school in another country even for a month just to see what it was all about. I've mentioned all of these Rolls Royce's and other fancy cars but my dad and I always had cool cars. An old Studebaker, 54 Plymouth, the favorite was our 1924 Dual Cowl Sport Phaeton Cadillac.

NeXT has also been used by the Agents at William Morris Talent Agency, they represent some really big Hollywood stars like Tom Hanks and Morgan Fairchild , NeXT Mail is the ticket.

Oh yeah, sorry about going off on a tangent, I was on a roll so I thought I would just go with the and then I woke up part of this book; the answer to this Atheism question that awoke me from the snooze, I remembered Abraham Lincoln's view on Atheism went something like;"I can conceive how man can look down upon the world from above and say there is no God, but I can not conceive how he can gaze up into the heavens and say there isn't one."

The professor thought for a second and said good answer, most of the students thought cool answer, I thought perfect answer , I'm not toast. A few seconds later he announced class dismissed, laughter broke out then pandemonium, I remember people slapping me on the back, high five's , a carnival like atmosphere had developed, pretty girls smiling and yes we were released an hour and a half early from the potentially pending discussion from hell, I know most of you would have been out of there to at the chance and Monday Night football was on so we football enthusiasts were psyched. I guess that is when I found my religion, believe in the positive and it can happen. I also thought it pays to read, if I hadn't read that quote from Abraham Lincoln the night before, I would have been toast, class would have gone on for another hour and a half and the professor would have been less than enthusiastic about my next answer, I don't know. It could have altered the space time continuum or something , hope this is not offensive to any one. I've also worked in 5 library's and I made donation to our brand new Morgan library at CSU , the storm totaled it, peace. I thought about it and I agree with President Abraham Lincoln, he had many really cool answers.

We know that everyone that looks out there is impressed with this Universe, I can honestly say going to college was fun and when I started to take school seriously it became even more fun, seriously. I also admit I messed up the first the first few semesters back then, I'm not anywhere near perfect, the first time away from home story in the dorms, all I can say is it was a blast but the food sucked and we were legendary and a lot of us are great friends to this day but that's a whole book , Animal House 2, CSU actually leveled the wing of Green Hall I lived in for my first 2 years a few years back. Probably in anticipation of preventing our offspring from being able to come directly back to CSU and Green Hall in the future, carrying on the tradition unless we build of course a new Green Hall, the stories from those days are coming soon. We know who we are and no doubt the crew of which I speak at some point will seriously be chuckling about this in the background because they to have stumbled across this story. My concept at some point in the future would be to put together a Rodney Dangerfield style theme for the dorm, learning center and of course the idea is you would really have to be voted by your peers, friends, relatives and professors to get to live in the golden dorm.

I finally got my act together and started managing everything, took an interest in learning and made the effort to honestly pass every class. It was a challenge Graduating from Business School and it was not easy but it all worked out great and I did it for myself. I'm having a blast now real time story writing is here to stay on the web and where I was going with this , most religions have prophecy , most people that claim to be prophet's we know are truly not. I definitely am no prophet, however , I thought I could point out to everyone is, if someone created this whole place we call planet Earth and they are coming back to visit. It would be cool, if they were flying around from town to town and were very impressed with the place overall, gave us a good grade on a planetary scale, we whooped up on whatever that other one is they just checked out and Earth rules, Gold Medal.

Please note, we actually engineered a few of the NEXTSTEP Pentium computers with the software Animo for Warner Brothers for the film Space Jam, so in cartoon land visitors coming in on flying yellow aerobie saucers in formation awarding medals to planets obviously is happening already.

Did you know NASA, the USAF and many top secret government agencies really have used NeXT technologies for years, it is excellent and it is years ahead of everything else out there on the market. As a human race, we all are very intelligent, collectively lets make it happen, the world wide brain web. If we would do this it would be a monumental accomplishment indeed this place is worth saving in my opinion and the Internet proves it, you heard it from me. I have had fun traveling and checking out the world as my dad is retired from United Airlines and I look forward to continue doing so. There are some really cool places out their and I hope things are going great where you live to.Now this free story compared to a lot of the stuff on the web, if it is OK with you, it is OK with me and I will only improve this web site, I'm enjoying my web site and this business. Let's show them how much we have learned is what "Rhapsody" is all about, "Think Different" from Microsoft and if we think back on history and how much of it really sounds harsh, it would be cool to create positive history and some cool stories for our kids , wouldn't you agree? May be we are the chosen ones that have come along with the brains to make this Earth an awesome peaceful, loving place to feel safe living on and checking out and the prophets are write, I'm positive about this life and hope you enjoy this stuff. The story doesn't end here it just begins. Pell grants are a great deal for students that qualify, $1150 per semester that you can use for school don't have to payback , I like the idea and used a Pell grant, a CSU scholarship and a student loan, I'm told amazingly already paid back for tuition assistance one of my last semesters.


Web Objects 4.0 , what is Web Objects anyway?

Web Objects 4.0 is coming soon, Once more NeXT technology is years ahead of everything else on the market. Cool Web Objects driven sites are springing up daily , check this out, the following 3 paragraphs are from an Apple press release 10/12/98:


"The beauty of WebObjects is that it allowed us to build the most sophisticated yet consumer-friendly custom CD service ever developed for the Internet," said Chris Bell, senior vice president of Technical Product Architecture, Music Boulevard Network. "Apple put their best engineering resources at our disposal and the result is a streamlined service integrated with Music Boulevard technology which simplifies the selection of music and the transaction process necessary for the success of this exciting online innovation."

WebObjects is the market-leading platform for developing and deploying Internet and Intranet applications. It includes an application server, pre-built application components, and rapid application development tools. Its strengths include flexible integration to enterprise information systems, and it has been the basis of numerous deployed business-critical applications. WebObjects runs on Windows and UNIX platforms, and with the release of WebObjects 4.0, will support Apple PowerPC-based computers. "N2K's development team have seized upon the power of WebObjects to create an outstanding online customer experience," said Phil Schiller, vice president of worldwide product marketing for Apple Computer, Inc. "N2K's custom CD compilation service advances the state-of-the-art in Internet commerce, all with the help of WebObjects technology."

With the launch of this service, Music Boulevard became the only Internet destination to offer its customers music retailing, customer-created CD compilations, and digital downloading all within one complete shopping environment. Music Boulevard was the top online music retailer for June and July 1998, according to Media Metrix, the PC Meter Company, and was named the fastest growing music site on the Internet, according to the Media Metrix 1997 Web In Review. Recently named the Number One Online Music Retailer by USA Today in a reader's poll, Music Boulevard allows shoppers to browse for music by genre, or search by album name, artist or song title. Music Boulevard customers enjoy low prices, easy ordering through a secure online transaction system, quick delivery, online tracking of orders, gift certificates and gift shipping. Repeat shoppers earn credit toward free CDs with the Frequent Buyers Club.

Other sites that currently use Web Objects include the Disney Store, Sharper Image , Toyota and few hundred hi profile sites as a result of the increase in demand for Web Objects . Many corporations and developers are choosing Web Objects including the US Post Office because it is the best . Many of the Openstep developers are also developing Web Objects applications as well, I'll add more to this later...

Also , if you are a NeXT Developer and would like to donate some time to a cool project check out http://www.gnustep.org/ , they are seeking developers for a new free operating system called GNUstep.

I had to make a decision about where Black Hole is going and I thought , what would my customers , the most intelligent people on Earth in my book enjoy reading about and find useful , since they put up with my well intentioned tails of mystery and intrigue. So why not offer to lead you all into the future, in the next few weeks we are going to dramatically increase our product and service line offerings, stay tuned for high tech stuff, like Web Hosting, ISP hook ups, Internet Phones , Aplio Phones (no more long distance bills with these babies!), Wrist watch pagers, online streaming video training sessions from IBM on everything from Netscape to Lotus to even to the Microsoft stuff, I may even make an Openstep or Rhapsody video or see if Steve Jobs has a few minutes to but one together. We basically are now officially representing and will be able to offer you cutting edge products from Netscape, World Com, Qwest, IBM, Novell , Apple and Sun just to name a few, the Jetson's are here and details will follow! Also we will have links so you and take courses from accredited Universities to work towards degree's , I envision that it will be fun to sit in on a Harvard Law class or an MIT demo.

I was also thinking of starting an Auction section or a place in the Garage Sale area where customers could put the products they have for sale and optional contact information on our site , I'm willing to use the honor system , if a sale happens we could arrange a commission deemed fair after both parties are satisfied the sale was worth something, NeXT, Mac, computer or unusual stuff.

Also our ISP Media3 , we are informed was invaded by hackers, so the site was down the last few days and after the 6 week downtime last summer because of miscommunication between Media 3 and Netcom , we are changing locations to a new ISP and this should save us any future downtime because of Media3 related events. We appreciate your patience!

Happy birthday to Barb, my little sister turned ** today, I know better than that 11/14/98, Barbara Bush was on my dad's flight on his 40th birthday and they sang Happy Birthday and she brought my dad a birthday cake former President George Bush's wife.

I spoke with my 1st girlfriend at C.S.U. back in 1982, Gina Nina Montgomery now Delaney today 11/20/98 they also have a baby on the way as Gina is 6 months pregnant, her husband John is a great person and delivers the Rocky Mountain News, they also have an organic farm and had the crops devastated by hail. It was cool to talk with her about all of this stuff as she is quite knowledgeable, about religion and healing herbs and vitamins, also interestingly enough she met John 3 days before she met me and they are happily married. I remember one time I had a sprained arm and Gina mixed up a combination of natural herbs that looked like black goop and she put it on my arm and within a half an hour the pain from the severe sprain was really gone, now that was cool and it amazed me. Gina's dad is General Montgomery in the USAF , he was the CO at the Air Force Academy for many years and during WWII , he flew on one of the airplanes that flew a mission that forever changed the way we think of the world in terms of what philosophy, science, life and politics and are all about. I have read about how Albert Einstein invented it and that day it took away more life, earth, trees, created huge fires, mountains rumbled, water was contaminated, incredible devastation, the sky turned red from the heat generated from this Atomic Explosion, we all have learned from that mistake.

It does make perfect common sense to me to continue with dismantling weapons of mass destruction and I hope the world agrees. We all should logically approve of keeping a close watch on people like Saddam Hussein that have a history of using these sorts of weapons even on his own people and North Korea with their production of Missiles is very troublesome. The world and its people do not need the threat of nuclear or chemical weapons. It does not take a 666 beast of biblical proportions or anyone's religious God to point this out. I'm not professing heresy or anything new , peace has been an available option to everyone all along. We are just people and we all have stories , I believe stories and history help prove that a time for peace is at hand , Millennium Day 2000 campaign for peace, it is just one day and a rounding error of 400 years in time that just so happens to be accounted for in a little over a year. Peace for the children of the future, John and Gina are happy without a computer and the net, I respect that as well and sometimes I like to just read a book or look at a photograph, the hubble telescope took a photo of gas columns in the Eagle Nebula that they believe actually form the stars. Check it out at http://www.seds.org/hst/ .

I asked for permission and clearance on this one, Steve Zipse a former roommate told a tail of when he first joined the Air Force. Following orders deep with in a mountain , he was to shut down a very important grid for maintenance. Some one else apparently had the same order for a different part of the grid so only part of the protection grid was left up during this brief time. Steve new something was wrong , and he was just starting out in the USAF, when increasing Stripes then Stars were stacking up and chewing his tail. Then here came 4 stars, the General , he thought oh know I have really screwed up. The man said calmly son we appear to have a problem and told everyone else to leave the room. Then Steve explained he was only following the orders that were handed to him and showed him, turns out he was right and that a mistake had happened caused by a computer and communications miscue , creating duplicate orders for the same goal. Steve said no problem sir , we can go through all of the procedures or I can put everything back and have it up and running in just a few minutes. He succeeded in putting everything back to normal and this was true excellence in decision making , the higher up that screwed up the orders wound up transferred to Istanbul, Turkey but I theorize the Zman, Steve's nickname may have been in cahoots with all of the UFO's and they probably had a field day during those few minutes, translucent yellow flying stealth in formation , the 3 on one wing flying circles around each other, naah who would believe it really happened, web surfing ET , Universal peace it could happen, the choice is yours, peace be with you and Happy Thanksgiving.

I called Kim and she was about to sleep at about 8:00 , missing time, she is coming to hang out with me tomorrow. So it was girls night out, so I went to check out how Kirk and Todd were doing baby-sitting and to meet the latest little dude earthlings. All was well and it looked as though the grandmas and the little girl had things under control, peace on Earth.

Thanks for listening, stats for just a few days from our site and feel free to tell people about the free story to everyone, peace is rational thought and this story will only improve, wormhole wood!

643: 3.24%: .de (Germany) 516: 2.44%: .ca (Canada) 318: 1.78%: .fr (France) 232: 1.53%: .se (Sweden) 182: 1.45%: .org (Non-Profit Making Organisations) 135: 1.28%: .no (Norway) 172: 1.27%: .au (Australia) 255: 1.18%: .jp (Japan) 237: 1.08%: .uk (United Kingdom) 168: 0.69%: .nl (Netherlands) 174: 0.53%: .es (Spain) 37: 0.44%: .kr (South Korea) 41: 0.43%: .mx (Mexico) 117: 0.32%: .us (United States) 59: 0.31%: .tw (Taiwan) 62: 0.30%: .nz (New Zealand) 29: 0.23%: .be (Belgium) 64: 0.23%: .ch (Switzerland) 59: 0.21%: .hu (Hungary) 44: 0.18%: .at (Austria) 43: 0.18%: .sg (Singapore) 26: 0.17%: .mil (USA Military) 26: 0.16%: .cz (Czech Republic) 23: 0.13%: .hk (Hong Kong) 35: 0.12%: .pl (Poland) 25: 0.12%: .ie (Ireland) 33: 0.11%: .br (Brazil) 54: 0.10%: .it (Italy) 22: 0.10%: .gov (USA Government) 23: 0.06%: .fi (Finland) 21: 0.05%: .si (Slovenia) 22: 0.04%: .cl (Chile) 15: 0.03%: .pt (Portugal) 12: 0.03%: .yu (Yugoslavia) 12: 0.03%: .hr (Croatia) 13: 0.03%: .cy (Cyprus) 13: 0.02%: .ru (Russian Federation) 10: 0.02%: .tr (Turkey) 5: 0.02%: .gr (Greece) 7: 0.01%: .dk (Denmark) 7: 0.01%: .my (Malaysia) 7: 0.01%: .vi (Virgin Islands (USA)) 5: 0.01%: .ar (Argentina) 5: 0.01%: .za (South Africa) 1: 0.01%: .il (Israel) 4: : .gy (Guyana) 4: : .sk (Slovak Republic)

11/21/98 I was sitting in a meeting downtown and they were talking about the future direction of NeXT, my phone rang and it was my mom. She was very upset and asked if I had been watching the news, I said no. Our family owned a couple warehouses at 1/25 and Broadway , one used to originally be the old Blue Hill cheese factory back in the 30's and 40's. When my dad purchased it he rented it out to everything from a company called Guardian Angel, the Pratt's that started Alembic ran this company and they had engineered basement fire escapes but went out of business. I worked in a few wood shops that occupied the space and made some cool mahogany ballisters for a stairway at CU , the square ends when turning on a lathe tore my knuckles up, when I came to close sanding them.

I also worked for a company called Air Surrey at the warehouse, we would take a brand new van and then proceed to, tear out the interior, saw the roof off it then cut it in half and tear part of the passenger side out. People watching this would go what the heck are you guys doing. We then welded in an 80 inch extension and extended the drive shaft. Put in a bus door added a pop up roof , did the external body work and paint. Then put in a new floor to customer specification , add in diamond tuck panels and valences , seating was offered in bus style or perimeter. Our finished product was a high quality 14 to 17 passenger Bus , we sold a few to Keystone and the Broadmore Club and other companies, it was a great idea just before its time. If it was timed with Denver International Airport the company would have banked but they went out of business.

A company by the name of AA Signs moved in and a guy named Rock was the owner. He would go to auctions and buy up all of the old printing presses, copiers, printers, furniture and soon the place was filled to the rafters with a lot of old useless crap like a huge rats nest. My dad had sold the warehouse once to a guy named Reevers for a little over a million. Reevers came into the area and put about 30 million dollars into upgrading everything , like a giant yellow staircase sculpture at any rate he went bankrupt and someone bought it all for $1,000,000 and now the area looks very cool. We had the building returned to us and it was a neat old building. There were huge old freezers in the basement and I remember my dad rented it out to bands , the could jam and no one could here them because the walls were about 2 feet thick, until some clown decided to mess with a sprinkler and the next time the returned the whole room had filled up with water and it was a major flood. As time went by the building aged and the price for insurance became more than we could afford. My dad, my friends and I would go down and repair plumbing, roofing and electrical with permits and the city inspectors approved. So my dad had sold the building to Rock and one day later is when my mom called upset.

Apparently one of Rocks employees on a smoking break had pitched his cigarette butt into a pile of old silk screens in the loading dock area that my dad had advised them on numerous occasions to throw out. So a fire had started and they called the fire department immediately, the fire department apparently drove right by the building and went to the wrong address , I would have looked for smoke, duh. They reached my dad on the phone and he came down, this is about a half an hour into it.

The fire had reached part of the overhanging dock and they still did not have water on the flames, there was a gas heater that my dad pointed out to them right away , the firemen said they could not shut off the gas around back and sure enough it exploded, my dad wound up finally having to shut the gas off himself, but the flames had started to spread to the building. Now the fact that the building was filled up with all sorts of old crap made it inaccessible and dangerous for the firemen to chance going in so the flames continued to spread and now 1/3rd of the building was on fire. They closed down I/25 and I arrived and was talking to my dad. I was asking now who at AA signs smokes , who was the person that pitched the cigarette butt , we know it is an accident. The put the fire out but the building was condemned , it cost our family around $200,000 to level it, $1,250,000 loss of 60,000 square feet of warehouse space in prime rental property and we received $0 restitution for one smokers careless mistake. However as it turned out the land turned out to be as valuable as the building and we sold it for over $1,000,000 . The company that bought our property Dow Corning Labs needed a parking lot and put in $100,000 in improvements and we were also approached by RTD because it is at the end of the new light rail line but we had already sold it. At any rate , I don't smoke Cigarettes in fact I have only smoked a few cigarettes in my life and didn't like them, whenever I have smoked I have been very careful about putting them out. I have a lot of friends that do smoke cigarettes daily and that is there choice, I guess all I'm asking if you choose to smoke cigarettes be considerate of others this seems to be catching on by considerate smokers. I also ask as a friend you should also be seriously concerned about your health in the long run. I have witnessed some of my best friends that had parents with emphysema, heart disease and lung cancer which is directly attributable to the long term affects of smoking cigarettes to excess, sadly they are with us only in spirit today so this message is from them to you. My dad quite smoking pipe tobacco when I was a kid and this did influence my and my sisters decision not to smoke tobacco. Also is it predicted by Oxford that 1/3 of all Chinese men will die from smoking related illnesses in the next century. 3 Million Chinese a year are dieing form smoking . They currently do not think or understand that smoking to excess really does cause very serious health problems. If you are a smoker when you are done smoking a cigarette please make sure you put it out completely each and every time and may be even for good, Smoky the Bear was right only you can prevent fires. Our family also bought into the original patent rights for the original ionic smoke detectors and we did OK on that investment. 11/23/98 I tried to hypnotize Kim for the purpose of getting her to completely stop smoking , although she does not smoke often , I care. In humor it did not work this time out as she did not become hypnotized by my funny techniques, Kim, it will improve and soon you will fall hopelessly under my spell and magically into my arms , yada , yada ,yada.

12/02/98 Now my dad and I enjoy watching Jeopardy and a question comes up What band has a flying pig as a mascot? My dad answers without hesitation Pink Floyd, I'm thinking now how in the heck did my dad know that, so I asked and my dad was like oh a guy at the warehouse that worked as a roady for Pink Floyd asked if they could attach the Pink Floyd flying pig balloon to our warehouse and I turned him down. I was like dad , no way , how come you didn't ever tell me , now that would have been coo. At any rate I was in the front row at one of the Pink Floyd shows I've seen, Tara took me down there to check it out on the dark side of the moon tour. I stayed for a few songs standing right in front of a speaker stack and I decided to move back about 20 rows with Kim , Catherine, Paul and Bill as it was incredibly loud and I thought I would try to preserve my hearing, I'm talking loud, it sounded great but it was loud and also I thought it was cool to let other people have a turn to check out the front row for a while as well.

I remember at another earlier point in time having a conversation with a girl named Star. We talked about music and I told her about how I had one of the new CD players, my friends and family were saying that cd disc players would never catch on. My parents were amazed by the cd player. Star was very upset and she told me about how right after CD Discs were starting to be produced that her dad had a contract and actually had put the family nestegg into manufacturing CD Disks of Dark Side of the Moon. Please remember this was a very expensive endeavor at that point in time, the story went that someone had purposely sabotaged the data transfer process from the writer to the final pressing of cd. They suspected it was probably someone from a competing record vinyl production album company. So the entire production run was flawed and unsaleable and literally her family went into bankruptcy, now that was really bogus and I hope everything eventually worked out for them. Sometimes I've had flawed CD-Roms and NeXT Apple has always been good about replacing them without charge so from time to time we will quality check one out by doing a test install to make sure it works. I had a customer that was concerned today as he received an open CD, I'm sending him a replacement shrink-wrapped as this was one we probably had tested, whoops. Also have you noticed floppy disks have a fairly high corruption rate these days and Internet download is no doubt the way to go for a lot of applications, yawn.

11/21/98 This is intense, a poem that my friend Geof Sargent the comedian literally found at an abandoned town in Aroya , Colorado taped to the door of an old abandoned farm house, that he visited as a kid. He has felt totally incredible about the day. We both feel a presence but this girl will be eternally happy, we hope and it fits with what I have been writing! Nine Year old girl speaks of her concern. I am the ill Earth. People have cut down the trees, which are my lungs. They have polluted the air, which is my brain. They have polluted the streams, which are my blood vessels. They have polluted the oceans, which are the chambers of my heart. My wrath has gotten gigantic. My wrath is hurricanes and tornadoes. I am the ill Earth. If people trash me, I will die , and so will they. This is truth .G.S. What is even more strange, is Geof found an old key that popped out from under a door , it says with thanks from the American Indian Children. Desiree' is 1/2 Cherokee , her mom is full Cherokee and her dad is Irish, this has to be good luck that you have read this!

11/23/98 I have a good luck cowboy hat that I have had since my dad bought it for me at the Stock Show about 20 years ago. My old hat was lost once for about 2 years and wound up going up and down the East coast and returned. I have covered they hat with hatpins from hard rock cafes, pins, buttons from cities all over and my friends find it easy to spot. It is very weathered, I wore it when I worked at Red Rocks then started the signature thing at a very unusual event. A few years before I worked at KTCL , they announced that they were having a radio contest , the idea was you had to do a public humiliation style stunt. Now the guy that won 1st place was a serious tweaker, he jumped into a kitty pool full of cow dung, wearing a tutu with spiked green hair and the crowd grossed out when he actually ate a chunk. The 2nd place team ate goldfish while dressed totally weird and riding a bicycle in circles, I came in a distant 3rd, some clown in the audience was throwing gummy bears and it was messing with my juggling basketball skateboard stunt but I still succeeded to the applause of the crowd, I won a $25 gift certificate to the Catacombs Restaurant, it would have been nice to win the guitar but I wasn't going there with the manure thing and I sure was not going to protest, it could have been ugly. At any rate Mojo Nixon , he sings Elvis is in everybody was the judge, after the contest , I ran down to the trailer and brought back my cowboy hat, he signed it Mojo was here.

Country Dick from the Beat Farmers signed it Mojo sucks, vote Country Dick and this has since faded away. Country Dick had a heart attack from methamphetamene. As kids when we lost our favorite cousin Jimmy to a Heroin overdose, I made the firm decision never to try that drug and stuck to it. I have seen people that I know go down hill in a matter of months on those 2 very terrible drugs. I know the difference when drugs are helping people and when drugs are not helping people because I've been there so many times through traveling , concerts, parties and school. I am here to help and have a few stories that I know will help out. If you have the choice you don't do have to do them and don't do them to fit in with a crowd of your peers.

In my opinion there is a huge difference between recreational and medical use of drugs when compared to drugs being used when you are working, going to school or driving and when drugs or alcohol take the place of anyone doing there best when it counts , you can pull yourself out of the spiral. I helped myself out of an uncontrolled spiral of my youth. I admit it, I used and it has helped me to be a better person towards everyone, we can understand the difference between control and out of control, so you have busted me, I hope you won't hold it against me, I'm only human . My recommendation if you are younger put your energy into other more important things like school and education. If they are ever made legal, it would make sense to have an age 21 or Dr. recommendation.

On with the story of my hat, I was in Las Vegas at Comdex a few years back checking out all of the new electronic gear. A 3 dimensional hologram fishbowl was amazing. You could put your hand in the fish bowl and they would change , I asked the guy if it was the future of TV, he said may be. I went over and started playing Joe Montana football on the Ninetendo video TV, there was a tap on my shoulder and a guy asked if they could play I said sure go for it and stepped aside. I looked at the guy and thought , I know him but I'm not sure. The all of a sudden a crowd formed and he started signing Autographs a few minutes later, a line formed and I stood in line , he signed my hat a closed down the line after me, Evander Holyfield was the guy many years ago. A bunch of Penthouse pin up models were also at the show I had them sign it as well and Miller girls have signed it. I guess it doesn't have to be a famous person but I always joke about it when people ask.

Jack Nicklaus signed the hat after he won the Senior Open at Cherry Hills, Shannon Sharp and Ed McCaffrey of the Denver Broncos have recently signed it , signatures have come and gone on this old hat because of the rain. Musicians and others have signed it like Mickey Hart, David Lindley, Matt Kelly, Pato Banton, Chuck Norris, almost Arnold Swartzenegger, he was laughing as he saw that hat approaching in line, Icecube, Thomas Dolby, Tommy Chong and Pauly Shore. People may find it of interest to read stories like this or attend AA meetings if can help some people great. I know, I'm never going to be a perfect person and I would not want to be perfect. I want to be myself , continue with leading a great life and look forward to continue helping anyone else interested and doing business. I know some of what I say is controversial, when I started writing this I had know idea it would turn out this way and everyone makes there own choices but I'm offering this story free and helping to release my stress.

I remember playing POLO with the hat , great news for our hometown team the Denver Broncos are in the playoffs. I have to finish up with my figuring out my taxes but I'll be back.

11/24/98 "One of the most difficult things to figure out on Earth is Income Taxes" Albert Einstein 1952.

As far as being in trouble, I remember being pulled over as a teenager shortly after getting my license . I was leaving ground school for flight training and had a 58 VW Bug that I restored painted Yellow with Black stripes. I had dim headlights from a 6volt battery so it was difficult to tell if they were on , my ticket was 3 points and it was close to the church on Monaco they used as the McDonald's in Woody Allen's comedy movie Sleeper.

I had a D.U.I. once from honestly only having 2 beers, the DMV gave my license back after I appealed because the 2 breath samples where not close together. I went through all of the classes , fines and community service. The worst trouble I have ever been in is an interesting story. It was my senior year at CSU and I was about to graduate finally. My old girlfriends Desiree's parents had moved to Hawaii so she had moved back in across the street from me in the trailer court. She was dating a guy named Thomas Blake and the guy was really bad news. Her parents had asked me to look out for her and one night Desiree' and her friend Lisa came screaming across the street. I let them in and Desiree' had a huge bruise on her leg and they said Thomas had been hitting her and Lisa. I of course let her stay, but the next day this guy comes over to my house looking for trouble with his friend and apparently he had a gun in the car. One of the other neighbors at the time and a few friends were over, (Rich is still a great friend) and he basically is one of those guys that doesn't take crap from people and jumped on them. I'm going great just what I need the total brawl going at any rate, they left wounded and the police showed up. I explained what had happened over the last day or 2 and they left. A few days later there is a knock at my door, a guy asks are you Rob Blessin, I'm like yes and he flashes his badge. I talk to him and he is a detective from crimestoppers and Thomas Blake apparently had reported some story of drugs and me at my trailer. I'm like OK, he said they had seen evidence of drug use and were going to get a warrant. I said no problem come on in, I told them exactly everything I had this is years ago, so there was pot, paraphernalia and 6 scraggly looking 18" tall Marijuana plants about 8oz worth , they were true poster child plants. It was definitely not some big crime stopper score as Thomas Blake made it out to be. At any rate, I was charged with an attempt to grow Marijuana which is a felony in our state and it was for my own consumption. I wound up having a choice to either spend 10 days in jail or do workenders, I chose workenders and they started during finals. You go in on weekends and do various community projects, it is a good idea most of the people in there had DUI's, $5000 in Lawyer fees, 150 hours of community service, $750 fine, lost my license, had to do 39 alcohol and education therapy classes, I lost my right to vote which is important and became a 2nd class citizen. Now add to this I'm trying to finish up school, Thomas through out this time would drive by with his friends taunting me. I convinced Desiree to call her parents because I could no longer be involved in her disputes with Thomas, it had cost me a lot , her mom flew out from Hawaii , they explained that I was helping Desiree' to the authorities and I was very much a good kid. Desiree moved to Hawaii on my recommendation, a neighbor also witnessed Thomas breaking in and ripping off my Guitar, answering machine, phone and backpack with all of my books and notes for school, it was the only things I had left in the trailer because I was slowly moving out , we reported it and the police did nothing. The neighbors agreed Thomas Blake was bad news and he was suspected and witnessed creating a lot of problems for a lot of people. I'm not saying what I did was all that necessarily good , I was just adding water and they grew , I was thoroughly punished by the system, learned my lesson and will never do it again unless they legalize it, it really helps arthritis. I enjoy being a nice person and respecting people so at any rate , that is my rap sheet , if I ever ran for office I'm sure it would be like the first issue the investigating council would bring up. I'm honest about it and I'm not proud or bragging about these events, the really did happen. What really sucks in all of this is that Thomas Blake was able to get away with domestic violence and a crime spree. I took the fall on this one , the judge also said part of my probation was to graduate. I also have the 3 cats in Hawaii they would have had to go through 6 months of quarantine at $200 per month , old Bonkers at 17 years now I would have been rough on him and the other cats. However, Desiree' now has 7 cats, a rabbit , a pig and a dog , animals come from miles around to visit her. Desiree' is cool and it is funny, most of them are adopted outdoor wild cats ( this is why the have a quarantine on bringing in pets), I assume the wild pig escaped from being munched at a luau, the rabbit , I know it was munching on everything last time I was there and the dog , she rescued from starvation. Graduating was my goal and I was planning on it anyway so I also completed all of the requirements of the courts and have not been in trouble since and don't plan on getting into any more trouble. I'm just out to have fun and entertain you all somebody has to do it!

11/24/98 My fun assignment for today is to put together a quotation for the University of Alaska Fisheries Department . A professor needs a couple replacement systems for the lab and a portable solution that he can travel to the UK and back with, they enjoy NeXTSTEP and they help monitor our important aqua culture resources.

11/26/98 Thanksgiving is a great holiday, it brings people , family and friends together in a celebration of life and we should offer this celebration to the whole world. We all really ought to enjoy good food and good company. I'm not claiming to have a lot of answers and I do have a lot of questions. We all can work together to change the future for the better, many of us grow tired of hearing what can't be done or we can't accomplish this or that in our lifetime. What is of interest to you is important to me and everybody, one of my downfalls is shyness and I in all probability should have had more girlfriends along the way but this Internet makes me confident that the women for me is out there. Yeah , this whole rant could be a personal ad gone haywire, now that would be funny. I have a full head of brown hair and report it is not falling out although somedays it probably could and I know my parents probably have a few gray hairs that I directly caused. Who am I, description 6'0" , 225 lb. I'm transforming the former spare tire to a more balanced gig with the help of exercise, EAS no this is not a steroid and Vitamins, I'm also to blame for having to recover from a lot of things we could call mistakes but we all have our vices or problems from time to time and we have the power to work through them. I saw John Daily an amazing golfer for example leaving Hooters a few years ago, we can keep it together in golf, it just takes concentration. What if I never wrote this story, would the world still change, yes, it might change with out it but I have the confidence in us, we can become this huge team. Team work is important , I have been voted Captain for a few Soccer Teams, MVP at sporting events, I won a 1st place trophy at age 9 from the East Denver YMCA in basketball and Jim Brown the football player presented it to me, it looks like an Oscar, I still have it. We all have ribbons and awards or moments we are proud of at times, I offer you a personal award and opportunity to read this literacy is very important, I enjoy tutoring and it takes a lot to get me upset. I have been a complete klutz at times and I don't always win but I love it when I do win and we all enjoy it when we are on a winning streak in life, losing streaks can build character and strength and I have very much been a crash test dummy. Overall I am and always will be a very calm person and I honestly have a very patient personality. I have off days and sometimes when an off day happens we sometimes reflect it where we don't mean to but we all have the opportunity to apologize ,make up and make things better. Now a prime time case of what I'm talking about is the Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra marriage this is in my opinion a complete mockery of something that should be an important and serious sanctimonious commitment and event between 2 people. Marriage is important , it should be a lot more important than what these 2 people decided it was in just 9 days over and broadcast throughout the media. We all including them should find it paining in our hearts, regardless of who they were, it isn't fair to anyone including them, so yes this event did upset me and spurned me to write this short passage. They need to take a serious look with in themselves and find what they are looking for because they have not found it for sure and if they read this may be gain a bit more respect for the spirit and positive Philosophy of a happy marriage created through communication and reality. The concept of it makes sense, 2 people agreeing to share there life's together and may be make plans to raise a family. We should point directly to this worst case scenario as a shining example of what not to do.

How offensive did they make this for you, it may have been a prophetic marriage but I know a lot of us laughed at first and then when I personally thought about it, what in the heck is wrong with those people. I'm sure a lot of us would agree, I took a marriage and the family class and it helps me to understand a lot of things better and I look forward to a being married to a women someday. What is an acceptable concept of marriage these days and what makes it work long term into the future is heart and true meaningful feelings. I'm positive we can win and overcome all of the challenges no matter what they are and we can invent cures and we can work together to make this place work and I can may be try to turn back the tide of divorce for someone out there.

Finding the meaning of life is easier to do as a team in my opinion and I'm asking us all to take the time to seriously consider working together on this collectively , it will improve the prospect for building a solid foundation that will contribute to the emotional success of the future generations, I plan on making babies. Kim Cohen , are you interested in responding to my huge totally classic even epic , historic personal ad. I have created a huge mess here, I don't think you want me to be the one that got away and I'm not done writing yet. I'm trying to save the planet and I know you love me and you can let me have it anytime, most of our time together is special and fun. Other days well I have been there for you a lot for a purpose making you feel loved and appreciated. I guess, I'm still waiting to hear from you and I can't handle going through this life all alone any more, heck I'm 35, mid life crisis, I ask once more and I admit, I'm far from perfect but I at any rate will talk with you very soon . I guess the purpose of this particular rant on this particular evening is I believe a happy marriage is very important for people and it should be a mutual feeling between 2 people and it should not be contrived or a conspiracy or a gimmick , so I'm going to back away from you. You seem to have different feelings for me than I for you, and you tell me this will never change. I ask then why do you still hang out with me, we both know it is called best friendship. Why do I make you feel happy? Why not, what is the truth Kim, even though we are and will always be the best of friends apparently most of the things I do for myself and you goes unappreciated, I can't really say that but you admit you like to argue about stuff so I'm having fun with it. You seem to come to me a lot between your relationships or flings for support , how fair is this to me , Kim? I have to find out often who you are dating through the grapevine, why is that? So I'm some huge jerk for saying it, you have done this to me for close to 7 years, Kim, you may build me up and make me feel happy and them turn on a dime, what gives ?

All I'm asking is to give your feelings a chance to change for the better in our relationship, don't be nervous about this , I know I am. I don't want to walk away from you ever but you have to learn to play fair and my horse is not in the best condition or a Clydesdale but it gets the job done. Honestly, you seem to take pride in walking all over people at times Kim and there are a whole lot of people in your life that will agree with that statement. You can be downright mean at times , look in your wake at all of these people that you have dated and are gone from your emotional life that I have met over these few years because you contributed to making it that way, at times you have been a serious ***** to me. We need to help each other make a serious change and decisions about where our friendship should go, I love you through it all and it is late at night, but I know this story is way to important for it not to be said out loud. We know we have both been through so much these few special caring years in the span of the long history of time. I'm happy when we are together, it is but a speck like this small story and yet so big at the same time. I want to know if I am in your game plan or am I someone that you honestly want to give a chance to be the most important person in your life someday, like the big Kahuna or am I always like supposed to be this complete meaningless , helpless, mixed up dork and am obviously demoted to eternal waterboy in your book. I'm positive that even a waterboy, I may be at this point can miraculously become capable of creating seemingly super human accomplishments. I can be potentially lead my followers of this comedy into the future , I have the power to create tears and laughter for all people to enjoy in my mind, writing is fun and the moral is even I the dual great and yet lowly Robster can not figure out what makes women tick, but I sure have fun trying. We call each other Kimster and Robster sometimes for fun please note this has nothing to do with mobsters or lobsters.

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11/30/98: Story of the day, so an early morning fog was lifting as I arrived at work. It was phase 1 of the 1.4 Million Dollar landscaping project that I was apart of making a reality. I had successfully installed drip irrigation to 100's of fitser bushes, the stickers in my fingers were bogus and hes I wore work gloves when possible but with drip irrigation you have to feed the roots and gloves made it clumsy and I took pride in doing a great job. I also installed PVC laterals, elbows, tees, mains, valves and boxes for the sprinkler system. I remember a particularly precarious wiring project that I was assigned one day probably the sketchiest job I ever had, basically I had to work in a 15 foot deep hole with fairly unstable soil and the job was to carefully saw through a thick pipe with a hacksaw at the bottom of the hole so as not to potentially cause a cave in, I used a hack saw, a power skill saw would have probably created a mess or cave in or both, it took about 4 hours to do this right but sometimes it is important to be patient and not rush a job as they say Safety First. This had to be done to complete physically feeding the wiring for the sprinkler system through this pipe and snake it up into the guard and maintenance shack. This no brain task how ever was an integral part of hooking up the automated computer system with the external stations and the wiring was basically getting caught up at an elbow , to make a long story short it worked and I survived and there was no cave in and I also helped plant many trees. I remember 2 guys went into the vaults one day with out checking with the lead foremen and they proceeded to turn on the pumps causing water to come gushing out of an unsecured 12" main at 130 PSI, it would be equivalent to looking into Old Faithful as she was erupting, fortunately no one was hurt as the trench was clear of workers, they were deservedly fired on the spot, they should have double checked to make sure all of the valves were shut down before making that less than brilliant move and had no business powering up the pumps anyway.

So I'll turn back the clock once more, as it was kind of funny but hey who would believe this but me anyway, honestly about 2 years earlier I had sent Anheuser Busch a video of me juggling 3 basketballs while rolling around on a keg and doing some other amazing stunts. The next thing you know, the response from AB was a letter I still have from the marketing department. We like the stunts, you guys are really funny and we are interested in potentially doing a commercial yes staring you clowns. However, we figured we would remain infamous , legends in our own minds once more. My friends were laughing as they to participated in the video and did many funny stunts involving the promotion of true college drinking and party related activities, please note we were not driving and were just typical college kids having fun at that time the legal drinking age for 3.2 beer was 18 years of age , it is now 21. We honestly don't promote the drink and drive idea at all, I have had friends that have died because of drinking and driving or been hit by drunk drivers but please note this was a true college story and drinking beer does happen, if it happens to you make sure you have a designated driver or use your best judgment after all it is your call and your life. At any rate, I arrived at work this particular day and as I was saying there now is an Anheuser Busch Brewery in Ft. Collins right out in front of Ft. Collins Country Club.

So picture this, we were supposed to plant grass seed this day as part of phase 1 and when we pulled in to work there are literally palettes of sod grass as far as the eye can see and an estimated 2000 palettes. After all of the hard labor and everything we had already done, we were like you guys are kidding or nuts right , they said don't worry Rob, Budweiser wanted sod instead so we went ahead and subcontracted the sod rolling out to another company because we didn't want to lose you. Talk about being psyched about saving my back, rolling sod out sucks, I've done it before. I call it a you know you are having a good day story and they gave us a bonus of a few cases of beer and told us to take the day off paid , I swear to god there were even bud girls to give us cases of beer on Friday's, life was good. Watching them move the huge tanks in by crane was cool as well and we enjoy taking the short tour to this day, basically go straight to the hospitality area for free beer at the plant also works at Coors. I don't know for sure if I truly had anything to do with this Budweiser plant materializing directly in front of Ft. Collins Country Club a year or so after the production of the infamous college crowd partier video, who knows AB may have envisioned filling the potential demand and it worked, sometimes magic stuff seems to always happen around me and I just go with it.

Have a great day, hmm Kim went snowboarding today and asked me to order snow, so what the heck, I am placing an order for real snow from the weather forecasting humor network, we would like the proposed snow to come in a few days but take your time and do it right for we the people that dream of snow. They have been making the artificial snow and the ski areas are hurting for real snow, so please feel free tp snow up there as well, also it would be nice to have a real snowstorm down here as well for the holidays and sledding so work your magic clouds, we believe , abracadabra, hocus pocus, hi karumba this year is going by so quickly!

12/02/98 Today was a great day, I sold software to the National Institute of Health Cancer Research Center. I feel this is important because one of my new neighbors just had Colon Cancer surgery and I emailed Steve Jobs indicating that the operating system that he can provide would be much more important in the scheme of things , if given a chance to grow. Then the miracle, I also spoke with Christian Sass, now this gentlemen is amazing using a product VNC, he was able to actually activate programs on my screen , like moving the mouse , opening applications and doing installation from Chicago while talking over the phone, also instant real time chat sessions using ICQ, he works for Motorola. The project that he is working on in his spare time is called http://www.litestep.net/ , it basically removes the kludge windowing screen that is the cancer we know as Windows and replaces it with a cure and it has the look and feel of NeXTSTEP, we all should know and love. It is very fast and easy to install , I highly recommend beta 23 as beta 24 is work in progress and they always appreciate help if you are a developer and yes it is free to all Windows users looking for something more stable, mark my words for NeXT users you will be psyched. I'm amazed all the Windows applications work without the Windows front end, it is replaced with a much better interface, Netscape and Netscape mail works, Quickbooks, Dreamweaver, but it truly feels like NeXTSTEP and above all it is easy to learn and use. It took me about 1 hour with a little help and I'm using it as we speak. It is so much faster than 98 because it removes Explorer which really slows things down, in fact we are already planning to offer the Black Hole version of this OS on our future pentium systems look out Bill Gates, because you are really messing with the wrong crowd now. Oh by the way you can also choose the look and feel of Windows 98 or NT but trust me once you try this you all will no doubt like the new look and ease of use that litestep offers. Litestep is living proof that Internet Explorer does affect the performance of this and every product illegally because of the proprietary integration that Microsoft has built into the latest version of Windows 98. Microsoft, we are smart enough to disable your proprietary performance slowing product. All I can say Bill Gates and Microsoft is that if we were invited to demonstrate this at the current hearings you all would be toast and I mean burnt toast. Bill Gates donates 100 Million dollar for vaccines , now that does have some merit but it is amazing what happens when you can market and sell snake oil for so many years get everyone to buy into it, amazing miracle , it has to be the 666 thing for sure but I guess we have to go with it as it is written.

My thought for the day, I fortunately made it up to Canada about a week before my grandfather (opa) passed away a few years back. My last conversation and memory of him was really cool. I had a telescope in my hands as our family was observing the comet and the one that comes around once in a lifetime or twice in my Opa's case as he was 88. I shook my Opa's hand and he said it sure was good to see me and I was like it sure was good to see you to Opa and I know you are watching out for everyone including Oma. A lot of people would have to agree we have a great spaceship right here called planet Earth , the business I'm interested in is peace and prosperity, so much is made of the calendar , I watched a program on the history channel on Christianity the first 1000 years and did you know that throughout the early years they actually lost track of time and several different calendars existed. In referencing a book on history it is estimated the Christ may have actually been born in 4B.C. , If this is true would that make it 1996 or they estimate he was crucified about 29A.D. and sold out for 20 shekels, so if we add 33 years to 1996 does that make it 2029 in reality, but rather than confusing the whole issue, especially if we look at the other cultures and calendars the Aztec, Chinese , Hebrew, Islam , it would seem possible that we all need to take a day off just one time, I call it Millennium World Peace Day the day the falls between 12/31/1999 and 01/01/2000 because the leap year day of February 29, 2000 happens only once in every 400 years , this idea is what started this whole rant some month's ago now, so this should happen .

  12/03/98 I worked on the 40+ year old pool table that I have been restoring , my dad is going to help me finish it up tomorrow. I also emailed David Letterman as I figure , it may be his destiny to promote the Millennium Day idea. So soon this idea may begin to grow, if yes or no interest from them, then I'll contact Leno and the other talk shows will soon know, I also discovered Mother Day was started by 1 women, so I'm using this example for me the man inventing a cool holiday for the world to celebrate and party on Millennium Day it's coming!

12/04/98 On the way to the airport in Hawaii , we looked over at the biker column shifting the Old Indian Motorcycle. My dad and I have also had many motorcycles everything from an old cushman scooter, 30's vintage to street bikes and dirt bikes. My dad still rides dirt bikes at 64 , the old school riders that he hangs out with are a motley bunch. Just kidding, I know better uncles and long time friends go riding in Moab and Canyon Lands every year. So one time they they decided to pull a prank a legendary prank on my dad one evening. They purposely parked in a restricted area, old no trespassing sign in the middle of no where. At 2 in the morning my dad was sound asleep in his van. Hank had the fireworks, Eddie had the PA , Ken had the 1 Million candle power light with siren. Lights, Camera, Action , they called out on the PA as the Siren was going and fireworks went off with the bright light shining in the van Come Out with your hands up. They said my dad sat straight up and had the most frightened look as we can only imagine. The next dad my dad retaliated by flying through a creek bed as the two of the perpetrators slowed down drenching Eddie and Hank, then this left Ken snoozing away and right next to the open window, he received lets just call it the campfire bean air freshener treatment, the sound of which echoed and rumbled through the valley in the light of the moon.

As far as the Evil Keneval Stunt double try out motorcycle stories, I know a lot of us can tell a lot of them but here are a few of mine for your entertainment. Riding motorcycles can be fun but the real drawback is that eventually when you own a motorcycle you will no doubt have to lay it down at some point. If can be caused by a number of reasons, I've had a few yard sales. A lot of factors can cause it, like light have you ever experienced 2 Motorcycles coming towards you at night in the on coming lane on a narrow road when it is dark, if you have had this happen you know the illusion that is created , if they are offset it appears like a car coming at you and then they pass, the first time this happened to me, I about jumped tweaked. Often people don't realize how fast a motorcycle really is moving and sometimes they just plain don't see them and other times they purposely appear to run them off the road. This really happened to my mom's youngest brother Billy. He was forced off the road while riding his motorcycle, he had a 9 year old girl on the back and it was a very serious wreck, the girl lost her foot and Billy broke quite a few bones and is still very affected and walks with a cane in pain. I remember a good friend of mine Jay McMichaels back in high school always had to pull the famous wheely stunt, many times he would ride it various distances and eventually fall off somewhere down the block on to his keister, serious road rash, if you saw it you knew it had to hurt. My dad's youngest brother John , brought his motorcycle 1500 miles from Canada and we went to a good area for riding. John takes off over the first hill with in 1 minute, there is silence, his dog Patty goes a running, my dad and I go running, basically there was a drop off of about 15' and a tree at the base of it, Uncle John was no doubt in pain and became one with the tree, that whole trip is an epic story in itself. John's oldest son Paul broke his pelvis riding on a dirtbike a few years back. My dad was hit by a jeep on a remote trail in Canyon Lands. Other hazards like water or gravel on the road have caused thrills and spills amongst my friends for example Craig Mennen Keefer a legendary character for sure, cruising on Charlie's new Harley Davidson then one of the first turns in the canyon, well loose gravel from the sanding trucks took the wheels right out from under him and gravel and pavement does not make a good surface to stop on. I remember one of my first memories was a motorcycle wreck at age 4. I was riding on the back of my cousins dirt bike with my dad in Arizona and the throttle stuck and we go flying into a bunch of woopty doos at fairly high speed and we had to lay it down in the pleasant cactus and dirt mix. I still have a scare to this day from the orange size muffler burn on a knee. On more somber notes, Max's best friend and a real good guy John Foster this last year was riding home at 2:00 and they think he may have been swerving to miss a pet or critter and hit a tree at high speed on his croth rocket. Peace John, if you are on a motorcycle , we ask you to think seriously about wearing a helmet and protective clothing and above all be careful, we know the risks but the key is to know your limits and safety counts for a lot. I also had another friend Dean , we called him Deano at CSU. Deano reportedly left a the Bustop bar in Boulder late one night on his way back to Longmont and they deduce he may have either fallen asleep or been run off the road. Some of our friends organized a search party and they found him the next day. The bike apparently landed on his back as we went off the road, they said judging from the skid marks he went into the brush along the side of the road at high speed. It had an impact on all of us that new Dean because it was the first friend a lot of us had that died from an accident. We can only ask that if you are not on a motorcycle keep an eye out for people that are on motorcycles. A lot of riders are cool people, a friend of mine Larry M. has a Harley that won 1st Place in the Tristate Auto show a few years back and it may be for sale. He often jokes about selling it but it is perhaps one of the coolest Harley's on the planet and no doubt a true babe magnet transportation vehicle as far as transportation goes no doubt pretty women dig Harley's.

12/5/98 I remember being in a pub in Scotland , drinking a few room temperature beers with relatives on my mom's side on at that time the cobblestone lined streets of the town Dundee. It was fun teaching everyone in the pub how to play Quarters, only we were using Shillings. In case you don't know what Quarters is you take turns trying to bounce a Quarter (coin) on the surface of a table and the object is to make the coin bounce and land in the glass. When this happens and you actually bounce the coin into the glass, you point to someone playing in the game to take a drink, oh oh, quarters hits the net, I can see this one being played globally.

12/7/98 I emailed Jay Leno and David Letterman , Millennium Day its coming and I think they much want to join the comedy party, we offer to appoint people to head up this project like Bill Cosby, Robin Williams, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Dan Akroid and Pamela Anderson and of course all you people, it is written. So back to Rob's word of advice with story for the day. Please note, it is NOT wise to use the same glass you are trying to bounce the coin into as the one you are drinking from because of potential transmission of germs and the consequences associated with potentially swallowing the coin.

I now magically turn back the clock and what is this , it is Rob now a Sophomore at Manual High School. My parents had given me permission to go on the Spring Break trip to Mazatland Mexico with the school and our chaperone Tom Schultz the photography teacher and a great dude. I took a lot of the year book photos senior year including all of the faculty photos, they turned out great, among the best is one I took of Schultz passed out sleeping in his office on break.

The story starts on the charter airplane ride down, I was seated in the back by the compartments where they stored those little minibottles of booze. Now we are talking an airplane full of High School Students, the first time for many of us away from our families, I admit I slid open the drawer and my eyes and my friends eyes lit up. We had found booze heaven and at that point I had just turned 16 and never even been drunk, so we start passing out these little mini's to everyone on the trip, for example Girls are stuffing them into there bra's and purses, I remember filling my bag and someone else used a Backgammon Game board to pack a bunch of them in . At the end of the flight we all were stressing when the Stewardess came back to do inventory and she checked the other 2 drawers one twice , snickering and tippage, everything was calm. As we are walking up to customs on the way into Mexico, some needed assistance already others were rattling with the sound of mini's. We walked on in with no problems and life was good. The ride to the Hotel was entertaining and Shultz was even laughing about the legendary thing that had happened.

My roommates for the week were Alan Payton nickname was bird, Danny Rogers another legend and for a few days Carol Flowers the hottest Senior girl at Manual , head cheerleader, (Judge Flowers daughter, Danny was one of those guys always seems to get the girl, he actually starred in one of the Halloween movies as he moved to Hollywood, a few years later, I taught him how to juggle on this trip and he used Juggling in the film and will verify this for sure. Danny walked around on his hands a lot and Jason the Halloween tweaker monster axes him in the film as he is walking around on his hands, ouch.) Many of the weeks events were memorable looking back probably foolish but hey I was a teenager and my folks probably haven't heard these yet so I'll go with it. We liked climbing up the outside of the hotel to get to our room and to visit our friends on the 3rd floor at the plia del ray. We discovered this much was faster than taking the elevator. One group insisted on trying to move the Deep Rock Water Cooler into their room , it kept falling off and breaking , on the forth try they finally figured out how to move it. I remember doing flips off the bar into the fountain at 2 in the morning at one point. At any rate we ran into another group from New Mexico and taught them Quarters only using Pesos and this dude swallowed the Peso on accident so that is why I'm saying don't use the same glass. The next day I walked up to their group on the beach and I had my metal detector , the dudes stomach was beeping and everybody started rolling as we thought he may have been joking. We played soccer on the beach and I remember having sunburned feet combined with the wet sand and during play. Someone from the other team stepped on my foot removing skin, ouch and it created this huge purple bruise on the top of my foot that lasted for months. At any rate , the last night I was there I wound up staying up all night on the beach talking with Jenette Peacock a very hot Senior , we made a bonfire out of wood and at one point the Federalies came up but they let us stay as it was just me and her. I dared not make a move and just enjoyed her company because Jenette's boyfriend at the time nicknamed Moose a Senior linemen on the Varsity Squad and he apparently had passed out in his room, I know this was wise. Senior Frogs was fun to party at by the end of the week our room was covered in empties as everyone hung out seemingly in our room. I remember Josh , trying to do a panty raid on Virginia Bryans ,Jenettes and a few other girls room and Josh getting stuck in the bathroom window , now that was classic, the rest of us just knocked on the door and asked if we could come in as we suspected there may be a panty raid in progress, it worked and it was fun, Josh a long time friend since Kindergarten stuck in the window the rest of us whooping it up, he may still be there, just kidding of course the girls helped him down.

I recommend this game over Red / Black, back in the dorms our group was hanging out with the dean of CSU's daughter at the time and we decided to play this game. The strategy of the game was to guess the color of the next card in the deck at any rate you wind up taking a drink often. A friendly girl customer from Austin, Texas just called up and among other things she put in a request for snow in Austin, I'm not sure if this will happen ever but I guess if the clouds get there act together it could as it snowed in Phoenix and Las Vegas today , heck clouds why not Houston?

It is written drinking to much cheep beer will produce a major hangover, recommend a cure, try drinking water, taking 2 aspirin or prescription medication, mellow music and assume the coach potato position or fresh air shade hammock until things feel better noon may be a good target . It would be fun to celebrate welcoming in the official new Millennium on the special Millennium Day at noon. I think it would make it more memorable to have this once in 400 year day set aside for everybody. My parents even like the idea. In other words New Years is going into Overtime just this one time, people I'm talking about a free day off for everybody, see we follow-up by adding 12 hours to New Years Eve. Or we no doubt request that the ref who made the coin toss at a recent ball game be in attendance and we could decide if it should be the last day of the old Millennium or the first day of the new Millennium or the idea I like split this special day down the middle for the first time in history. The old story goes the pen is mightier than the sword and the snow fell yesterday and melted today, no doubt cool clouds and an incredible Broncos game .

12/8/98 I knew it was going to be a great day , my first phone call was from Christine in Paris, France , I love this job. I remember summer before last, I said to Kim let's go to the lake today and I'll just forward calls to my pcs phone. I'm sitting on the beach and we are taking turns on the jet ski, then Kim and Catherine are like sunbathing , I'm kicking back on my beach chair the phone rings , it is a gentleman from the London Stock Exchange and I helped answer a few of his questions and they also use NeXT products , I knew in my heart yes this NeXT gig was the job for me, thank you all you customers and friends, you are great , I know I may get carried away in writing this story but I am having fun.

12/9/98 One of the toughest decisions I've ever had to make, my cat Bonkers is 18 and he has not been doing to well as far as keeping down his food. I'm taking him into the vet again tomorrow. I've tried to help him with special soft food and he appears cheerful and I've taking good care of him. I just spoke with Desiree' and her mom and they agree , it may be best to have him peacefully euthanized , I'm not an emotional guy but this is seriously breaking me up inside. He has been such a good cat and many of you know what it is like to have to make a decision about a pet and what is best for them and you. Bonkers has been the closest pet I've ever had so it is very difficult for me. I suspect Bonkers may have leukemia, cancer or feline aids and so I'm going to find out through a professional veterinarian diagnosis. I'm hoping the news will be good but I know he is in more serious pain and I wouldn't want to prolong his misery even though he still appears in happy spirits. He has lost a lot of weight, so I'm going to spoil him this weekend as I have some Salmon from Canada and then I'll have to make the decision on how to handle it before going on vacation on the 18th. Bonkers, you are a great cat and are legendary like a best friend to me. The snow is falling here and we have close to a foot of snow on the ground, I checked out the new www.winamp.com player, it is amazing the quality of sound playback that is now possible. I have an Apple seminar in the morning , it is not often where a man like me actually cries, but knowing I have to put Bonkers down is one of those times. I hope you all can say a prayer for Bonkers and I'm positive those of you with pets know how I feel. Bonkers is a cat that has a one of a kind great personality, so friendly and he has lived a good life to 18 years. I'm told a Cat has 5 years to every 1 human year so old Bonkers is 90 in human years I'm told.

12/10/98 Good news hopefully about Bonkers is like the classic, I need to remember cats truly do seem to have 9 lives. It may be an allergic reaction to his food , the vet gave bonkers a cortisone injection this should help his arthritis , Amoxi-drops and Special food will help him feel better and they are also doing a blood workup, this will help identify any potential problems with developing diseases. I'll find out the results today. If any veterinarians have any suggestions that will help Bonkers the true poster child 18 year old farm cat please let me know. Bonkers appears in good spirits and is relaxing, go bonkers, go bonkers. I know I probably sound Bonkers at this point but it is entertaining and the cat may survive, 18 Years in Cat = 90 years in human years , that is a long time.

Good and Bad news about Dave's family homeowners insurance coverage, they at least covered the family's fishing gear but the home owners insurance did not cover their stolen family boat .

What the heck some of this probably make no sense but I'll go with it because some of it does and it is just another day. I like the pointer that most paper laying around should be marked T for Trash or Toss or recycle and this has been helping me to save time by not having to look through the same old crap. Owning a home business now the paperwork side of the business is a chore and a half and I spent a few hours today doing bills and books. I'm doing my best to keep after everything, at times it is like a job in itself and running this business is like a juggling act.

I've learned the key to filing paper work is to actually do it. Around here it is easy for stacks of paperwork to appear as I'm always having fun helping everyone out. Today I sorted by bills and paid them all. Bank, vendors and the customer sales data by month with a hardcopy. Tomorrow , I'll catch up on the accounting side early in the morning. Quickbooks helps me the most, it makes the accounting side easier, all in and does a good job at accounting for all the data.My best move or strategy at this point it just to do 2 years Taxes at once but I'm planning on taking a break for the holidays. I know the IRS will totally affect my cashflow but I'll be able to write off a lot for true Business expenses. My CPA double checks everything , this is like very few sale jobs on Earth. I'm importing and exporting software around the globe and it is fun, it is easy because I believe in the products I sell they are good. We are putting together with the help of Christian the new thing, the Netscape of shells and Max dubbed it Blackstep, this ought to be fun for those of you that suffer currently with Windows Interface and the non entertaining way they do business. Microsoft we are here to have some fun now, Blackstep will be our cool new look , easy to use free shell for Windows and I'll put a screenshot on the site shortly as we are modifying Litestep to make it even better.

My target date is Dec26 through 31 to come back and finish all of the government paper work, also please note this is a good time to take a deduction on purchasing software or a computer. I'm visiting my Oma (Grandma) in Canada and sister in Seattle for Christmas, she may set me up with a reportedly very cute lady from England Supermodel and she may actually read this and go Barb, my sisters name, yes it is my destiny. I respond may be we can go check out the town , Seattle thrash band by this cool bar by Washington campus that I heard about Pearl Jam and others started their. I was at a party in Seattle , they called it the Lizard house with some friends and some of the members of Sound Garden were hanging out that was fun , I remember some of the clowns at the party were doing stage dives over the furniture. Oh yeah back to the Tax stuff, my goal is to get everything done so it is ready for submission to the IRS in the 1st part of January. Rob's tax trivia fact, did you know that Abraham Lincoln signed the first Income Tax law in 1862 in an effort to help fund the civil war . Basically anyone that made over $800 was taxed 1% a year , now that would work for me the 1% thing but know , instead I'm preparing to tackle the literally 9100 pages of IRS Tax Code and Law. Einstein even said Income Tax was the most difficult thing to figure out in the world. It is kind of like trying to figure out Sendmail on a NeXT.

I read in the 1920's the income tax rate was as high as 77% for those that earned over a million, now that would really suck for those Basketball players, and just think of Bill Gates, in another few years Bill could pay of the national debt on his own if the IRS brought that one back. I guess there was a revolt at one point and they took it ot the supreme court and won, but the Government overruled it in the 1890's and wrote it into the 16th amendment of the constitution. I admit I liked the 20% flat income tax idea , it makes sense because it is easy to understand.

Please note if you are an IRS agent , please don't worry and rest easy relax, I am planning on paying my taxes very soon and apologies in advance for the frustration created by making this complicated. I am looking forward to reselling Pagemill report writing software , IRS please note they have an excellent demo of a dynamic WebObjects driven PDF 1040 Tax form that you should invest in this technology as trust me it will simplify everything for every taxpayer that is on the web today, who do I talk to make it happen?

On the miscellaneous receipts like shipping, food, gas and entertainment, I learned the idea of stuffing them into an envelop works well for me and just date the week on it, then right a short note on the envelope or plain receipt as to what the receipts are for food. Now I receive a lot of junk mail for sure and tossing it right away I find is the best move. The worst are those packets of coupons most of which you will never use. I've really noticed the increase in spam e-mail lately which is bogus, it takes up my time and I trash it as soon as possible. They also say that the key to organization is just taking one more step and I admit I need to learn to do this to make life easier. It has been easier with the help of a secretary in the past and I'm probably going to hire a part time one soon as business is doing great, I know the world needs a clown every now and then, staying focused is another key, I guess everybody ought to be rolling by now. As I'm positive the logic of this rant just may be the most disorganized example of writing ever but it is the spirit of Philosophy which is freedom of thought, it fits the mold well. I thought it was cool that Socrates taught Aristotle about Philosophy. Did you know Aristotle invented Meteorology the study of the weather although most of his theories were wrong. He came up with Zeus the God of Lightening, they also made the first weather station an octagonal tower of the winds with a different character on each sign and a weather vain on top and this may have actually helped them try to predict the weather. David Letterman started his career as a weatherman.

I checked out the Apple Web Objects seminar today the demo of 4.0 was classic. I thought one of the coolest features to showcase is a Virtual Store with Camera , you use your mouse to move the camera and zoom into items in the store like a computer and it loads it in your shopping cart. This feature is bundled and it may get comical around here for sure once I figure out the code to do this look out.

12/11/98 I think one of the coolest things to do is Snowmobile on fresh powder. At Grand Lake outside of Winter Park some of the freshest Snowmobiling on hundreds of miles of trails can be found. $80 is all it is for a 4 hour rental. However I would recommend not being on the trails when the group I go with is on the trails , if you are a little old lady. I'm there we head out, the wild bunch and Pauls youngest brother Michael heads up the hill off the beaten path. I figure what the heck , I have seen the path , I must go on this challenge. Michael is basically a Ski Bum Cat Driver and Olympic Caliber Snowmobiler. I have had about 2 hours sleep as Kim kept me awake as usual, so it is pretty much wake and bake, I head up this hill more like a cliff. I get to the top and start heading down as Michael heads off into the woods. The slope is to steep and the snowmobile tips over , I point it at the only little tree on the cliff about 50ft. down and it stops it before it plummets a couple of hundred feet further at 75 degrees. All of a sudden a crash from above as Billy Sammon, the other stunt Snowmobiler on the mission was right on my tail and winds up putting his Ski about Four feet up in a grove of Aspen trees. It takes our group about what seems like an hour to free his Snowmobile from the clutches of the trees. I slide down to my Snowmobile and upright it , smoke is pouring out and it is flooded and I have to coast it down the cliff to the bottom , now it is to early in the morning for this also as an added bonus for our attempted heroics, we both have managed to break the Windshields which tacks on another $80 to the day. It is great to drive around all day with a broken Windshield, my shoulders are now totally tweaked at one point I take a wrong turn, and go for miles, turn around and run into Tammy , Billy's wife also lost from the group, a 3 hour tour, a 3 hour tour. The Indy drivers that went the other way go blazing through a parking lot and the Snow mobile police pull them over and they get tickets. It was classic because Tammy and myself go through the same area at 15MPH the speed limit, Snowmobiles can do 80MPH. One year Billy showed up a few hours late, one of his shortcuts and he almost put it into a river, the drifts can be 6 feet deep, so it is recommended to stay on the groomed trails and please do not use the above as examples of what to do we are trained idiots with years of experience.

So we arrive to turn the snowmobiles in at noon after the day of adventures and there is a couple standing there , waiting to get checked out for the afternoon session . First person in our group bent ski $120 and $80 rental, Billy $160 for 2 snowmobiles and $80 cracked Windshield , I come in looking like something the cat dragged in obvious pain $160 2 snowmobiles and $80 for a Broken Windshield. The couple is obviously flustered and they turn to the clerk do you have to the Snowmobiles that don't break , it was humorous.

I also had a really wrong idea about taking Kim on this trip, the double bed we shared in the little chateau, the sounds of the jungle echoing from the room next door most of the night, the mountains and scenery, our mood was spirited and the whole trip was awesome and then I got into deep trouble with my senses, when I awoke to something that happens when you are guy in bed with a girl as pretty as Cindy Crawford and not even a Queen size bed. My mind said as a man that loves super models I am an idiot, I'm brave, I should try to make a move of some sort, I was wrong. I'm thinking of giving Kim a snuggy this fine morning as her panties are hanging out of her pants, this was a very big mistake. She awakes and my roaming hands now have in there clutches panties and I'm about to pull them, please note this is not recommended as a wake up call especially to Kim. In fact even looking at Kim in the morning the wrong way can cause an argument as she likes to argue about a lot of stuff, 98% of the time we get along, at any rate, I'm lambasted out loud for approximately four hours including over breakfast with a diner full of people and the whole ride home which really sucked, I guess I should have walked back to Denver as I was stupid to think how that could have possibly been a romantic situation, geese. So the story goes I basically screwed myself out of ever getting to be close to her apparently she was not moved by the whole concept of the fun weekend in the mountains gig at least with me and I also apparently lost her trust eternally, no nooky ever, the eternal friend zone and it sucks. Please note this was a few years ago and I admit it was my fault, I apologize. Kim and I are still best friends, I have learned from this experience and share it with you that above all it is important to always ask any women's permission first. If she wants to fool around don't assume it, even if you think everything has set the mood up to a tee, you have spent a lot of money and your positive you going to finally score, I recommend to be sure to double check if it is OK to try to make a move with her. People at this point, I admit I might as well give up trying to win Kim's heart over, it is ridiculous, one person should not have to go through this honestly it is lame, it really has been 7 years of my time spent spoiling Kim. So you choose to take off with your new guy of the month yet again Kim. Let me predict how this one turns out, I might as well write off spending New Years Eve with you in advance, as I can see this episode coming from weeks in advance. At first things will be all happy then he will grow to hate the bossy beeeatch that you are 25 on, 5 off as I have noticed this happening for the last 7 years,. The arguments will follow and then you start looking to me for your support in this gig. Why should I expect anything different or that you have changed, with each one of these relationships Kim, you seem to get a little bit more mean and nasty . How's that for soap opera material people, yahoooooo, please stay tuned will Kim flame the H*** out of Robster and run off with the new guy permanently just to spite him, will Rob find true happiness and love in the arms of a super model that might want to play a part in this soap opera with a loser like me. Will Kim become jealous after her breakup or be completely ticked at all men, the hate men phase and I've just coming out of a terrible relationship thing, or will she actually spend New Years Eve with Rob, is why I'm trying for a Millennium Day as well. I'm convinced that at this point it must take a miracle of Biblical proportions for me to even get a date and actually score, I must look like the Elephant Man, just kidding. Stay tuned for the NeXT episode of as the Black Hole turns, kind of brings a tear to the eye. No matter what happens Kim and I will always love each other and besides it makes for entertaining reading.

12/12/98 Howard Cole the developer that wrote Rendezvous the Satellite tracking software package for NeXTSTEP called and ordered Openstep 4.2 Enterprise, he has ported Rendezvous to OPENSTEP and we will offer it soon .

In 1915 Albert Einstein made big waves in physics by propounding a radically new way to think about space, time and gravity. His idea, the general theory of relativity, sent ripples churning through 20th century understanding of the universe that led physicists to the big bang, black holes and brave new worlds of unified theory that reach to embrace all of physics. The above sentence was borrowed.

Scientists at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center have used NeXT from the beginning. The Pulsars are cool, I wonder if we put a Linear Accelerator in space what would happen. Then put together 2 orbiting linear accelerators or 3 electromagnetic field generators. The intersecting fields ay very high speed will do something, what happens when they start spinning particles at a very rapid rate in a vacuum like space? I'm positive some interesting things will happen but I'm not positive as to what. The idea is to put two intersecting rotating, spinning and orbiting electromagnetic fields possibly measuring actual gravity waves may be possible from this, perpetual energy for a zero gravity engine may be possible , the magnetic forcefield is cool, there is something very important there, we can think of the Earth as a giant magnet and it obviously works well, just do it. If the spinning electromagnetic vortex created by the artificial tornado in space may be this would open an artificial Black Hole or wormhole but to where? Rob's far out theory but I think some of it possibly is correct and other nonsense but we are only learning what is even close to what is actually possible and already being done in this universe. We can only hope that if there are 100 to 200 foot tall Space beings like the dinosaurs of old only as tall as giant redwoods , they have to be friendly by now even if they are smaller. They may have developed technology powerful enough to extinguish a star and even turn it up or down like a furnace or even spin a new one up in a science like experiment, think of the power of splitting the Atom this could happen look how powerful one persons thought can be, Einstein, one man and his theories influenced science and physics here forever. Then suppose they can move an object the size of a planet into a perfect orbit and set up a rotation and tilt of the axis that can after only a few years say 10,000 in cosmic time create a highly probable environment for sustaining life, they already know it works and they have the ability and intelligence to know what a workable atmosphere is like , rest assured they know about us and care. We would be able to move Mars or Venus with their help like star wars only star peace. They must look through something like a telescope and warp through the worm hole freeway that we don't have permission or a drivers license to access yet. They also know how to set it up like we build freeways Contact was interesting, so if this system does exist travel times between distant objects is reduced dramatically and so they to are invited to attend Millennium day or however they really get here. Sounds like something out of star track, oh by the way Doom and Quake popular video games were invented using NeXT technology. John Lennon , said it best all we are saying is give peace a chance. Internet Addiction.

Our Veterinarian Dr. Sargent, not related to the famous comedian also phoned this evening, Bonkers the blood tests confirm that it is allergies so he is still going strong internally, go bonkers, go bonkers.

12/14/98 I received a book this week, I had never seen before, it is called the NeXT Book by Bruce F. Webster. Bruce is possibly the first customer to actually take delivery of a NeXT cube computer on exactly 10 years ago to the day, he wrote a book about it. Amazingly as I was reading about this yesterday it made me wonder about fate, there is truth in it. He talks of a friend with cancer also provides the schematics for NeXT cubes we have been looking for in great detail.

I thought about this story for awhile as books are important. I visited Berkeley's campus a few years back to go to a few shows after traveling all the way out there. They were sold out and it was one of the few times I wasn't able to get a ticket for a show. I checked out the sites in the bay area, more than a few things were impressive about it. The Giant Redwoods on the Berkeley campus are very important to me. What about old growth forests anyway, a story of a woman that has been living in a tree for a year to protest the continued clear cutting of Old Growth Forests. Some call her a tree hugger but I would disagree. She is making a positive statement for trees that are 1000 years old and it is important to keep the ones that have not been cut down. I think everyone ought to take a look at this particular issue as we only have 3% of Old Growth forests left her is the US. Paper conservation through the web makes sense .

I've had fun brewing beer the last few days for the first time, I started last night after the Bronco loss and made a few mistakes like using regular sugar instead of corn sugar and Bread yeast instead of Brewers Yeast. I had Brewers Yeast but I added it when the water was boiling which kills the yeast. I went to the grocery store and if by magic I had to go to the spice isle. I'm looking confused at the scrawl on my sheet of paper looking at the sugar , looking for yeast and a babe with a shopping cart walks up and then another one, another one, I think I'm going to have to hang out in the spice isle at least once a trip to the grocery store from now on. To me , the sugar and spice story is now true, Rob's hot tip of the day spice isle. Back to the beer, I basically added everything at the beginning duh, instead of waiting until the water was boiling then siphoned it into the bottling bucket instead of the carboy a glass vessel for aging beer.

Today I dumped the first batch this should help to remove some of the evil spirits that may have caused the Bronco loss. After talking to a few brewing experts, we agreed it was best to start from scratch, do it right and can the Bronco Evil Voodoo froth that was bubbling away. I basically made a few mistakes in brewing the new Positive batch and I'm sure it gets easier , I'm also over the phase one learning curve. I waited until the water was boiling although I boiled up 5 gallons of water , this will change the next batch and this time added the ingredients to the boiling water and then turned down the heat. Then I cooled the wort boiling pot in a sink full of ice water to about 90 degrees. I bought a siphon and upon pouring the beer from the cooling boiling pot into the carboy glass bottle , it doth filled up and the funnel fell out as the opening of this carboy differed from the other ones, so I spilled at least gallon of raw wort onto the floor of the kitchen and had to laugh. Thinking some of my friends would have dove in to this in the past. So I wind up having to go buy a mop and ammonia and Clorox (the Clorox packaging plant uses NeXTSTEP) and spent an hour cleaning up the mess. I simply added water to the wort that made it into the bottle(called pitching) bringing the level to 5 gallons and once it cooled to 78 degrees added the Brewers yeast and drilled a hole in the lid so the rubber grommet for the air release valve fit snugly. It is apparently working as I went downstairs and the brew is gulping and bubbling away, yahoo. I'm thinking this will be the first batch of home-brew from the Black Hole , Brewing company, it feels right. Honestly after stirring it an image of what appeared to be a Hurricane in the foam appeared then it slowed, mystically the profile of an Indian appeared in the froth, like an ink spot Indian spirit only in beer, holding what appeared to be a brassier. There is wisdom and truth in these words but I'm not sure why. It stopped swirling and the image was still there so I'll christen the concoction Black Hole, Incorporated , Indian Joe Panty Raiders ot the Lost Ark Brew.

The NeXT batch, I'll boil 1 gallon of water add the mixture and two gallons boiling , mix them then add the cooling wort to 90 degrees. I'll siphon the 3 gallons into at carboy glass containing 2 gallons of cold water when the temperature reaches 78 degrees or cooler , I'll sprinkle in the yeast on top, we are also converting a refrigerator to house the beer, I have a built in wet bar and we are finishing up the pool table. I'll also get to spend Christmas Eve in a Submarine with my family , it should be cool! Kim's dad called me looking for her. Kim , where are you anyway? I'm going to give you round-trip tickets to visit your dad on Christmas... what is weird about some of the stuff I'm writing, is I checked out the Church of Scientology John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman are Scientologist's and to them all of the above is perfectly normal activity and writing , hey I'll just go with it, L. Ron Hubbard is reported to have collected millions for information for stuff very similar to what I've written for you all for free. Before I discovered these Scientologist's , I had aq hunch about the Body Thetans and it feels as thought they are scattering away for free by the trillions, this is sending the reading on the E Meter through the roof and along with the Windows Illegal Operation collect a penny or more caper and the confusion of the Blondes on Millennium Day this story is getting more complex all the time. I'll have you know I'm not a schizotologist. I'm potentially a leader of the comedians on a mission of Freedom of Thought, Science, Peace and all that good stuff , Santa Claus is coming to town.

It is important to understand culture when doing business in foreign countries for example in the Middle Eastern Countries when doing business often they will leave a meeting seemingly in the middle, please note it is known as looping in other words they will go think about what has been said and then come back with an answer. It is often mistaken for them being upset or something but no , they are not upset they like to take the time to think things through , in the US we always seem to make often hasty split second decisions, case in point Yassir Arafat leaving the meeting , trust me he will be back with an answer for providing an outline as to their part of the bargain working towards the solution to peace.

12/16/98 Looks like they have started to rumble with Iraq , all I can say is Iraq you are nuts, prepare for a major ****storm.


I also Emailed Big Head Todd and the monsters about a few ideas, here is more proof and precedence that we need to make a world motion to create a Millennium day falling between December 31,1999 and January 1, 2000!

From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, December 29, 1995, p.2: Most years ending in "00" are not leap years, but those divisible by 400 (including 2000) are. The Julian calendar, authorized by Julius Caesar in 46 B.C., Assumed that the year had 365 1/4 days, with a 366-day leap year added every fourth year. In AD 730, an Anglo-Saxon monk, the Venerable Bede, calculated that the Julian year was 11 minutes and 14 seconds too long, an error of about one day every 128 years. But nothing was done about it for 800 years. In 1582, the accumulated error was estimated at 10 days, and Pope Gregory XIII decreed that the day following Oct. 4 would be Oct. 15. To make future adjustments for the error (about three days every 400 years), it was decided that years ending in "00" would be common years rather than leap years -- except those divisible by 400. So 1600 was a leap year and 2000 also will be, but 1700, 1800 and 19000 were not.

Bissextile and that is truly the scientific name of this day rather humorous. The day which is added every fourth year to the month of February, in order to make the year agree with the course of the sun. Leap year, consisting of 366 days, and happening every fourth year, by the addition of a day in the month of February, which in that year consists of twenty-nine days.

Now the statute really sucks because of where the day is currently located, it basically counts 2 days as 1 day.

By statute 21 Hen. III., The 28th and 29th of February count together as one day. This statute is in force in some of the United States. Porter v. Holloway, 43 Ind. 35; Harker v. Addis, 4 Pa. 515. (Black's Law Dictionary, Fourth Edition, 1951).

We have already inserted a leap second at the event horizon time coordinates so precedence exists to make this happen, it should have been recorded as a very short leap day!

The New York Times, January 5, 1995: "Wait a Second ... That Was a Leap Day!" To the Editor: In your Dec. 31 issue, two references are made to the "leap second" that was to be added to the last hour of 1995. One was in the Week in Review section, the other in the magazine column by James Gleick. Both draw an analogy between the periodic addition of a second at the end of a year to the insertion of an extra day in leap years. The re appears to be a logical disconnect in the use of the term "leap second" and linking it to the term "leap year." The addition of an extra day to the calendar once in a four years defines a leap year, not a leap day, week or month. Linguistic consistency demands, therefore, that the additional second added at the end of the year not be referred to as a leap second nor lend the "leap" designation to the last minute or hour but rather to the last day. Dec. 31, 1995, should be called a leap day. Jacob E. Goldman Westport, Conn., Jan. 2, 1996

Millennium Day is coming, I had fun visiting with friends and relatives in Washington State and Canada for the holidays. We celebrated Christmas eve on the U.S.S. Florida an awesome Submarine and the food was fairly good, peace.

12/30/98 Our Blond Super hero Catherine Moore called, she is now the manager of a Victoria Secret somewhere in Ohio and will be traveling to shows as a model. I'm trying to get the invite for the New York gig, also as I predicted the Millennium day proposal has started to cause the confusion of the blondes . Victoria Secret is now officially supporting Millennium Day , this may cause the stampede of the dudes wanting to know where they can vote for it. A special Web page using Web Objects 4.0 is coming soon for Millennium day voting and I'm thinking Victoria Secret as well. Cat is one of those beautiful and friendly girls from Texas, the world needs more women like Catherine she is one of those people that is nice to everyone and lights up a room when she walks in and she is cool and not stuck up about it , we can appreciate that.

Also as predicted Kim will probably not hang out with me on New Years for the 6th year in a row as I'm once more enthusiastically and diabolically dumped for the Kimster dude of the week. Gee her dad called me and pleaded with me to offer her the plane ticket to see him because everything was sold out. I drive all the way to Ft. Collins and am there no more than 10 minutes and she starts to make plans with another friend of hers Kim to come over, so I decided to leave , she did cook a nice dinner. She calls from Vegas to say she and her dad wishes I was there sounding sincere. I of course fell for it then she gets back here and promptly shows up with Scott , she had mentioned him, he seems cool and he is friends with her from way back this time. They haven't seen each other in 9 years and she develops this instant attitude and tells me she doesn't have time enough for me to take her out to dinner, fairly mean I thought. So I hung up, as the Black Hole turns.

However the mighty Dan and wife Ashlen invited me to their New Years Eve bash and hopefully everything will be cool and the God's will set me up with a hotty as justice for being an Internet dweeb. I'm totally swamped with work, which keeps me out of trouble thanks and the second batch of Beer . I learned brewing secret's from my sister's in-laws thus dubbing it Guru Brew. The first batch Indian Joe, Panty Raider of the lost Ark Brew is ready for bottling and Max and I sampled it , tasting good so far rather yeastish as expected but with the cornsugar to add carbonation , it should be very palatable.

1/2/99 Kim and I made up as usual, it is a cold gig today and snowing, we request the jet stream to move back up yonder as we would like to play Golf later this week. I'm fairly sure the very high altitude balloon strategy may just work for the round the world journey about to begin. While I was having dinner on the submarine, I noticed some Doubloons apparently recovered from a sunken ship off the coast of Florida. I thought I would take the opportunity to tell you a recently learned story of a legendary city Port Royal, Jamaica. Port Royal was a city that was built on a sand bar, the buildings had no basements as the water table was only a foot or two below their foundations. Port Royal was a notorious Pirate hangout , apparently every fourth place was a brothel , every other place a pub in fact England had at one point appointed Captain Morgan as in spiced rum to monitor the situations and collect taxes and tariffs for the U.K. Talk about scandal on a Biblical level, Port Royal in its prime had as much or more accumulated wealth as London and was poised to potentially take charge of the new world altogether, its riches plundered from people and cultures around the world very much a 17th century version of Babylon.

It was a fairly calm day in Port Royal back that particular day in the 1700's, the water unusually still as glass, soon the sky turned an ominous bronze and then the Earthquake hit. So powerful was this quake that caverns and crevices opened up and literally swallowed buildings throughout the sprawling city entirely, then this was followed up with 3 title waves that crashed in basically clearing the bay of the pirate ships and depositing them in the town. The entire city of Port Royal fully sunk into the sea and yet only 10 percent of it has been excavated to this day. Port Royal is in 15 to 30 feet of water, talk about a cool place to look for treasure from the 17th Century, apparently Captain Morgan's grave still has not been located. Microsoft a modern day Port Royal , yo ho ho and a bottle of Rum, ahoy mate's apparently the rumor is Mac OS Server may be released this week along with the Euro Dollars.

1/7/99 Apologies for the few days away, we just completed a project that was fairly cool for Averett college. We set up 3 Pentium 350's running Openstep , one dual boots with NT. Space was at a premium so we set up a Switch box that allows their system administrator to use a single keyboard, mouse and monitor to monitor all 3 systems. One is a dedicated mail server, another is a web server and the 3rd is the Network Server at any rate the whole idea works and it works great.

I thought I would tell a story that has been around about our family , yet I never heard this until Christmas day 1998. We turn back the clock to WWII, my Great Uncle John was in Canadian intelligence during WWII. He tells the tail of interrogating some POW's and how one of them spilled the beans on a very real treasure. As he is still alive I'll try to relate the tale to the best of my knowledge. The setting was somewhere in Holland and it was toward the end of the war apparently D-day had just happened and he was among the first in to liberate and restore freedom and peace to the area. They had cut down the signs to the towns and most of them laid in ruins. He apparently followed the map and discovered an estimated 1000 uncut Diamonds in the ruble. He remembers burying the box next to a river , a bridge and a tree and his plan was to return when the war was over in a few weeks to retrieve the fortune. However as a passenger in a Jeep , they hit a land mine , the driver was killed and he was knocked unconscious and awoke in a Hospital in England a few weeks later then was shipped home after recovering a few months. I think it would be cool to try and locate these missing diamonds someday and try to return them to their rightful owners or at least if I found them and no one claimed them put in a nice memorial in Holland at the location as a statement of peace for all. It would be cool if after all these years they still were there, customers in Holland interested in helping with this treasure hunt please let me know, I'm not greedy and if found I plan on sharing these with you all and throwing a party , Millennium Day. I emailed the Millennium Dome committee at Greenwich with the idea for Millennium Day , I still haven't heard but I'm sure they will like it.

1/9/99 I look at the Pyramid's everyone thinks they are some big tomb , there have been stories of decoding them. My guess is that the Pyramid's were built to be an eternal monument representing all the people on Earth that were interested in helping build such a cool monument. I think it would be cool if a monument like the Pyramid's was to built by our people of Earth in the Year 2000. I'm talking huge, every country could contribute something to this place, like a worlds fair. They built the Great Wall, They Built the Acropolis, They Built Pyramid's and Castles. That 's what I would do is contribute 1000 uncut Diamonds to this place , even if they are never found, the thought is fairly cool , the spirit of them , Mel Fisher knows. If you think about the Pyramid's , what else did they have to do? Why not build a huge Pyramid, I'm sure the more they grew , the more people liked them, it was probably a peaceful project like building a giant story for the future. The NeXT 1000 years are only beginning, what would the goals for the NeXT thousand years be, I'm saying save the planet, it doesn't cost much and the weather is entertaining around here. We have had Snow, Fog, Rain , Wind, Sunshine , Clouds of all sorts , they say if you don't like the Weather in Colorado wait 5 minutes, they also discovered Diamonds outside of Ft. Collins in Kimberlite Rock Formations .

It was bogus that they burned the Library of Alexandria, 1000's of years of knowledge lost.

1/12/99 I'm staying very busy, Kim and I are really having fun, keep in mind , we have been great friends for 7 years. She visited this weekend and we invented a whole new game as she was searching the web for projects, I put together some of my special potions. I also invented the game Titanic and thought this was an obvious drinking game waiting to happen every time you change to a new web page for no apparent reason, take a drink, if you are reading this make it a double, because we thought of it please share it with everybody. Keep in mind the Black Hole Panty Raider brew is aging, available, seems to work as a beer. Some may call it snake oil , but gosh darn if she wasn't feeling frisky making empties. I'm thinking, I'm on to something really big here as she is feeling good towards me. I better at least keep one of the 1000 diamonds , if ever found for her.

My next project at work is putting together a nice workstation for the Henry Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine. For those of you that may be Windows users that are completely lost and confused at this point, I think this is a good site for Windows and other software http://www.thevault.dk/software.htm .

I'm on a roll, so many things are happening, I'm sorting all of my paper work for Tax preparation, accounting is a lot of work. Spammers created Spamosis , Spamitis and Spammage by highjacking the Averett Openstep Sendmail system through the Internet so a group of NeXT sysdmins have been working towards proving a system of firewalls, solution . Relaying off

Kim also gave me an awesome recipe for Chili On an Astrological note because it is funny but true , Wednesday Evening 1/13/98 after Sunset , the start of a new day in some cultures you can look up into the sky and the planets Venus and Uranus will be in close proximity. It is not often you get to see Uranus and Venus at Sunset, Kim laughed. I'm dating a women cuter than Cindy Crawford.

My friends Paul and Nancy gave me a dream catcher , it is cool , the Indians make them with a neat design they look like a spiders web woven with leather with crystal arrow heads in the center of the web basket represent your soul and the 13 beaded strands with feathers represent the yearly cycle, man and women are represented one side is a strand of real horse hair and on the other a feather and they catch all your bad dreams and only let the good dreams through , I think the dream catcher it is a great concept it works for me and all of you.

Kim and Rob's recipe for Chili:

1 lb Ground Sirloin Beef, 1/2 Yellow Onion , 1/2 Red Onion Sauté these add Chili Powder shake don't overdue and Cumin seed , Salt , Pepper and Garlic Pepper , stir until brown.

In your Chili pot get 2 cans of Tomato Puree' going ADD 2 Small Cans of Green Chili's and if you like it hot add 1/2 a can of Diced Jalepanoe Peppers (3 alarm) , also add 1 can of Pinto Beans, 1 can of Corn , 1 can of Mushrooms add in the lightly browned not burned Sauté Beef and Onions and stir it for consistency for an hour on low heat or medium heat for about 30 to 40 minutes until sampling it tastes good, add your spices to taste enjoy our free recipe , Bon Appetite! Be sure to have Graded Cheddar Cheese and Doritos to sprinkle on top great with cold beer on cold days!

1/13/99 Michael Jordan retires today, congratulations Mike .

1/14/99 I thought I would tell this tale as it is fresh and new. We received an order from a customer via our web site and then they followed up with 2 more emails from the Netherlands. After 1000's of orders this one now stands out because 99% of our orders are valid and this one would have hurt us bad. We processed the order as it seemed valid as usual, name , address, card all worked with authorization but we thought we better check with loss prevention on this large ticket item first , we went ahead and shipped the package as they sent 3 emails, because we like to believe our customers are really placing orders, when they send 3 emails and are from overseas. When someone places an order for Openstep 4.2 Developer for Mach on Intel, we figure they know next and then other products specifically with an address , a phone number , a web site , an e-mail address and valid credit card , we tend to believe them, but on large ticket items we double check with loss prevention for everyone's protection.. We find out the person placing the order did not authorize usage of the card for this purchase according to loss prevention, my heart was in my throat , I was not going to start 1999 out like this so here is what I did..

I knew it was going to be one of those days , I kept my cool and was able to go over to the post office after the post office advised me on the phone, I would need a 5900 recall form, yikes the thought of a form being involved was bogus , USPS and form , I picture Turtle with Lead Weight, so I arrive at the post office minutes later, stand in line 10 minutes, the one clerk that I really don't like there out of 7 and of course it is me that has to deal with the guy on the issue. He like throws packages and I have said what are you doing to him in the past that is fragile? He said after checking with his supervisor and wandering around, they have never heard of such a thing as a 5900 recall form and they were laughing , like Black Hole hahaha. I took action and went postal in a good way , Stick this in your commercials USPS , your post office guy on duty sucked eggs and he said with an attitude" we tried to contact express mail , no luck, we also don't have the form and never heard of it" I broke out my PCS phone and phoned them Express Mail in the Post Office on the spot and got someone on the horn then explained my situation, funny they started giving me the same form wrap that I need to get from the post office, I responded and said I'm standing in the post office they don't have no stinking form, just kidding sounded good, she then transferred me up to a supervisor or Postal Goddess on High. This Supervisor was impressive she produced the phone number and fax numbers , showed the package was in customs in the Netherlands. I had to fax the Netherlands the information to put a hold on it, as the package was due to clear customs in a matter of hours and someone would be picking it up and laughing about it. We would have been out $1000's of Dollars from an Internet swindler team, but I was on the ball , I thought don't mess with me , I am the man, I have the technology. I phoned about midnight our time and got a hold of and spoke with the early morning Customs guy in the little village outside of Amsterdam and he had our package in his hands. They are sending it back home to us where it belongs.

I consider this a miracle being able to track down a package half way around the world through the US post office makes this miracle 10 fold , Fed EX it is no problem and UPS comes in 2nd at tracking , may be the new web objects gig the post office is implementing will allow for more accurate information in the future and so I was able to have it returned and sent back to us, it is going to cost around $136 in shipping and overseas phone calls but it is better than $1000's of dollars in lost revenue due to theft.

I had even put in some NeXT stickers and old brochures as this customer had requested which makes me think this is really a bogus NeXT customer doing this. That bothers all of us in this NeXT / Apple Community as this could happen to any one of us by this person. It troubles me that someone is that mean out there in the great big world to our little NeXT store. We still have not heard from the South Korean , Kyung Mu Ryu at DB Labs either , he burned us for $4000 last year so this would have been insult to injury. I'm hoping if your the person that did this you are reading this, please we are friendly people, we are not out to cause you trouble but you have changed the way I have to do business with everybody from now on and in my heart that is not right. I like my honest customers and seriously 99% of them are excellent , I'm glad we thwarted your scam because it gives me even greater satisfaction to know it can be done and I won't have to pass on higher prices to honest customers like many stores have to because of people like you, $5000 is a lot of money to a small business in terms of sales it takes a at least $50,000 to $75,000 in sales to recover that much money , we have mouths to feed and overhead to cover and count your blessings we did not involve the authorities or friends I have in low and high places to wait for you as you picked the package up and explain why you did it on your way to the slammer. Do you know that International Mail Fraud and using someone else's Identity falsely and their credit card are all felony's? Why would you risk jail for software are you crazy, if you are that hurting financially we would have preferred trying to help you out , we know Openstep is good, may be you are working for the Microsoft bullies. If you the theifmeister are capable of reading, take this as an advance warning, everyone else in the NeXT community is throwing bad karma your way dude, may your system panic and may your windows crap turn blue, your hard drive crash and your Fimi monitor go up in smoke. Please note everyone else reading this I hope you all feel as good as I do and your Karma is even better because everyone reading this will receive good karma except for the thief dude , it is written. Remember people believe in yourself , if they say It can't be done , you don't have to believe them, the odds were against me I had a chance to stop this crime from happening against all odds and I did just in time, Slam Dunk Just another day in the life of Rob Blessin ,President of Black Hole, Incorporated.

The new E-mail that was just developed by a 16 years old Irish Girl is 10 times faster than current e-mail and more encrypted cool.

1/16/99 When in doubt go see a comedian, this helped me out today as a bunch of us went to the comedy works. Life is full of stress, tragedy , comedy helps keeps us entertained. I don't know if you all have checked out DVD but it is cool, you can do parental controls on movies , it also is fun because you can vote on movies out comes. The also integrate DVD with Video games . So you play the video game for a while and then it goes into a movie seen , it is fun. The sidewinder joystick works great if you tilt it left or right it steers the motorcycle for the Motocross Madness the PII. makes it smooth video and fun , everyone took turns racing . They also have a feature where you can race over the network or on the web, we will try a cable modem soon.

1/17/99 Weather , I'm reading over some of this material , some of it is fairly good other parts are lame , but it is work in progress and writers block. Now, we are checking out the weather in Buffalo , it would be cool if a storm snowed on our ski areas , clouds are entertaining, anyone with an extra Bronco ticket please let me know as I'm trying to get an extra one for Kim. We feel lucky.

1/19/99 Destiny called for Millennium Day, http://www.usfca.edu/usf/turner/ , Jeff Turner writes cool CGI scripts, when our cgi's broke I surfed to his page from the Encyclopedia out jumped the whole truth on the Gregorian Calendar, put together some cool info that explains , all sorts of great examples, we used the Julian Calendar in the US until the 1850's . How do we keep track of time? When do we plant our crops, how do we know when to observe religious holidays? Societies need some way to keep track of time, and complex calendars (the word comes from the Roman term for the beginning of the month) were developed early in human history. In agricultural societies the seasonal cycle of the Sun is crucial, but for shorter periods the lunar cycle suggests itself as well. Historically the problem was that the year does not contain a whole number of days or months. The mean interval between successive vernal equinoxes (365.2424 days), is about 11 minutes less than 365 1/4 days; the synodic period of the Moon (the time between successive full moons or new moons) is about 29 1/2 days, and thus 12 months add up to about 354 days.

Constructing a calendar that incorporates both the movements of the Sun and Moon is therefore not a simple business. Various solutions have been tried. The Egyptian calendar was perhaps the simplest solution. The year was made up of twelve months of thirty days each, and five days were added at the end. Since this meant an error of about 1/4 day per year, the starting date of the year slowly drifted forward with respect to the seasons until after 1460 years it had returned to where it started. The rising of the Nile, the crucial event in the Egyptian agricultural cycle, was predicted by the helical rising of Sirius,[1] the brightest star in the heavens. No attention was paid to the Moon. Most cultures in the ancient Near East relied on a calendar in which months had alternating lengths of 29 and 30 days and added a month about every third year.

Thus, in ancient Israel the elders added an extra month of 29 days every third year after the sixth month (Adar). But these 29 days would not make up entirely for the entire deficit of 3 x 11 1/4 days, and therefore in some years two extra months had to be added. In the Greek city states months were added haphazardly as needed and no consistent system of intercalation was ever developed. The most sophisticated system of keeping the motions of both the Sun and Moon harnessed in a single calendar was developed in Mesopotamia. By the Persian period, ca. 500, the system incorporated the so-called Meteoric cycle (we name it after the Greek Meton, ca. 425 BCE) in which the following relationship is used: 19 solar years contain 6939 3/4 days; 110 months of 29 days plus 125 months of 30 days add up to 6940 days. 19 years, then, contained 235 months, and starting in (on our calendar) 499 BC, the calendar in that part of the world was regulated on a cycle of intercalating 7 extra months in 19 years, as shown in the following scheme (in which a dash indicates a year of 12 months and a VI or XII indicated a year in which a month was added after the sixth or twelfth month): - - XII - - XII - XII - - XII - - XII - - VI - XII After a few irregularities, starting in 384 BCE, this scheme was rigorously adhered to, through the Greek and Roman conquests, until 75 CE, when cuneiform texts ceased.

For convenience, the month was usually subdivided into smaller time periods. The Greeks divided the month into three periods of ten days, but a division of seven days was older and more common in the Near East. We find the seven-day week already in Genesis. The names that we assign to the days have their origin in the division of the day into 24 hours, which originated in Egypt. In the Hellenistic period (300 BCE - 100 BCE) it became common to assign a ruling planet (including the Sun and Moon) to each hour of the day. The common order of the wandering heavenly bodies was Saturn-Jupiter-Mars-Sun-Venus-Mercury-Moon. The first hour of the first day was assigned to the Sun, the second to Venus, the third to Mercury, etc., repeating the cycle in the order given above. The 24th hour was thus assigned to Mercury and the first hour of the second day to the Moon. Naming the days after the planets that rule their first hours, we thus arrive at the sequence Sun's day-Moon's day-Mars's day-Mercury's day-Jupiter's day-Venus's day-Saturn's day.[2] The modern English variations on these names are due to substituting Nordic or Saxon gods for some of the Roman names: Tiw for Mars, Wotan for Mercury, Thor for Jupiter, Frigg for Venus. Our civil method for reckoning time, then has a mixed origin. Our division of the hour into minutes and seconds is derived from the sexagesimal system of the Mesopotamians; the division of the day into 24 hours originated with the Egyptians; the seven-day week originated in the ancient Near East, while the names are derived from a Greek convention developed during the Hellenistic period. Our calendar is based on the motion of the Sun alone, but our various religious calendars are based on a combination of the motions of the Sun and Moon. Our civil calendar derives from the Romans with some alterations.

Its origin is described nicely in the "Calendar" article in the 11th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica (1910), which reads in part: The civil calendar of all European [and American] countries has been borrowed from that of the Romans. Romulus[3] is said to have divided the year into ten months only, including in all 304 days, and it is not very well known how the remaining days were disposed of. The ancient Roman year commenced with March, as is indicated by the names September, October, November, December, which the last four months still retain. July and August, likewise, were anciently denominated Quintillis and Sextillis, their present appellations having been bestowed in compliment to Julius Caesar and Augustus. In the reign of Numa[4] two months were added to the year, January at the beginning and February at the end; and this arrangement continued till the year 452 BC., when the Decemvirs[5] changed the order of the months, and placed February after January. The months now consisted of twenty-nine and thirty days alternately, to correspond with the synodic revolution of the moon [full moon to full moon], so that the year contained 354 days; but a day was added to make the number odd, which was considered more fortunate, and the year therefore consisted of 355 days. This differed from the solar year by ten whole days and a fraction; but to restore the coincidence, Numa ordered an additional or intercalary month to be inserted every second year between the 23d and 24th of February, consisting of twenty-two and twenty-three days alternately, so that four years constituted 1465 days, and the mean length of the year was consequently 366 1/4 days.

Now this is classic:

The additional month was called Mercedinus or Mercedonius, from merces, wages, probably because the wages of workmen and domestics were usually paid at this season of the year. According to the above arrangement, the year was too long by one day, which rendered another correction necessary. As the error amounted to twenty-four days in as many years, it was ordered that every third period of eight years, instead of containing four intercalary months, amounting in all to ninety days, should contain only three of those months, consisting of twenty-two days each. The mean length of the year was thus reduced to 365 1/4 days; but it is not certain at what time the octennial periods, borrowed from the Greeks, were introduced into the Roman calendar, or whether they were at any time strictly followed. It does not even appear that the length of the intercalary month was regulated by any certain principle, for a discretionary power was left with the pontiffs,[6] to whom the care of the calendar was committed, to intercalate more or fewer days according as the year was found to differ more or less from the celestial motions.

This power was quickly abused to serve political objects, and the calendar consequently thrown into confusion. By giving a greater of less number of days to the intercalary month, the pontiffs were enabled to prolong the term of a magistracy or hasten the annual elections; and so little care had been taken to regulate the year, that, at the time of Julius Caesar, the civil equinox differed from the astronomical by three months, so that the winter months were carried back into autumn and the autumnal into summer. In order to put an end to the disorders arising from the negligence or ignorance of the pontiffs, [Julius] Caesar abolished the use of the lunar year and the intercalary month, and regulated the civil year entirely by the sun. With the advice and assistance of Sosigenes,[7] he fixed the mean length of the year at 365 1/4 days, and decreed that every fourth year should have 366 days, the other years having each 365. In order to restore the vernal equinox to the 25th of March, the place it occupied in the time of Numa, he ordered two extraordinary months to be inserted between November and December in the current year, the first to consist of thirty three, and the second of thirty-four days. The intercalary month of twenty-three days fell into the year of course, so that the ancient year of 355 days received an augmentation of ninety days; and the year on that occasion contained in all 445 days.

I knew the confusion of the blondes was coming.....445 day year OK also known as the last year of confusion.

This was called the last year of confusion. The first Julian year commenced with the 1st of January of the 46th before the birth of Christ, and the 708th from the foundation of the city. In the distribution of the days through the several months, Caesar adopted a simpler and more commodious arrangement than that which has since prevailed. He had ordered that the first, third, fifth, seventh, ninth, and eleventh months, that is January, March, May, July, September and November, should have each thirty-one days, and the other months thirty, excepting February, which in common years should have only twenty-nine day, but every fourth year thirty days. This order was interrupted to gratify the vanity of Augustus, by giving the month bearing his name as many days as July, which was named after the first Caesar. A day was accordingly taken from February and given to August; and in order that three months of thirty-one days might not come together, September and November were reduced to thirty days, and thirty-one given to October and December. For so frivolous a reason was the regulation of Caesar abandoned, and a capricious arrangement introduced, which it requires some attention to remember.

They used to insert leap year in between the 24th and 25th , PRECEDENCE for Millennium day. BIS-SEXTO-CALENDAS = Millennium Day is here read on

[8] The additional day which occurred every fourth year was given to February, as being the shortest month, and was inserted in the calendar between the 24th and 25th day. February having then twenty-nine days, the 25th was the 6th of the calends of March, sexto calendas; the preceding, which was the additional or intercalary day, was called bis-sexto calendas,--hence the term bissextile, which is still employed to distinguish the year of 366 days. The English denomination of leap year would have been more appropriate if that year had differed from common years in defect, and contained only 364 days. In the modern calendar the intercalary day is still added to February, not, however, between the 24th and 25th, but as the 29th. . . . Although the Julian method of intercalation is perhaps the most convenient that could be adopted, yet, as it supposes the year too long by 11 minutes 14 seconds, it could not without correction very long answer the purpose for which it was devised, namely, that of preserving always the same interval of time between the commencement of the year and the equinox. Sosigenes could scarcely fail to know that this year was too long; for it had been shown long before, by the observations of Hipparchus [ca. 125 BCE], that the excess of 3651/4 days above a true solar year would amount to a day in 300 years. The real error is indeed more than double of this, and amounts to a day in 128 years; but in the time of Caesar the length of the year was an astronomical element not very well determined. In the course of a few centuries, however, the equinox sensibly retrograded towards the beginning of the year. When the Julian calendar was introduced, the equinox fell on the 25th of March. At the time of the Council of Nicea, which was held in 325, it fell on the 21st . . . . The Julian Calendar was naturally adopted by the successor of the Roman Empire, Christian Europe with the Papacy at its head. By about 700 CE it had become customary to count years from the starting point of the birth of Christ (later corrected by Johannes Kepler to 4 BCE). But the equinox kept slipping backwards on the calendar one full day every 130 years. By 1500 the vernal equinox fell on the 10th or 11th of March and the autumnal equinox on the 13th or 14th of September, and the situation was increasingly seen as a scandal. The most important feast day on the Christian calendar is Easter, when the suffering, death, and resurrection of Christ are celebrated. In the New Testament we find that Christ's crucifixion occurred in the week of Passover. On the Jewish calendar, Passover was celebrated at the full moon of the first month (Nissan) of spring. In developing their own calendar (4th century CE), Christians put Easter on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox. If the equinox was wrong, then Easter was celebrated on the wrong day. Most other Christian observances (e.g., the beginning of Lent, Pentecost) are reckoned backward or forward from the date of Easter. An error in the equinox thus introduced numerous errors in the entire religious calendar. Something had to be done. After the unification of the Papacy in Rome, in the fifteenth century, Popes began to consider calendar reform. After several false starts, a commission under the leadership of the Jesuit mathematician and astronomer Christoph Clavius (1537-1612) succeeded. Several technical changes were instituted having to do with the calculation of Easter, but the main change was simple.

Sounds familiar:

In 1582 Pope Gregory XIII (hence the name Gregorian Calendar) ordered ten days to be dropped from October, thus restoring the vernalequinox at least to an average of the 20th of March, close to what it had been at the time of the Council of Nicea. In order to correct for the loss of one day every 130 years, the new calendar dropped three leap years every 400 years. Henceforth century years were leap years only if divisible by 400. 1600 and 2000 are leap years; 1700, 1800 and 1900 are not.

Here is the story of what really went on see how George Washington was actually born on February 11nd and we celebrate his birthday on February 22nd , sword from the stone. 400 year day celebrate between December 31 1999 and January 1 , 2000.

The new calendar, although controversial among technical astronomers, was promulgated from Rome and adopted immediately in Catholic countries. Protestant countries followed suit more slowly. Protestant regions in Germany, and the northern Netherlands adopted the calendar within decades. The English, always suspicious of Rome during this period, retained the Julian Calendar. Further, while others now began the new year uniformly on 1 January, the English began it on 25 March (an older custom). Now, for example, the date 11 February 1672 in England was 21 February 1673 on the Continent. After 1700 in which the Julian Calendar had a leap year but the Gregorian did not, the difference was eleven days. The English and their American colonies finally adopted the Gregorian Calendar in the middle of the eighteenth century. George Washington was born on 11 February on the Julian Calendar; we celebrate his birthday on 22 February. Note, finally, that the Gregorian Calendar is useless for astronomy because it has a ten-day hiatus in it. For the purpose of calculating positions backward in time, astronomers use the Julian Date. Notes

[1]The time of year when Sirius comes out of the rays of the Sun and is first visible on the eastern horizon at sunrise. [2]See Otto Neugebauer, The Exact Science in Antiquity, 2d ed. (Providence: Brown University Press, 1957), pp. 82-86. [3]Legendary founder and first king of Rome, ca. 750 BC. [4]Numa Pompilius, second legendary king of Rome, ca. 700 BC. [5]Decemviri: any college of ten magistrates in ancient Rome. The most famous college was the decemviri legibus scribendis, or the "composers of the Twelve Tables," who ruled Rome absolutely for a few years around 450 BC. [6]Roman high priests. [7]A Greek astronomer and mathematician who flourished in the first century BC None of his writings have survived and we know about him only through the writings of Pliny (d. 79 AD). Pliny tells us that Sosigenes was consulted by Julius Caesar about the calendar (Natural Histories, xviii, 25). [8]Thirty days has September, April, June, and November . . . Source Gregorian Reform of the Calendar: Proceedings of the Vatican Conference to Commemorate its 400th Anniversary, 1582-1992, ed. G. V. Coyne, M. A. Hoskin, and O. Pedersen (Vatican City: Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Specolo Vaticano, 1983). Jean Meeus and Denis Savoie, "The history of the tropical year," Journal of the British Astronomical Association, 102 #1 (1992): 40-42 and Jeff Turner for doing cool free CGI scripts Millennium Day is coming.

Also please note the cool astronomical show happening in the SW sky near you three planets will align Saturn, Jupiter and Venus will align and the crescent moon will rise through them after Sundown for a few weeks, the celestial event of the decade , Kim this will be a excellent time to look at the stars at sunset from lookout point.

1/24/99 A classic weekend , the snow was excellent , went up and stayed in Breckenridge. Pauls brother Michael works construction so we checked out the latest home that his crew is working on an awesome 5000 Sq Feet , $1,000,000+ home, huge decks , herds of elk graze in the meadow below, they build 6 incredible quality homes a year. No doubt it can be cold working year round outdoors but construction work in the mountains pays good money to experienced carpenters. There is demand for skilled workers, as a bonus , if you like to ski it is only 10 minutes from Breckenridge and Keystone. The current house will include an outdoor hottub , detailed stonework and log cabin look mix, gameroom planned. An excellent quality home, heated floors, it'll be an awesome place , every home they have built on that block is cool. One house Mike worked on has an indoor pool and running track with half basketball court, 15,000 Sq ft., it looks like a hotel from the outside.

Sunday and today , I rescued a Damsel in distress it was a blast helping Kim with her art projects. She is an Art Teacher and teaches at 2 Elementary Schools. One of the assignments was for kids to make Masks based on a story of African Masks. These kids were in 5th and 6th grade and a lot of the masks were cool. Kim and I spent almost 3 hours Sunday Night putting together awesome displays and decorating the halls with all of the kids work.I guess today she said the displays we did was very much the hit of the school because we did such a good job. We wound up putting together some other really neat displays of other kids work, I honestly had a blast. You would have to laugh , if you saw it, I'm talking over 100 of these 3D masks that they have been working on and she is quite the good teacher.

I also helped one of Miss Cohen's 1st Grade kids classes today. I showed them how to make a serious miniature Motorcycle out of different colored wire, a lot of these kids were very creative and made some awesome projects. I wish Art was that fun when I was going to Elementary School and taking Art from a women more wonderful than Cindy Crawford , Kim would have been excellent. I almost stayed all day as it was fun, many of the little guys only speak Spanish and this particular class I was told was her wildest. A few of the tables of kids were very well behaved but many of them the rebel crew in my section, it was chaos, reminds me of the good old days, Miss Cohen soon straightened us out. Overall, it was a very fun experience and I fielded a few calls for Black Hole during that hour which it sounds like it raised a laugh on the other end. Kim handles them appropriately praising and controlling the kids and the work they are producing is really good. I learned a few words in Espanol and taught them some cool stuff, Buenos Dias.

1/29/99 I've been working on other areas of the site the past few days and have been having fun. I put together a survey and petition to save Openstep and have 18 people so far . The Porsche is back in the picture, it would be cool , interestingly enough Stefan has been writing the book about Apple. I look forward to reading it , if it is for real, check it out at 101net.com , I have not read it yet but it looks cool , after I read it I'll offer it here, if anyone has read it let me know as I'm hoping this isn't a hoax.

It could only lead to The Legends of Black Hardware, when NeXT abruptly stopped hardware production in February of 1993 as you will remember my first day of work selling NeXT hardware , I thought it was a joke or hoax or something. The coworkers thought it was an omen, I guess that was the day that is truly one of those crossroads in life. I'm still here all these years later, selling NeXT products , it must be a psychological gig like the Pavlov conditioned response effect. The NeXT computers and Openstep still impress me over the years others have been reselling NeXT hardware as well. After only speaking with them by phone over the years it is a blast.

I've sent my dad and friends on many missions to pick up NeXT workstations. On one occasion my dad flew to New York and delivered a bunch of workstations to Shannon Edwards at Deep Space Technologies and at that time it basically up his house with NeXT workstations. Over the years we have done a lot of business and he is great person to do business with I laugh.

Others characters include Dancing Bear with the Griswolds , I really was to put it bluntly hosed by them for about $27K, they were set up in Vail and then Maui so I know the overhead was way up there, but 27K is a lot of money, I would have appreciated if they at least covered my expenses . Shannon talked with Tim Griswold and I probably will never see the money, but I hold out for faith and it feels good to talk about it.

Sam Goldberger at Spherical solutions, we have done some business and when it goes good it is great. I admit for some reason or another we have both made mistakes and over all it is positive business.

Jim Moosman, at times the Moos and Shannon feud so as an outside observer it is fun to talk with both of these guys. If you want to get a raise out of Shannon and a little frothage of the mouth, tell him Moosman has it for less and vice versa. Glen that works for Shannon is cool as well , overall very few of us have sold NeXT systems over the years but is has been fun. I don't know how much longer it will last as the supply of hardware is thinning but I have had fun.

I talked with my friend Tim in Chicago and we may want to start buying and reselling Exotic Sports Cars. I think it would be fun to drive around the country delivering Masarati's and Ferrari's on the side with a 50 state roaming phone for the Black Hole , it makes selling NeXT stuff and doing the highend sports car gig a reality. As Joe Walsh said ;"Life's been good to me so far". I'm having a Super Bowl party and we are psyched go
Broncos. Kim is waffling on coming down and I expect a last minute decision , no predictions on the outcome, I also have Rolling Stones Tickets for Tuesday night , she has her art club until 5:00 , I'm telling her she can make it, we will have to see, I'm tired good night all!

The Dream Girl by Rob Blessin

2/1/99 Congratulations , Back to Back Superbowl World Champions 1997, 1998 , Black Hole, newest customer is the Director of the Harvard , Department of Mathematics, thank you. I also made a decision to hire Jody , she impressed me by cleaning up the whole hole, she was a travel agent for Carlson Wagonlit Travel and decided to help me with a part time --- cleaning/ secretarial job.. I'm also purchasing all of OpenSources NeXT Equipment as it has reappeared should be in excellent condition. Jody and I have been having a lot of fun and she has DONE a outstanding job cleaning and organizing my bachelor pad.

OK.OK.OK......Yes, I am real.... this man is totally craaaazy!!.... but what a Dude..... totally the sh..t!!!!. Very fun,always puts a smile on my face even when I am down .... He has so much ambition ,strive, and goals, it just totally impresses me, ya know????

Anyways, please say a prayer for both of us, it's not often you meet someone and click so fast and so beautiful..

GOD Bless the Internet, BYE,BYE

Jody and Rob--- XOXOX

5/25/99 I'll delete everything else having to do with Jody.



2/25/99 I thought it would be cool to continue writing this epic story as may be this will help me feel better, the new Internet time standard makes sense check it out at www.swatch.com , check it out a Universal Time standard.

Do you ever feel as though you are at a crossroads in your life. Here is my current situation in the latest episode as the Black Hole Turns, I've met a really cool lady recently within a few weeks , we have hit it off, Jody has done an incredible job helping me out with the house and business and it is fun to spend time with her. We truly enjoy each other s company and she is a wonderful person things are moving at a fast pace.

My heart is virtually split in the middle, I am at a crossroads and this is why and my situation this very day .

My long time best friend lady Kim and I have talked about taking a trip to Hawaii. We have talked about doing this trip for 4 years. I have permission from my parents and her dad on this one, we'll stay . Kim calls this morning at 7:15 and said she spoke with her dad last night and she is psyched to go.

I understand perfectly why Jody became so upset. Jody new from the first day we met that Kim and I have been planning this trip because Nancy my best friend Pauls wife and Jody are great friends and speak daily so Nancy gave Jody the scoop on Kim and me from day one.

My feelings on the trip to Hawaii in a few weeks are I'm ready to have a break and a vacation. The twist of fate that has beautiful women suddenly falling from the sky into my arms, make involving you in this decision , yes you all the Internet fans of as the Black Hole Turns and added bonus. I'm confused about this immensely , I am put on a crossroads or it feels like a fork in the road. 2 very wonderful women Kim and Jody, not often have I had a choice like this few men in the history of time could have been this lucky. I'm convinced as they are truly righteous babes and fun to hangout with . Kim , my best friend for 7 years, I look upon this as seniority in friendships somehow. Kim knows about Jody and she approves of my great new friend in just a few weeks. At this point in my life , I wonder , what I should do.

After considerable thought as I'm not out to break any hearts, these girls both know, I'm a nice guy and easy to get along with and I'm thinking it is in my best interest to take my time on playing my hand out on this one.

Kim and I will go to Hawaii and Jody has every reason to be upset about it but I'm not trying to hurt her, hopefully she will hear me out on this one. Ever feel as though one single event like a positive vacation for 2 very long time best friends and the thoughtful success of this vacation, may make a difference in the direction we choose to pursue in the future with ours hearts.

Kim and Jody if you are reading this , I want to let you know how important this vacation is to me personally. I keep hearing the slang term rebound and my goal is to take this to heart about direction. People on the rebound from relationships are common and yes , I have been there, so I'm taking a time-out, I'm taking a step back and I'm looking forward to the next few months, I asked Kim on the phone the other day, what makes up love, where does it come from, how does it arrive and what time is love truly on. I've felt for some people it may take years to fall in love with someone and with others you can seemingly fall in love with them overnight.

The puzzle to my life right now this very day is I have a choice for love between 2 wonderful women. In any soap good soap opera , it gets more complicated , it truly does in this one another long time girl friend Desiree' lives on the big island Hawaii and it will be fun to see her as I haven't for years. Desiree' and her boyfriend Ashley are living on the big island of Hawaii so it will be fun. I look forward to extending my stay and spending a few extra days on the big island as well. I'm going to get an AT&T Wireless phone or check with voice stream to see what the rates are. Desiree' will e mail us her story of Hamlet, I suspect the missing Luau Pig turned pet , well Desiree' set Hamlet free way up in the mountains because the neighbors said they were going to eat Hamlet and she is a vegetarian.

Desiree' is psyched I'm going to see her and has admitted to being a fan of as the Black Hole Turns. I tell Jody already upset about Kim and the visit to Hawaii about Desiree' , who I plan to visit in Hawaii all I can says is Jody have patience. Let me see where these next few weeks lead, things have happened real fast between us and I'm not saying it was to fast but that I just need to settle a few things to enhance my inner peace of mind. I look forward to continuing our new friendship, it has only started.

Jody, Kim and Desiree' , I feel like this thing should be fun for all of us, I enjoy being with all of you. What is going on with this all of a sudden competitive drive and interest in a clown like me, anyway it has become a spiritual event. I thank you all for everything and all the fun times through the years with each of you Internet dream girls. I'm not out to upset any of you at any time so sweet dreams, I'm doing my best to work out a schedule that will have minimal conflicts with everyone in the next few weeks. Jupiter and Venus in the sky have been very impressive this week and I'm sure it somehow is one of the main reasons why things are very emotional right now. I'm very in love with all 3 of you, you are intelligent women and are Angels in my book that any man would be happy and proud to have just hanging around and great now I feel like I'm the dude in Charlie's Angels.

I personally look forward to drinking an Umbrella Drink in a Pineapple on the Beach, visiting with my folks and hanging out for a few weeks touring the tropics, de ja vu. I hope this makes sense.

3/18/99 I'm looking forward to telling this one, most of the readers would see that I was destined for trouble trying to keep 3 women happy about hanging out with you can create problems , a story so great it could only be labeled the tail of what truly happened. Flying stand by can be an adventure in itself like standing and watching the plane go by. As we prepared to leave Denver on our journey to Hawaii, Kim's dad, flew into town a few days earlier and stayed with Kim then drove us to the airport. As the Black Hole turns......

Kim's dad was not in the greatest of spirits and deservedly so with the turmoil and turbulent circumstances creating an uneasy situation for anyone to deal with relating and revolving around the breakup with his present wife, broken promises of another wife and Jeff , his son at the pivotal 18 year somewhat rebel stage consistently creating more fuel to the fire, problems, Honestly Jeff , we hope you choose to finish high school and thought may be you might enjoy trying something like outward bound, it is a cool gig. I think back to myself at that age and I know my parents probably received the first gray hairs during those times but graduating and doing outward bound for a few weeks was a good move.

I respect Kim's dad for what he has accomplished throughout his life, he has been the successful CEO of a few unnamed billion dollar corporations and is now excelling in Real Estate Sales. Kim is a soft shoulder and good heart for him to be with and her support was what he needed. We offered to take him with us to Hawaii but he had to unfortunately return to work, his daughter is awesome.

Kim forgot her phonebook in her dad's rental car, so from the beginning we knew it was going to be an interesting trip. Our first leg of the trip was a flight leaving Friday Night, March 5 destination San Francisco. Flying stand by companion fair without my dad means we were at the bottom of the bottom of the list, lowliest of the low, Janitorial was boarding before us and we had almost given up hope. Our names were miraculously called and we received permission to board 2 minutes before departure at 7:35PM. They took our carry ons and put them down below, we boarded and sat down , then they called Cohen and Blessin to the front of the plane as 2 last minute really late to catch a plane people had arrived. I knew this was going to happen , I jumped up and met Kim out front. We are standing on the jetway, they close the doors, the plane rolls backward and there went our bags with the plane. Kim is about to burst into tears, the jetway is moving. A lightbulb went on and it was time to take action with plan B as we blankly stared at the snickering ticket agents , I asked what about the 7:40 to San Jose, he said good idea run, Kim and I now running like the wind down the moving sidewalk, we arrive and shout to the ticket agents any seats we were just bumped, they respond yes , they still haven't shut the doors. We run down the tarmac , jetway and all aboard, they literally close the doors on our heels and soon we are headed to San Jose.

Kim is somewhat confused by this move and not sure what I am up to but she trust's my decision. We know the way to San Jose, I figure our bags are on the way to SFO and we may see them again but we have a better chance finding them tonight than tomorrow. We arrive in San Jose and check with baggage claim, they call San Fran baggage claim, not surprising no answer and the computer shows the plane has arrived.

It is late close to midnight, we rent an Economy car at Dollar for $29.95 , after checking it was the best rate and then they upgraded us to full size Grand Am for the same price after hearing our story.

We drive probably right past humorously signs for Redwood City original home of NeXT and probably Cupertino drift by, I'm laughing to myself about that one for sure. It is late as we pass by Mountain View on our way, 101 to the SFO airport. Kim runs in retrieves our bags and we are off. it is about 1:30 in the morning what better to do than site see. We are in great spirits once more , we decide to check out the city and cross the Golden Gate bridge and pull over on a little lookout , we sit in a park and talk for hours the Golden Gate Bridge on our right and the Bay Bridge in the distance. It was a good place to talk about life, we then decided to find Haight Ashbury , we did there is a Ben and Jerry's on the corner. It was interesting how we would drive around seemingly totally lost and then we keep arriving at the same park We searched and searched for the street that winds back and forth but never found it. Soon the sun was coming up and we thought about seeing if we would get a cheep rate on a hotel room for a few hours to take a shower. They kept quoting $69 for some reason, we decided we would rather spend it in Hawaii and arrived at the airport. Luckily our flight was leaving and hour earlier than we thought unluckily we watched as it filled up, they said we have 1 seat left, we said we need 2. Are there 2 seats, we asked , no was the reply, then all of a sudden someone else took it, then they find another seat. I'm like what are you people doing?

The plane filled with that last seat in frustration we frothed at the stand by gig, our patience was being tested so we went and stood by for the flight to Maui, full no chance, then we went for the flight to Kona , success. I call Desiree' not realizing that Hilo is many hours away. She answers mad as a hornet, you should have told me in advance, I'm like I didn't know that I was going to be here at all this morning until 4 hours ago, it is pure fate. I'm sure Kona the volcano god took a gander and interest at what was going on . She said angrily go ahead Rob , hangout with your friend. Desiree' has never given Kim a chance, Desiree' has a boyfriend but I understand why she was upset our travel plans moved up 1 week and I chose not to extend my stay because of the nearly impossible stand by situation. I should have phoned her but I thought a surprise Saturday visit with them would be fun, I was wrong the distance was to far. So I'm told the Companion passes may work on other airlines, NOT , I wind up spending about 3 hours in lines 1st Aloha says go to United they will offer you a deal, United says we can't help you until we board the flight to SFO. This costs us and additional 1 hour and 1/2 as it isn't true the b#@ch, looks at my ticket and says no we can't offer you a discount.

I go back to Aloha and at least the friendly girl ticket agent that thought we might get a discount was cool enough to offer Kamaina or local rates, so it was $62 for one way tickets. I'm told Hawaiian Airlines is cheaper but we were to busy staying with our bags in the terminal and trying to get discount tickets on Aloha to want to walk the additional 1/4mile to the other terminal , I looked at the situation more lines , by that time we just wanted to get to Honolulu.

We board the plane and arrive in Honolulu by mistake we are directed to the Wiki Wiki shuttle, why we don't know so we catch the Wiki Wiki shuttle this takes us to the main terminal a mile from my dad. He is waiting at the inter island terminal of logic so it takes around an hour to figure this place even exists , after asking someone; is there another terminal by chance??? The Inter Island Terminal, oh really and where is that please come out to the sidewalk and point. So we find my dad after walking and walking and walking and all is good. He has made a few cool Lei's and so we head down the Pali Highway , in the old Mazda car , my dad has fixed up, they call the car quack , because it quacks at a certain rpm , it really did. We drive up to the Pali lookout where King Kamehameha was victorious in forcing 400 Hawaiians over the cliff during a battle. We drive on over to the beach they used in the movie Return to Forever. The blow hole erupts when waves thunder in at just the right angle and Whales and a Sea Turtles can be seen below, totally awesome.

We drive by the local surfing beach and Coco Head Crater and arrived in the suburb Hawaii Kai. My parents 3 month rental condominium is awesome. Hawaii Kai is a nice upperscale part of Oahu . Their Condo on the 14th floor overlooks canals lined with million + dollar homes many complete with pools, yachts and a little bay harbors pods of whales, fun to watch breach from my parents place. My folks also are taking care of a canary named Lucy and the bird fly's all around the apartment it is classic, we never did catch her. Kim tried and tried. I'll continue this tomorrow as I'm sure I've cured writers block.

Jody plays an important role as well but all in time , I know I better get to writing or I'm in serious hot water.

3/19/99 I had fun starting up an original NeXT cube today apparently it had not been fired up in 9 years. An 030 with 8Mb Ram running release 1.0 of NeXTSTEP on an actual working Optical disk with a 40mb swap disk. An original Cube sounds like a typewriter and adding machine going crazy in there , reminds me of a model A. no doubt a classic computer. I may also have some LISA's for sale here in the future.

Things going on at the Black Hole today, I visited Paul and Nancy's baby cute little girl Sidney Page and she was born on my birthday March 8th , 1999 . I'm sure Joe D would smile. On a monumental note the team from, Black Hole, Incorporated has been invited to save the Russian government from Y2K infestation and may be even Windows. Why stop there, save the whole country, we would invite them to join the United States as additional states, capitalism rules party with the Russians'. We have to check with the Department of Commerce to see what is acceptable to export. We also just sold software to a Hospital in Japan

3/27/99 So many things we can all write about. I'll put a few stories in, a stroke of good fortune, Jody's friend Shelly invited us to golf at the country club, her parents live on the 2nd hole. Mischief found us amazingly with beautiful drives of the wide open fairway on the 2nd hole. I had my first Eagle of the year on number 6 at Pinehurst Country Club a long 550Yd. Par5 on in 2, 15 foot putt breaks 10" and rapidly at the end curls into the cup. Last year it took most of the year to have my first Eagle so I'm psyched. The GPS golf ball now that would be cool for finding shots that wind up in the rough.

Pinpointing where your shot in golf originates from and winds up is important. I think it would be cool to have a pocket computer with GPS capabilities for Golf courses. My idea is to have the courses mapped with GPS , you can set pro shops up so they can rent them. Some courses already have computers built in to the cart that tell yardage but this would be portable. Pros and hackers alike would enjoy them as would caddies , a weather link would be cool as well . They would have to be portable , I'll have to think about this one.

I checked out the Apple Lisa computer's , they sound very temperamental, it would be interesting to own one as they are the first computers to use a mouse and ethernet. I'll have to wait until something better becomes available in terms of a computer system.

I'm trying to install Web Objects 3.5.1 on a NeXT cube as it will be fun to learn. We also have been authorized to resell Microsoft Academic Products.

A Hawaii surfing story, so Kim and I decided to go surfing a towards the end of the trip. Surfing is a blast and a very good workout. We applaud our Surf Instructor "Aki" has been teaching Surfing for 36Years at Waikiki Beach and we recommend him. We walked up to him very impressed with Waikiki Beach after checking out the Statue honoring "Duke" the Olympic Champion Hawaiian athlete. He introduced surfing everywhere back in the early 60's. Aki honestly was talking with a legendary surfer "Derrick Ho" the 3 time world long board champ, I caught the 2nd wave I tried in all over a dozen waves. Kim did very well to it is an incredible experience catching waves.

Stuck 2 days in the airport coming back flying standby, we tried to leave early as Kim had to get back to teach, oops wound up getting back Monday morning.

Now clearly leaving any possibility of recoverable Stealth technology on the ground is not wise. My recommendation is to open fire at any Stealth wreckage for obvious reasons. We are happy the pilot is OK.

I installed Web Objects 3.5.1 on the old NeXT system running Openstep 4.2 successfully. Everything installs great , however when, I start to follow the tutorial using step by step instructions to my dismay in the 1st steps of creating the Guest Book Application. The tutorial calls and literally requires using the Java programming language. Well of course Java is not an option under Openstep 4.2 Mach on NeXT or Intel hardware as Java has not been ported to Openstep 4.2 Mach. Now, I have to either set up a system running Windows NT or Solaris or wait for Mac OS X Server to arrive which has Web Objects 4.0 bundled and install it on an I-Mac or G3. Another option is using Objective C but the tutorial uses Java classic software headache , I know it is possible to do this simple application in Objective C but they only give an example for Java.

I have a dual boot system running Openstep and Windows 98, however we can't install NT on a system running Windows 98 unless you have system commander for the boot handler or a second harddrive. A boot handler manages multiple Operating Systems by partitioning the harddrive so that they are independent of each other. Openstep does this and allows for up to 4 Operating systems but you can't mix NT and Windows 98 because they conflict in how they use the hardrive.

I'll probably wind up using an external case with scsi harddrive install NT onto the drive and then install, Windows NT or setting up an internal eide drive and toggle back and forth in the bios between booting from the scsi drive with Windows 98 / Openstep or the eide drive with NT . I'll let you know if I break this system as it is the sameone I work on daily. It is all theory, stay tuned as Rob tries to configure this to work.

Then I might as well install Web Objects 4.0 on this disk instead of 3.5.1 as it is the latest version available for NT and not Mach. I have done NT installs but this is typical of the stuff people have to go through to use some software applications . Once I figure out how to get past the hurdle of reconfiguring my current working system , hopefully without toasting it. So by some miracle NT installs correctly the first try, and I can boot into it just fine. Then I install Web Objects 4.0 so that I can work with the tutorials , tackle Java and Webscripting language. I'll dynamic web pages, learning some of the features that Web Objects is capable of is amazing. Stay tuned as the install clown prepares to enter the Guru in training battle, may the configuration Gods of computer components be with me.

4/4/99 Guess I better follow up on this story as I have a little time today on into the evening, so we all may look at the world today in our own way and the freedom to do so is one of the best qualities of the US , Freedom of Speech. World at our fingertips, some things are cool as in good on some fronts, some areas are just coasting along and we have very troubled situations for others. We all choose our directions and lives each and every day and wonder what the heck is going on sometimes. I wonder more often than not but I know I'm making a difference in some small way in this world for the better to help try and make it a better place.

So the eyes of the world currently fall on the situation developing in Kosovo primarily through the media perspective. I thought I would offer an independent thought and try to remain as open to this story as possible. I have taken a gander at many News web sites and independent web sites and newspapers and TV and radio so here it goes. Perhaps the answers or solution for them lies with in each and every person in that region of the world and for that matter in every other region of the world. I think most people agree it is great when large , even very large populations of people have the good fortune and common sensibility through inner intelligence to create incredibly awesome living conditions. It is not about million dollar homes and streets paved with gold. If a grass hut on a beach in the middle of Africa works for you and life is enjoyable, functional and happiness abounds than I think that is cool.

Example here is a classic photo, computer Guru Max relaxing in Senegal looks to me like hammock land paradise with no electricity needed, his girlfriend Elisa is personally making a difference in the Peace core for the locals:

I know Max and Elisa especially will laugh, when she logs into the site and sees this for sure.

It is an awesome feeling when you can fell safe in your home, neighborhood, city, state and country and why not everybody for once get along in the whole wide world.More Max photos from Africa soon and Rob photo's soon, it makes it easy for Elisa to see them.

Apparently from what we can tell through our own interpretation of the pictures presented to us of Kosovo is disagreement over basic philosophical differences are leading to death, destruction and all out war in that part of the world today. It is sickenly traditional and goes back in time a long way. History tells of these battles over land , religion and politics stretching back 1000's of years the most notable being WW1. WW1 started in this very region and then escalated causing complete chaos in Europe.

I ask them from my heart as a human being to human being, why not stop fighting about life in a little section of this great big world and realize it is more important for us to be free to live here on the really big picture that we know as Earth and actually have fun doing it. We would appreciate if the world could take a step back and a vote on this peace ballot issue. Peace is an excellent answer. Not trying to sound like a politician or analyst but all of the weapons and harshness need to be holstered pointing them is crazy.

Max purchased a replica of an 1860 Colt Revolver and we went to the range. Basically you have powder , these little cannon ball looking shells and a blasting cap thing . I let Max load them in , the process to reload takes about 10 minutes and people were chuckling. A mix of people were at the range from hunters to what looked like off duty police to honest types to shady looking characters to wives and they have these paper targets. You where ear and eye protections as stuff is flying everywhich way , geese. I felt like a cowboy deputy in the old west as a cloud of blue smoke would rise from this old style revolver as it kicked out the round projectile and sent it hurling towards the target. I actually hit the bullseye once and the targets quite a few times sometimes 6 for 6, but the accuracy quickly diminished the further the paper target moved out. It is scary that this old revolver was what was used during the civil war, duels, gun fights in the old west and whatever other commotion it led to in history, at times throwing a rock may have been a better option than this thing like during a rain storm.

I'm sending an Internet message in a bottle to you all and it is of peace, the psychology of what is going on over there from a different perspective, approximately 2 million people live in Kosovo and they are split down the middle roughly on what the believe in and are fighting to the death about it.

I may speak about relationships as I'm in an interesting situation. Jody and I have been spending a lot of time together, she has helped tremendously with the business , organization and a lot of fun.

At current issue is my friendship with Kim and Jody. As the readers know , I'm already toast and may actually find myself a good old fashioned soap opera style s*** s****.

Why Windows sucks, I just lost 10 pages worth of story because Windows froze up as I was saving it now the above seems all screwed up sounding.

I sold a NeXT computer to a gentleman that worked with Tim Berniers Lee inventor of the World Wide web and will deliver it today as he lives in Colorado.

4/5/99 Ever feel like your spinning your wheels, I spent a few hours stewing over all of the lost text, now gone forever never to be exactly replicated. I switch platforms frequently when working and I'm constantly perplexed by Windows , especially the blue screen error messages, as a person I'm really ticked by the loss of what I wrote last night , well here goes from the best of my recollection. .

The concept was comparing Kosovo to Denver and the similarities in population but the total difference in the philosophy of what is going on day to day. In Denver , we would never think of going to war with our neighbors or people on the other side of town , over all the spirit in Denver is positive , it is a great place to be. Yes, Denver has troubled areas as well but it is the exception and not the rule.

I took the time to read through several Web sites and news groups directly related to the current situation in Kosovo, including the official Yugoslavia web site. As far as I can tell through reading an outline of the constitution many of the basic fundamental ideas are completely ignored by the current government leader Milosevic. In the Yugoslav Constitution , Yugoslavian people are granted the freedom to assemble , the freedom of speech and the freedom to live life as they choose without prejudice like our country. What has happened? Currently and as an educated guess, approximately 300,000 people have been driven from their homes because the fundamental ideas in their constitution have broken down, they have lost the spirit , trust, faith and ideas that form their constitution. If the basic concepts are ignored by the government and then the people won't believe in the idea set forth through their own constitution and further more it is not practiced in reality or taught through education. It is destined to fall apart at the seems.

So battles develop and fights break out , then NATO steps in and the whole situation becomes more dramatic in the worlds eyes as the media plays up every move adding fuel to the fire. I would guess that of the 2 Million plus people in Kosovo, 100,000 are involved in the military end with perhaps up to 500,000 being involved in other ways supporting the military and political stuff. Out of that group perhaps 10,000 are serious trouble makers , with 1000 of them being extremely nuts. Perhaps a few hundred are involved on the political side and leading or taking direction from the leader Milosevic.

The figures are obviously just a guess, the core of the problem appears to be a long time feud over differences in the everyday way to carry on living life. It literally has been going on far to long, it may be taught from childhood on up reinforced through the generations.

Will things ever change , yes probably , but it is going to have to come from the hearts and minds of their people and their population. Philosophically , taking control by force , air bombing, plans for ground troops and all of the tactics and strategies involved with carrying out wars are never going to solve it in the long run. The NATO tactics and strategies will inevitably prevail unless the conflict spills over the borders drawn up through apparently 1000's of years of conflicts. We don't want wars, we want peace , I ask about the War for Peace, everyone can get along.

What has to happen is the Yugoslavian people have to realize is a very small percentage of the Kosovo population is responsible for the majority of the problems and the escalation of them. I would think the majority of the population probably does not want a war, they don't want their people to die, they are probably not even sure what the whole mess is about, if they took the time to sort it out.

The ones leaving are scared because of the bombing, the tanks and troops many have been forced from their homes , others are leaving by choice because the situation is frightening.

I personally think the trouble makers over their should have to deal with a hail storm, may be have a snow ball fight or deal with a few rain storms complete with lightening, obviously Jody is breaking my train of thought this evening and it makes it difficult to continue writing.

My parents returned from the annual 3 month's in Hawaii , I laughed as a snow storm and crazy weather has been happening since their return.

On to the next episode, Easter Sunday, yesterday, more of the lost text returning to the web page, Jody met my parents for the first time. Love came to town , I'm out of here.

This went well, we went and visited long time friends of our family the Gores out in Parker Colorado. The Gores recently returned from a journey through the Israel and Egypt. Here are a few of their stories.

The photographs and stories of legend they told where of historical importance and interest. They visited many synagogue's, church's and mosques that were physically located on places that biblical events actually reportedly happened. A rock surrounded by tile with the outline of fish surrounded by a church , where the wine, loafs and fishes event took place. The synagogue where Jesus learned and taught, another church surrounded the rock where the ascension happened. I thought it was interesting the the word for stone mason and carpenter was the same. As their were very few trees in the region Jesus may have actually been a stone mason. The home of Jesus as a child is made of stone.

They also visited the wailing wall and the burning bush still there and they have never been able to transplant any branches from it. 3000 year old olive trees also it was also interesting to see that after pilgrimages to Mecca are made people decorated their homes to tell the story of there journey.

A story of particular interest to me is the story of the East Gate an entrance to one of the cities. It was sealed cemented shut hundreds of years ago. (I thought it was interesting and eerie that when I wrote this last night it was lost forever as Bill Gates software Windows froze and would not allow me to save my writing of this important idea, now I'm saving every few sentences.) The reason they chose to cement it shut is a true messiah is reportedly supposed to enter the city through the gate at some point. I'm saying it would be cool , if they opened up the gate and let people everyone walk through it.

Everyone deserves a chance to walk through that gate, I'm thinking may be the gate has been locked way to long several hundred years, it is time , it is written and humor will prevail in the end. I have the key, it is laughter , what if it was possible for someone like me to send a message of humor and peace from 1000's of miles away over the Internet, claiming to have the key to this particular gate for once. We can all unlock the gate of peace in our minds the timing is very good, as John Lennon said give peace a chance.

I had this dream last night, it might be possible to unlock this gate , I wonder, who currently is responsible for the gate and what if they really open it up to everyone, I guarantee people over their will smile and know it is good. I have seen the photograph and I know this story is true. Someone reading this will understand and may be it will happen , so I'll go with it. Please note it took an extra day because of Windows and myself to actually get this idea out there "Save". The moral is we all have the power to open the gate of peace, let's work together to make it happen.

The true story of the tourists and the camel ride from Abdul in Egypt. Newsflash, Abdul scoped out the tour bus as it pulled up. His prices were very reasonable and he had 2 takers for Camel tours instantly.

It looked like the camel was booking full stride with a lady tourist barely holding on (photograph) dust flying up in his wake. The onlookers soon thought the Camel ride was going very quickly, suspiciously quickly. Upon the tourists, camels and Abdul's return to the starting point. Abdul was promptly arrested by the local authorities as the real owner "name unknown" of the Camels had returned from going to the bathroom, only to find his camels missing. However, when the Camels returned , he was psyched and the phony Camel guide was promptly arrested. I'm not sure what the fine is for Camel borrowing and renting with out permission but I'm sure it carries a hefty fine and a few days in the pokey in that region of the world. The Pyramid's in the background, I'm sure people laughed about it and a few good spirits chuckled as well.

4/7/99 From out of the confusion more stories, one of our latest customers is Phil is cool and he just purchased a Mono Turbo. He worked with Tim Berniers Lee at MIT for a few years and now works at Excite regarding privacy issues. Professor Tim Berniers Lee is an ordinary person, a few years back, he needed to access a few papers , so reportedly, he invented the http standard and a web browser on an old NeXT using the developer tools. The World Wide Web is now one of the most impressive and amazing creations in history in just a few short years it is changing the whole philosophy of learning.

What they are able to do at a search engine location is impressive, when you walk through the door , a Corvette with Excite logos and leather seats greets you at the entrance. Church Ranch exit off highway 36 on the way to Boulder cool field trip, the owner only has 7 of them.

Interestingly enough I learned some valuable truths with in a matter of minutes about what actually goes on at a search engine location and this concerns you , me and everybody on the web. I think we all will appreciate knowing this and I hope I'm not sounding to out there to be believed.

I'm interested in putting together a search engine because the information highway needs another filling station:

When you log into a search engine like Excite, Yahoo, Alta Vista or AOL,your request arrives via fiber optics and behind the seen is the incredibly powerful artificial brain like HAL in 2001. Most of us don't realize how smart the search engine computer network truly is and we don't even think twice when we search for something. An impressive set up, (Matchbox), Excite generates their own electricity using diesel generators to battery, a backup generator called the green monster will cover a 24 hour outage.

Jody and I found ourselves standing in the Air-conditioned room running Sun Servers running Sun OS, IBM RS6000 Mainframes, Rack Mount DEC Alphas and Pentium II's running E-mail (40,000,000 messages a week), Networked with NT, Novell , Linux and Apache. Now this is a cool gig , to observe in action, if you are into computers and understand how powerful this location is beam me up Scotty.

I'm still working on this....

Did you know when you log into a search engine these days, they keep track of it every time. They have developed a database profile of 250 or more key words that YOU use the most frequently , when you are on a search engine. These databases are powerful and worth a lot of money to advertisers, my BS BA with a concentration in Marketing, heck I'm drooling at the possibilities. I have uncovered the biggest Spam Making Machine ever and the jokes on us, why because it is us.

I just ran spell check on this very story and 993 errors were corrected for your enjoyment.

Here is a typical scenario, for those of you reading this already and can't wait until it is out there,

If I wager a dollar I can prove this to you in 5 seconds to one minute on a search engine, honestly please feel free to send me a dollar, if you think that information is of interest to you or just buy something from the Black Hole or if you need to purchase a Corvette please let me know. May be we can try to agree that I just possibly have stuck a sword deep into the heart of the Spambot and produced a Corvette advertisement for you, it is Internet magic.

You are getting sleepy, log into this Web Site , http://www.excite.com/ , in the search field type in Corvette.

Presto and advertisement banner for Corvette instantly appears. Those advertisements are a direct result of your logging in and looking for a specific product. The difference is GM , grabs that request in a Heartbeat. This is just one example , I'm positive Amazon.com is having a field day with us.

When you log in the information is stored in the database for future reference , everytime you use the search engine you create more data. Fortunately they don't have advertisements for all of the products we search for but what troubles me is any company now has the ability to gather complete information about us through any activities we choose to have on search engines because this information is instantly for sale to them. They put advertisements on 4000 different sites and any time a search happens , specific to their industry or product the grab it. Big Brother is watching you , it has made me think about what I need to look for and this could be really fun. I can see it know, soon Spam E-mail or junk mail will magically arrive from GM Credit Cards or Automobile stuff in the mail amazingly perhaps coincidence. They are licking their chops waiting to make the sale of a Corvette, a phone call out of the blue , would you like to test drive a Corvette. Answer is Yes!

I'm looking forward to helping Tim Berniers Lee fix his NeXT Cube and will ask for permission to print his words about how he actually invented the web.

On a sad note in as the Black Hole turns, Jody became truly upset with me today at the fact that I haven't paid enough attention to her. I'm trying to explain that computer work seemingly never ends, when I'm working I can not concentrate on 2 things at once . My hours are long sometimes but at least it is mostly working from home. We both agreed we've spent a lot of time together in a short amount of time like around the clock and it is good to have space. We had a birthday party for her friend Deb and she complained that I wasn't social enough with her friends. Deb had given me a Lego's CD for her son, I installed it , which took 20 minutes and tried it out. It is cool and Deb's son Trini thought it was neat.

Jody took this as ignoring her and then when Z-man called she thought it was Kim. So this further compounded her anger. I've read the Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus book and this is a classic example. I would recommend Shakespeare in Love as a chick flick and not recommend the Matrix as a chick flick. At any rate she packed up all of her stuff and said good bye. Actually this is like the 4th time and I'm going was that another take in Rob's episode of life or what. I'm sure a lot of us have been there before so please humor me , when it rains it pours.

I guess making my living working on a computer selling the most misunderstood operating system in history and over the phones was not well understood by her. The common ground was yes we had a lot of fun times and sincerely enjoyed the times we spent together but business is important to me and earning a living is important to me. She said I have been living my life in the darkness of the Black Hole for the last 7 years and that she was mostly ticked off at Kim. I have not spoke to Kim, since she was upset about the situation when I tried to explain it the situation with Jody. I'm sure Desiree' is out there grinning at this as well.

I think I need to go golfing. On a happy note, my first girlfriend at CSU many moons ago, Gina called me with good news, they had a healthy Baby boy Bryce Montgomery Delaney on March 22, 1999. She had a natural child birth with no Epidermal and it was a good thing because the baby was breached, she was able to lay on her side and then move on all fours and back to her side to eventually correct the problem over 4 and 1/2 hours. With an Epidermal she would have been numb from the waste down and unable to do this so the Doctors would have had to do a C section. The Doctors were amazed at how pink and healthy the baby was as an epidermal usually causes babies to be sluggish. She said as they were leaving the hospital a Bag Piper was playing Auld Ang Zine and Amazing Grace , they are happy.

It is late , I'm going to sleep thanks for listening.

4/17/99 Everything is going fairly good my dad and I plan on planting 4 trees tomorrow. The Denver Digs Trees pickup day is tomorrow so it'll be classic because it is very cold weather. It has been snowing the last few days typical Spring weather in Colorado , rapidly changing weather conditions are par for the course. The golfing conditions were excellent earlier in the week, delayed weather report. I may have to go Ski or Sled.

We posted photos from Max's journey to visit Elisa's in the Peace Corp in Senegal, http://www.blackholeinc.com/senegal/

Technology is moving forward at an amazing pace. We've added a few cool new products that through our research and customers help in pointing them out in the last few days are worth checking out. Notable innovations or inventions that we look forward to trying immediately, the Cross Pen Computing CrossPad Portable Digital Notepad. http://www.crosspad.com/ ,

CrossPad 8 1/2 by 11" notepad allows you to create up to 50 pages of notes, draw graphs and sketch designs and then digitize the data through a com port. We are going to experiment with creating templates, spreadsheet overlay and see how well it performs. Sounds like this is the way to go with notetaking!

After talking with a few customers and hearing about cable modems. I checked out the local TCI web site. Then spoke with a few technicians at TCI about what is obviously the better solution. Cable Modems are the wave of the future and make a lot of sense as they don't tie up phone lines and are upto 100 times faster than a phone line 56K modem combination. The rates are 39.95 a month. They won't have the service routed in until later this year.

Intel Video Computer Phones running on a Cable Modem network with CuCme software offers smooth video phone performance.

4/18/99 The Crosspad works great, Max purchased one for use at Cab Computers. It is a great solution for note taking in any environment.

We also installed Red Hat Linux today and now offer the Linux deluxe pack at Black Hole.

My dad and I planted 4 trees today, a Norway Red Maple, Glenleven, Purple Autumn Ash and a Sunburst Honey Locust. Denver Digs Trees has a program that offers Trees for $15 , if you plant them along a blvd.

4/19/99 I helped Kim choose Art for the big mall show. She teaches 640 Kids (total), Kindergarten through 6 at 2 different schools in Ft. Collins. They really are producing some very good art, I'm honestly very impressed.

I honestly feel the stockmarket today once more adds proof positive to my not so crazy new Wave theory of Economics. Specifically when a story runs as it did today in the Wall Street Journal outlining just why stocks are currently over valued and how Internet stocks are incredibly over valued , when you look at the actual figures like P/E ratio. Enter the Internet surfer factor, they skew the bell curve , many are trading stock on emotion rather than fundamental principals that have existed in business for many moons and are proven to work. The wave is set into motion, what happens with criticism as into today's topic AOL and Yahoo overvalued, without hesitation the Internet Surfers start dumping there stock . Pandemonium, like when all of the water drains out of the bay.

If my wave theory is correct tomorrow, Surf will be up AOL , Yahoo and Microsoft stock surf's is up:

AOL: le: 115 7/8 Open 142 Change: 23 7/8 Previous Close 139 3/4 % Change -17.08% 52 Week High 175.50 Volume 55,669,200 52 Week Low 17.25 Today's High 143 EPS 0.2340 Today's Low 112 P/E Ratio 495.1923 Bid N/A Dividend Per Share 0.0100

AOL will go up as the wave of purchases comes back in , I just signed up for an Etrade account.

I don't think most people have a clue as to how openly accessible and viewable their search data is : scary, a prime example , see what people are actually searching for on Web Crawler : http://webcrawler.com/SearchTicker.html or http://voyeur.mckinley.com/CGI-bin/voyeur.cgi , if you and I are doing this think about the mainframes digesting the data we enter and our IP addresses and throwing advertisements at us, like Big Brother is Watching you only it is real. It is fascinating to watch warning it can be hypnotizing and has huge potential for a drinking game! I'm positive laughter will ensue at some point during your viewing of this within the first 5 minutes. So long for now!

4/20/99 In light of recent tragic events unfolding today in Colorado , I offer a story. My (Opa) Grandfather on my dad's side passed away 2 years ago on this day, peace Opa and my dad's birthday is tomorrow on April 21st looking forward to seeing you mom and dad.

I spoke with my parents, friends and people , we can not believe this has event happened here in Colorado.

It is difficult to write about as we all must be strong, find our inner peace , try to relax and regroup. I chose to play golf to escape the ongoing portrayal in the media. I played incredible and birdied the toughest hole on the course another ball destined for the water on 9 hit a tree and wound up in the fairway, I pared the hole .

I have been thinking about what to say all day, how can you and I make things better. A few days ago I spoke of Denver and for most of the time how life is normal here.

The feeling throughout our city , state and country that is now global is what can been done to try to help improve the current situation for the families , friends , community and world. What is the answer to prevent this from happening anywhere in the future.

The Internet may provide some quality answers, collectively may be people can work together to help prevent situations like this tragedy from happening in the future. My story is small by my philosophy is Life is worth living and it is time for people to work together and try to understand why this happened and how to make it a better place for us all in the long run and hopefully prevent it from happening anywhere in the future.

I spoke of a band much earlier in the story Big Head Todd and the Monsters, please note they are a very friendly rock and roll band . I consider them friends, they play excellent music and they graduated from Columbine High School and then attended Colorado State University. They now are gaining popularity nationwide but this story is not about them sadly.

The story of Columbine High School today in Littleton , CO involves reportedly at least 1 student and 1 former student from Columbine basically going bezerk and shooting, throwing pipe bombs resulting in injuries , carnage and death throughout the school . After watching this horrible story of the mass shooting unfold since before noon with reportedly as many as 25 people dead and an additional 25 injured, it really feels unbelievable but it really happened. As many of you globally have now seen or read about this as well, the interviews with the surviving victims are emotional and moving. I empathize with them.

It appears that these gunmen obviously needed some form of attention or help long before this happened. The suspects are believed to be dead at the school from self inflicted gunshot wounds.

Our heartfelt hopes, thoughts , prayers and condolences go out to the students, faculty and staff at Columbine High School.

Earlier in my story of life , I spoke of my own personal experience at being mugged at gunpoint in my former home. It has made writing this even more difficult as my personal memory of that experience is not one that ever goes away and I prefer not to bring up. It helps me heal to talk about it and hope it helps some of you to hear this or read this story.

I personally extend the idea of a dream for you all; so powerful is this dream that it is destined to drive the nightmares and evil demons away and send them running clear and free from your mind. As with a wave in comes a sense of peace , happiness and beautiful place of your own design will appear and take its place. Perhaps a tropical island with a magical beach and positive Karma Island Music , good food and good spirits. May the people in your dream be happy, helpful and guide you on the way to a party or celebration so huge, cool and fun that you know everything is going to be all right as the sunsets and rises, you will awake only to remember the dream and return there again whenever needed.

I have a Dream catcher from the American Indians and spoke of it earlier in the story as well. Peace to all , a good night and positive dreams to all , hope this makes perfect sense and that you sleep well in your place of happiness, where no nightmares may ever enter because nightmares are always automatically washed away eternally because it is your happy and protected place. If I see you all there as it is where I hang out , I'll greet you with a friendly hello and remember it is a party for all to enjoy so enjoy! Until the next time have fun, hope your life is good and stay tuned for the next episode of as the Black Hole turns.

4/21/99 Happy Birthday Dad, hope you enjoy the cookies. Here is a story about Big Head Todd :http://bcn.boulder.co.us/campuspress/feb131997/bigheadtodd0213.html

4/29/99 I thought it would be cool to add some links to recent customers Kip Thorne one of the worlds formost authorities on Black Holes and called over the weekend when his Scanner driver broke on his Openstep system , he was in the middle of creating a presentation for NASA. I was able to help him out and also found a lecture that he gave on Black Holes and the possibility of time travel. He didn't know it was online and gave me permission to link to it I know you will find it interesting. If you are a time traveler please let us know what we can do to help.

Tim Berniers Lee information and the story of how he invented the web using NeXT software and hardware. We will be repairing his Cube soon.

Columbine High School, one of my golfing buddies Johnnie lives just a few doors down from Isiaih Schoels, one of the unfortunate victims of the crazy psychos. As he was helping me yesterday unpack all of the computers that came in we talked about it and it has really affected all of us. As a lot of the kids live in his neighborhood, it is a very emotional time for all, peace be with you Isiaih.

The latest NeXT computers were delivered by a cool truck driver named Phil and he delivers products for NASA and other high tech companies. A lot of these NeXT workstations have Top Secret on them and may seriously be from Area 51 , SAC or the CIA. Fits well with my continuing saga and interesting story of these NeXT computers.

The women are back , Kim and Jody , thanks for coming back into the story . It makes it far more entertaining.

Kim stopped over after snowboarding and we had a lot of fun Saturday night , then birds were chirping. I invented a cool drink call it the Tuity Fruity, Pina Colada mix, Orange Juice not from concentrate and Cranberry Cherry Juice with Malibu Rum and crushed ice. Recommended party drink..

I'm educated guessing that if the WWW is linked up that Doctors may pool their resources and discover more effective ways to treat terminal diseases.

I personally have Rheumatoid Arthritis and it is currently for the most part in remission .I woke up one day after not being able to literally move on some days and decided to personally battle back against the pain through my efforts of exercise by playing golf , other sports , guitar and now even Tae Bo . I'm feeling better all of the time but when the weather changes I can feel it. It is late I've worked 3 16hour days in a row, I'm sleepy as the Black Hole turns.

5/2/99 John Elway retired today.

5/25/99 I'm very busy trying to keep up with running this business and upon request Jody shall be spake of no more in this story nor in this business.

5/27/99 Where to start , what to write about today as time goes on many people have commented on this story. A lot of people like the Millennium Day idea and some people think that I'm saying in some cloaked way that Bill Gates is the antichrist , the legendary character that is supposed to show up at some point and screw the world over. Hmm when anyone's system freezes for no apparent reason and they are using Windows or other Microsoft born products , we obviously curse computers very existence and it might as well be Windows 666 software. I don't really believe that Bill Gates is the Antichrist, but for the sake of humor I'll just go with it as heck vote Bill Gates for Antichrist in 2000.

The Dr. and many others have read this whole story and I think that is classic in itself so it is truly ongoing work in progress and no reason to be scared , I'm a friendly person .

So the latest news from Apple is end of life for Openstep 4.2 Mach on Intel, they are moving on to Mac OS X server, I now have a power book that I traded a Turbo Cube for , it seems cool and I like the hardware. I'm sad about Openstep potentially fading away from Intel although afterstep on Linux Redhat seems fairly cool but configuring all of this stuff is no where near as easy as Openstep.

All Operating systems have their flaws but I still can appreciate Openstep for its simple ease of use.

I don't know about you all but personally trying to figure out stuff in Windows 98 and Linux costs me all sorts of time and is continually frustrating. Fortunately guru Max is always able to figure out practically anything I break or the Antichrist Windows software gods that spew cryptic error messages forth from the blue screen of death, Heck I honestly don't try to break the software as uptime and productivity is important to me, it just happens and it can become a fiasco that can stretch into days of ongoing puzzlement on how to fix some problem. Trying to find a driver is like Indiana Jones, geese a modem driver for example US Robotics now owned by 3 com, cryptic OEM part numbers led to confusion , finally I spoke with a tech that new the magic driver location but I spent hours trying to figure it out. Why because Windows lost my modem driver for no apparent reason and it didn't have it in its normal list of drivers as this was the golden modem on high.

It would be great if instead of a blue screen , we could change it to something more comical perhaps a Bozo image , that cackles and says you have screwed up that says , you now have the option of playing a video game or tempts you go ahead take a 15 minute break while I fix myself up, yes I would like to see Windows repair itself rather than turn blue or heck may be it could say just go play golf and blow off the rest of the day. Of course nothing is worse than a frozen computer, then you reboot and you have to deal with scandisk because of improper shutdown and you enter safe mode , which adds more confusion as I'm not really sure what you are supposed to be doing in safe mode but it makes me nervous so I logout immediately. Or perhaps it could say please power down the computer by unplugging it and artificial flames spewed from the image of Bozo Bill 98 and it was good and Y2K bugs crawled forth from its mouth and out came the words Windows 2000, yikes , run for the hills...

I have customers that are hoping and encouraging me to pursue Steve Jobs and ask him , if I am worthy enough to keep Openstep on Intel a shipping product. My thought is to work with you all, perhaps 5000 people are not worth it to Apple but to me and you it is well worth it to keep our sanity and our safe Openstep option going. Like the Linux guy, I would like to keep Openstep going for the good of all. I'm told a product called Darwin , helps all of this somehow and when time permits I'll learn about it, but I am but one person and how must we defeat this legendary proposed Antichrist Bill Gates somehow it is written.

I'm virtually delirious after spending many 16 hour days working on refurbishing computers and filling orders. Zman has been helping , old Max and my dad , well we put in a totally new sprinkler system for the house and planted trees. I also have been hanging out with a new gal , I've known for a long time Trish, also known as Trish the dish. Trouble is a brewing , she recruits for Anderson Financial and she is a fox , we have fun.

Kim is coming down tomorrow for the Avalanche game, I've been going to a lot of the home playoff games, it is crazy that they start them at 5:30, hello rush hour , it is nuts trying to get there but the games are always fun. We are pulling for the Vas to play well and win tomorrow , rock and roll.

Also after receiving a phone call from one of the big wigs at Taylor Made may be even the owner after writing a comical story last night they assure me that I'll be receiving one of the first left handed sets of Firesole Irons and Drivers to come off of the production line this week.

3 day weekend start of summer all is good , as the Black Hole Turns.

6/7/99 A lot to think about these days for sure, apparently Firesole had problems with the manufacture of their 6 irons, so the golf clubs won't arrive now until mid June.

Business and projects, we are finishing up on the system for Cornell. I'm convinced the Intel or any Video Phones are the wave of the future. I always enjoy tinkering with equipment and occasionally I have mishaps.

A prime example was the engineering fiasco I created this weekend. I know have proof that EDO 168 pin 64 Mb Dimms from Compaq have the capability of frying Intel Motherboards with little warning. After installing them and plugging the system in , I new something was wrong when it started up on its own and at the smell of electrical smoke , I pulled the plug. The documentation and experience installing 100's of sticks of ram led me to believe and other talented home-brew computer Gurus that ram is ram is ram. So at any rate I'm hoping that was all I toasted as it was our server.

I'm falling back working on this old but good Turbo Cube. I've learned how to go in and fix Intel drivers for Openstep and am psyched that I am now able to configure AGP Video Cards and Sound Blaster Cards so they work with Openstep for you all.

It is also cool that I can configure Intel Video Phones, Crosspads and my friends are amazed at the new technology.

Home project, well the new sprinkler system we installed is working great, most of this weekend was spent doing landscaping and it turned out awesome. The Z Man was of great assistance, basically we removed as much of the big stump from the old cottonwood tree that I removed last fall on the corner as we could, serious labor, shovel work and axes. Then we leveled the ground and made a good earthen foundation for the stone wall. The bricks were from Eagle hardware and are about $1.50 each but it looks great. I added in a mix of peatmoss, topsoil and manure several 1000 wild flower seeds along with real flowers and plants of many sorts including vegetables , it looks great from the road. A much needed improvement as it was looking like the Adams family yard for awhile.

It is a great sense of accomplishment doing projects yourself and with family and friends sometimes. I now have a working sprinkler system for about $300 parts and equipment rental also Home-brews and Barbecue has worked well, the awesome showcase flower and vegetable garden still underconstruction but most of it is done ran an additional $300 and 4 trees, 3 are doing well and the 4th is still in shock but it shows a little greenery. The Denver digs trees program has these for $15 a tree so $60, if you plant them on the blvd. It was $400 to remove the old 60 foot tall diseased tree, it took 40 minutes to cut it down and then the rest of the day to clean up all the branches. Denver Digs Trees is a great idea, you may look into it in your city as it is fun to plant a tree.

The funnest part of this is watching people and the neighbors as they keep missing their turn onto the street or turning a block early or late because they are used to the former Adams Family look. I've also noticed that many of the babes at the park and walking by will actually talk to me which is cool. Z Man , however that's another story, just kidding Z.

The park heath implemented a pooper scooper station, I'm thinking of adding one for my front yard as practically nothing can stir the wrath of a man up more than stepping into a steaming pile. Now unwaringly trekking it into the house compounds the situation , but the worst is the barefoot gig, I can't resist...I would compare the barefoot experience to using Microsoft stuff at times. Bill Gates and his wife has donated 5 Billion dollars to the William H. Gates the 3rd foundation , I'm not sure what that means but I hope it does a world of good for charity somehow. Bill Gates, seriously why don't you make an amusement park that goes beyond anything ever imagined?

My next project is putting together a pristine NeXT computer and printer for a museum in Texas. Our customer apparently spent the weekend with former President George Bush, I know they will enjoy the computer! I liked Star Wars the Phantom Menace. Happy 41st Anniversary Mom and Dad, I'm glad everything came back OK with Dad's Biopsy.

6/9/99 The new flower boxes apparently confused my old cat Bonkers as he was lost for over a day. We thought that may be he had wandered off never to return but happy to report that he is back.

Max was a great help today in putting together a lot of workstations. Ever notice how when you start a journal sometimes you go for days without adding anything interesting.

I could talk about golf , nah you all reading about it probably think it is more boring than watching it on TV. However, I think it would be entertaining to have a US Open Golf tournament for hackers broadcast live. In order for the hackers to qualify they would have to go through local then regional tournaments and shoot 80 to 100 consistently. The gallery would be given shields and certain areas would be completely off limits as golf balls would no doubt be flying everywhere, this would be a special tournament as one foot wedge, two moving the ball to give a better lie, and one mulligan would be allowed per round, also increase the size of the hole to a bucket on one par 3 would add to the flavor of the event and all kinds of humorous rulings would be allowed only if approved by the judges, preferably Well qualified Hooters girls. As an added bonus Penalty strokes for Water, OB and Lost Balls would be dropped in other words pretty much let chaos reign.

The idea would be instead of only score there would be a few judgment holes to determine the winner unknown to the contestants. With secret hidden areas that only a truly bad shot would wind up, then if they still manage to par the hole from that position an added bonus.

Perhaps in the spirit of the event a new car could be strategically located with a bonus point for hitting it.

The catch would be once a player reached 100 strokes they would be out so they would have to finish under 100 and accumulate the most bonus points, I can only imagine the snickering going on as this is very much happening on a day to day basis at many golf courses. It actually took 3 hours and 10 minutes to play 9 holes the other day, including a 35 minute wait on a T box . Closest to the cart girl shots and of course missing would count as birdies.

The best part would be to invite Tiger Woods and have him playing Left Handed as may be TaylorMade Golf equipment would provide him with a left handed set , quicker than they will for me. I guess what I'm trying to say is some days are better than others on the Golf Course, it is fun and I'd rather be golfing than doing practically anything else.

6/22/99 Today was a sad day for me but in some ways it is a good and merciful thing I choose to do and I feel right about my decision. My old cat Bonkers was 18 Years old, in the past few month's , his health deteriorated dramatically. He was very , very thin and in the past few weeks , it was obvious that he was in pain . He normally kept himself very clean but he began to have accidents around the house. His special food was not helping and then today he developed a sinus infection. I didn't know this morning that I would make the decision to have him put to sleep. It was his time, I called my parents , Desiree', her mom , spoke with my sister , Kim and others and we thought it was time to help in doing the right thing.

I had the other 2 cats spend some time with him before and then took him over to my parents. I let him explore around in their garden as it is really nice with flowers, birds and he lay down in the grass under a tree. Desiree' called and I held the phone to his ear, his hearing was not very good lately but I knew somehow he understood. The sky was echoing with thunder the whole time, honestly it was interesting. My dad made a casket for him , mom and I held him and talked with him, let him know it was going to be OK. He was going to a better and peaceful place, we told him to look for Ma, my Great Grandma that passed a few years back as no doubt she is taking care of many good cats in Heaven.

We took him over to the vet and 2 people a man and wife emerged having just euthanized their pet. They walked past and started crying as they stepped through the door. I lost it as well, it is not often that I cry but this was one of those times, we took him in comforted him and Dr. Seargent Euthanised him, with in a minute , the Doc pronounced he passed. I felt his spirit whoosh by and on the drive home noticed the traffic light by the dumb friends league Animal Shelter blinking Red as though lightning struck.

I arrove home and showed the other cats so they understood. We are all somber but I feel at ease I knew he was suffering beyond anything the best current medicine or special dietary food would be able to cure. We buried him in the flower bed in front of my house overlooking the park. Peace to you Bonkers, you crazy cat you know my heart will always have a special place for you and may we meet again someday.

My friend Steve, Z Man has been helping organize a lot of the NeXT stuff and I appreciate it. My Taylor Made golf clubs finally arrived and they help. I had a 36 on the Creek 9 at Kennedy golf course , 1 over par and my best round on a very challenging 9. I'm trying to play every day and today was a good day to play and clear my thoughts.

I was appointed to the board of directors for a new computer museum a customer is implementing down in Texas and will be in charge of setting up a hands on NeXT display for everyone to use. I'm looking forward to helping make it a really fun display and am open to all of your ideas, suggestions and any donations of cool NeXT stuff that you would deem appropriate for this endeavor.

Apple sent me their remaining current inventory of Openstep 4.2.

The miller moth's are out in full force , if you don't know what these are just think of perhaps the looniest bug you can think of as a bonus they are attracted to light , much like the Windows user, (I couldn't resist) and wind up flying into everything. You go to put on your shoes or start up your Air Conditioner in your car, moth's fly out, Barbecue grill, more moth's , shaking the water cooler on the golf course produced hundreds of them flew out , possible hack shot caused by moth, open the refrigerator they fly in and of course this is bogus, even the thrown so something must be done. Clue, if you set a night light with a pan of soapy water many moth's will be hot tubing by morning . Signing off for now !

Viovoice software is cool as you can talk to the computer and it writes. I need to retrain mine as sometimes it is OK but other times it comes up with really weird words , sentences and phrases that make no sense, even more bazaar than this legendary story , I've been telling you all for awhile. I've actually been reading the good book and others lately , as it helps in times of trouble to learn more and relate. Life is good.

7/7/99 I thought I should put something new here for sure, back to the Millennium Day concept. It is unusual how things all of a sudden relate to this over and over. Kim and I doing research as she has accepted a new teaching position at a Junior High in Ft. Collins for Photography and Computers. Interestingly the wind just closed a door upstairs, kind of made me jump.... well at any rate , we were checking out pin hole photography and the history of it , seems that in 1580 a church in the Vatican had a noon mark , sundial type of gig. They did an experiment and proved to Pope Gregory that the vernal Equinox Calendar was off by 10 days. So he thought about this carefully for 2 years, then in 1582 March 11 became March 21 , 10 calendar days went into the void and he also implemented that leap year days would not be celebrated on Century years unless it was divisible by 400.

I am positive there is some hidden meaning to this once in 400 year day and the obvious thing to do is move it to after December 31, 1999 and before January 1, 2000 an extra 24 hours to party. I even emailed the Vatican to ask them about it for approval, seeing as how they set up this calendar. I really don't think it is all that crazy and many people like the idea, why not bend the rules of time and calendars one time , now that would be a great thing and we all would remember it!

n 1475 the Renaissance mathematician and astronomer Paolo Toscanelli placed a bronze ring with an aperture in a window in the Cathedral of Florence, still in use today. On sunny days a solar image is projected through the hole onto the cathedral's floor. At noon, the solar image bisects a "noon-mark" on the floor. The image and noon-mark were used for telling time (Renner 1995:6).

In 1580 papal astronomers used a pinhole and a similar noon-mark in the Vatican Observatory in Rome to prove to Pope Gregory XIII that the spring equinox fell incorrectly on 11 March rather than on 21 March. Two years later, after careful consideration, Pope Gregory XIII corrected the Julian calendar by 10 days, thus creating the Gregorian calendar (Renner 1995:7).

So , I'm thinking it is up to Pope John Paul II , he would be the man with the authority to alter time and have a celebration for all of us currently using the Gregorian calendar, I fairly certain it is really supposed to happen as destiny keeps providing clues for me. It seems that all of the computers and everything that is related to calendars , I'm talking machines would be welcome to stay on the regular Calendar for the days from January 1 through February 28 th but the humans would be allowed to stay on the modified Calendar which would return to normal on March 1st, convincing the world of this is not easy but I might as well try.

I also sold a NeXT Cube to one of the higher ups at Microsoft, now that is classic , hmmm at least we know there will be one computer running a great OS with in as he called it the evil empire. I talked to him about the idea for the smart card that kids would plug in to surf the world wide kids net. He thought it was a great idea and forwarded it to the people that can make it happen, even if I don't receive a dime , as my friend Paul said it is a Nobel thing to give an idea like that to a giant for the good of the world. My parents and friends said hey they just steal ideas, well I guess I'll find out. If a huge check arrives I'll be psyched , if not and the idea does become reality then you know it was me and I know it was me and all will be good. We all miss old Bonkers

Summer is going great , business is brisk and my golf game is improving. I'm planning on taking the Jet Ski out this week as the weather is hot during the day and cool at night. I'll write more when I have a chance.

7/14/99 I thought I would write as my golf game today was phenomenal at the creek. I birdied 1 and 2, on 3 I even hit a good shot when the bodacious cart girl approached and nearly birdied again on 3 and 4 both par's, birdied 5 to go 3 under, then caught a ride with Brian the irrigation Super as he was collecting the flags, dusk approached, on 6 great drive then 3 wood off to the side into the deep rough, hit a chip shot amazingly out but wound up with a bogie. On 7 the easiest hole a 150 yd par 3 , I hit the pin the other today, wound up in a footprint in the sand trap, wound up with a 5 , back to even par, on 8 nearly birdied from 8 ft. after a monster drive with 180 yard with hardly any light , tap in golfing Jedi par. On 9 tough hole, great perfect drive, second shot from 170 to 12 feet , finish with another tap in Jedi Par. Finally a par round out on the creek.

The weather here is hot in the 90's with occasional rain. Typical summer in Colorado.

I've been playing the same Colorado lotto numbers for years and it is classic as I went to purchase a ticket and they had just closed. I base the one concept on Porsche as I thought why not try and win one. So I would play 9,11,14,17,24,28 and sometimes 35 instead of one of the other numbers as they all are variables of Porsche like 911, 914, 917 racer, 924, 928,935 Turbo Carrera.

I look at the lotto www.coloradolottery.com Saturday and wouldn't you know it, 11,14,17,25 whoops 1 off of 24,28,35 , geese so much for that theory. My other theories which I'll share with you all and hope it helps you win somewhere that would be cool. I think I'm close, usually we have 42 numbers and you pick 6. I say to heck with it and pick only from the first range of 14 numbers, 1 to 14 or 2nd 14, 15 to 28 or 3rd 14, 29 to 42. I've also noticed that sometimes 2,3 even 4 numbers in a row hit and for some reason 10 numbers apart happens as well. Obviously I'm hosed whenever the numbers are higher or lower than the range of 14 but if all 6 numbers fall with in the 14 number range there is a strong chance for a payout. 3 pays like $5, 4 pays $50 , 5 on up to $1000 and all 6 would have paid 5 Million.

I'm considering even a tighter number range after seeing 1234, 6 and 8 on one drawing last fall but who knows , we all have our different ways of picking winning numbers. A professor here won by doing straight probabilities on one drawing so I'm thinking precedence has been set for a winning combo based on statistics, I'm trying to get my NeXT to kick out some answers as well. They linked 100 of them together at Stanford a few years back and using the Zilla app , they were able to find the largest prime number since 1974.

Have fun, good luck and if it works for you please remember me!

7/30/99 The Internet is changing the destiny of the planet in many ways. As far as communication , it is a very useful tool.

It is impressive how virtually anything can become global news and enjoyable to everyone with in minutes, for example my mom's birthday, yesterday was fun. I invited my parents over for a barbecue and actually did a good job putting it together, mom enjoyed the Filet Mignon Steaks , really awesome traditional bratworst and spicy Italian sausages, sweet corn , crab salad and for desert Swiss Chocolate Cake and Peaches & Cream Ice cream.

One thing I enjoy reading or hearing about is positive news as there is I guess in my opinion to much focus on negative news by all of the media. I think that more time should be devoted towards positive stories that make us think hey that is story cool, those people are doing OK, that place is all right. I'm no where near perfect and I admit I screw up and make mistakes but I try to do what I know is right the majority of the time.

I try to play Golf practically everyday , if I have a chance and some things are memorable like I finished up Eagle , Birdie the other day. One thing I've noticed with Golf you can be spectacular on one hole or one shot and totally lame the next, but it may be that one good shot in your round that keeps you coming back.

Friendship's very important , they have ups and downs as do relationships but its cool I know I have a great group of friends and one can never have to many good positive friends. My friends have been helping me get everything together for the museum project and I appreciate it .

Sometimes it can be overwhelming when you have a lot of responsibilities and it is worth it to have people to help you accomplish your goals. I'm trying to make it all happen but it is a lot of effort and stress, I can tell as a few gray hairs are coming in it was bound to happen , the gray hair gig at least it is not falling out.

Guitar playing , classic the way I just jump from subject to subject but my Guitar playing is interesting to me. I'll just play sometimes for hours, it is a great way to pass time, when you become bored and it may be to hot raining or cold outside to do much. Or when I'm installing software on old NeXT equipment as most of them came from the government without harddrives , I'll just rock and roll, even been giving a few lessons lately I'm not some total rock musician but I've been playing for quite sometime now and actually sound fairly good, I'm told.

One of the coolest things about playing is stumbling across a riff and thinking , I've heard that somewhere before and wondering I'll bet when they wrote the tune they were thinking the same thing. Some stuff I haven't heard before and I'm sure it is original and I'm sounding better the more I play. I'm planning on jamming with a few of the guys from the old band one of these days and that'll be fun. They were so far ahead of me 10 years ago , now they must sound incredible. I'll probably put a sample here at some point in the future.

Weather report from the humor network, my sister requests for it to stop raining so much in Seattle , clouds please relocate to Maryland and get your act together rain, as they need it there perhaps even on Shannon's house, the surrounding farms and of course Deepspacetech. I'll play a tune and see, if I can redirect some of these entertaining clouds that have been floating around here in Colorado, what the heck it's worth a try may be the clouds are on the net and understand. I actually see very cool stuff, I'm sure you all have done this at some point as well , look at the cloud and think that looks like something , someone else may look at it and say , what the heck are you on dude but other times the clouds really do look like something that everyone collectively sees and that is fairly cool. Cloud control technology , its coming, if everyone was on the same wave length may be the weather would cooperate and that would be entertaining, I can hear a few of you now, clouds about the in-laws...

I guess I'm obviously in need of sleep so peace to all and have a great positive day!

8/4/99 Yes, today will be a fun day as I'll be golfing with Kim and Jen , life is good. The weather forecast for today from the humor network , obviously the weather control technology needs guidance as it rained here for about 3 days, hmmm we must direct these clouds as they possibly need something to do that is more productive than flooding the heck out of everything , thank you clouds for the rain, please now move on and fly be free go ... to West Virginia and Maryland and any place that people and plants are beckoning rain .

We request cool clouds for golfing preferably no lightning especially the clouds full of mischief that target golfers although a little light rain may be cool and also a little cool breeze to keep the dang pesky biting bugs in their little nests whilst we golf. It is difficult to putt with bugs flying up our noses, into our mouths and into eyes and the hotties will not be happy so please work with me here as they invited me to golf and that doesn't happen often. Any of you reading this, I here you laughing out there do not direct the clouds to rain on my parade today as this must be a good karma thing! Stay tuned for an update to this and many more excellent adventures.

I just read this and became alarmed, Human beings are causing the extinction of species on the order of the mass extinction's that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, botanists warned Monday. ``We are predicting the extinction of about two-thirds of all bird, mammal, butterfly and plant species by the end of the next century, based on current trends,"

What they are predicting will happen as sure as Windows crashes with regularity as it did while adding to this part of the story causing me to loose text once more, it really sucks eggs. At any rate I'll try it again we can not continue to trash the planet, we can not afford to loose all of those birds, mammals, plants even butterflies because it causes tremors in the foodchain which leads to mutation of ecosystems and all out chaos will erupt, more insects yikes. What we need to do is start a massive plant replenishing campaign to rejuvenate growth in the rainforests and invent ways to keep topsoil in place and refurbish areas that were formerly fertile and make it all work on a global magnitude and also figure out ways to manage the locusts as they can easily get out of control like what is happening in Russia. They are clearing out everything, it is scary, they eat all of the plants to the ground and then the next wave feeds on their previous carcasses and moves onto the next vegetation, pesticides are not working all that well and they even eat when poisoned until they crumple away much like the Windows user, I couldn't resist as soon Windows 2000 will be available at a store near you!

I'm going to sign up for the recycle trash bin gigs and I think that'll be a start for me, our space ship the planet Earth is taking a beating captain and we need to repair her starting now , today and turn these trends towards extinction around while we still have time. I know in my heart we all are the chosen people that is why we are here now , believe what you want to believe , do what you have to do but we all can help return the planet to its best condition regardless of who we are or what we believe in this is the best gig going in terms of habitable real-estate for billions of miles around in the universe , heck we humans built the Pyramids, the Great Wall, Hanging Gardens, Statue of Liberty, Castles , the Goldengate Bridge and now the World Wide Web so I firmly believe we certainly can return the planet to a better place enjoy living , if we all help in some small way to make it happen , it will.

The Dinosaurs were wiped out by a giant meteor crashing into the Earth and trashing the atmosphere, we are wiping out the earth with all of the pollution created as byproducts of inefficient combustion systems like explosion tank Pintos.

Soon we will have the technology to reverse the airbound pollutants , why because we are smart and can make it happen. I'm thinking bring back the dodo bird, unicorn, dragon and find the lockness monster so that is a little loopy but what if we had never been given the opportunity to see a Lion, Tiger, Koala or Panda Bear, Giraffe, Zebra, Hippopotamus , even the family Cat or Dog because of the previous humans wiping them out ....now that would be bogus , if they were all just legendary creatures . We can't let it happen so working together through the connectivity of the Internet will save the world and all of the species for the future. We can calculate an Optimal living environment and capacity for the planet , we have the technology lets refurbish the place, make it a welcome long lasting habitable place for the future generations yet to come on aboard and have a fun time doing it!

Later that day, the hotties will play not today as Kim must travel to see her dad in Phoenix and Jen boss needs her to stay and work late this evening but next week golf. Jen does incredible computer graphics work and the company she works for invented the frog campaign for Budweiser. One thing I've learned is predict not what the women will do young Jedi's as it is a true mystery of the universe and only they truly know, if you are a women reading this I've asked many they don't know most of the time either so I'll just go with it. As it is all normal and things are good stay tuned as the Black Hole turns.

8/5/99 The rant continues, P0e kt , this is an equation in Calculus that predicts or forecasts population growth, currently we are starting the sharp upward slope trend in terms of population growth. Rabbits for example using this same formula look what happens in a short amount of time in terms of population growth, need I explain further.... now it doesn't take a genius to predict that when plants, mammals, birds are depleted or become extinct on the scale predicted then a huge imbalance is created with in ecosystems and the inverse is also true like when Locusts or Rabbits overbreed look at the results, they are real.

I'm not trying to be a profit of doom or something awful, horrible even gnarly, heck I'm just here trying to help out the situation as much as possible because I like this place and practically most of you people are easy to work with some easier than others but that is all about personality and the day we are having at any rate.

I think I'm more like an average or a little above some would call class clown willing to teach and willing to learn . I know I'm not always right about this stuff and don't claim to be an expert and really did average taking exams but the point is when I started to take School serious it was for myself and I made it worthwhile , although I struggled, I passed and enjoyed it, party management is important in college, a word of advice is don't let it get the best of you like I did. It was much more of a struggle trying to come back after missing the boat academically dramatically, trying not to get off on a tangent once more.

We can all take a standard calculator or educated guess as to how many people this planet Earth can support. I'm thinking that 20 Billion + - would probably be close to a maximum we would want to have at any given time especially looking at the reality of the situation , it seems even with 6 billion people things can get tweaked out in certain places directly attributable to over population.

I'm not saying that is to many or to few but who will decide this as logically it has to be thought about and brought to the table, collectively I think each and everyone of us my have other figures in mind. What about 10 Billion is this 10 billion too few? 30 Billion is that too many people? I'm not saying that there is a perfect number but we can use the really intelligent people to guide us to a peaceful, non prejudice , unbiased forecast , I hope this makes sense.

Calculus was and is still a struggle for me as it is for a lot of people , but the formulas proven through time to be accurate predictors or forecasts of things to come are very useful to predict things like maximum sustainable harvests of Salmon or Fields of Corn given certain conditions that fall with in a normal operational range. What it means is we don't take all of the Salmon, we take just enough Salmon to make absolutely positively sure that they will be able to breed and provide the food supply for the future by coming back in 4 years and this plan extends way into the future for obvious reasons.

Topsoil , this is important as we are down to a limited amount of it so what can be done here, waste management as gross as this is to most of us, we can probably provide a lot of fertilizer and will have to in the future but I'll let the experts work this one out.

If farmers don't have topsoil we don't have crops , so reportedly a lot of topsoil is washing down streams into rivers and out to sea. Along with it in a lot of countries raw sewage and we can only imagine with 20 billion people how much more waste management is going to be a necessary reality to solve. For one all of the problems associated with disease that develops through excess waste , it isn't going to get any better or easier to do this as time goes on. I watched a show recently on what Chicago had to do to solve their excess sewage problem by completely reengineering their sewage infrastructure directing it away from lake Michigan, it was not an easy task as they had to change the direction of flow of a river and that is just one isolated case take that times probably 1000. Not counting all of the garbage that will be piling up during the expansion of the population to 20 billion. I not proposing selectivity or saying anyone is better than anyone for whatever reason , enough of that bs has gone on for 1000's of years, what I'm saying is birth control does make sense especially in areas where starvation is already happening do to a lack of food and natural sustainable resources. I'm not making a stand on abortion as that only leads to more chaos and confusion, each of us has to do in their hearts what they personally feel is right given their personal situation and predicament.

Population growth also has an effect on Oxygen supply as we know plants produce Oxygen and we return CO2 and also the cattle flatulence, humorous but serious is tweaking out the atmosphere so what about the food supply for the future how will this all work. How will we have enough Oxygen to breath if there are 4 times as many humans and only 1/3 as many plants, I suggest we develop new methods of assisting the farmers to help make them have a fair chance at producing good crops even through extreme famine, Irrigation Seawater conversion is good and also replenish forests that have been chopped down as they are important to keep topsoil in place and prevent flooding by trickle down water supplies and of course they effect weather.

The main answer will have to be Aqua Culture, I'm convinced as far as food, I watched a special where fishermen have a bay and across the mouth of the bay is a net . They lower 4 * 8 sheets of plywood down to the bottom of the enclosed bay . Lobsters crawl under the plywood for shelter and a net is cast around it with a tunnel like net structure . The Lobsters cruise through the net tunnel and are harvested, the females which can lay a half a million eggs at a time are thrown back. This makes sense to me don't over harvest the fishing , but using careful , skilled, creative and easy management to produce food simple techniques can obviously provide a lot of food now and in the future and we have a lot of ocean to work with....

Farming for the future , this is going to be very important . The main priority is farming, it can not be successful without a fresh water supply. I know this is huge but we seriously need to solve this one in a hurry Sea water conversion makes sense.

We all need to realize that the Earth can only support so many people to where everyone can live comfortably, happily and where there are enough resources to cover everyone on board so I propose that to be a global goal figure out what will work to create a peaceful situation that will extend for the next 1000 years and I hope I don't sound crazy in saying it loudly.

8/15/99 Summer has gone by way to fast hasn't it....I've had a fairly good one , hope everyone out there enjoyed their's as well. I watched a program on the Torah and it looks interesting about how there is an encoded message with in the Bible that is slowly being deciphered. It might be interesting to have the NeXT's at the museum networked and used to help try and solve it that would be cool. They developed this software that basically locates stuff according to what you input , I'm sure if I input my name it would probably be like the gong show.

I know some of you have been reading this and wondering what in the heck is this all about anyway. I in truth do not really know but I enjoy reading it as much as some of you. Some people are like dude your home page is way long what is going on and I'm like oh you must have stumbled on the story. I'm going to send this out and see if Windows tweaks again then keep writing. I'm thinking it is time for a complete reinstall of Windows as it is obviously hosed beyond repair, I really still enjoy working on the old NeXT Turbo Cube even though it is slow I don't get continual errors that are close to impossible to figure out how to resolve.

At any rate I went golfing with Jen and then to dinner at Benihana's , we had a blast and will probably have more fun times ahead. I've been working on the boomerang stunt and am now trying for 4 in the air returning and catching.

I've done 3 before but it is difficult and I know 4 is possible may be even 5. People probably are reporting UFO's over the tech center as they are flying Aerobie Boomerangs and it is classic throwing all 3 at once. I taught Trish , how to throw one at half-time of the Broncos in Australia and on her first throw it started downpouring , honestly it was classic. Also of note Brian Griese, I recently found out lives caddy corner over the back fence, party on dude, he is one of the Quarterbacks for Denver and I was out throwing the Boomerangs today and it looked like Elway and Griese were out and about seriously, I'm not sure what the odds of that happening are but I'll just go with it as it is for real.

Broncos played well yesterday against Arizona and we look forward to attending all of the games and also welcome Brian to the neighborhood and look forward to meeting you all. I'm really , not on anything just enjoy a peaceful entertaining life, I'm normal but some of the stuff that happens to me makes me wonder. Like a few month's back I swore Shanahan , Elway and other Broncos were out back hanging out . I thought no way , I can't possibly be seeing this and no way am I putting that out on this site.

I'm thinking I don't see Elvis Presley back there or have voices in my head back then the neighbor George said a few weeks ago, do you know Greise is our neighbor classic. I guess I'm thinking potential for more music. Another classic , the network expert for MTV became inspired by my Super Cube article and built one , I'll add photos of our Super Cube and those of our customers shortly. Random stuff, I've been Jet Skiing and yesterday the neighborhood had a picnic. I went over and talked with the folks, promptly was thrashed over my yard, but after talking with them it all was calm.

I explained that I took out the big cottonwood tree as it was diseased, then 1000's of roots sprung into little trees called suckers, which we solved by pulling out the roots and this was not easy. Also planted 4 trees, built a really cool flower bed out of stone and put in a sprinkler system all of which they acknowledged. The thistles appear to have picked my lawn so I again sprayed them with Ortho today as this was discussed, I had no clue the roots of thistles are like 2 feet deep, geese. The dogs especially one of the neighbors seem to prefer using my lawn for their purposes at any rate I went to home depot today and ordered 3 pallets of Sahara Stone to finish out the landscaping we are going to build another flower box / Garden and outline the edging of the house with cool stone. I'll probably pull the dog run out move the shed onto the concrete dog run pad , move the fence out to extend the backyard and additional 12 feet for a garden next year. To fill it in , I'm renting a sod cutter and taking out a 4 foot strip along the street to be replaced with stone, xeroscaping , this should solve the thistle , appearance and send the dogs back to their own grass . I also may put in a scooper station as a hint to owners be cool would you want to step in that neither would we. Z-man and other friends will help with the project, also plan to brew more beer this week.

They liked these ideas about improving my yard and after they heard what I have already done things were cool, I brought up that I would like to put in a Frisbee golf course and help with the design and materials at the park and that I would probably be able to get the world champions to host a tournament. One guy was we are conservative around here this sounds to big, we don't want trash , outsiders , crime in the park. I should have replied, I'm talking about putting in a free Frisbee golf course most people that play Frisbee are cool , mellow , don't litter and besides the Frisbee Golf poles can also double as light poles. I think a park is for everyone to enjoy and I'm not proposing having another Woodstock and rioting just a Frisbee golf course. Another neighbor brought up that it looked like they were going to plant trees in the way of everyone's favorite sledding hill and we were told know that is incorrect as the drawing was flawed . A few neighbors like the idea of the Frisbee golf course so may be we can put it to a vote. I would design it so it would not interfere with every day activities at the park, it'll be excellent at any rate I'll sign off for now. Tornado in Utah, funnel clouds the day before literally over my house, very unusual and amazing what clouds can do peace up.

8/18/99 http://www.setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ , now you to can help the 1,000,000+ computers and growing in a very important quest, when your computer is idle it helps search the universe for signs of intelligent life using the Internet, cool idea. I think this will be the project that our NeXT's at the museum will help with and I know they will be happy computers!

8/19/99 Reading a few news stories has me thinking today, the great barrier reef and most of the worlds reef's are perishing rapidly because of global warming a proven fact. Scientists are predicting that even the Great Barrier reef , the only object visible from outerspace may completely disappear by 2050 most of the others by 2020. When the reefs die out , so do the fish due to starvation as they rely on the reef as a food source , we are seriously in trouble if we don't have fish for food. Photographs show miles of the normally colorful reefs turning pale , this is due to situations like El Nino causing water temperatures to increase by 2 to 3 degrees. It is just enough to cause a severe imbalance in the ecostructures underneath our seas.


The second story in a very recent study with in the last month , the polar icecaps are melting at over 100 miles per week over a 3 week period the ice retreated over 300 miles. This is where the animals in the polar icecaps have their habitats not only that a simple example of what will happen if the ice caps melt , put an icecube on the sidewalk watch it melt, see the waves that are disbursed then it evaporates into the atmosphere.

We are going to have some major storms this Hurricane season even the experts are predicting this also an Iceberg the size of Rhode Island is floating towards Africa and is now in the shipping lanes, seriously can we tow this Iceberg to a place that needs fresh water?.


Obviously melting icecaps will cause water levels to rise globally and areas at sea level will soon be under water, it doesn't take a genius to figure that out that is why they call it sea level.

I'm also guessing that polar icecaps melting will have more dramatic effects that haven't even been thought about until possible me the clown did, as our Earth spins on its axis, with less weight at the poles and more water distributed in liquid form rather than ice, we could seriously be in for a wild ride, I'm guessing all that weight at the poles is important for the whole thing to work correctly, it would be interesting to see a computer model in action of what happens with no icecaps , they say the poles may have actually flipped 180 degrees at some point in the past, I would guess it was due to either global warming or cooling as what else would possibly do this of course Volcanoes will probably start going off as well. Why because everything else is going to be moving great , what are we going to do.

Seriously our gravity will probably change as well as the atmosphere and with that adding more water will cause more shifts in the plate tectonics which cause Earthquakes. The moon also may come into play as it is kept in our gravity at a certain distance by a lot of physics I don't fully understand yet . At any rate I'm jumping up and down making waves on the Internet , saying let us please try and save this place.

The Seti project , it would be cool if an awesome crew showed up and showed us how to clean up the atmosphere , may be they invented a giant vacuum the sucks the pollutants into outerspace and replaces them with positive stuff like Ozone and Oxygen . Anything's possible look at Black Holes completely created by nature for example as we all can say nothings over until we say it is and it ain't over now, who's with us.....a classic line but I'll go with it.

The revelation in all of this and if we read what is written. We may not understand some of it but I think it is saying we all have an equal chance to change the future for the better of the world no matter where we are at and what circumstances surround us. We ought to offering a gift to the future generations, I'm hoping that would be a cool thing to accomplish. I don't need any credit for saying these things or doing what I do but we can all appreciate being recognized , so stand up and give yourselves a hand especially if you are still reading this story and it will continue. I'm hoping that when I finally settle down with the right women and I'm having fun on my quest and the plan is to raise a family that it will all be good.

I'll know we all have worked together to make a difference for the future , if the news begins to get better and things start to change and people see that we really have the opportunity now to make a huge difference. It seems like a better option than what is outlined in prophesies from many religions as gloom and doom . I believe in a lot of good things and it will happen if we work to make a difference, I'm no perfect person and have and do make mistakes but overall I'm trying to do good and what is right and have fun , be entertaining.

I'm not trying to preach or be greater than I am, I'm just like everyone else , I look up into the heavens and wonder sometimes , this is to cool of a place this planet Earth to see it go down in flames not because of something from out there but from something right here the human race. I don't want to leave a legacy to some distant explorers of a planet that appears abandoned like the cliff dwellings only on a global scale . We would be better off having a global party as in good time for all and enjoy life and quit all of this sketchy stuff but yes it won't happen over night these things take time. Don't worry about a thing , cause every little thing is going to be all right , cool lyrics.

I'm looking forward to seeing Tiger Woods and others play golf this weekend at the International and our landscaping project is looking good. I'm also putting together many computers and having fun stay tuned as the Black Hole turns.

8/22/99 The Sprint International Golf tournament was cool, however unusual circumstances Saturday made me wonder and the clouds were friendly. I watched most of the tournament from a perfect location above the pin at # 17 a par 5 , it was amazing to see how many great golf shots there were and even see a close to Double Eagle by Lumpy and a few Eagles and close Eagles by the Shark.

Tiger Woods low driving shot wound up at the back of the Green, it was impressive to see him hit the pitch and roll shot and create amazing spin as it perfectly bounced of the collar and let it run down towards the hole and then sink the 4 ft. birdie putt.

I thought I'll see how he does on 18 and headed through the crowd and on my way up the right side of the fairway with the thousands in motion. I saw a group, literally a handful of people that stood way down the hill across a paved road and next to a bunch of Bushes about 75 yards of course and 50 yards downhill. I thought gee that is a heck of a long way from the tee and Tiger really is in the Woods on this one, apparently this was still generously in play , classic.

I went to check out the situation and never physically saw the ball but I thought he must have been totally hosed as there was no clear shot from the part of the course to the green. I heard the marshall say his ball is under that bush. I walked back up the hill surveying possibilities as I didn't think it would be possible to go for the green without a drop from an unplayable lie. Strange but I didn't recall this huge tree being down there when I first looked and I turned around and thought where did that come from weird. Just then A marshall said everyone on the other side of the tree please I thought where the heck did that tree materialize from I must be in the zone not to see a 50 foot tall tree but I thought I'll go with it as it now was in the scene.

Just then with in seconds, honestly Tiger Woods came out of the crowd only a few feet to my left and he said I thought you wanted to see me make that shot , seemingly directed towards me, I thought cool and smiled , it was like something surrealistic and almost out of time like a time travel experience. I believe Tiger if anyone probably would be able to time travel as it only makes sense and I agree he is the most amazing golfer , I've seen , however seeing all the others like Phil, Sergio, Omeara, Shark , VJ and all the others hit these consistently excellent shots was cool..

I had trouble sleeping last night as I knew Tiger had no possible shot towards the green from that position. I looked and it was reportedly deep in under this bush, heck I've played about 150 rounds this year so I know it was seemingly impossible but that is Tiger. I had my old Cowboy hat on and was thinking , I would have tried to play it back over my head to where I was standing onto the fairway as this seemed to make sense to me. I watched and all of a sudden this ball came flying out of the bush with incredible velocity and height heading not back towards me, the safe play but towards the Green and I thought that looks like it might make it.

However, It wound up in a bunker and that is probably all everyone saw that wasn't physically there , the ball landing in the bunker not where it came from which was very impressive. Tiger had to take an unusual stance on one leg in the sand trap and wound up not completing the hole as the Stableford system scores differently than normal golf and he would have had more than a Double Bogie. Tiger picked up his ball in disgust and because this tournament has a second cut, at 18 points , he literally missed the cut by 1 point. I heard someone say , he wasn't feeling well and had double bogied on 18 the day before as well.

I thought my idea for a play would have been safer and he probably would have made a 5 at worst only lost a point and played today. I admire his skill and the ability to go for it as only a handful of people would have even attempted to make that shot and I have great respect for him , now even more through personal experience.

I emailed Tiger and offered if he was still in town to cover his Greens Fee and beer play and said he would probably womp on me but I may actually win a hole. It would be cool but the golf round didn't happen and I played fairly good today except my putting was lame almost Eagled #1 !

I think it would be fun to have a historical Golf Tournament but it would be set up to the situation around the turn of the century. The players would use the old school golf balls and clubs and course grooming that were historically correct to celebrate the new Millennium , I'll email the USGA as they may like the idea and I think the pros and fans and world would as well.

8/23/99 Obviously the huge tree was there and has been for many years but I think the story has merit for all Golfers. I was thinking looking at it from my perspective at that time knowing that even as much golf as I play I didn't have that shot in my bag. After thinking about this however I believe Tiger did play that shot from the bush honestly and he probably has the ability to make golf shots that would seem impossible to most people and I appreciate that spirit.

As a former caddy many , many years ago sometimes you would have to step in and say yes going for it like that is one option but here is another thought. I often do the same thing though I'll try to make these golf shots that seem practically impossible and people say you can't make that , when I do it is awesome. Then I really started thinking and realized Tiger may have been trying to make an Eagle 2 from down the hill , across the road , under the bush behind the trees going over the gallery and grandstand and the giant pine trees aiming for the Green but wound up in the bunker. I understand now, I will also think 2 , I'm aiming at the flagstick from now on when ever possible. I will be the ball, I am Tiger Woods, Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Tin Cup, Happy Gilmore , Charlie Brown, Golden Bear, Ben Hogan and the spirit of Elvis may be tending the pin . I am soon to be a scratch golfer, I can feel the vibe, the golf Gods are with me and Jen wants to play again today so it is truly a righteous gig. I'm just having fun with this so as a reader believe in having fun in life and all will be well. I'm not looney tunes just thought I would see if anyone was still reading and entertained.

It is reported the Bill Gates foundation is now worth 17 Billion Dollars and that Bill just donated another 6 Billion to the foundation for use at Universities to broaden Education for Internet access and for Vaccinations incredible. I had emailed him about the Smart Card gig and may be they will go for it. I'm wondering if Bill Gates is possibly the incredible miracle of the beast dude that is detailed to show up in Revelations in the Bible, that would be amazing if it actually were true but may be the legendary beast would be changed like the Grinch , naaah.

I'm going to try out ftp.linuxberg.com goto /pub/distributions/mandrake as it was reported to be a great free version of Linux ! Also version 24 of www.litestep.net is supposed to be very cool, replaces the Windows front end with a cool one.

I'm off to play golf!

8/24/99 Jen and I had an excellent round until the mosquitos became to many , fortunately a lady on the 9th hole offered repellent and it worked. We then went to Jackson's Hole and watched the last quarter of the Broncos Packers game , preseason is my comment. The neighbor looked like he played well.

I'm working very hard on my accounting as it is very much a full time job in itself. I know many of us have to do lists and we often wind up procrastinating so for fun. I would like everyone to pick something that has been on their to do list for a long time and actually complete it , I can here it now , no way dude , don't do it for me or anyone but yourself then plan a reward for yourself afterwards once you accomplish it.

8/26/99 http://chandra.harvard.edu/photo/first_images.html , shows the first images from the New X Ray Telescope.

8/30/99 Kim's reading this so I thought I would add something this evening.

Jen and I went to the Morrison Inn for awesome Margarita's and Mexican food on Saturday Night , it took awhile to receive our food as it was very busy. Jen asked what I was doing for the Millennium and I told her about the idea for Millennium Day, she thought it was cool as did a few of the other folks around the place but I probably went into a lot more detail then needed but what the heck .

The way it would have to happen is that a philosophy of this new idea for a peaceful 1 time day would be put into play for one time. I thought gee purchase one of those spam email address CD's and pi** off millions with the idea , nah that would be to easy, I'm thinking word of mouth is funnier as most of the time things don't sound the same as I say the confusion of the blondes. What would be better than having an extra 24 hours on New Years Eve, I ask openly? I realize it will totally mess up calendars , astrologists , religious related stuff , create a huge Y2K problem, Catherine the manager for Victoria Secret , who will be moving back this week , yeah, she alone telling this story, will probably cause a stampede of the dudes as reported earlier.

I'm saying so what the *#%@, have we all become so set in our ways that we can't bend the holy and sacred rules of times set down hundreds no thousands of years ago 1 time for 24 hours. It would only be for 58 days that everything would be affected on our present calendars but this day I speak of only happens every 400 years and we all would remember it for our life's so once more why waste it at the end of February as in the 29th leap year day move the day after December 31st and before January 1st where it belongs.

What I am trying to tell everyone is this is not just a leap year day , this is a leap year day 400 years in the making , please believe me look it up at the officially Greenwich site. Millennium Day is what everyone in the world would really appreciate an extra day off or just to celebrate the fact that we are the ones here for the year 2000 celebration, it makes the happier happier and the depressed may actually smile and look forward to something really cool for once and everyone else so lets party dudes and babes.

I had a fortune cookie that said what some consider radical or unusual philosophies of this century are the common place events of the next century. I also like the Millennium day idea because no one including myself the great clown would be able to have claimed to predict it happening even recently so it would be a whole new fresh start for all.

The idea is to challenge the world to make peace happen for 1000 years and save the world for us all and the future generations. Now that would be a true accomplishment in my book , I don't think I'm that crazy , I just care about saving this place for the future they the future generations deserve a cool place to live it as much as we do and what is better than making it that way for them, I know they would respect that and us.

You don't have to agree with me on everything or anything as freedom of speech and philosophy is a gift given to us all handed down from communication through the ages. I'm positive that all of our ancestors would have voted this Millennium day in for sure, they will be there in spirit as well , even my mom and dad like the idea as do hundreds possibly 1000's may be even millions of others and growing, the snowball effect!


then to the Santana and Mana concert at Red Rocks a few miles up the road. It was totally jamming and as it was the last show of the tour, they played a lot of extra music, Carlos Santana started the show by saying something really cool; "this place is Sacred and there are Angels all around us", the clouds confirmed this as all watched neat ones drift by the only ones in the sky....referring to Red Rocks and positive peace, which really is true Red Rocks has a very long history as an ancient Indian Burial ground and now a favorite venue for bands to play.

Steve Jobs keynote speech from seybold tomorrow is going to be broadcast at Red Rocks Community college should be neat. All in all life is entertaining and congratulations to Brian Griese the neighbor as he is now the starting QB for the Broncos.

As the Black Hole turns, I would have to agree with the statement real men including myself and many others would not carry the new I-Book as it looks like a Barbie doll purse and I will laugh at the first business dude I see with one, however it looks good when a women has an I Book, real good....

8/31/99 Real late apologies to any cartoon profanities in the earlier part, well it is way late and I knew that what was really required of me this particular evening was an appeal to Jimmy Buffett as we need a concert so without further delay I will email him and ask for a have mercy on the parrot heads of the rocky mountain region performance. As I've seen Jimmy practically every year he has come through town since I worked for him in 81 and an appeal such as this has worked in the past , we will give it a go stay tuned.

9/1/99 Something's in life are really unusual , I know I may sound loopy but I'm just having fun , please don't take all this seriously. Rob's true golfing adventure of the day, on the 1st hole today my t shot was awesome , then this helicopter appears and is circling overhead . I'm going OK this is weird, I walk up to my ball and hit a great shot up onto the green, I'm psyched on in 2 on the long par 5 with the helicopter circling low, I'm thinking what is this the news crew or something.

I walk up to the green and here comes the beautiful cart girl Erin. I'm psyched as I had an Eagle putt, she pulls up as we talk all the time and she says your not going to believe this but there is a butt naked black women and she is huge standing in between hole 2 and 6. I thought stunned , she said naked and I said the naked thing threw me and she laughed....she was in a bikini gig and she was looking outstanding.

I was going to putt for Eagle , took a gander , yep there she was from over 400 yards away the naked lady , of course I screwed up the Eagle putt but 3 putted and salvaged a par not bad as the helicopter whirled overhead.

On to hole number 2 , she was way off to the right so I drove perfectly down the left side of the fairway into the wind. Walked up to my nice drive and watched as the police drove up to her over 100 yards away, one of my neighbors is a cop and I'm fairly sure it was him making the collar, classic but you all didn't hear that here. The 4 some in front of me was already on the next hole , rolling , picture golf balls flying everywhere divots etc....

I hit my next shot 200 yards perfectly and it wound up on the green only 6 feet from the pin a beauty, they as in the police and naked women looked on in amazement, I was psyched as it was an awesome play. However, I missed the birdie putt but made an easy par. They drove off with her and I assume she was ticketed, I don't know what to think about this as many of the golfers and staff out there were also confused about this situation, we all hope she gets well at any rate and I thought continuing to play rather than stare was the OK thing to do as she may have been trying to blend in.

I made par's under extremely weird circumstances and I thought about this figured what the heck, I'll report on it. It honestlylooked like she was just standing there trying to blend in with the surroundings or something . I'm not trying to make fun of her and no she didn't have golf clubs. My mom asked me that one, however nude babe golfing does have potential. I'm sure probably most of the guys including myself would pick Hefner to sponsor such a tournament and pick the contestants, I think Tiger may have trouble shooting 68 in an environment like that where the partner was a nude centerfold "women".

I usually am easily distracted by events but I'm endeavoring to find my inner focus and I'm sure this was a test by someone up there, why I do not know but I'll go with it. The cart girls out there are beautiful and they often make an effort to make me botch my shots, kind of funny as I usually do. We always laugh about it and I get along with all of the different girls out there, heck the greenskeepers give me rides in the cart and the starters usually just wave me on out to play as I play practically every evening and I've played with most of the regulars . First time we've seen a naked women on the golf course in the day I suppose.....I thought the cart girl was kidding me, destiny is funny sometimes isn't it?

I'm impressed with the new Apple G4, 2 Gigaflops of processing power is amazing , apparently capable of processing 1 Billion instructions sets per second, wow.

9/6/99 LABOR DAY: HOW IT CAME ABOUT; WHAT IT MEANS "Labor Day differs in every essential from the other holidays of the year in any country," said Samuel Gompers, founder and longtime president of the American Federation of Labor. "All other holidays are in a more or less degree connected with conflicts and battles of man's prowess over man, of strife and discord for greed and power, of glories achieved by one nation over another. Labor Day...is devoted to no man, living or dead, to no sect, race, or nation."

Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our country.

Now that we know that cool, how I spent my labor day weekend attended Broncos game Friday, they played great. Saturday CSU vs. CU football game Saturday, we (CSU) actually won for the first time in 13 years against CU and played an excellent game, excellent job, fortunately we left a few minutes before they decided to tear gas the crowd which included the apparently raucous group which included hundreds of elderly folks, women and children and the calm quiet college kids we know and appreciate, some of this group obviously trying to exit the stadium others over spirited along with many fans just plain celebrating the victory , the goal posts remained standing , we were glad we were not in the middle of that mess good planning. Sunday trough party in Colorado Springs a BBQ with a trough full of beer. We had a designated driver and I had only 2 beers home by 11:30.

I'm working on my accounting and it is about 1:00, the phone rings , it is Catherine, she says come on over as she is back. I'm there , so I'm talking with Cat and Mark about all of this cool stuff like Cat managing Victoria Secret and Mark leaving on outward bound for 3 months tomorrow.

Mark asks me what do you think about the Great Pyramid at one point in the conversation and how did I think it was constructed. It was one of those amazing moments as I thought about this almost instantaneously purely coincidental it happened on labor day but this is my theory on how the Pyramids were constructed and possibly why.

We envision ourselves back there, probably sore backs, we all would begin to think at some point there must be an easier way to build this crazy thing. These stones are heavy and dragging them as they often show makes no sense to me, so I get ticked and say hey you , Pharo on high, dragging these stones is lame dude, my back is tweaked and so are many others, may I offer a suggestion of an easier way.

I venturing to guess that the Pyramids were truly perfectly aligned with true North and 30 degrees perfectly as it existed at that time or the engineers would probably be lambasted. Also at that time it was not a desert in fact it was fertile landscape surrounding the Pyramids, this makes sense why build something like that in the desert , OK, I know we have Las Vegas but that is modern, back then if you had the whole world to choose from you probably would not pick a desert area but you would be able to predict where one was possibly going to be.

A couple basic theories , you see the moon as yes it was there at the time and notice phases of the moon as though it filled up by magic became a whole great big glowing thing and then emptied much like the Windows user , just kidding, much like water pouring from a bowl until empty. You may also observe tides and how the water level rises and falls, you also may notice how stuff floats on water , yet is heavy on land. You may even decide to surf on some floating stuff, Egyptian surfer dudes.

You also notice water flowing down a river and watch as stuff floats down it, hopefully not your personal stuff because of a flood as you live to close to the river. Hmmm logic would say it is already a river , more water means floooood, so why live by the river . Soon you figure out with your friends and neighbors and a few genius people that you can tie stuff together and make rafts and as a bonus , it floats and you can add all kinds of other stuff that floats as well.

I say , hey pharaoh dude, if we build a canal to the edge of this huge thing we are building for you. We will have water to drink and add to the stuff that grows and float these dang huge rocks right up to the site we are building this Pyramid. Now that we have the stones on site, many bozos want to use levers and cables to move the stones after a few years everyone's back is toast going this route for sure. I'm sure some clown like me had a lightbulb go on hey stuff floats on these rafts , hmmmm possibly build little chambers fill them with water , move the raft with the huge rock into the chamber, build water tight walls around it add water and gee it as in the big stone floats higher , kind of like rafts in a swimming pool, so you move these huge stones into place I'm guessing very easily by adding and draining water. Of Course when the plug is pulled with the weight of the stone in the theoretical swimming pool chambers , guess what it fills up the chamber below , uhh this lifts the next stone up and pretty soon , we are letting the water and gravity do the work. With a few levers , I'm thinking I may be do for a promotion soon as I don't think this theory has been around for awhile as it was almost like a vision or something and at least it happened before the year 2000. We all deserve to rest our backs , I can see and hear it now I'm like some kind of hero to the ancient and well respected engineering community, duuuude you figured out how they built the Pyramids, I'm like so it is for free and it was not alien intelligence , please note I have many customers at the Colorado School of Mines and even sold the President and many of the top staff the Colorado School of Mines computers running NeXTSTEP a few years back. I'll probably construct a model may be using empty NeXT cubes to show how this would actually work , I hope this makes sense, I tried to be simple about it.

As an added bonus most programmers did not know about the leap year day this year as it is rare so their reportedly will be problems on February 29, 2000 by having a proposed Millennium Day both Y2K problems would solved on the same day. Millennium day the power of the Pyramid also Catherine may be my roommate and assistant for a few months life is good.

Today Labor day, I will go to the taste of Colorado and Jet Ski , it is basically 10,000's of thousands of people that gather in downtown Denver to enjoy food from hundreds of restaurants, live music and lots of fine babes. Peace on Earth is coming for sure.

9/7/99 Yes, it is obvious that if they used water as a counter weight also this would make sense much like a well and or we can see the possibility for an early design for a crane that is easily manageable by adding sand or water combined with fulcrums it would work. Plus it would be like a water park while building these Pyramids.

I think I have a really good and not so far fetched idea that will save many backs and it is for free. I've already told people and they like it. Flooding is a major problem and whenever floods happen we always see sand bags being thrown around , I think I have a better idea.

The world has Pyramids of Used tires piling up, they roll and should be put to use, why not fill them with that light weight foam stuff that absorbs water and then becomes heavy to use to make barricades or temporary dikes? It seems it would be easy to truck or use freight trains to transport tires and easy for people to roll them into position. Stack them as high as needed , drop a bag down the center of them and fill it with either sand or water. Is it possible to grind the tires up and make giant boda bags , one thing during a flood there is a lot of water so the thought is to fill the rubber bags up with water and anchor them down with possibly tire walls holding them in place.

The first idea is to have the boda on the inside where the water is flowing to keep it at bay and the tires on the outside to add stability to the structure of course laying flat and stacked also they are easily movable, hope this makes sense...

Idea #2 for example , when a hurricane is approaching the idea is if you can preengineer a sea wall that has railings with balusters and an easily removable banister or even along riverbanks have poles spaced and staggered every few feet. If the bodas could be filled with air when needed and anchored under water off shore a few hundred feet it might prevent so much sand erosion as well and cause the surf to break earlier, just another thought...

You simply would have to throw the tires over the poles and anchor them down and you can stack them as tall as needed and it is cheep, If you had them in preassembled stacks and had a machine to lift and drop them into place now we are talking quick and efficient solution to creating a temporary way to part and direct the waters from floods.

I think it is ingenious and I hope it saves people and property and I win some kind of prize... It should be easy to test...





@ = Tires over poles or anchored down, ======= = Water filled boda bags made out of ground up old tires .

9/8/99 Like an innertube, I forgot to mention I'm a pinball Wizard. So what I'm thinking is if we can use all of these old tires as bumpers against water to prevent damage that would be cool , if it works. Rolling them out onto the beach and roping them together and then having the barriers on the beach head. The waves crash in over the tires and the sand instead of flowing out to see begins to mound over the tires. So the water has to crash over the artificial dune then into the artificial rubber bumper wall , it possibly might work and so there may be a use for old tires outside of making asphalt out of them. I would think it would definitely work along embankments as an artificial temporary demand possibly could be used to stop erosion.

I wonder if they could be melted down and poured into brick like molds to make seawall's or made into molds for guardrails like a rubber bumper ?

9/14/99 It would have been nice to add something's the last few days, but no Windows 98 upgrade #2 got in the way big time. Not only do you have to buy it again as my system froze completely 5 or 6 times a day for no apparent reason so we had to do a complete reinstall. When you do this all kinds of software breaks , but we seem to have most of it working again. Microsoft sent me a beta version of Windows 2000 Operating System to try out, oh yeah I'm looking forward to offering my unbiased review here soon but I'm just trying to figure out which system to screw up when installing it.

Tim Berners Lee is sending me his cube to repair that will be cool, I just received email from him today, oh by the way I'm doing today's work on my old trusty NeXT Turbo Cube and enjoying it. Tim is the gentleman that invented the little thing we now know as the World Wide Web.

Hurricane Floyd, why are you so mean, we would have asked that you go back out to sea a few days ago but Windows tweaked and it took days to get all of my stuff back in operation so now you are going to play serious pinball and only a high pressure wave can turn your course North, if I were along the Atlantic coast I would recommend leaving, high tailing it and moving inland on this one in a hurry as it is going to be not good.....I'm convinced GLOBAL Warming needs to be taken seriously and this is proof!

Brian Griese , good job playing today in an effort that needs more intensity from the rest of the players. The rest of the team , do some laps, move it , hup to , hup to , It was cool seeing Elway make the ring of Fame and they had a building in downtown Denver with a huge 7 lit up very cool. You guys on special teams , especially the kicking teams blockers , we need some extra effort there please. Catherine, it was fun taking you to the game!

I'm going to the Tom Petty and the Heart Breaker concert tonight, as all the girls, I've asked are waffling back and forth as to if they will go, it is still very much a mystery as to which one of them will go to the last show of this Millennium at Red Rocks, stay tuned as the Black Hole turns, I may also go up there and play my Guitar some day in the next few months just so it won't be the last show, stay tuned as the Black Hole turns , I'm looking forward to a little nap as it is really early here at 4:20 in the morning and I awoke I guess to write this stuff, Floyd is worrisome for good reason.

9/19/99 This is fairly excellent to check out:


NASA recently proved this theory to be correct in an experiment that the faster you travel , time slows down. They had an Atomic Clock on the ground and one in the Rocket with identical synchronization , when the rocket returned and the clocks were matched up side by side. The one in the Rocket had lost a little time a few milliseconds compared to the one on the ground.

So time literally moves slower the faster you are traveling and the proof was this experiment this would prove that an infinity of different times are possible as the faster you are moving the slower time becomes... everything on board the rocket that returned was a little less aged than everything on the Earth.

I'm wondering if transmissions as in uplink or downlink data communications via the speed of light combined with the increasing computational number crunching of modern processors like the new G4 would lead to this interesting experiment, hmmm the idea would be can data transmissions move through time?

If you, I, everyone had your time machine and we are now on board, remember you are traveling very fast so times slows down, as you fly through space remember it is slower time and now we are transmitting and receiving back and forth from wherever your time machine is at to the ground, cool friendly messages,

Time moves slower for you and when you communicate eventually as the technology is invented to outpace the speed of light you are catching data from the future as on Earth but your present in your time machine is their past. It makes it possible as you have experienced the future to transmit it to the past. It was received transmissions from the ground , Einstein developed his theory in 1914 and I think I understand how to engineer this and welcome all to the time machine project , along way through the story but why not have a little fun actually constructing one.

Is the secret, a linear accelerator, a few super computers, very fast as light data transmission, magnetic force fields, the fastest and most intelligent engineers, scientists, and well just everyday cool people are invited to help build the really cool proposed time machine, well worth the effort .

Think if it were possible you would be able to have data before it happened and possibly be able to transmit it back in time, literally travel in time with the been there, done that Free Mason crowd . NeXT would appear in 1988-9 and interesting stuff around the turn of the century and other points in history.

I need to return to read and learn more about the amazing stuff that has happened and is happening in physics in the past, present and future , Einstein graduated in 1900. I'll return with more news or just write more stories, I'm not even sure but it is fun surfing on this world wide web and that site earlier explains it!


http://dir.yahoo.com/Science/Engineering/Electrical_Engineering/ , I'm serious, we all have the spirit and collective power of innovation and I am forecasting for peace as a better solution. I'm fairly sure we have the intellectual capacity and finally the computers and global connectivity to make excellent strides and advancements in communication leading to discovery's in medicine and advancements in physics, improvements in technology. Everyone's ideas have merit and peace is cool, a global technology center for the project would also be fun a monument, campus, to make something everyone would appreciate for 1000 years, just another web page.

I've been installing and refurbishing NeXT Cubes and NeXT Turbo colors today and time travel came to mind , the computers were slightly ahead of their time , what a great marketing campaign. I'll probably put a picture of our workshop here shortly....

I'm enjoying working with some of the most intelligent doctors, scientists and engineers in the world , NeXT technology now Apple technology is the best , it is amazing the latest technology.

I know this will help Openstep users, Openstep on Intel or Motorola NeXT workstations , Apple put together a y2k patch 4 which includes a new kernel. The new Openstep kernel allows for Y2K compliance and offers support for large hard drives. I figured out actually discovered how to get this to work correctly .

Install Openstep Upgrade 4.2 mach on Intel or NeXT platform first, then install the new Openstep 4.2 Y2K patch CD which includes the new kernel, when you reinstall Openstep 4.2 and it finds the new kernel, gathers the current drive partition information and creates one large partition, I just did an install on a PII 400 and have 4.88 Gb of free space in one partition. It works great, it is much better than 1,2 , 3 or 4 smaller partitions and this is good news for all of you that have huge datafiles! Keep in mind this is always a rough draft but a fun story it is intended to be.

We need to invent a time cloud that is friendly, it only makes sense as we all know how amazing clouds can be as we often see them everyday and they can be amazing.

Best regards Rob Blessin

9/23/99 http://www.loadmedia.com/ now everyone can have their own TV show in real time.

9/24/99 I thought about my theory of Time Travel and with the disappearance of the Mars probe , it flew into Mars because of a lower orbit. Here is my theory and I don't think it is loony. If it is proven that the faster you move the slower times becomes in reality, similar to reliving a slow motion accident or traumatic experience I'm guessing. http://einstein.stanford.edu/

I don't know all of the details on this but I'm thinking this is why the probe went into a lower than expected orbit , if time distortion from the theory of relativity was not taking into account.

What are you saying dude? If NASA on the ground here was using Atomic clock synchronization and we know that the faster a spaceship travels the slower time becomes proven by an Atomic Clock slowdown experiment, over Billions of Miles this time distortion becomes more and more significant in terms of the potential for errors especially when you tell the probe OK make your turn now at 12:00 noon. Remember 12:00 Noon rocket time is different because time is moving slower so by the time the instructions to turn are executed it would be to late because 12:00 for the rocket would be after 12:00 noon on Earth by possibly as much as a Seconds to Minutes , if I'm right taking signal and clock synchronization into account this would have saved the probe as they would have been able to calculate the time distortion variable through what ever formulas they would use , I'm assuming it is something to do with velocity and the E=Mc^2 gig in relation to time on the ground and time for the rocketship traveling through a distance in space and the difference in time reflected in this like an ever changing yet increasing rounding error.

What makes this more difficult to pinpoint is the rocket is not at a constant speed so as it speeds up and slows down overtime this also affects theory of relativity probability of time distortion increasing over distance with relation to velocity.

To put it simply as to what I'm trying to explain, it would be like you or me responding or reacting to an Echo off of a rock, instead of the first conversation sound, like when you talk into a phone long distance sometimes and there is an echo. The ECHO in Effect being caused by Time Distortion from the theory of relativity would cause problems if you were supposed to react to a real time as you know it sound.

Normally Echoes would be OK, but when you are a Spaceship that needs to make a precise turn at a specific time , responding to an Einstein style echo because your clock is out of synch because you are hauling A** through outspace and time moves slower. So your computer says, when to make the turn would cause this problem as the signal came from Earth set for a certain time but now your clock is different because of the Theory of Relativity as it moves slower, whoops instead of making the turn in time you don't. It is cool because it means the theory of relativity is real and time does slowdown the faster you move but it is not cool because we lost a $125 Million dollar probe and the research and discoveries associated with it. I also may be completely wrong but it sounds good.

9/27/99 Mean while back on Earth , talk about going off on a tangent. We checked out the Jethro Tull concert at the new DU arena and I talked with Victoria Pratt , she was the opening musician for the band and was fairly cool to talk to. She said they had it turned up way to loud and it was difficult for her to hear , what she was playing, I've been there . It was a cool show , I thought it was interesting that they just found a 9000 year old flute in China and as Ian Anderson plays flute for the band, he apparently heard me talking with Max and Dee about this and announced that this was the first song he learned on flute back in 1968 and they jammed.

Sports, all I can say is when the team you are cheering for is 0 and 3, the going gets tough and of course it reminds me of a story of my youth. We turn back the clock to my days at Manual High School in Denver for this one.

It was senior year and I decided to play Soccer , I was fairly good and started JV, Center Forward and also played left wing. The varsity would only allow 22 players and the new coach even though the JV coaches and many of the players were pleading with him to move me on up , it didn't happen. I remember when our JV team beat the Varsity one day during practice that was cool, but you know I honestly didn't have an attitude about it and I had a lot of friends in fact was one of the most popular kids at school.

I would usually score a goal or sometimes up to 3 or have assists every game, other JV coaches were protesting about this and so the varsity coach let me play in a Varsity game for a while at "curl" John Neiland's All American position, left wing and John was one of my good friends.

The one shot I took narrowly missed glancing off the far post and I had an assist so I lettered. Well the city tournament rolled around and you know , we or should I say the Manual varsity squad was seated 5th as our record was not all that great. JV , heck we were 8 and 3, with a victory over the varsity and basically housed on most of the teams we played.

I remember coach moved my best friend Joe Gosselin up to starting varsity goalie and the starting goalie quit. Joey allowed under 1 goal per game and was voted all state. So everyone didn't give us a chance in h*** to win that tournament. We proved them wrong and won all 3 games defeating TJ ranked #1 in the city and way up there like top 3 in state to win the tournament and advance to the state playoffs and knock TJ out. People, players and coaches were pleading coach , move Blessin up, but he didn't .

In the first round we played a night game against Air Academy, they had me ride down as the alternate, number 23 on the squad. It was a very small non regulation field and our passing game and team speed relied on having a real regulation size field. We immediately protested as geese this wasn't little league seriously.

The game went to 3 overtimes and with a minute left , they scored on a good shot and we were knocked out of the tournament . We should have won that game, if you are a player , you have to trust your coaches decision. I know I may have been able to contribute to winning games on the varsity squad but playing JV and sticking it out made the Varsity players know they had to try that much harder or they would be bumped. Also it is not wise to keep changing players in the middle of a season as it can cause turbulence and synchronization takes time but it takes team work to make it happen.

At the ceremonies the JV coach Jordan awarded my letter and an added trophy a bottle of Elmers glue and said thanks for sticking in there Bless. Coach Jordan had talked to me several times on the side and said that I was better than most of the varsity squad but Terry, didn't see it that way and if coach Mac would have been there I would have been. I didn't let it bother me, I enjoy playing and yes I should have obviously been a varsity starter as a Senior but I also admit I was somewhat of a prankster and think everyone expected some sort of potential mischief at this and every event, however it didn't happen. A classic example after being stood up by Jenny Rogers at prom, I used the saved money wisely and threw a 4 keg Toga party for graduation that is another story at the time the legal age was 18 for beer.

So everyone applauded, the entire Varsity stood up standing ovation as I picked up the letter and overall it was a lot of fun playing and being on the team so do it if you have the chance , help your school. I enjoy playing team and individual sports.

It does suck to lose games and is even worse when you are on a losing streak but remember you can turn it around as a team and make it happen , if you don't try it won't happen. Don't let the team fall apart or the chips get you down and having the spirit to know you are good but were basically hosed by a coaching decision or may be not as I was the captain of JV and a team leader and it was important to lead that group of friends. It made me feel good about it just to participate and help win games.

Arguments are interesting for sure, I wound up taking Kim to Tom Petty and we had a blast, then after the show we sat and talked for hours . All of a sudden I tweaked and brought up the when are we going to ever thing as I've seen her go through a few more gigs and you know this Charlie Brown thing is getting ridiculous. So we didn't talk for a week and then of course made up. She came down yesterday and picked up her cat Athena. We made up and apologized , things are back to normal, I'm going to do something with Jen and Trish is having a party this weekend. I might as well have fun....

Catherine is back , life is entertaining with Cat as she is quickly taking the local Victoria Secret stores by storm as an assistant on the way to manager. She'll be working at the Cherry Creek or the Pavilion store down town or wherever they need her to fill in. The store down town is next to the Hard Rock Cafe. It'll be interesting to see what happens as sales sky rocket, she treats everyone nice and that is cool.

I bailed out the Z Man , ever get one of those calls from your friends. You have a collect call from the Taj Mahal from Z Man will you accept the $2.70 cent charge, hmmmm , OK. Nothing serious just a failure to appear from some old possession of Valium ticket awhile back. I didn't know it was illegal , did you?

Conversation... Z you have been gone for a few weeks , we wondered what happened. Z, I thought I would wait until the court date for the hearing as the cash bond is steep.What happened? Z man, I was on my way to the Rockies game and instead of my ride it was the man at the door telling me I missed a court date that I had no idea was even scheduled.

Z is not some crook and didn't need to be in Jail for Failure to Appear on Valium follow up. He had already paid the fines and completed the counseling, geese. So instead of being locked up for carrying apparently 1 Valium , 2 years ago, he is helping out with the landscaping and computer installations at Black Hole.

We understand Zman, we feel your pain. Yes, Zman will appear at court as I don't normally act as a bail bondsman and do not want to lose the cash but what the heck and no Zman doesn't have any Valium nor does he want anything to do with them. I wish I did sometimes as it would be easier to sleep but aspirin will do.

My books are coming along and I'm nearly all of the way caught up , yeah, it is challenging recovering and reinputing all of the data after a Windows crash before fortunately I had a recent backup. The last extension ends on October 15th, 1999 so I'm looking good for meeting the deadline!

Life is good, I was going to go to the computer show in San Jose this weekend but I have way to much to do here at home that I won't be able to use the ticket from a customer but will reschedule to meet with them when it is a little less hectic.

We have Tim Berners Lee's computer working again , it needed a new battery for starters. It is marked historical computer handle with care, hmmm , yes of course we are taking careful care of the equipment.

Orders are pouring in and it is good as it helps keep Z man off Valium and out of trouble. Z has a good sense of humor order products from Black Hole for poster child Z today.

I think we need to brew a new batch of beer this week and we think and hope this will somehow remove the curse on the Broncos. Stay tuned as the Black Hole turns. We will invent the name of the new Brew upon brewing, I don't drink much beer but it is fun to make it . The weather report my Arthritis reports strong potential for Snow today, just checked and it is drizzling, have a good night.

10/3/99 Yes, it did snow a few days back but the weather has been great. We checked out the Bronco game today , I knew something was going to go wrong when I started to brew beer , yesterday and could not locate the most important part a relief valve that allows the beer to breath while fermenting. So brewing was postponed until this evening after the Broncos suffered there 4th loss in a row and Terrel Davis was injured.

I dubbed the brew Geronimo Bronco Y2K brewski and we performed various rituals to exercise the curse and hopefully rid the team of demons, like shaking a rain stick , waving an autographed Elway picture over the beer and throwing the football. All I can say is we can only hope that we don't lose to the Raiders next week as this would be well truly a bogus journey and Biff's universe or something like it has gone horribly wrong.

I also used the Rotisserie grill, it works great I made the best chicken ever with a Rum Lemon sauce and added or new super store branch to the site, 55,000 items check out the main page at www.blackholeinc.com, if your search reveals a sketchy looking price just call them as we are ironing out the kinks, I'm also planning on editing the banner so when it flashes Microsoft ...sucks will appear ought to be funny.

On the subject of the impending Volcanic disaster. I suppose if they are saying a Volcano has a very high probability of erupting in Ecuador and probably others as the Earth is obviously ticked off and has become so imbalance that the magma is finding new ways to bubble up and reach the surface as the plates move and Earthquakes continue, in the next few days, weeks and months. I'm thinking that all of these huge icebergs that are floating around are a clear sign that we are screwing this planet up through global warming. As more water is created by the ice melting this causes water levels to rise, when water levels rise this in turn will cause Earth quakes and Volcanos, why ? The plates move because more water moves them as they float, so along the faults is where the most activity will happen a clue, if I were next to this or any Volcano that was showing steam currently like right now, I would move the heck out of there , like now not chance tomorrow as roads will start to become impassable due to people booking at the last minute.

I think one of the most impressive, awe inspiring and humbling things I have ever seen in my entire life is an erupting Volcano in Hawaii even though it was just gurgling at that time a few months later the road we drove in on and the natural Queen's bath water formation was filled in by lava. To look down a mile into the crater that is several miles across and see lava bubbling into the sea in the distance and realizing that is why the Islands are there and this whole thing fills up and over flows when Kona becomes ticked off is amazing.

Golf, so I'm golfing Friday morning at sunrise with Todd sports reporter and medical insurance recovery specialist and his friend Damon from UPN 20 and a client. I overhear Damon, I don't think I'll be able to make the cheerleader gig tomorrow. I ask him about what he is talking about, oh we are going to be doing a story on the Bronco Cheerleaders but I won't have time for it tomorrow, which was Saturday. I'm like dude, they pay you for that , heck if you ever need a stunt double , a grip assistant, someone to hold the equipment , I'm all over it, stay tuned as this may be a potential classic adventure with destiny.

Catherine is fun to hang out with and usually is good for late night fun and adventure, a true conversation Friday Night with Cat, "I have lots of beautiful cute single friends that work with me at Victoria Secret that I want you to meet". "My response bring on the Victoria Secret stampede" , life is good, the best part is I actually was not dreaming this she is serious and a party may be called for soon seeeeyoooo next time as the Black Hole turns.

Other stuff happened as well the party Saturday was cool and however getting stood up is always enjoyable isn't it? Not but you can't win them all, I had fun anyway...

I am very close to catching 4 possibly 5 boomerangs as I've done 3 several times now with the 4th landing close and it is not easy to do. I'm not sure if this has ever been done before and I may actually make the local sports news as it is totally amazing like what are those future looking flying Aerobie things anyway dude, celebrity status, whatever ....

Business is great , Z man , Max, Myself and my part time super model helper Catherine appreciate your business and are staying busy, thank you for your support also atleast 750 people are reading this story and 30,000 to 50,000 a month are checking out the site!

10/12/99 I just returned from picking my parents up at the Airport, they went on a cruise that departed from Barcelona on to Mahon to Palma De Mallor then Almeria and Malaga to Gibraltar, the post card is cool it is where the Prudential Logo is from Rock of Gibraltar. Then they went to Casablanca, Tangier , Cadiz , Lisbon and flew back through London to Chicago and home.

I'll share one of my mom's emails to my sister with you all as it is cool:

Dear Barb, Morocco was fabulous and the mosque in CASABLANCA Was immense and all intricate frescoes and mosaics inside. It could hold thousands of people and outside in the vast square it could hold 80,00 people. We visited the shops but alas no alabaster so I got you a little handmade gray velvet purse. We loved Tangier and had a seventy year old guide who took us to the Casbah and the old Medina. Barbara Hutton had a house there. We bought a rug . A small one . Could not resist. We are in Cadiz now and just got back from visiting Seville and the gothic cathedral which they are restoring so everything is very dusty inside. We took the train both ways and it is an hour and a half from Cadiz. If you reply to this I can check it in Cadiz since we will be here one more day. We are enjoying it but looking forward to a couple of days in Lisbon. I hope you can forward all of our messages to Rob since I do not have his email or you can give him our hotmail and he reach us as we travel glad enjoyed river dance the Irish pub. there were a lot stray cats in morocco but no dogs. It reminded me alot of Naples Italy. Love and kisses . hope you get to go on your wee trip.

Awesome , I have not had time to write or add much as I'm completely reconciling the books and working on many computer projects as well as landscaping with the help of Z, Max and Catherine. I'm getting very close to being satisfied as I'm within about ~$200 on the first $125,000 in sales . When I started the business, I did not implement quick books until half way through the first year so I've basically been reconstructing data from a stack of now completely organized receipts, correlating it with bank deposits and sales orders, PO's , credit card statements, post it notes, note books, even important stuff complete with coffee stains to pin point precisely what happened exactly where, when, how and why because I care and it has become kind of fun like a huge jigsaw puzzle. I've spent several hundred hours doing this the thing that slowed me down the most was the fact I lost over a year of Email in I guess we would call a DSO. One day I was referring to cool NeXT mails that cause all of the icons to fly off of your screen one by one and then reappear and someone I will refrain from naming them as it wasn't intentionally malicious said "If you execute this UNIX command it will make your smile freeze", the curious dummy I am sometimes thinking not really about this deeply typed in the only 6 letter command in a terminal Window, I thought gee my harddrive is sure making a lot of noise, after a few minutes I thought oh no pulled the plug restarted the system and 2 years worth of email and sales information was gone, I only had parts of it backed up so I recommend backing up your data. If you are reading this your mission now and have not done this already please find at least a floppy disk or zip drive or tape drive and back up all of your important information. You will someday thank me for this advice if you follow through and your hard drive crashes or the school decides to remove your shared files or some bogus virus thing happens or if you have one of those less than brilliant moments like I did. It is still costing me a lot of my own personal time figuring stuff out correctly years later , I would like to be doing other fun and more important things but this is currently occupying my time.

I've discovered everything from triple entered sales to bounced uncorrelated checks from customers to rma's , now keep in mind I've been shipping and receiving products from over 20 countries , every state in the US , every province in Canada, this is like no other sales job on Earth and it is why I love it! Apparently human number 6 Billion arrived today, welcome aboard , I'm doing my best to try and save this place for everybody , mapping out a not so crazy hair brained plan, like that Airplane story earlier but I need a little help from my friends to make it all work.

So I have a Pentium 450 soon 700 and beyond in a cool Black Yeong Yong case looks like a cube www.esctechnologies.com , Max has me trying out the free jukebox software from www.real.com . It allows you to record your CDs directly to your harddrive and then you can play them back any way you want, even create your own best of or favorite stuff, now I wonder if artists will be cool with this letting us make our own favorites CD's from stuff we already bought I will probably put my free song out here soon . So I'm planning on upgrading to a Turtle Beach or Rolland card , we are also going to integrate the lighting and home sprinkler system in my new computer , it also has Video Phone and Voice recognition software and I can play DVD interactive games on the giant screen , jam tunes through the Carver , NAD and Sun Monitors hook up the mixing board and special effects lighting ham I guess we will dub it the Super Nova Box coming soon to the Black Hole web site.

I've also been corresponding with Dr. Marek from www.digital-recordings.com , he has really cool software developed many years ago , allowing you to create and play digital and analog signals simultaneously for NeXT hardware. What is cool about this dude, what does it mean, an example a mutual customer Professor Charles Dvorak at Pepperdine used his synthesizer to create and record sounds interfacing with the software, now as the story goes , Charles neighbor had a parrot.

The Bird would imitate every note Charles played this game went on for hours and then he played the analog and digital sound mix created on the NeXT. The bird paused , let out a shriek and would never play the game again. He also generated some very low frequency sounds and toasted his woofers, I like this quote "NEXTSTEP is probably the most respected software on the planet" Byte Magazine .

Stay tuned for more fun stuff , adventures , speaking of Catherine as she was over and had a cool story. Her mom and stepdad Eddie, his company was one of the sponsors of the opening of Random Hearts here in Denver attended a debut party for the film. So she attended the bash, celebrating with Dom bubbly and met many famous people including the director Sydney Pollack alas this was a few days ago, apparently well we can just imagine what the interview was like from Cat's perspective, more bubbly. Where's the love baby? I wondered why I was stood up that particular evening, classic , oh well we always have fun hanging out together anyway and I'm looking forward to meeting the single girls at Victoria Secret.

She has some stories about customers from their , I think the funny ones are the kooky manly men that go in their requesting stuff for themselves, she describes waiting on them and they buy all sorts of foo foo girly stuff , I'm thinking the end of civilization potentially with news such as this may be close. However, we are not going to go there today, we are hopefully here to save the planet and be normal as nature intends and if that is the decision some men make whatever may they all be Windows users.

I would put the above paragraph in the same category as having discussions about really enjoying using Windows and Microsoft stuff 2000 or any other incarnation of it in fact I will call the above paragraph an official add for Microsoft 2000 everything from Black Hole, get yours today.

Stay tuned for more as the Black Hole turns stomachs of most of the male population, I had to ease my own personal pain of hearing a story such as this kind of brings a tear to the eye, I'll even through in one of those other feminine style ads men really enjoy NOT , we now break to a the beer is looking good commercial, to help ease the pain , I look forward to meeting the beautiful Women of Victoria Secret and upgrading their computer systems and of course partying with them all.

Rest in Peace to Wilt Chamberlain, amazing only player to ever score 100 points in a basketball game.

Thank you, Denver Broncos for playing with heart in a spirited victory over the Raiders , may the Black Hole Geronimo Bronco Y2K Brewski beer be with you ! Remember you can always try reload to upgrade to the latest page or most current version of whatever browser you are using as your ISP's often store frequently viewed pages in cache memory to make everything appear faster , the way news changes these days we don't want to be stuck on old news.

10/13/99 This sounds like news from the future to me:

A this theory allows for unlimited power sources, by longer life batteries , he is talking about 10,000 times more powerful batteries leading the way to electric cars that don't pollute in fact the by product of the exhaust may actually be a H2O or Water: 10/6/99

"Researcher Unveils Unique New Class of Hydride Compounds; Discoveries Point to New Source of Low Cost Energy, Longer-Life Batteries, Magnetic Polymers, Lighter-Weight Materials; All Based on BlackLight Power's Application of Dr. Randell Mills' `Grand Unified Atomic Theory' ,

ONTARIO, Calif., Oct. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Randell Mills, CEO and chief researcher of BlackLight Power, unveils today, at the 1999 Pacific Conference on Chemistry and Spectroscopy, the results of his research into the area of novel hydrogen chemistry. The conference, with some 800 scientists and researchers in attendance, is cosponsored by California-based sections of the American Chemical Society and the Society for Applied Spectroscopy. (Photo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/19991006/PHW037 )

During the meeting, Mills and his colleagues are reviewing BLP's ongoing research which indicates the discovery of a vast new energy source and a new field of hydrogen chemistry. Joining BLP's presenters today is Dr. Johannes Conrads, retired Chairman of the Board and past Director of INP, Greifswald, Germany, one of the world's foremost research centers for the study of low temperature plasma physics. Dr. Conrads will be discussing INP's independent study of Mills' theory, which has demonstrated the generation of extreme ultraviolet emissions at low temperatures from atomic hydrogen. ``We are pleased to have Dr. Conrads join us today to report on his findings.

In his 40 years as a researcher, he says he has never before observed the phenomena associated with the BlackLight Process,'' says Mills. Rather than heating hydrogen to extreme temperatures or using high voltage, Mills and Conrads have demonstrated the capability independently of using the release of energy from hydrogen by specific catalysts to cause a plasma in hydrogen which may be observed and recorded by its ultraviolet emissions. ``Essentially, we have shown we can produce heat, and therefore electricity, in a hydrogen plasma without a power input. We have a chemical reaction that produces valuable products,'' said Mills. Conrads' findings support and underscore the potential for revolutionary applications of the Mills Process in the fields of chemistry and energy. The world could have a new source of low-cost, renewable, pollution-free energy because these reactions can be harnessed to create electricity.

When hydrogen transitions to these lower stable states, energy in the form of extreme ultraviolet light is released. Extraordinary compounds are formed as byproduct. An early application of these products would be vastly improved high voltage batteries with at least 10,000 times the power of conventional batteries, charged and recharged with low-cost electricity. This could help usher in the age of the electric automobile. One new class of hydrogen polymers generated using the BlackLight Process has been shown to be conductive and ferromagnetic. Plastics capable of conducting electricity would have far reaching implications in electronic packaging and magnetic storage media. Compounds capable of having the flexibility, durability and lightweight properties of plastic but the strength and conductivity of metal would change how vehicles and aircraft are manufactured, producing lighter weight, more cost effective and more energy efficient modes of transportation.

Mills and his colleagues from BLP are presenting four papers today at the conference discussing the synthesis and characterization of this unique new class of hydride compounds, and the experimental data proving their existence. Two of the papers have been accepted for peer-reviewed publication, one in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, published by the International Hydrogen Energy Association, and the other in Fusion Technology, published by the American Nuclear Society. Mills' work is based on his ``Grand Unified Atomic Theory,'' published in 1995, stating hydrogen can exist in states lower than the ground state recognized by classical quantum physics. Mills' theory challenges long-held principles of quantum mechanics, but Mills has the data, products, evidence and confirmation from outside labs that his breakthrough theory is in fact correct. ``I have kept the nature of this work confidential until now because I wanted to ensure we had the proper supporting data and corroboration by other researchers, such as Dr. Conrads, so my theory and its implications would receive serious consideration,'' said Mills.

This controversial theory has potential applications reaching far beyond new hydrogen compounds. BlackLight Power and Mills are now attracting widespread attention both within the scientific community and among serious investors. BlackLight Power's most recent private offering was quickly oversubscribed, and the company has signed an agreement with Morgan Stanley to serve as its investment bank. Along with the financial backing of several major utilities and manufacturing companies, BlackLight is capitalized at more than $20 million. Mills is president and founder of BlackLight Power, and inventor of the BlackLight Process. He also has started several other companies, including Luminide Pharmaceutical. Mills graduated Harvard University Medical School with an M.D. in 1986, and did postgraduate work at MIT in physics and chemistry. Mills' book, The Grand Unified Theory of Classical Quantum Mechanics, first published in 1995, details his theory which neatly stitches together quantum mechanics and relativity. ``Most significantly, my theory and the research we've done gives rise to the possibility of an inexhaustible energy source,'' said Mills. BlackLight Power is expanding rapidly, with a major 53,000 square-foot research and development facility slated to house more than 100 researchers and supporting staff located in Cranbury, N.J., near Princeton, N.J. Mills has been awarded patents by Australia and South Africa within the past year, and has several patents pending in the United States.

SOURCE: BlackLight Power

Now this is also interesting as if you combine the idea from the article above and the idea from the article below , we may have the potential to create a perpetual motion spacecraft , it will be interesting to see if when we can create electro magnetic acceleration tunnels in space , how fast can we go...... another thought can water be stored in space in a new way, I wonder or what I'm thinking is when you see things floating in the space ship it is like liquid glob.

I'm thinking may be this would this be possible create an electromagnetic field where everything in the center is held with in this field , then generate gravitational pressure, give it ingredients like our own atmosphere, add stuff like microbiological critters our little bubble in outerspace will hold water when filled similar to Earth , like a floating reservoir....may be start spinning it on its access but something for the water to cling to , why not make a living scale model of our planet. I believe this project would be possible , it doesn't have to be huge the idea is can we create a miniature planet using our present science and ability to travel to outerspace, now that would be cool. Float something in the center a miniglobe add an artificial moon , this would be a scale model project , why not try to create a little mini planet for fun , what would be classic is if it started generating its own weather patterns , heck give it a molten core, I think it is more important to devote time energy and thought to an endeavor such as this than to continue devoting time effort and energy to stockpiling and testing nuclear stuff , I say lets put all of that effort and all of those great minds into making a model , great timing with the new international space station. May be that is how we are hear and the planet Earth exists because the spirit of combined innovation, enthusiasm and freedom of thought in our universe some of us call it God by any name or religion used, whatever it is I believe in it and am impressed with it, I worship the positive side of it and I want to prove we can all save it for the future generations of our kids.

I wonder if I need a PG 13 sometimes R rating on this site as sometimes the weird things that happen in my life are funny to write about but may not be appropriate for all audiences at times, most of the time I try to stay rated G as you can tell I'm having fun with this gig.

"They hope to accelerate a levitating spacecraft along a magnetic track from zero to 900kph before its rockets need to fire. Since the biggest cost of launch is the fuel - each second during liftoff, space shuttle boosters burn enough fuel to power two million family cars - the technique could offer huge cuts in the price of getting into space. The technique, known as magnetic levitation, or maglev, was first proposed by the US rocket pioneer, Robert Goddard, early in the century. But it was demonstrated by Britain's Eric Laithwaite 40 years ago: a linear induction motor is used to create a magnetic field along which a vehicle could ride, swiftly, smoothly and - because it rode on the cushion of a magnetic field - without friction. Full-scale maglev trains are now being tested in the US, Japan and Europe. But future space traveler's could soon ride a kind of bullet train to space: they could board a single-stage spacecraft at a station at the base of a mountain, ready for take off along a guideway that climbs through a tunnel carved through the mountainside. Along the track, superconducting magnets would fire in sequence, each one accelerating the spaceship faster and faster until it went soaring through the tunnel exit already at the speed of sound - before it has to fire its rockets to reach its final maximum speed of 5 miles a second. It now costs at least $10,000 to put just half a kilo of payload into orbit. The race is on to find cheaper ways of getting into space and back. In 1996, shortly before he died at 76, Professor Laithwaite was asked by NASA to demonstrate how his maglev technique could put machines into space.

10/18/99 It was getting a little crazy trying to walk around outside the house as Yellow Jackets and other strange looking bugs invaded so we called Black Widow exterminators. The exterminator said that he had never seen 4 Yellow Jacket nests at one house, honestly one on every side. I thought if they were Bees, they would be worth moving but these were pesky and we had already been stung a few times and many of them were actually flying around inside. I laughed as the Exterminator said do you know Brian Greise is your neighbor and his roommate Trey Teigh was getting bit by spiders so we took care of them. However, a few of these really strange mutated bugs though I think we will have to put them in a jar and see what happens . OK no problem, science will try to understand them .

The Packers game was fun and seeing Farve have the worst game of his career was a bonus 7 of 23 for 123 yards and 3 interceptions. We appreciate his talent but must admit we thoroughly had fun heckling him, yelling nice play Farve after an interception and again then he took a gander at our section and all of the Packers fans left shortly after, he, he, he. I also thought the score was 10 to 10 officials 14 at one point but they try. I chose to take guru Max to the game as he has been helping out with all of the computer systems over Catherine the beautiful, who was looking unbelievably good and will invite Cat to some future gigs, this is a good sign even though it was rough morning after a fun Saturday night . I think we all can appreciate the morning hairdo effect , the bad hair day as I had an Einstein look going so everything is good .

The power of Geronimo Bronco Y2K Brewski lives , now Paul and Nancy seem to have many ups and downs, seems common with marriage and baby G and a teenage son that money and quality time are always major parts of any relationship don't know the answer but you all should try to relax more and enjoy each others company and at times it is good to give each other a little space to do things and at other times it is good to spend time together the key is to find a happy medium . Paul drove us to the game and it was cool to see him cheer the heck up. Max sang out the National Anthem and I even joined in, the crowd was singing. Max was thinking about his friend John that had passed away in a motorcycle accident as John was a Packers fan.

My Taxes are literally balanced to the penny for everything for 97, I know my CPA and whoever will be impressed, I was able to accomplish this through matching bank accounts, credit cards with invoices, PO's and receipts easier said than done. Black Hole was profitable in all but the first quarter of 97. I'm psyched after 200 hours I've straightened out 97 and reconciling 98/99 will be much easier as it became easier over time to use the software and note taking was more proficient.

Halloween is coming soon .

Harley Davidson Space Hogs made in the USA in the future, the concept is to have a magnetic field for protection ergonomic seating on the field, adding a second magnetic field seat with a button and climate control with in the electromagnetic shell includes oxygen generation. Powered by a Hydrogen UAF propulsion system exhaust is pure Water, fast , safe travel through electromagnetic gps synchronized highways in the sky. Oh it still retains the Harley Rumble and with sonic boom suppression is fast very fast. Yes, Spacemen it is great for picking up Inner Space Hotty Chicks on your travels. I borrowed the photo's and perhaps added a few effects from some friends that will hopefully enjoy the concept .

I own the rights as of yesterday to www.cardcatalog.net and www.cardcatalog.org , I feel these are very resellable and important for our Library of the future as the first thing you look at in a Library is a card catalog. Who knows why not me , I start an Internet library with this classic tail, makes sense or any company that resells cards or books....so if you are interested in acquiring the rights to these URL's please let me know, Library of Congress or think may be you would like to help set up a free Internet library for all to use. I have worked in 5 libraries and I think it would be a great concept and after all reading is fun.

The best part about this virtual library would be people that have written books would be able to put them out there for all people to read and enjoy, when they are published in the Library a copywrite protection would be set into place giving title to the author and perhaps an honorarary donation concept would be implemented for readers , when books became popular, so I you liked the book you would be able to send the Author a donation. Also Publishers would be able to check it out and of course a Pulitzer Prize for the best stories.

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