Black Hole's workstations and servers combine half a decade of experience in building high performance machines with NeXTStep and OpenStep compatibility expertise.

Our Intel workstations are optimized for NeXTStep and OpenStep, and tested 100% compatible by a N.I.C.E. hardware expert.

To the quality and performance minded customer, we propose:

the Top Shelfİ Workstations

Boldly implementing today's latest hardware for OpenStep, NeXTStep, and Rhapsody.

The AnimationStation

Optimized for demanding graphics/animation work, a natural fit for Cambridge Software's Animo solution.

From ou desire to break the mold and offer the most flexible solutions to our customers, comes the SuperCube.

Imagine a system that runs NeXTStep, OpenStep, WindowsNT and Rhapsody, and fits nicely in a genuine, black magnesium NeXTCube!

The SuperCube is still in the Lab, but we invite you to get an insider's peek!

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